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Who is the Real Victim here (Page 4)

-JC- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
I think all four young characters are a victim of circumstances. No one is a true black character perpetrating harm on others. Its simply how each character remains true to their characterization and reacts to different situations in different ways and how those reactions/decisions impact the other characters. Its a dynamic show for that reason as nothing here is stable or has that "forever I will be this way" quality. Like in reality, the characters change, their mind sets change for the better or for worse...its how people are.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
agreed with you JC ... thats why we keep on liking someone and hating someone randomnly

LIke we used to in love with Niv.REn still in love with them but right now we are disliking them cause of the tension

I personally like naintara and then I disliked her for being mean to Nivi.. then I started loving her again!

so it keeps changing : ) : )

I just don't want one biased thought you know and we just want to show all sides of the coin that its a mess thats been created together!

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suchi-NivReniac

Originally posted by savera2007

@ Suchi, 

Well I do not doubt at all that Viren loves Nivi and I am so much enjoying there scenes and these will act as a backbone for their relationship. Once Viren is out of all the revenge-story, then he will remember and cherish these moments and repent his doings regarding Nivi. 

Well when we look up to someone, then there are many things we tend for overlook. But suddenly somethings happens and then, we hate the person, whom we once have taken a perfect person. If u all noticed, when Viren was going to the hostel, Sid was not there... 

he probably was scared that his reality would come out!

I am sure CC knew of this and that is why she hates sid so much too.

I mean it cannot just be that sid is bhupat's fav grandson, that does not make sense.

Did you see how cc was crying when BS mentioned about viren leaving yesterday.
Which mother can bear the pain of her separation with her child!?

no one can.

Sid has effected her life too and this continued on to his adulthood. He has always been getting away with things. Its high time he paid price for his doings
Suchi, Abidah, Navz excellent posts dear. If we look at from the POV of Viren, I think that he is not wrong. There must have been some drastic thing that happened in his life which had this huge impact on him and is now scarred and ready to go to any extreme to take revenge.
I am not ready to agree that Sid is "Dhoodh ka dhula". Nobody in this world is. He is a character who has no back bone. He just wants to be in the good books of everyone. I think that is what he has learnt in his life and even he does not know what is right and what is wrong. If he was then he would have taken side of his mom, he would have been there for Viren, he would have remembered his childhood with him, he would have taken side of Nivi and Keshav, he would have told BS about JW. But he decided not to do that. And now the excuse that everybody is giving that BS is not healthy is all B*S... He is fine and talking and spending time with family. Sid is just faking to be on Viren's side and asking DS to give project to him because he knows that dadaji will anyway ask Sid to oversee it and that is what happened exactly. Sid just wants to be the one and all for everything.
And who is suffering - Viren and Nivi. They both are victims of this Sood family. Viren is the perfect answer to his family - doing things his way. And Nivi is the perfect answer and solution to Viren's pain, insecurities. She will show him what love is. She will teach him all the life lessons which he could not learn from his parents and grandparents because of their wrong doings. That is why destiny brought them together. Sid Putul (Nivi is not a doll, she is an individual with her own identity) were never meant to be together. They were brought back together after years so as to pave way for Nivi - Viren. So that Nivi can clearly see who Viren is and how she will help him by being hs ardhangini.  And in turn will learn to be more strong and woman of substance. She never loved Sid else she would not have given away her love to her sister. Her love for her sister was more than her love for Sid. So again destiny had it all planned.

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
props up anju

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Awesome Post Suchi, I loved what you all discussed here. For me its Nivi and Viren they both are the victims.
Yes, Viren intentionally & unintentionally is hurting Nivi but when all this rage calms down he will crawl on his knees to beg for forgiveness and I am 100% sure of it.
But what ever I am watching from past couple of days its just haunting me like anything what is wrong with this Sood clan. And I don't know what Sid did in the past as a child or anything but he better buck up and don't be silent this time he needs to open his mouth and clear out things. The first thing my brain thought when I read the update was Why doesn't Sid remember anything from past, he remembers everything about all his friends and why he doesn't remember his brother. HIs mom remembers it and she also stored everything related to Viren but he doesn't remember. Hmmm something to think over.
What all did that sweet innocent shy kid went thru in that hostel I cannot imagine. Oh my heart is crying for him.
I have to say the same what I wrote in my other post that his hatred for his brother is boiling in him like a volcano from 15+ years and he kept it boiling but his love for Nivi is just budding which is only some months old so what will take over him, its simple and easy the hatred and this will only cool down when it erupts and the whole Sood clan sees it, at that time when the volcano erupts his heart will burn along with it and it will be only Nivi's Love will act as a cooling balm and erase that hatred from his heart. And Yes I will say this how many times ever that Nivi will never break down she will fight this thing out for her husband and will cool his heart and become the balm he needs with her Love.

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simran728 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
Hello girls. how r u?? wow what a wonderful topic and nice new thread we have opened here. Thanks Suchi for doing this favor on us. We can now, take out all our feelings here just specific to this topic. Awesome discussion between everyone. Thanks Navz, Suchi, Anju, Milee and everyone else for explaining so wonderfully. You all do great and best justice to all the emotions and characters show in every episode. It is so nice that we progresses each day on the basis of what they show and analyse and understand accordingly. I feel the story is going great. this is something really different. i am in love with it. this happens in real like and most serial such focus on good things or not so real things in life. but we all know life is not perfect...esp marriages. we all have seen our parents and ourselves go thru pain, hardships, heart breaks, breakups, tribulations and trails...So, Nivren are not any different. these things in life bring us closer to the loved ones (if they are around.which is not the case in Viren) ...n make our relationship stronger (nivi and NT) ..

So, I am thanking CT for thinking beyond the box and beyond normalcy and common normal mind set..beyond what is seen in the front view.....and go beyond boundaries..behind the scenes..behind Great Marriages....Show the reality behind each relationship. Nivren are in marriage bond. Which is the most complex bond to follow and maintain. and CT are showing to make a "Great Couple"..You have to be put to "Great Tests". You cannot shine like a diamond...without going through extreme heating. 

So, yea. There are problems right now in Nivren world. But we all know Women are the Heart and Emotional Strength of the Relationship and Men are the Brain and Physical of the relationship. And balance between them is required. Nivren has that. They have both ..but just need to understand and look at it. and I was very touched by Faizu words yday...Viren's Complexity is Neutralize by Nivi's Simplicity. and they will become Neutral and Become a True Diamond in the end. See Diamond Is Shiny and Beautiful..But it is also the Strongest Stone known to Man. 

So, I am still hopeful. And Just Like I would pray for My Sis and BIL when they are going to thru problems. and Just like how I would encourage My sis to keep faith, positivity and be by her husband's side..I would say same to Nivi. Be strong, keep an open mind and heart and be Viren's emotional Strength. Physical Strength is easy to get. One can even use external tools..but Emotional Strength is very hard to get. One has to believe deep into their soul ..who they are. It requires soul searching. So, Viren has not learnt that yet. But he will. His heart melts every time he sees Nivi..because he sees her Simplicity ..her Innocence..Her emotional side. and This will melt his harden Heart..when No one will be able to hurt him anymore...bcos like Nivi said..when heart is filled with love. there is no room for other feelings.

Sorry for such a long post. I kept writing all that came to my mind..and did not realize how long it has become. Sorry. please do comment. Thanks for hearing me and reading my thoughts. love, simran. 

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by savera2007

@ Suchi and Navz: 

I so much agree with u and I just love the topic... 

Btw what if, if we assume, that the reportcard was Sid's which was bad and Sid changed it with Viren and Viren ended with punishment? 

Just a theory...

Abidah, that is the first thing I said too, someone else tampered with it, and as a result Viren was sent to boarding school !! Since Sid was just a child himself, it could have not been him, but it could have been YD, who has always favored Sid more ! I guess she never thought that as a result BS will send Viren to boarding school !! Now the question is, did Sid knew that he got bad grades and did not speak up in front of his grandfather ?? And Viren expected Sid, the elder brother he loves so much to own up that there is a mistake and that report card is mine and not Viren and when Sid did  not speak up, that shattered Viren ?

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suchi-NivReniac

I think we all are trying to see from Viren's input here.

YOu know childhood experiences can be really bad!

It effects the entire life!

Specially if a boy was shy and in hostel what did he go through? Why did he become tough?
Did someone try to take advantage of him
Do you know how much bad happens in hostel where the teachers also try to take advantage of children. its Sick and Sad.

Nivi was sheltered. She did not meet anyone nor know anyone nor speak to anyone ...but no one misbehaved with her

What about Viren.. did the teachers hit him? The one who has the same equal rights as sid in their sood mansion grew up in a small room with one bed in it.

Rules around him all the time.

Children mocking him .. probably embarrassing him in front of the whole class calling him names mocking him, may be even hitting him, shoving him in the bathroom, making him sit alone for hours with no one around him , no one to hug, no one to hold him

where sid lost one father and got the love of his mother, his grandparents, and everytime he got hurt may be just fell down, and vandana came running to him to pick him up

and Viren , when he fell down who was there to pick him up to wipe his tears? no one....

And the atrocity of Sid, he does not even remember his brother.

He is so full of himself and self obsessed. The entire world moves around him and he has feels for no one? except Bhupat is it cause he wants the control of the money ( i am not so sure anymore)

That is one fact that has been haunting me, because mentally sick and perverted people are found everywhere, especially in schools and hostels !!

In fact just today there is an article on India Forums where Aarav , Akshay Kumar;s son was subjected to an inappropriate behavior by a security guard, and when that happened Aarav told his parents immediately what happened and Akshay slapped the guy and got his fired !! Aarav was brave enough to tell his parents, because he knew that his parents loved him, but not every child is able to confide if something like this happens, especially a  child, who knows that his family and parent's won't do anything !! Cry

That is why this world is not safe for kids, and the only protection they have is their family and Viren never had that !! Cry

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