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Dutta, Left Me Speechless !!! (Page 7)

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Originally posted by Anu-Reddy

Today I feel proud to be an LTLian, and that to be part of the mission to keep Mishal in the show. Imagine what Laagi would be without Dutta, Nakku will be running around trees, challenging Kala and Kala would be sipping charnamrit, making flop plans LOL. Jks apart, this episode moved me to tears twice and I had to pen down my thoughts ASAP. So keeping my work aside, here this post............

1) Chaskar flirting with Seema downstairs and the moment Dutta overhears the voice, he turns attentive. Look at the way Dutta widens his eyes, twitches his bro a bit and slow walks to the door and overhears the voice closely. This time he gets to know from the voice and flirtatious-Nonsense-By-Chaskar that its indeed no Doc downstairs but Chaskar. What a twist to start the episode Tongue.  
2) Chaskar continues his nonsense, phenko's bade bade lines, says he will nehlaou Seema with sona ? ShockedLOL. (Chaskar bhai, Kala hai aapke aur uss sone ke beech mein LOL.  She made a gadha out of our Dutta, aap tho pehle se hi ullu hai , aapko najaane woh kya banadegi LOL. Better be a bit careful buddy LOL. Phir na kehna humne aapko warn nahin kia LOL). Good thing abt this stupid convo, Dutta continues to sharpen his rusted brain, thinks, "So these two are with chaskar in this". LOL. (Gadhe ka brain chela bhi tho dekho kaisa chela LOL, seedha tangential LOL)
3) Chaskar continues to phenko LOL, reveals the truth , "I killed Dutta bhaou" LOL (If there was any umeed that Dutta will not know who was involved in his death plan , woh bhi gaya LOL. Isko kehthe hain payr khuladi pe maarna LOL). Dutta's brain continues to work like a super fast train....... has flashes of how Chaskar got to travel him out of his place to finalize the deal,says, Ghor kijiyiga, "Chaskar, Mein tumhe zinda ghat doonga" LOL. (Oh man how desperately I will be waiting for that day Dutta. Do it, I will cheer u from gallery. Usi haaath aapke priya Kala Thai ko bhi dafnadijiye, ek goli do shikar, kissa katham LOL)
4) Dutta and his sound-analysis continues LOL. He thinks, thinks thinkssssssss abt Seema's voice LOL (Brain abhi abhi mila hai so its kind of difficult for him to figure out Seema's voice so soon u see, so he is still thinking LOL). Anyways so search team at work, I mean D searching Seema's room , gets a hold of knife (Againnnn???Shocked Didnt he already have a knife?Shocked. Where did this knife come from?Shocked . Seema ka kamra hai ya a mini Kitchen?LOL. Why is she keeping so many knifes in that bedroom of hers? LOL. Dont tell me even she practices Dart game when alone LOL) .
5) First Tear Jerking Moment : Seema spikes up Chaskar's drink and he goes behosh. One kissa katham LOL. Back to Searching-Dutta on loose LOL. He opens yet another drawer and this time gets a hold of his "mouthorgan". First he touches it slightly, realises it could be Mouthorgan, keeps the knife in his hand away. It meant to me as if D felt, "I have a more dangerous thing in my hand, knife is nothing". He then touches the mouthorgan again and now this time he is convinced it is what he thought, A mouthorgan, His mouthorgan. This time when he was touching, he has flashes of his 10 yrs past life, where he played that instrument happily. The music and Dutta's expressions, my first tear jerking momentCry.  Dutta opens his eyes wide open. He realised whose house it was. This was the moment he dreaded never happen in his life, but fate had its own plans, got to face him the same person he so hated for the past 10 yrs and that too blind and helpless. Dutta mightve never thought of it in his wildest of dreams and hence that "dreadful" eye widening expression on his face.  All he has to say is, "Ab samaj mein agaya, yeh aur chaskar". He knows who that person is and thats why he had no doubts that "that person" can be with chaskar and trap him.
6) Dutta-Seema Confrontation, Second Tear Jerking Moment : Dutta who has been using his brain a lot after he lost sight, makes yet another brainy attempt. This time he holds onto Chachaji , strangling him so that he can get Seema speak up. As expected Seema does speak up and the first thing she says, "Dutta". That was enough for D to get convinced that whatever he thought of after seeing "Mouthorgan" was indeed right. It was the person he so hated , who was standing next to him in that room. He says, "So now u got to know my name?". Seema  has no answer but from the looks of it, it seems she is gracing herself to finally face the aftereffect of her sins, wrath of Dutta. Do notice how she shakes a bit, gets a bit jittery. She is tensed as she realised whats coming upon her the next min. Dutta continues, with a mellowed , but Full-Of-Hate-For-U voice, "I know u know who am I".  Seema gracing up, Dutta shows the mouthorgan and says , "I know who ur too". Now this is what I call a perfect confrontation. He didnt take her name, all he had to do was show her the instrument. She got to know that he realised she is Seema.   Seema, completes Dutta's line, "Yes Iam Seema".  All Dutta can do is , strangle the "mouthorgan" in his hands. He felt like crushing it off to get rid off this woman in front of him. He hated Seema but he had no way to show it other than tighten up the grip over that mouthorgan. He has flashes of their love story and the moment he remembers how she mocked his love, his eyes well up. The pain is still there, its still in him. The rejction he got killed him so much so that even after 10 yrs the thought of it burns him down. He can do nothing to erase it from his past. He needs a closure on it and I guess thats what he will get in this track. The second tear jerking moment of the day Cry. Seema pleads her case, asks D to believe in her and her intentions. Dutta unlike his usual rage self, is subdued for a change. His hatred is like a slow poison, slow, calm, but intense. The way he stresses , "Vishwaas?  Tere tho FITHRATH mein hi Dhokebaazi hai. Nagin hai tu Nagin". How else would he put his hatred out?. A person he hated for 10 yrs is asking him to believe her. How can he?.
7) Dutta doesnt want to buy into Seema's sobs, so he says, "I know why u have me here. U  want to trade me off". Seema feels the pain, but nothing like the one she inflicted on him 10yrs back, says, "Dont say that.  I know i have used ppl for money and later ppl used me".  Dutta who feels that he might fall for that trap, walks ahead a bit, wanting not to listen to any of her story, says , "If u think ur story will effect me than I think ur wrong" .(Hmmmmmm but from ur expressions why do I feel that u already felt pity for Seema, Dutta?. U seem so overwhelmed seeing that woman turn a kotewali , I guess. Afterall she was a woman U once dreamt to spend his life with, so I think U do pity her on her present condition). Anyways chachaji lets D know that it was seema who really helped him. Seema completes the story, "Chaskar thinks ur dead. Stay here for somemore time.....may be u will get ur eyesight back by then" .(Noooooooo, we want Dutta to be blind for some more days and that too at PN , so that his patni can do his seva and we watch them Day Dreaming. Dutta seema ki math sun, ghar baag jaa, teri pathni patilwaadi ki sare trees ko daaga baandthi phirahi hai , jaake unn trees ko bachaou LOL).  Dutta who hates to be pitied, sply when the so called "pity" comes from the one person he so hates, shouts, "Mere aankhon pe tharas khane ki galthi kabhi math karna" . I have to say loved him to bits.  He is the same D as ever. He can never take "pity".
8) Seema persuades him by holding his arm (??ShockedAngry D ne mellow down karke baath kya karlu yeh aurth tho usse chune se baaz nahin arahi hai Angry), says, "I know u in anger will risk ur life but I wont allow u to do that. Once ur out of danger I will drop u home" (Dont  worry  if Nakku is Babi's beti , Dutta is Babi's beti's pathi LOL. If Nakku can drive a jeep without any driving classes, Dutta can drive his car/jeep without eyes LOL. U dont need to drop him off homeLOL). D who hates the woman so much, pulls of his hand in anger (Arey bhai Dutta, slowly pull karna haath LOL..... Agar woh kurtha bhi phadiya then seema bechari will have to run to PN again to get u another kurtha LOL. Uske paas tere size ka kurthon ka dukaan tho khula nahin hoga LOL. On second thoughts, man what if she borrows chaskar's rang birangi dresses for u? LOL. Haila humare aankon par tharas kha and please take care of ur kurtha's more than u take care of ur eyes LOL. ). Its as if , "I dont need ur help to reach home".(Attitude tho dekho bande ki Tongue.... No wonder we all love D so much LOL)  .
9) Anyways chachaji pleads seema's case, asks Dutta to stopby for some more time as its dangerous outside. D stands thinking but with a painful expression. Why do I feel he is remembering his Nakku and the pain she might be going thru thinking he is dead?. Does that mean we might have that Phone-Convo tomorrow?Day Dreaming.
TidBits :
1) Seema chose to run away from chaskar but after taking the gift ? ShockedLOL. She is maha kanjoos, makeechoos aurath LOL
2) Seema's bedroom has more knives than my kitchen I guessLOL. Open a drawer and find a knife LOL. Drawer-Drawer-Ki-Kahani LOL.
3) Seema's house has only one bedroom?Shocked. Otherwise why in the hell would she get a guest to her bedroom?. It looks like such a big house, but still has only one bedroom? Shocked.
4) Looks like Bappa trasplanted Baaji's brain to Dutta LOL, no wonder Dutta became extra smart, sensed its seema's house by feeling "mouthorgan" while Baaji is trying to hide "newspapers" from Nakku to avoid her to feel bad abt D's so called death news LOL. Newspaper mein dutta ki mauth khi kabar aane se woh sach thodi na hojayega LOL.
5) Nakku is finally back home after her lambi si temple yatra's LOL. Hopefully she will eat something and set out to search Dutta LOL.
6) Where is Dutta's ladli behen Madhu missing?. She is neither going out to search her bro, nor is accompanying her new friend in town, Nakkusha to temple. I mean what the hell is she doing all day long at Pagal Niwas?. 
Some nonsensical post, dont throw chappal at me LOL. I know there are better analysers at this forum, but I couldnt contain my excitement seeing the epi.  Mishal was the star of the epi. His subtle expressions, the changes in his expressions, dialogue delivery......... was an awesome treat for all the LTLians.  A mindblowing  confrontation between Dutta and his greatest "hate" , Seema. Dutta sure left me Speechless with his performance !!!.
Would love to read ur comments abt the episode.............
Great post, Anu.
Dutta was truly incredible in this episode. His reaction to Seema surprised me, but in a positive way. There was barely controlled rage in his voice/words, but at the same time he didn't seem as disturbed by her reappearance as one might've expected. It only shows that, without even knowing it, he has already moved on a great deal - thanks to Naku. He's still angry with her and disgusted by her, but he didn't break or feel any sort of wild emotion at finding out it's her. I thought he seemed a bit like he didn't care - that was just awesome. It really showed that he has moved way past having been in love with her once upon an ancient time.

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