Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [25/1 - Epi 64] (Page 3)

aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
wasnt arjun drunk yesterday!!... singhania mansion itna bada toh nahi lagta ki terrace se bedroom tak chalke yeh banda sober ho gaya??!! LOL
fansi ki baat par, arjun feels his neck.. LOL he doesn't put it past arohi to try that as well?!?ROFL
finally we get to see the room ka batwara.. bathroom toh arjun ke side pe hai.. but she could have pointed out that the way out of the room is on her side.. LOL
now i am also interested in finding out whats in the drawers.. bachpan ke pictures??Day Dreaming proof of his love for arohi??Day Dreaming proof against the singhanias?? ammunition?? Ermm
always luv it when these two make each other jealous.. and that too they do it so effortlessly.. "mere saath mere area pe koi sone wala hai" Wink softy ahluwalia is too cute..arjun's expressions when he met softy was ROFL but i am worried for softy's health...Shockedthat compact-knife seems verry sharp ConfusedLOL
these two are so sweet.. bilkul bacche hain.. she claimed 70% of the bed and he gave it up.. "i hate you" bhi itne pyar se bolenge toh hum ko yakeen thode hi hoga!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
over to the ahluwalias:
so arohi's dad is not happy with arohi going to the singhanias.. Shockedegoistic maniac.. AngryAngry
its interesting to know that amrit has the measure of dadi's nature..Clap
hey bal-ke-dukan is back...yay!!LOLWink but aaj bhi rashi ki koi khabar nahi.. iske liye kya alag se news channel banwana padega!!?? arjun.. for a brother who went out and got married to avenge rashi's condition.. u don't seem to go visit her, or keep track of her condition.. Thumbs Down
yeh dadi toh fulto comedy hai...aman preet!!ROFL arohi aur arjun ke bacche.. Day DreamingLOL
double bed ka aisa batwara... single bed ka kya hoga!!Day DreamingROFL
bua - sar par bandook rakhne ki naubat aayi.. toh dadi woh bhi karegi..Wink
i hate it when they promote one show on another show.. love arjuhi's fight over the tv though.. arjun tum bhi gao.. Tongue"shakal dekhi hai apni.. kutte bhi dar jaate hain.. baunkhna band kar dete hain"ROFL.. 
you know i find it increasingly hilarious that start of the season .. arjun was this introvert cool don.. Cooland now arohi ke aate hi his dictionary has brilliant new additions.. Wacko arohi ko kya kya naam bulata hai!!LOL LOLbandar, gorilla, satki hui ladki, sumo-wrestler... arohi ke sangat ka asar ho raha hai!! ROFL
i was hoping dadi would take note of the batwara in the room...Unhappy anyways but..when dadi started saying "mata rani chahegi toh... "... i thought she was gonna say 'come back with good news'ROFL bacchon ke naam toh soch bhi liye .. LOL
chalo kisi ne toh yaad kiya ki gauri-rajvir ki bhi nayi nahi shaadi hui haiClap
its nice to see rajvir is softening towards gauri..Smile but now i feel bad for him after what we know gauri has done...Cry yeh gauri ki nautanki sahi nahi jati..Angry
back to singhania's:
arohi ka yoga karne ka kya faida??Tongue yoga karte vaqt bhi baatein khatam nahi hoti..LOLbaatein bhi kya.. arjun ki burai!!LOL fantastic the way they both thought of similar excuses to get out of the honeymoon trip.. arre yaar .. honeymoon kya keh diya.. tum logon ko jaise homework karne ke liye keh diya ho.. bahane pe bahane!! LOL arjun looks like an omelette in that yellow t.. Day Dreamingdadi toh abhi accha khasa badla legi in dono ke nautanki ka!!LOL
from the sbs segment.. the room seemed like arjun's room.. so i concluded that dadi figured out these two's nautanki to avoid the honeymoon and so she got that single bed idea implemented faster.. anyways we will have to watch to find out more...Day Dreaming
"gorilla jaisi shakal bana ke tum yeh bata rahi thi?? haath jod ke puja kyun kar rahi thi?"LOL
today's nok-jhok mood matched that of the sarhali-cottage scene...
"police walon ki ladki ho kar yeh harkat" Winkthat was nice.. its nice to know these ppl come by and visit her.. but you know if they keep coming here, with eyes brimming with tears.. they will keep her focused on her revenge cum divorce plan..Cryit was heart-wrenching when arohi described her state "har waqt aisa lag raha hai ki koi mujhe dekh raha hai.. mein koi galat mod le lungi aur peeche se aake pakad lega"Broken Heart 

On the whole a fun episode.. there is a definite freshness of ideas for the hubby-wifey tiffs.. bua did a good job today.. Clap karan and kritz are fab as always, they are exceedingly good with each other .. keep up the nok jhok guys.. Wink

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lizzie_1 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
lvd 2day epi...lvd everybit of it...awsome.marvelous epi...i really enjoyed 2dayz epi...specailly arjun & arohi cute fight i just lvd cuteeeeeeeee......daddi tusi great ho...awsome epi again...super .fantastic epiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...kmh rockkkkkkkk

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anitaksuresh Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Wow gr8 takes yaaron..Olly had missed yours from sometime..liked it..
A cute light episode as all of you were saying...
Well you guys have written so much, dont know what to write..
But enjoyed watching it as always.
Arohi with the teddy and room divided and them cutely fighting for TV and remote, just so real and related to todays situation in most homes..
Luved the way Kritika sang and yelled to irritate him more , god he is one superb actress, can carry of the emotionally charged scenes and make us cry and at the same time can cutely act like a little child putting up a tantrum, every minute changing the way she portrays this Arohi.. She is truly a versatile actress.
Another thing that I luved was when she was making all that ishaaras so cutely with all those faces and Arjun was happily not aware...
Karan was awesome when he pointed out the knife cutely and then the way he gave her a look when she said someone is going be sleeping with her...ahem ahem someone is getting affected by that...seeing jealousy there...pyaar ka another rang..
Am wondering whats in that cupboard. Kritika again here just so naturally talking to herself and giving bang on the right expressions, luved the way she was jhankofying.
Liked the little Ahllu family meeting ..
Waiting to watch after watching SBS its gonna be one hell of an episode to watch!! KMH rocks!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
updated my post on page 1 Tongue

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
I loved today's ws cuteee,its gonna b a very short take coz  i gotta type some assignments hehe.LOL
I loved d parda scene.hehe  .the dialogue i hatee you,bad dreams.omg how do dey wish each other .Wink
But still dey r soo cutee ,Love them Embarrassed
why did daadi cancel the honeymoon plan,uff daadi y,waise acha hi hai .abhi bhejte toh ladte rehte baadme bhejna jab pyaar ho jaega,tab zyaada maza aaega..LOL
I am just loving this.Kmh2 is deffo hatke.Enjoying arjuhi's takraar .CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR ACTUAL  PYAAR NW.Heart
I'M already dreamingEmbarrassed
bdw did i hear a dialogue 2day ki dekho gauri kitni bholi haiAngry.ewww .kis angle se bholi lagti hai woh!!.i wish uska band arjun-arohi aur arjun ki daaadi teenon milke bajaye.Yea rajveer too.hatee!! herAngry

karan ,kritika were as usual fab Thumbs UpClap

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged
res? maybe will edit if i get time...
have alot to do today, so probably won't edit

but the episode was really nice Embarrassed their nok-jhok for sharing the room was really cute LOL and then both of them twist their ankle LOLLOL
dadi is way ahead of us all ROFL
she's already got the names of the kids ready, and also knows what to gift them for their anniversaries

lmao zor ka jhatka promo shown was so dumb
ROFL i guess it made arohi and kritz happy
ROFLLOL both love SRK

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Lovely and funny takes everyone.LOL.   kal kya hoga any predictions ?   

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Anchi. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Hey guyz...finished reading yesterday's takes n read some of today's as well.. Awesome posts as always...!!ClapClapStar

About d epi need to watch it again..D'ohLOL
Loved Arjun Arohi's cute fights in d first scenes..the dialogues were supergood..!!ClapTongue...Both of 'em fighting for the bed..n finally we gota see Softy Ahluwalia..ROFL the one with whom Arohi wanted to share her 70% of her bed..Wink.ROFL...n Arjun's expressions were pricelessLOLTongue..loved d dialogue which most of u hav already mentioned..Embarrassed
                 The next scene TV scene..ROFL....Zor ka jhatka....SleepyShockedAngryDead...i skip dat promo dese days..already had enough of it..D'ohbut couldn't do it today...EmbarrassedLOL....Kritz we can understand ur bhaavnasLOL....SRK na..?EmbarrassedWink...But , anyday we would prefer Arjun ke fattke rather than SRK ke jhatke...EmbarrassedROFLROFL..The yoga scene was famn funny..ROFL....Biji is too good..!!Future plannings abhi se hi..ROFL.Clap..Kritz' expressions where she tries to explain Arjun dat she proceeded wid d same foot injury plan to cancel d honeymoon were hlariousROFL..LOLn their dialogues after that..ROFL..dialogue writer thanks for giving us such aweome dialgues...not ghissepitte ..TongueSleepyLOL n When Karan says "Puccho na Biji"..Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming...u kno i have seen few of Ekta n other shows which r based on punjabi families..where the characters speak in punjabi dey sound so fake.SleepyLOL.i was fed up listening to doesnt look ok , half hind.. n punjabi den why put it..?...ConfusedLOL..dis is d first time i found an actor speaking it correctly..n making it sound real...ofcourse Karan is a punjabi he can speak well.Embarrassed.n his scenes wid Biji come out very gud yaar.Smile..his relationship wid biji..aww..reminds sometimes of my Naani...n it pleases my ears..:).he sounds so cute.Blushing.n going by SBS/SBB d honeymmon would be dis week itself...though I havent watched dat video..D'oh..LOL..but expecting some dhamakeddar scenes..EmbarrassedLOL...
   Only part I din like was Rajveer Tayiji Gauri scene..Sleepy..knew it dey would go on a honeymoon too..Stern whatever u want to do gauri , but please dont create further misunderstandings.OuchAngry..we are sick of it..Sleepy..n JOKE of the DAY..: Gauri bholi bhaali...n sharif...ROFLROFL.ROFL..Silly....the actress playing Bua in d sho is doing good..initially din like her but her scenes with Arohi are good also the one wid Aro's Mom was good...n what is it thats so important in Arjun's drawer..?ErmmGeekLOL....Arohi woh hi kaam karegi jo usse karne ke liye mana kiya jaaye...ApproveLOL...

Both Arjun Arohi were looking like kids today..cutely fighting..TongueLOL

Btw I said i dont remember much bout the epi....but ended up writing looooong LOLas i could..ROFLROFL.D'oh..

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