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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
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Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Romeo giving advise MSK angry ...Romeo said Viagra??LOL
Adi Pinky cute and Pinky wants 2 lakh cheque...MSK despo signs it..and goes into the bedroomLOL


Geet in bedroom MSK checking who is more despo.. Geet ready for the SR night and so is MSK.. MSK does not
even want payal between them. THis scene was OMG..BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing .His eyes, DD acting in her reaction to his touch was perfect...I was in OMG mode..until he touched her tummy and then ran away to his
Chanda mama for talk...and tells her(chand ) that geet is preggo..Ae le chand knows it MSK..
AHHHH CVS need some lessons on sex during pregnancy W*H was that?

Annie misses Arjun and arjun says msks downfall has started .. How Arjun?? u sold ur body not MSK..
Romeo giving advise MSK angry Romeo said Viagra??
Adi Pinky cute and Pinky wants 2 lakh cheque...MSK despo signs it..and goes into the bedroom

Geet in bedroom MSK checking who is more despo.. Geet ready for the SR night and so is MSK.. MSK does not
even want payal between them. THis scene was OMG.. until he touched her tummy and then ran away to his
Chanda mama for talk...and tells her(chand ) that geet is preggo..Ae le chand knows it MSK..
AHHHH CVS need some lessons on sex during pregnancy W*H was that?

Annie misses Arjun and arjun says msks downfall has started .. How Arjun?? u sold ur body not MSK..
Romeo giving advise MSK angry Romeo said Viagra??
Adi Pinky cute and Pinky wants 2 lakh cheque...MSK despo signs it..and goes into the bedroom

Geet in bedroom MSK checking who is more despo.. Geet ready for the SR night and so is MSK.. MSK does not
even want payal between them. THis scene was OMG.. until he touched her tummy and then ran away to his
Chanda mama for talk...and tells her(chand ) that geet is preggo..Ae le chand knows it MSK..
AHHHH CVS need some lessons on sex during pregnancy W*H was that?

Annie misses Arjun and arjun says msks downfall has started .. How Arjun?? u sold ur body not MSK..

THe bedroom eyes and geets expressions were mindblowing.. She had lost full control and MSK too.. until he touched her tummy and then ran away to his Chanda mama for talk...Angryand tells her(chand ) that geet is preggo..Ae le chand knows it MSK..
AHHHH CVS need some lessons on sex during pregnancy W*H was that?AngryAngry
I felt bad for both Geet and Maan.. they have waited for this forever.. She says I cant believe I am in ur armsEmbarrassed poor girl and poor poor MSKCry
MSK is trully awesome and he loves geet so much .. he can sacrifice his pleasure for her anytime.. Hats off to you MAAN SINGH KHURANA
Annie misses Arjun and arjun says msks downfall has started .. How Arjun?? u sold ur body not MSK..
MSK says he is doing this for her?? Poor guy...I want the doc to give MSK some serious advise on sex during pregnancyAngry and my dandas to the CVSAngryAngryAngry
OK CVS I dont care that they did not do anything... I dont even think he has broken her heart as she understands him but I did not like the way it was said TUM PREGNANT HO.. I would have preferred Doc said there are complications..
TUM PREGNANT HO means pregnant woman cant have sex... which world are u in??
Can we see MSK geet going to the doc and checking this? this will help clear misconceptions of many people in this universeSmile
DD -GCThumbs Up
CVSThumbs Down go get some education from a doctor.
Overall I liked the episode and did not mind the no CON but did mind the way it was presented

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Today's Episode rocked for me because it had a perfect balance of passion,desire,self-control,emotions,dilemma, and something which will force the viewers to hv heated arguments and debates over whether MSK was right or wrong in his act today and this is one thing which was missing for so long from this show...that is the depth of the scenes and the character..reason why most of the time viewers had nothing to discuss because the scene or the situations din't offer much depth...But today's episode changed it all and forced the viewers to start thinking again regarding various complications that a newly married couple might go through on their first wedding night especially if the woman is carrying a baggage and the guy might b a virgin...interesting..right ??Smile.....
First scene was quite comical especially Romeo's Viagra,,,Vagera interpretationROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...I dunno how GC would hv controlled his laughter in that scene and gave that all serious look...ROFLROFLROFLROFL..hats off to his acting in that caseROFLROFLROFL...Whole scene of Romeo-Adi pulling MSK's leg and giving him gyaan about first night rockedThumbs Up..
Poor MSK ..3Lakh went down the drain to his new-formed Salis now.LOLLOL..first 1Lakh to cut the ribbon and now 2lakhs to enter his this rate Pinky and Co soon will become Croepati thus turning MSK into a Road-PatiROFLROFLROFLROFL...So u don't need Arjun to make MSK bankrupt when his saalis r enough for itBig smileLOLLOLLOL
Next Half SR scene of Maaneet was too hot to handle for me and even now while writing about it, my hormones r playing some sort of kabaddi match inside my stomach..BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingthose deadly eyes of MSK and hyperventillating Geet combined with those passionate dialogues and those finger moves of MSK over Geet's body was just breath-takingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming....who cares about full CON when we r getting thisLOLEmbarrassed;I don't want to compare any shows,but I hv not seen such passion and intimacy even in a full CON scene in other showsErmm;In most shows u might hv a forehead kiss..then some eyelock and lights off....thats itLOL...Viewers then assume that CON is doneLOL and here its not even CON but just a half SR scene for which we get such intense passionate scene filled with intimate hug and some brillaint verbal-foreplayShockedShockedClapClapClapClap,...This is brillaint stuffClap..Barry dhillon take a bow..awesome dialogues hereClap...GC and DD were outstanding in this entire scene displaying perfect emotions and desire in their eyes and even their body was doing all the talking especially when MSK was carassing her arms and neck with his fingers and was enjoying watching Geet's reactionEmbarrassed...GC flawlessly gave those expressions of desire and pleasure on his faceClap..and DD flawlessly did the entire hyperventillating act.Clap..also notice the scene where MSK's finger slowly carasses her arms and then reaches to her tummy and then her tummy has that slight shivering movement..thats perfect display of foreplayThumbs Up...We witnessed Arjun-Annie CON last week and today we saw this half SR of Maan-Geet...Arjun-Annie CON had kisses but this half SR had no kisses except one forehead kiss...but still we r finding this hot and r in OMG mode..why ??Question yourselfEvil Smile
Maaneet hug was the best intimate hug of this series so far even beating the previous disco hug for meEmbarrassed;This time both had a desire and need for each other during the hug the way Geet carrased MSK's back and his hairEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and the way MSK's head was almost resting inside her neckBlushing...The hug comes right after  Geet saying "plss Maan" and then MSK asking Geet not to say a word today or stop himEmbarrassed...she was unable to control her desire here and thats what transformed into a passionate hug EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Talking further about this scene...the best part were those sensuous dialogues which GC spoke flawlessly with his sexy voiceBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing;The way he said "Dunno who is restless or me....but I don't want any disturbance today...even words cannot come between us" was breathtaking and can make any girl hyperventilate with need,desire and pleasureBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing;The whole rock-mahiii background score only added to the hotness quotient of the sceneBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing;The way he removed his payal  because he doesn't want any disturbance and then gave that dominating look to Geet...aaahhh Jyoti was dead by nowBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing;Then he slowly made his move towards her ear to remove her earring making sure he just carasses her cheeks in the way and makes her more restless..he was just enjoying her heavy breathing thereEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...and then he slowly made his move towards her forehead to remove the forehead jewellery and also making sure that he keeps carassing her back and also gave her a foehead kiss by helding the back of her neck tightly...this was the time when she just couldn't control herself but MSK din't stop and went further to her neck area to remove her necklace when finally she said "please Maan" before he could kiss her neckBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing..but MSK was in dominating mode that time..reason why he said "don't utter a word..I don't want any disturbance today"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and then finally he lays her down on the bed with his hand tightly grabbing her back still(see the FB pics)EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This is a perfect display of foreplay again before u do the ultimate CONApproveStarStarStarStarStar..Brillaint execution of the whole Scene...simply awesome...and the actors gave perfect expression throughout the sceneThumbs Up...
The scene where MSK's sudden realisation creeps in about her pregnency and his expressions changes from desire to sadness was flawlessly depicted by GC here..its not very easy to instantly change your expression in a single well will hv to give it to him in this sceneClapClap...Even DD's expression instantly changes here from desire to confusion when suddenly MSK gets up and asks her to rest..she was absolutely flawless tooClapClap...This is the beauty of the whole scene..both actors wonderfully complimented each other with perfectionStarStarStarStarStar
Ok now comes the most debatable part of MSK walking out of the room to hv his moon chatLOL I din't find the whole MSK walking out of the room scene too overdramatic..he was sleeping besides her only for sometime and not in some sofa or another room even after the realisationLOL...he din't walk out of the room foreverLOL..just went out to hv some moon talkLOL...he might just come back and sleep at his place,..simpleLOLthey din't show where he slept for the rest of the viewers will hv to assume that either he was awake whole night talking to the moonLOL or he came back to the room and slept besides Geet only because they had earlier shown him sleeping besides her and not immediately walking offWink....he walked out after sometime thinking mayb Geet had gone to sleepErmm....they just din't do the CON and since MSK was not able to control his hormonesLOL,mayb thats why he just went out of his room after sudden realisation of the stress factor which doctor told himErmm.. .
My hubby Satish's point of view is that MSK might b a virgin and for the first time he is going to do he will hv his reservations...and now if the wife is preggy,he might b himself nervous thinking what if I do a mistake and hurt her per Satish all this can't b shown on Indian TV in they gave out a immatured dialogue deliberately from MSK's mouth about "she is pregnent and so he cannot go ahead with it"...According to Satish that dialogue is justified if its coming from a virgin's mouth whose wife is already pregnent Ermm
Well My hubby represents the typical Indian men who has this belief that CON during pregnency does not give much pleasureROFLROFL plus the guy might b worried about causing pain to his ladylove during the processOuch
I don't think MSK thinks that his main concern is the stress factor which the doctor saidErmm...mayb they will take this whole week to clear out the issues in his mind..he might even consult the doctor along with Geet later ..u never knowTongue...mayb CVs want to play it safe by showing how doctor sort of gives them the green signal to go ahead with the CON so that general viewers don't hv any reservations regarding the fact that a pregnent woman  cannot hv CON with her hubbySmile...
My View about MSK's dialogue in front of Moon is that its too early to judge based on one episodeBig smile...I think its justification will b shown in coming episodes...Today dialogue was MSK's instant reaction when he touches her tummy and a sudden realisation creeps in that he should not go all the way...mayb he needs some time and a way to consult with the doctor..and I don't think he will hide this issue from Geet for long ,he just cannot hide anything in front of GeetEmbarrassed..
In 2-3days I m sure MSK  will just talk to Geet about the issue and they might even consult a doctor for itBig smile...they can't show everything in 1 episode na..or else curiosity kaha rahega ?? chill has not fallenLOL...Like we saw in the morning scene,MSK can't hide things from Geet for very long time because he knows that she can read his eyes and so he was trying not to look into her eyes next morningWink....earlier also MSK confessed the choice wala issue to Geet during the sangeet I m sure he will share his dilemma with Geet soon but SR was not the right time to tell her about his dilemmaSmile
One more point...after marriage,u need time to settle down together before u sit to communicate on a altogether different level....before marriage no matter how much u r in love,talks r always more sugar-coated like GF-BF but after marriage there r many serious issues such as this which we r discussing here today about CON during pregnency and initially a husband might hesitate to discuss all this with his wife on the first night itselfErmm..thats one reason why MSK walked out of the room because his expressions suggested he wanted to talk when he looked at her after sleeping besides her but then he was not getting the right words mayb since MSK keeps saying how he is not good with he went out and felt bad about whatever happened inside...its a self dilemma which any hubby will go through on the first marriage night especially if your wife is pregnent and also quite stressed they will communicate but after the whole hesitation bit is gone from MSK's mind Smile

The  main motive of no CON today was to show  a certain irnoy of life brother(Dev) goes all the way out in a fake marriage for his own pleasure without caring about the girl's future and another brother(MSK) stops himself even when he had every right to go all the way just because her safety is more important to him than any pleasureEmbarrassed

Last but not the least Arjun-Annie tamashaLOL...Annie is now a dreamy eyed teenager sending countless SMSes to her Rajkumar who is now getting sadistic pleasure after sleeping with herConfused;So Arjun feels his mission is accomplished by shattering Annie's dreams just how MSK and co shattered his sister's lifeStern Smile;I dunno what Arjun really gained here other than sadistic pleasureConfused...Anyways precap suggests MSK is already in investigating mode questioning Annie which sort of indicates that MSK will not get fooled by Arjun and CoApprove...
On the angles in the SR scene could hv been better but thats a minor issue todaySmile
Episode Rating:10/10...One more perfect episode today...starting from the partial SR scene which was brilliantly executed followed by MSK's dilemma for which we had some heated debates today and when we hv heated debates for a scene or a character ,it means it left an impactSmile....

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Hey guys!
here's my take!

first few scenes really nice


and the stalker tune...

Embarrassed and the koi humare beech nahi aa sakta

lafzon ki bhi jagah bhi nahi hai humare beechh....

oh my barry-that was great


u like chanda maama too much na maan..

So..I really liked the episode...and I'm sure we will be given a good reason for this hesitation, couched in better terms and with an explanation..

I'm sure no one failed any biology lessons and we'll definitely get a doc-maan convo where he'll get the okay and will be unstoppable!Embarrassed

I loved the hug had so much of longing and desire :)

Great acting by the leads today...although they looked tired...

I hope DD gets to change soon..and Gc finally changed..he must be soo relieved!

So.Geet ke armaan nahi hue poore haan..
Both restrained themselves and yes- maan too...
He stopped because he thought it might stress Geet...
I'm sure all his misconceptions will be cleared soon...but really...stopping himself when he was just oh so passionate a moment ago must have taken all his self-control...

Geet's confusions and questions will be answered soon..

I have something I'd like to say here..

Although Geet has begun a new journey etc etc...I hope her essence is maintained...
She is an understanding woman and please please show her picking up hints that something is wrong and not all happy...
Just a passing thought in my mind

I feel sad for Anwesha..poor gal..with so many dreams and hopesConfused
I wish she would give it back to arjun soon enough though

I really loved msk ka ability to control himself for Geet's sake...Clap

Their disappointment and inability to communicate shows the need for groW*H in their relationship- they are treading unknown waters now..and I guess it will take some time to adjust and share everything...Embarrassed

I really liked today's episode!

Adi-Pinky and others- excellent scene!

for precap- msk asking annie about her disappearance from the rituals..thank Goodness..khayal toh aaya kisi ko

So- they will slowly communicate with each other..probably Geet will make the effort here..because she needs to know...and MSK wants to delay what the doc said to him-he wants to delay the talk but can't because her life is apparently at risk's definitely a lot of interesting tension being built up in him...and between them which will make the union sweeter when it comes..

Did MAAN stay out the entire night or did he come back in and slept too?

He couldn't have been talking to the moon and thinking the entire night na?

Or...was he?

Just a suggestion-
Even if Maneet aren't...doing much...Geet could be shown cuddling upto him na..?
USme kya problem hai?
In that when they wake up..they are in each other's arms...ensconced in their that Geet and Maan both derive some comfort out of that closeness..

aahh..imagine..they can definitely have convos in bed right? after tension is over..and before the sameera bomb and other problems come in?Embarrassed

IF once more msk won't sleep on same bed as her - i will be pretty disappointed..itna toh banta hai boss!

At last-

All good things come to those who patience dear viewers :P

SO chill
Barry- gave some nicee dialogues today...
And no I won't bash for the Geet maa banne waali hai dialogue, and yeh sab maine tumhare le kiya...
I'm sure we'll get explanations for that.
LEt him talk to the doc..and to Geet..

I would be happy if Geet said
"maan kuchh nahi hota"

Remember '3Idots' mein...kareena- buddhu naak beech mein nahi aati...

something like that...
Don't make it oh so serious when it's really not :P
Let them not remain all high and dry for a long time!

Okay- anyone remember the scene in august- where MSK was taking off Geet's jewellery...and asking her why she's not answering him...
That AWESOME AWESOME episode?? where MSK n GEet looked into the mirror and saw their dream..that dream of togetherness...Embarrassed
Man- I LOVED that epi and the music

Today as well was awesome!
and the music too was really good!
No bhaashan..only comments :P

Love to all!

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Reserved TongueBig smile

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 May 2009
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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Absolutely smashing episode!!

Saji hai sej apne pyar ki
tere chehre se jhalakte khumar ki

ankhon ka noor kar rahi hai roshan
mere dil ke har kone ko

Teri khushbu mehkaye mere tann mann ko
takiye pe bikhri zulfe bandhe meri har dhakdan

tujhe bas dekhta rahoon jee bhar kar mein
iss pure chandan ki raat kabhi khatma na ho

har lamhein ko Qaid kar loon apne zehen mein
ki ye raat phir aisi nahi ho, ye khumari aisi nahi ho

In ankhon ki masti ke iss mastane ko
doob na hai teri khushbu mein

Is pyar ki raat ki koi subah na ho
bas reh yoon hi tu mere pehlu mein

Our love has found a name
i have made you mine, my dame

a life time of loving you, my game
even if i have to take the blame

to protect you, my excuse, though lame
will not deter me from my frame

to love you is my only fame
if you misunderstand, a shame

what a beautiful episode...

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
The episode was dreamy and steamy until Maan's Chand waala words. He can't do this because she is pregnant? Confused Oh yes he can EmbarrassedROFL Women are not celibate during pregnancy unless they have been advised  to do so for medical reasons. The Dr said, an abortion is needed to ensure Geet's safety. Then that is the reason he can't be intimate with her. He can't do it because stress is bad for her,  and he hasn't told her what the doctor said, not because she is pregnant!  Poor choice of words Barry, because it can and will be misinterpreted.  Pinch

How about we get some medical advice LOLLOL

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
After careful consideration and research I have concluded that Maan is gay. Actually, I concluded that way before, but after the episode it was proven! All evidence points to him either being gay or maybe a girl. However, since his eyes are always on Adi and Maanisha, I think it is the first one. What other man after losing control in the bedroom tells his wife to sleep and then goes off to talk to the moon? Yeah yeah! He doesn't want to risk Geet's life, but that is just an excuse for his lack of interest in women. Geet is his cover up I tell ya! Poor Geet, first she gets a husband who couldn't keep it in his pants and now she gets one who won't take it out of his pants. Now all that is left is for Moron Maan to come out of the closet!


Okay, jokes aside, the episode was smokin'! They did nothing at all, but it was hawt! GC-DD have sizzling chemistry. The best half-SR scene I have seen on Indian TV.

- Maan is a sweetheart! He would give up his pleasure for Geet's health. Maan is awesome! Dev who knew was not really married to Geet went ahead and took advantage fob her. Here we have Maan who is so good to her that he is willing wait and did nothing even tho he had every right to do so. Even Arjun is another Dev. But Maan is exceptional and unique and loves Geet way too much.

- Only thing off about the episode was Maan "Tum maa banewale ho" dialogue. That is not the reason he didn't sleep with her. It is because of her health risk. That dialogues sounds wrong in the situation. Men do sleep with pregnant women, and Maan saying that made it sound as if that was the reason. We all know it is not.

- Maan needs to tell Geet soon the truth about her pregnancy. He also needs to let her decide about the abortion. She will keep the baby even if it means risking her life. 

- Annie I feel sorry for. Arjun's "plan" to take down Maan is a huge disappointment.

The episode was super awesome!

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