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Kool's Commentary : Jan 25 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Vaishu blasts Dharmu in PR
                                                THE BLASTING
Vaishu stared and stared at Batatawada . Her lovely hazel eyes filled up with tears of shock , disbelief and pain . Batatawada couldn't bear those eyes , he AVOIDED looking directly at them .
Now why r u avoiding meeting my eyes , ha asked Vaishu with a bitter , hysterical smile . AB KYU NAZAR CHURA RAHE HO . When u DID all these shameful things U didn't AVOID EYES , u did them with eyes OPEN . { Especially the AHEM guys .] U did , didn't u ? ANSWER ME ! [ Guys , Batatawada does AHem with eyes OPEN .He doesn't close them with .pleasure . Confirmed . Looks like Vaishu was remembering HER experiences }
I am not BOORA said poor Batatawada , trying to get a word in desperately . I still LOVE you . I DO , Vaishu !
Don't you DARE speak of LOVE ! screamed Vaishu hysterically .
Vaishu , Vaishu , be SHAANT said poor Bhags who was watching all this like a younger version of Manohar . You shud not get so HYPER in such HALAT . Bhags felt very scared of an INSTANT MISCARRAIGE .
You SHUT UP ! screamed Batatawada at him , thoroughly bugged with him . You wanted to show Vaishu my SACHCHAI na , I hope ur Happy ! Look what u have done ! U broke up a marraige ! U interfering FATICHAR !
Vaishu was zapped to hear this . She turned to Holy Archu [ who was watching all this with a high nose , folded arms and pursed up lips] and said
You KNEW all along ? And u DIDN"t tell me ? What the BLOODY HELL is going on ha , U guys were keeping all things concerning me from me ? I HATE U ALL , I CAN"T TRUST ANYONE ! Why shud I blame dear deceitful BATAT for LIES when my OWN APNE Lied to me ! " And Vaishu ran out bawling .
Good question Vaishu .ClapClapClapClapClap I hope u haul her over the coals for this later too .Thumbs Up
Look what you have done ! If something happens to my Vaishu I won't leave u , u miserable bearer of bad news ! cried Batatawada in anguish and ran behind her , wagging his plump finger at Bhags .
The Kudi stood as if carved out of stone . Earlier she had tried to butt in and tell Vaishu that Batatawada was not all that bad and that she had done  NOTHING with him upstairs , but Vaishu had of course not fallen for it .
ALL LIES , Vaishu had snapped coldly . OF COURSE U MUST HAVE . Why the ROOM then , ha ? Why the BED ? To do YOGA in sleeping position? ALL LIES . Who knows better than me that one simply CAN"T keep one's hands off him the moment one gets him alone in a bedroom . ASK ME . Please THINK before u LIE so PATHETICALLY , samjhi na ? It reflects on ur CHARACTER , ur CHARITRA .
                                        THE PURSUIT
Batatawada ran after Vaishu . Vaishu ran further .  Batatawada ran more . Holy Archu and Bhags ran after him . Then Batatawada caught Vaishu's elbow and tried to explain but Vaishu , sobbing hysterically refused to listen . She hopped in a rickshaw , sobbing uncontrollably and went off somewhere , much to Batatawada's consternation , with HIS bachcha in her PET . MY BACHCHA , thought Batatawada , sick with worry. MY WAARIS . Off he is going . Oh Bappa help me . So Batatawada hopped in another rickshaw after waving another JUST U WAIT finger at Bhags  , mouthing four lettered words silently to him and followed Vaishu like a plump James Bond who had let go of his figure in his late forties and was now indulging in the desserts served at the buffets to his heart's content .
The rickshaws sped into the night in the Dombivli traffic . Batatawada was urging his rickshawallah on by leaning out of his rick very bravely like Sir Lancelot wud have spurred his horse on , waving his plump arm and keeping Vaishu's rickshaw in sight . JALDI , JALDI , he told his rickshaw driver , giving gaalis to Bhags in his mind .
But his luck ran out . A stupid bike driver suddenly came in front of his rickshaw and stopped right there in mid traffic coz his bike failed . Batatawada gave him the choicest gaalis and ran back to his rickshaw only to find he had LOST Vaishu in the traffic .
Vaishu 's rick sped on with her sobbing more and more , her poor driver rather unnerved and thinking firmly that if this didn't stop in the next two miles he would jump off from the rickshaw at some spot , pretending he wanted to pee and run away .
Poor Batatawada then ran in mid traffic , his paunch heaving and his chest huffing . I am sure his uppermost thought was HIS BACHCHA , he was afraid Vaishu wud abort it like his crackpot saali Varsha . He ran quite a bit , the poor dear , then stood , gasping for breath , in mid traffic , and tore his hair while people watched his heroic pursuit with mild interest , popping salted peanuts in their mouths that were sold at such traffic corners .
All that running wud have given ANY man a heart attack , but our Batatawada survived .
Meanwhile , Holy Archu ran back furiously in the hotel , itching to do izzat aarti of the Kudi who had spoilt her darling sister's life . I WILL SHOW HER , thought Holy Archu like Xena the warrior princess , as she ran back in the hotel , uncaring that she would be rounded up in the raid as she had done the complaint .
There You Are ! she told the Kudi the moment she spotted her ........for she was standing still like a statue , thinking of her unfortunate NASEEB . ALL her AHEMS with Batatawada were ALWAYS interrupted by the Karanjkars , and yet THEY claimed to be the victims .What a bloody joke , thought the poor Kudi .WHAT A JOKE .
Did u get TASALLI for wrecking my baby sister's life ? Ha ? asked Holy Archu angrily .
Didn't I tell u that THIS will only be the ANJAAM ? she asked .
And what had u told me ....ha ? That I wudn't be able to UNDERSTAND MAJBOORI ! So THIS was ur MAJBOORI ! Doing AHEM in HOTEL ROOMS with MARRIED MEN ! KHULLEAAM !
Bhags squirmed a little . He didn't want a cat fight right there in the hotel lobby , he was afraid of Holy ARchu when she went in hysterics . Her family , including her mom and sisters , had a HISTORY . He remembered how Holy Archu had slapped him and said .....
But Holy Archu ........
NAHI Bhags said Holy Archu with firm jaw and a fighter cock gleam in her eyes . She badly wanted to pull  Madhuri;s braid .
You are a GIRI HUI AURAT she said , goading her . Holy Archu wondered if she shud poke her in the shoulder as she said that .
You have NO tears in ur eyes of PACHTAWA .UR , infact , a SHAMELESS HUSSY . GANDI AURAT .
The poor Kudi cudn't take it anymore and bawled , breaking into a flood of tears , much to Bhag's discomfort . He didn't know what to do . He wanted to hold both of them in his divine arms and give solace .
The Kudi then told them her BADNASEEB KAHANI in SILENT MODE . Its SECRET guys .
Batatawada then phoned Decent Satish and Slapochana like a chaalu , pretending to inquire about Vaishu and JUDGING HOW FAR THEY KNEW ........if the NEWS had travelled UPTO THEM .To his immense relief he found out that Vaishu hadn't reached them yet . He broke out  in a sweat when he heard Slapochana's voice and told her he was calling up to inquire about her HEALTH and that Vaishu was THEEK . APNE TABIYAT KA KHAYAL RAKHIYE he told her with a frightened grin , hoping she wud not be the one who wud slap him when the Karanjkars wud descend over him like a pack of vultures . The females in the pack were the WORST and Slapochana's slaps were the HARDEST . The men didn't scare him , he cud handle them .Manohar , Vinod , Bhags , Satish , all dear lallus who stood by and watched their wives quarelling like cats all their life . Batatawada felt a sudden gush of sympathy for all of them . They r the real unsung HEROES , he thought . And I have joined the LINE .
Then he phoned Bhags to ask if Vaishu was with them .When Bhags told him NO , he gave him some gaalis and told him JUST U WAIT again .
And That is the saga of Batatawada today .We leave him there , at this juncture .
My comments :
1] Vaishu shudn't give up her bachcha to Varshu . Why ? Why the hell r all the bachchas in this serial given up by their moms , what r CVS upto ? They made Shravani give up her baby , now Vaishu ........Its BEST if MOMS bring up their own babies ...what happens between adults is not the babys fault ! So ur dream marraige broke , pick up the pieces and live on ! Why give up ur bachcha ? Let Varsha manufacture her own bachcha yaar ! Let at least one baby have a normal life ! Infact I suggest to CVS that since ARMAN r no more interested in fulfilling any responsibilities let Shravni come back and take her bacha away forever . PLEASE UNITE BACHCHAS WITH REAL MAAS .
2] Who is Archu to judge Madhuri ? Who r Archana and Vaishu to talk of CHARACTER and CHARITRA when Vaishu ran and broke someone elses marraige at last moment and Archna royally flirted AFTER the divorce with her engaged ex boyfriend who wasn't even giving her any commitment ? What does this speak of THEIR characters ?And their spitfire sister was having an affair , albeit unknowingly , with a MARRIED GUY ? Archana of all people has been thru many situations so she shud be the last person to judge people this way .
4] How s Archana absolved from the mistake she did of taking decisions on Vaishus behalf and not telling her the truth ?Or even telling her parents the truth for SO LONG ?Will Sulo now give Archna one of her famous slaps for DECIDING THINGS ON HER OWN ? No na ? Who is Archana to think that SHE KNOWS BEST ?
5] Dharmu has escaped without a slap .Are Slaps reserved only for Manav ?
6] I am very interested in knowing Jay's reaction to his boss's KARTOOT .
7] We see Damo making FUN of Savita's maternal emotions and telling her that Manav had been there and warmed up the tea and left the WAITER JOB as she didnt like it . She thought Beta was thinking of her while BETA DEAREST had his hands full running behind Archana catching her pallu and solving her maayka problems .How cruel can Damo be ?
Kools signing off for the day . Jump in with many contrary comments guys . Enjoy friends and CIAO .

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harpkaur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
thank you 4 d commentaryClap...
arre yar i dnt liek d part wen dey show tingz in d silent mode....d secret iz out..y cnt dey jst tell d madhuri story as well...& now archna & manav will talk in codez abt madhuri & annoy us

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anu rulz IF-Rockerz
anu rulz
anu rulz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Who is Archu to judge Madhuri ? Who r Archana and Vaishu to talk of CHARACTER and CHARITRA when Vaishu ran and broke someone elses marraige at last moment and Archna royally flirted AFTER the divorce with her engaged ex boyfriend who wasn't even giving her any commitment ? What does this speak of THEIR characters ?And their spitfire sister was having an affair , albeit knowingly , with a MARRIED GUY ? Archana of all people has been thru many situations so she shud be the last person to judge people this way .
i totally agree..archu herself was flaunting her "pavitra rishta" wid manav AFTER he was engaged to shravani and she and her bhags were front of HER what gives her the right to get all judgemental abt madhuri?and now manav is reduced to only saying "yeh sab theek nahi hai" to every hysterical woman he has the bad luck to run into..and the K sisters have a PhD in sister goes arnd passing holy judgements on every person,making her very pretty sulking looks,another treats her husband and his family as a hobby and now has "make a baby" project,and yet another turns today wid expectations of truth frm the guy she called manhoos shakal a couple days back...again,why the expectation?wud she have HEARD archu or manav out at all?yes i can imagine the trauma she went thru to realise tht her husband cheated on her bt itni badi palti?
dharmu running on the road was actually funny..his luck he dint get run over by sum transport truck tht run at tht time of the nite..incidently,vaishu roaming alone till wee hours of morning in random roads and staying safe is another high hope frm the real life she wud have been dragged into sum hotel,much like the poor soul in the last episode..

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pallai Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
 Kools i so agree with u point 2 and 4 infact this is wat was exactly gng on my mind that how is miss houlier than thou commenting on madhuri when her escapades is know to whole of dombivili .. then when plp gossiped..she said manav woh humare pavitra rishta ko nahi samjthe.. and now did she bother asking about madhuri's rishta...

 i really wish sulo wld tell archana.. stop butting in and taking decisions on others behalf also ur sisters are not babies or heart patients that they cannt take stress.. its her life and what vaishu decides is up to her .. anyways it was a husband wife matter and vaishu shld have been told much earlier even b4 the party and all....

 if varsha-satish are not destined to be biological parents then why not show them adopting a orphan child.. it wld be so much better and satish being satish i am pretty sure it wld shower it with as much love as it was his own... why shld vaishu child grow up with varsha.. there is no scarcity of children who need good loving homes....


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viramshermalunzaTiyalianu rulzDabulls23

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Vaishu has done pretty good acting in last few episode be it hystarical or sad but good emotions by her..Clap

FBD's behind is in big time trouble now...How does he think he can keep this secret from Ks or his own family...Confused
Archu had a nerve in judging Madhuri...Why women always blame other woman?  Why can't they blame their own man in two timing them?  FBD is @ fault for carrying on with 2nd engagement and than a marriage to Vaishu..Vaishu had no idea abt FBD being married...Yes Madhuri knew abt FBD getting married to Vaishu from what I see now...
One does not have to sleep with anyone to have their child..They could go with AI..Have they not heard of it or what? 
I don't want Vaishu giving up her baby either to Varshu..Varshu can also adopt or other ways to have a child...She needs to find her own way of becoming mother..Brain storm with Satish and come up with some idea but stay away from Vaishu's baby
Vaishu needs to figure out with her family's support what to do..She has Ks and Js as supporting family...I am sure FBD's parents are not going to be happy with their son's kartoots...Ouch
I am so mad @ ArMan both for not saying anything to SulMan or Satish regarding FBD-Madhuri-Varun...They also have betrayed Vaishu...EmbarrassedAngry
Kools I agree with you on Babies should be raised by their own biological mothers...CVs bring Shrav back and let her raise Sachu as ArMan are not concerned or interested with Sachu...They have their own plans for their lovely Twins...Good for them...Here is the same ULM dude who was ready to marry Shrav just for Sachu...Divorced his wife and put her up on and silver platter to TDH to marry her...Making sure telling TDH that Holy Archu was pavitra...GrrrrAngry
Archu has no right judging Mads as she herself was flaunting her PR and ULM in front of TDH's face after being engaged to be married to him...What a nerve...Double standards and two face ArMan Angry
No on in this serial is using their Upla Mala-Brain...I guess it is full of hot air and clouded...Wacko
My 2 cents..

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pallaivirammokshashreecarpe-diemlunzaanu rulzharpkaursherma

priya_sparsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Great Commentary Kools.
It was a great episode but didnt realize how 30mins past so fast while I was watching episode especially dharmu-vaishu and madhuri. Vaishu was right in confronting archu about this. But then again, I think nobody would believe arman now Ermm Poor girl she looks so devastated and above all CHEATED.
From Madhuri's dialogues it looks more like She had a husband or that her relationship with dharmu was a mistake and now, doesnt want to fight for it. She did all this for varun and I hope they will be able to save him. Arman both melted after hearing her story but they should have atleast revelaed the madhuri's story todayErmm Like how she says she has no one to support her etc.
And Archu should have slapped batawada because she cant exactly find fault with madhuri. It was him who was secretive about all these things. As a sister, she has right to confront him but I couldnt believe my eyes on how she says " I told you to leave my sister's husband" like vaishu was first wife or madhuri was never dharmu's or something. Madhuri has her own reasons to stay and live for the child. The one who should be confronted with his collar is busy in getting information as to whether sulo knows the truth or not. He is so smart in getting what he wanted. He knows exactly when and where he should use his trick.
Yeah Vaishu should bring up her own kid. And even if she gives away her child to varshu, dharmu will somehow get back his waaris by legal issues. He's smart in this. I dont think he will stay quiet whether he's at fault or not. I kinda feel that maybe varshu will eventually adopt the kid and later, maybe after few years, she will get pregnant?Shocked But the kid would stay with varsha only. If there is a chance of varsha adopting this kid, then I will say that satish-varsha and vaishu-dharmesh 's relationship will never be the same.
Batawada has a nerve to blame manav about vaishu knowing the truthAngry He was the one who hidden all the things from vaishu. As a husband he failed to fill these responsibilties and now, he blames as if he is a such a seeda sadaAngry I would have been much happier if manav blasted him and told him off saying that he is paying for whatever he has doneAngry. But Alas! Manav doesnt have any lines to stay anything!D'ohI dont want thim to be the younger version of archu's dadUnhappy
And batawada will be a karanjkar's damaad only when he receives a slap from suloLOLLOLLOLLOL Jaywant received it ( although he is non damaad but lover of archu but he too comes under same categoryLOLLOLLOLLOL) After knowing the truth, jaywant will be pleased to know that he has someone like him with himEvil Smile Or maybe he will be thinking " this batawada got two girls in his life but meri life karab chal rahe hainLOLLOL "He is so handsome but looks like batawada has got more qualities to get  woman in his life even though he is mottu and not goodlookingLOLLOL

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viramlunzaTiyalianu rulzkoolsadhu1000

sherma IF-Rockerz

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i agree wid u.who is archu to question madhuri she forgot wat she did.i felt bad for vaishu and her anger towrds archu was justified,she is her sister she shld hav tld her before,dharmu gave her sum dhamki but hav d truth chnged vaishu is still second women.
i also dont want vaishu to giv her kid to varsha and satish unless varsha dies or a divorce between satish and varsha happens and vaishu gets married to satish. i alwys like satish and vaishu together,if not archana

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Guys Added Edit add SAVITA's point in brown .Plz read and give opinions.

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