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Lost Love - A short story(RN)-Updtd on Pg7 (Page 7)

Dhara_s IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Sowwie.....just read the part now....can't wait to know what happened next.....

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Natasha006 Newbie

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged















IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU....................

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Natasha006 Newbie

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Part - 3:

They had been going around for two years by now. The meeting during the fest had blossomed into a fully fledged love affair. They had somehow always bumped into each other all throughout the 3 days of the fest and he had felt increasingly drawn towards her each and every time he met her. She too had responded to his attraction in the same way denoting by her actions that she liked him.

After the fest had finished and she was about to board her bus, he had come to meet her on the pretext of saying goodbye to her whole team. While saying goodbye to all of them and while shaking hands, he had cleverly pressed a small piece of paper into her hands.

She had taken a back seat on the pretext that she was having a headache. Once she knew that her friends were not watching her, she quietly unfolded the piece of paper which she had stashed into the pocket of her blazer.

It simply had one line scrawled on it in his elegant handwriting.... "Meeting you was a pleasure. Do keep in touch." And he had written his mobile number under it. Unknown to her a small smile had crept on her face. She saved the number on her mobile and still preserved the note.

They used to meet once in week... every Sundays. The friendship slowly blossomed into something much deeper which they didn't realize.  It took them quite a long while to realize that. And when they did, Raj still remembered how he had proposed to her.

It had been one of those Sundays when they had fixed their rendezvous. It had been extra special because Raj had been away for a week on an inter collegiate sports event and this one week separation had made him realize the extent and depth of their feelings. He had decided to take their relationship to the next level....... from that of mere friendship to that of lovers.

She was eagerly waiting for him. She had not seen him for 1 whole week and was dying to meet him. For some unknown reason, her heart was fluttering very badly. When she parked her car at the usual spot and looked out of the window she saw him waiting for her leaning against the door of the car, his hands crossed across his chest with an enigmatic smile on his face.

His smile was ravishing....she was aware of it... His smile used to kill her many times in a day... She loved his smile.... when he smiled at her softly...depicting some unsaid emotions in his eyes... When he used to play some prank on her or was plotting something of the same sort... the roguish smile on his face used to give him away. He used to smile even when he was sad or troubled.... not wanting to trouble her, but his painful expression used to give him away.  He was a guy of few words, but she had learnt to decipher his silence and the language of his smile. But she had never seen this aspect of him. She could make out that something was running at the back of his mind, or perhaps he was planning something... but what...for the first time she was unable to make out.

When she opened the door of the car and stepped out, she felt very self conscious. He had called her up and had expressly asked her to come dressed in a light silver coloured sari along with the matching silver jewellery set that she had worn during the grand finale of the function in the college.

It was not possible for her to dress up in that way and step out of her house. So she had dialed Lavanya's number in a frenzy asking for her help. Lavanya was her best friend and knew everything about these two. She had talked to her parents and had made Naina come to her house for the weekend. Lavanya used to stay alone. She was an orphan and had grown up in the shadow of her grand ma's loving care. Her grandmother had expired two years back and at that time Naina had come to her rescue like a god send angel. She had provided Lavanya with the emotional backup that she needed at that time and both the girls had grown to be thick friends.

Naina had almost rushed to her friend's house in super tension and Lavanya had somehow managed to cool her down. Afterwards, she had helped Naina dress up properly and had taken proper care to deck her friend properly to suit the occasion, for being the astute girl that she was, she had realized that Raj had something up his sleeve; otherwise he wouldn't have made this strange request.

She had made Naina wear a deep black coloured halter neck blouse and had draped the light silver coloured sari. The fitting blouse and the translucent pallu simply added fuel to the fire. She couldn't meet his eyes, she was so conscious of herself. But then it was not her usual behavior and she hated to blush this much.

Raj was too surprised to react at first. She looked more beautiful and he had ever seen.... he couldn't take his eyes off her. The way she blushed and the red of her cheeks amused him all the more. But he missed her usual Naina, who was candid, frank, tomboyish, hardly blushed and enjoyed teasing him. He decided to put her at ease before he actually implemented his plan.

"Why are you so conscious....? You are not looking bad you know.... I mean, its okay...u know...." he said tongue in cheek.

She looked up at him in surprise, and then threw the car keys at him. "Raaajjjjjjjj......I will kill you...."

She took a couple of steps forward with the intention of hitting him li9ke she usually did, but her high heels refused to support her in this Tom and Jerry race. She twisted her ankle and was about to fall down, but Raj immediately tried to hold and support her. He knew this was coming. But she was so angry on him that she jerked his hand away and held the door frame of the car for support and slowly wobbled away from him. She was too angry. She didn't even know why she was behaving like this...but right at this moment she wanted to be angry with him... And why couldn't she be angry...he had gone away for a week...and that too without informing her.... Well, not exactly without informing her but then he had called her up from the train itself and had told her. She could not even meet him or wish him. She didn't quarrel then, because he was on a journey and she didn't want to trouble him further. But now that he was back....he had to face her wrath.... Nobody could escape from Naina Vashisht's rage.... because for that you have to have Naina's permission. That's how she lived her life....on her own terms.

Raj was looking at her changing expressions with an understanding look. He knew her temperaments, understood her thoughts and loved her anger.... Damn it...he loved her...just the way she was..... Very slowly he walked up to her and very softly called her name. "Nainaaaa..."

She turned her back towards him in anger.  The deep cut of the back neck of her blouse exposed her creamy skin for his inspection. He was finding it hard to resist himself...but he didn't want to touch her without her permission.

He tried a lot to make her listen to him...but obstinate that she was....she wouldn't listen to him. Finally when he could find no other way of making her listen to him, he crept behind her and put his arms around her lightly leaving some space for her to turn and look at him.

"If you don't turn and look at me now, m going to tighten my hold." He whispered in her ears.

She was shocked at first.... she could feel her face flushing...Very slowly she turned and looked at him...but she couldn't bear the intensity in his gaze and lowered her eyes.

He could see the colour rising in her cheeks and smiled naughtily. Intentionally he tightened his hold on her a little causing her to come nearer to him. She literally had buried her head in his chest refusing to look at him. He could see a loose strand of hair troubling his vision. It was falling straight on her face. With his left hand, he tucked it behind her ear, brushing his hands on her ear lobe in the process while his right hand held her by her waist, the fingers brushing against the bare skin of her waist. She had goose bumps on her body, but somehow she managed to keep a straight face.

"You are so beautiful that you don't need compliments.... Words fail to describe your beauty, your charm, your innocence.... Why do you even want to go by my words are more than what words can say...." he had almost pulled her to his chest.

Slowly she lifted her hands and placed them on his chest. She could hear the steady beating of his heart. Her own heart was galloping at lightning speed. She placed her forehead on his chest and closed her eyes trying to calm her nerves while he still held her protectively as well as lovingly.

When she felt that she was in control of herself, she lifted her forehead and moved back. He let her move back not wanting to scare her. He reached out and took her hand in his and they moved towards a high rock which was there favourite place there. It was hidden behind some bushes which kept them away from the prying eyes of other people there.

They sat there in silence for quite a long time, not wanting to disturb the moment. Her hand was still in his firm grip and she was sitting very close to him. When the sun had finally gone down the horizon and it started getting a little dark, Raj finally stirred from his position.

"I think we should move from here."

"Please.... let's sit here for some more time." She requested.

"Your parents will be worried Naina." He reasoned.

"Don't worry, I told them that I will stay over at Lavanya's place." She told him.

He smiled at her and put forward his hand. She held his hand but didn't get up. He looked at her expression and again sat down next to her. After some time, he made her get up and walked towards the car. She was intrigued but then refrained from saying anything.

 He opened the door of the car and took out a beautiful bouquet or red roses. Kneeling down on one knee in front of her, he handed the bouquet to her and said something which he wanted to say something for a long time.

"Naina.... I don't know how you will react to this... I don't know what you will say to this....but I just wanted to lighten this burden from my heart.... I wanted to put my heart and soul bare in front of you.... Naina...the moments I have spent with you are the most beautiful moments of my life.... most precious.... something I will cherish for the rest of my life... I will understand if you don't reciprocate to my feelings.... and even though the risk of losing you is great.... I still want to take this chance."

" cut all these long dialogues into short..... I Love You..."


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Natasha006 Newbie

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Hello Friends....

I know I still have to reply to your comments....Will do it tomorrow..... But I wanted to update on the occasion of Suhana's BDay..... so did it now.... Coments and criticisms are welcome....and so is the like button.....Wink

Once again..... 

Happy Birthday Suhana....

Hv a great day....May all your wishes come true.....

Luv u dear....

See ya...

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lallulal2010 Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
Mesmerizing.......................i love you too raj.....(jst kidding!!!)

update soon......

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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Wow...thats lovely!! And well...I love you too Raj...and am not coming to the part....its beautifully depicted. Raj n Naina became frnds thru the fest and in fact got very close to each other!! Big smile And now as they realize their feelings...Raj wants to take their relationhip to the next step. Embarrassed

W8ing for Naina'a answer....Raj ko w8 karane ka to koi matlab hi nahi banta hope to get the next part soon...Wink

And Once again....wishing a very Happy Birthday to Suhana Dii...Embarrassed

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
wow Day Dreaming .............. I am speechless what shud i comment LOLLOLLOLLOL.............
ok........ its awesome part ClapClapClapClap............ bestest from all the other parts u updated EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.....the best thing abt update was ......... here Raj is not the typical sharmila guy who hides his feelings EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed............. & smart & intelligent Raj Embarrassed............. giving number & all sparks flew from very beginning LOLLOLLOLLOL
liked his initial way of complimenting LOLLOLLOLLOL............ it was ROFL .........& confession was .............. LOLLOLLOLLOL............ i wud have fainted in naina's shoes Day Dreaming............ waiting to see if naina's reaction is similar to me LOLLOLLOL.............

continue soon Big smileBig smile

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suhana.dixit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Natasha006

Hello Friends....

I know I still have to reply to your comments....Will do it tomorrow..... But I wanted to update on the occasion of Suhana's BDay..... so did it now.... Coments and criticisms are welcome....and so is the like button.....Wink

Once again..... 

Happy Birthday Suhana....

Hv a great day....May all your wishes come true.....

Luv u dear....

See ya...
Thanx a lot Natasha..Smile
U really made my day special..Big smile

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