Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
i dun have much to write bout today's epi...half the things have flown out of my mindD'oh

@Olly...loved your accurate i felt...

loved the cute nok jhoks... n loved to see the cute bubbly Arohi back today..:D i agree y is she reminded of her sadness wen she actually seems happy..i mean C'mon if u make her emotional she wil give a fake smile but wen u entered the room wasnt she cool?

Arjun's drawerLOL yeah i hope der is sumthin sensibleAngry

Dadi canceled the honeymoon trip but i guess Arohi will ask her to fix it back again..may b but we know dey are gonna go for the honeymoon...n by now everyone would've guessed that Gauri Rajveer is goin to teh same place... n remember karan's comment under his status? der is gonna be a scene of him with Gauri n kritz...

i like one line of bua today.."kal bhi nahi raha, tho aaj bhi nahi rahega".

loved their nok jhoks... zor ka jhataka..omg!!Stern Smile serial ki bahar tho tha hi ab andhar bhi play karne lageLOLLOL
loved it wen Arohi started singing "kya cool hain hum...."ROFLROFL she was soo cute...i loved Arohi more today...

chalo i gave a random take... jumbled up...LOL

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged

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rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Res..will edit after i watch the episodeUnhappy

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blueangel341 Newbie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Well said .. u hav put a great effort in writing ! I dunn lyk the parts where arohi's mom is crying .. dere soo boring

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
i wanna give hugs to Angels who took out sum time for us n posted their take in the lounge..Hug
n hugs to olly for editing her take today..LOLWink...n gave a amazing to loved it like shibz..EmbarrassedHug
n hugs 2 shibz too..for giving tremendous and awesome takes like always..EmbarrassedHug..superloved ur take for yesterday..n today's short take was really sweet too..Embarrassed
also to aanchi too..for cumin n on her first post..making us ROFL...LOLLOLLOL..Hug...n for giving a short n lovely n rofling take...u n pooja r the rofling sisters..LOLWink...both give takes that make us ROFL n loved ur today's take too...EmbarrassedClap
@Kavya, Nisha, Anita di, Tanu, Eshu, tehreem, neethi, pooja n everyone always...great takes..ClapClapHug
sanju..missing u loads..Disapprove
Pranii...when will u rite ur takes..miss dem..Disapprove
I really really loved today's was full on arjuhi nok jhoks..ClapClap...made me rofl..ROFL...they were supercute...n arohi's teddy's cuddly and sweet...reminded me of the time wen i had a loads of teddy's n used 2 sleep wid dem wen i was little too...Tongue hehe..miss those old times..Disapprove..but arohi still hasn't grown ka batwara hogaya...LOL..but wat is arohi gets 70% of the room n arjun only 30%...arre but everything shud b fair in love n war na..?..WinkLOLLOL....anyways arohi gets the TV but arjun has the remote..LOL...arjun gets the bathroom while arohi gets the cupboards...n arjun sed not to look in the drawers...hmm wats so special or secretive is in dem bettr not b anythin bad..Evil Smile..but it mite be sumthin related to arohi...maybe those pics...ShockedWink or maybe arohi's white saree n a knife..WinkEmbarrassed...arohi being a jasoos nw..LOLLOL....omg arjun tickling arohi was even funny..ROFL loved it..Wink..hehe even arjun had company too...the pocket knife..WinkLOL..but this time soft Ahluwalia was much cuter..EmbarrassedTongueLOL..loved how arohi was making arjun jealous while saying that she has company at nite..arjun's expressions had jealousy n were so cute...BlushingDay Dreaming...uff loving arjun so much..Heart...loved what they say to each other before they go to bed...even though they said I hate you, bad dreams n ditto....deep down they were trying to say I love you and sweet dreams...ditto...btw loved the way arjun said ditto...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...the dialouges were creative...sach main..dialouge writer has improved alot..ClapClap..loving the dialouges for arjuhi n their nok jhoks..Star
It's morning and arjuhi r still fighting..n that too for the TV...LOLLOLLOL...they shouldn't be called lovebirds...instead they should be called fightbirds..ROFLROFL...arjun wanted 2 watch horror (luks like he loves dem since he played the role of prince rannvijay...WinkEmbarrassedLOL)..n arohi wnated 2 watch comedy..but kya kare..if arohi has the TV den arjun has the remote..hehe arjuhi really do complete each other..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming... n uff wat is this ya..AngryAngry imagine promoting zor ka jhatka..Angry..but arohi got happy...cuz she lovesSRK..WinkTongue..before arjuhi end up pulling each others hairs...ROFL..beeji came in n g ave the honeymoon tickets..LOL..yay!!...but arjuhi still dnt wanna go..Ouch...n omg..beeji is 3 much..LOLLOLROFL..ordering a single bed for arjuhiShockedLOLLOL...if they do end up sleepin together in a single bed..den it will remind me of the scene wher arjuhi were handucuffed and arohi unknowingly slept on arjun...Day DreamingBlushing...uff really loved that scene soo much..hope we get 2 c it wat sbb showed for their honeymooon was soooo cute n passionate....BlushingBlushingBlushing..btw i hope they use the KMH2 title song during that scene..Day Dreaming
uff..why did tayaji have to send rajveer n gauri on a honeymoon cum outing as well..AngryAngry..why do i have a feelin that they will land up on the same place as the same khabbab main haadi's plz..Ouch...i hate rajveer n gauri..AngryLOL..n i so dnt want gauri ruining anything at all for arjuhi...OuchAngry...hmm the family members will soon find out how much bhole bhali their bahi is..Evil Smile
arohi's mum missing arohi..lukin at her spambook...oops i mean slambook..LOLLOL...nice scene though..Tongue
Arohi's yoga was super hilarious..LOLLOLLOL..n wen she saw beeji she pretended to have broken her leg..LOLLOL...n what a coincidence..arjun also came up wid that idea too..hehe shows how alike arjuhi's thinkings are..EmbarrassedStar...uff they r so made for each other..Heart...beeji got suspicious..but den cancelled the honeymoon..Ouch..arohi was trying to tell arjun by her ishare that she already did the plan..but arjun didn't understand...or maybe he wanted her 2 make him last time..WinkEmbarrassed..Tongue
I didn't like the end scene because it once again reminded arohi why she came into the singhania house n it reminded her her hatred for arjun...Ouch
waiting for tomorro's epi n the honeymoon....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
me dun now...

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged

edited :-

d nok jhonk was back ysday n no doubt that this time  this is USP of kmh . it was less last time but this time these cute fights wid gud dialogues n superb implementation by actors n makers making d show intresting n giving us reasons to love it more Smile so Thumbs Up ...keep it on .

sm points abt ysday show :-

1. little weird that they dint continue d scene of last epi. n sudnly d mood was changed n hatred turned back into cute fight ...well i m most confused in this ...pata hi nahi chalta kab kis mood mein aa jate hai ...cvs u need to work on that .

2. sequence of scenes were also not right ....they were watching tv early morning or late night bcoz night scene showed first Confused.

3. i said earlier there was an attached bathroom n now arjun confirmed abt it director be careful next time .

4. curtain thing was obvious ...after seeing pic posted by karan on fb . so she is using same idea of arjun n now undrstd y it happnd in sarhali LOL . n ya also d most imp softy n full army of teddies ....full bodyguard force against arjun Wink

5. kab se bol rahe the deal kar lo they finally did it n as i said earlier that daadi ke aane ke baad no other option n as sofa is also not in d room so gud deal Wink aarohi turned quite smart here n fooled him so easily . LOL arjun ne socha bhi kaise ki koi aur sone aayega uske saath lol . n expression of his was EmbarrassedWinkLOL

6. arjun's lines few days back ...."that i m not intrested in touching u " ...but he just cant resist  ....waist se pakadkar side kar diya , neck bhi pakad li , n finger se touch kar ke pareshan bhi kiya....lolLOL
7. daadi n her thoughts r getting wilder day by day lol . Wink names of kids to single bed ...gud going daadiji Thumbs Up
8. aarohi's mom as usual same n gud but bua ji thing little tickled me as she easily got ready to visit RPS house now i m in doubt is so called purana raaz related to her ?Confused
9. great minds think alike ..........sahi bola hai kisi ne . dono ke shaitani dimaag 1 time par 1 hi jaisa sochte hai ....but i was surprised that daadi  actually cancelled d plan .Shocked
10. yoga scene was gud ....instructor was saying abt mental piece but aarohi was busy in planning LOL n d way she was doing isharas ...super cute LOL
11. but d best part when both wished each other bad dreams ....awwe....LOVE EACH OTHER OR HATE EACH OTHER BUT THEY JUST BOTH CANT LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER .WinkSmile
12. gauri n rajveer ...uff ....chalo its gud that their track is started but d holiday in same place ehhhhAngryAngry they both will deffo do big gadbads 4 them . N AS KARAN SAID THEY WERE SHOOTING WID PARUL SO ....Angry this honeymoon is going to b disaster 4 sure.
but after watching ysday sbb ...i m in dreamland ....Day Dreaming

overall gud show. Smile

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-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
                                                       Room Ka Batwara ROFLROFLROFL
Arjun singhania and arohi singhania ke room ka batwara ho gya with 70% of the bed, television and cupboard going to mrs arohi singhania and 30% of the bed, bathroom and remote control going to mr.arjun singhania ROFLROFLROFL
Detailed report
For some mysterious and illogical reasons Mr and Mrs arjun singhania ke room ka batwara ho gya Mrs arjun ka kehna hai ke wo apne softy alhuwalia ke sath 70% of the bed lain ge jab ke mr arjun ke manay ko tyar nahi thay par unhe phir bhi mana para because arohi ke samne koi nai tik sakta WinkWinkROFL
we hope that they soon
patch up and demolish this plan WinkROFLROFL

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
wasnt arjun drunk yesterday!!... singhania mansion itna bada toh nahi lagta ki terrace se bedroom tak chalke yeh banda sober ho gaya??!! LOL
fansi ki baat par, arjun feels his neck.. LOL he doesn't put it past arohi to try that as well?!?ROFL
finally we get to see the room ka batwara.. bathroom toh arjun ke side pe hai.. but she could have pointed out that the way out of the room is on her side.. LOL
now i am also interested in finding out whats in the drawers.. bachpan ke pictures??Day Dreaming proof of his love for arohi??Day Dreaming proof against the singhanias?? ammunition?? Ermm
always luv it when these two make each other jealous.. and that too they do it so effortlessly.. "mere saath mere area pe koi sone wala hai" Wink softy ahluwalia is too cute..arjun's expressions when he met softy was ROFL but i am worried for softy's health...Shockedthat compact-knife seems verry sharp ConfusedLOL
these two are so sweet.. bilkul bacche hain.. she claimed 70% of the bed and he gave it up.. "i hate you" bhi itne pyar se bolenge toh hum ko yakeen thode hi hoga!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
over to the ahluwalias:
so arohi's dad is not happy with arohi going to the singhanias.. Shockedegoistic maniac.. AngryAngry
its interesting to know that amrit has the measure of dadi's nature..Clap
hey bal-ke-dukan is back...yay!!LOLWink but aaj bhi rashi ki koi khabar nahi.. iske liye kya alag se news channel banwana padega!!?? arjun.. for a brother who went out and got married to avenge rashi's condition.. u don't seem to go visit her, or keep track of her condition.. Thumbs Down
yeh dadi toh fulto comedy hai...aman preet!!ROFL arohi aur arjun ke bacche.. Day DreamingLOL
double bed ka aisa batwara... single bed ka kya hoga!!Day DreamingROFL
bua - sar par bandook rakhne ki naubat aayi.. toh dadi woh bhi karegi..Wink
i hate it when they promote one show on another show.. love arjuhi's fight over the tv though.. arjun tum bhi gao.. Tongue"shakal dekhi hai apni.. kutte bhi dar jaate hain.. baunkhna band kar dete hain"ROFL.. 
you know i find it increasingly hilarious that start of the season .. arjun was this introvert cool don.. Cooland now arohi ke aate hi his dictionary has brilliant new additions.. Wacko arohi ko kya kya naam bulata hai!!LOL LOLbandar, gorilla, satki hui ladki, sumo-wrestler... arohi ke sangat ka asar ho raha hai!! ROFL
i was hoping dadi would take note of the batwara in the room...Unhappy anyways but..when dadi started saying "mata rani chahegi toh... "... i thought she was gonna say 'come back with good news'ROFL bacchon ke naam toh soch bhi liye .. LOL
chalo kisi ne toh yaad kiya ki gauri-rajvir ki bhi nayi nahi shaadi hui haiClap
its nice to see rajvir is softening towards gauri..Smile but now i feel bad for him after what we know gauri has done...Cry yeh gauri ki nautanki sahi nahi jati..Angry
back to singhania's:
arohi ka yoga karne ka kya faida??Tongue yoga karte vaqt bhi baatein khatam nahi hoti..LOLbaatein bhi kya.. arjun ki burai!!LOL fantastic the way they both thought of similar excuses to get out of the honeymoon trip.. arre yaar .. honeymoon kya keh diya.. tum logon ko jaise homework karne ke liye keh diya ho.. bahane pe bahane!! LOL arjun looks like an omelette in that yellow t.. Day Dreamingdadi toh abhi accha khasa badla legi in dono ke nautanki ka!!LOL
from the sbs segment.. the room seemed like arjun's room.. so i concluded that dadi figured out these two's nautanki to avoid the honeymoon and so she got that single bed idea implemented faster.. anyways we will have to watch to find out more...Day Dreaming
"gorilla jaisi shakal bana ke tum yeh bata rahi thi?? haath jod ke puja kyun kar rahi thi?"LOL
today's nok-jhok mood matched that of the sarhali-cottage scene...
"police walon ki ladki ho kar yeh harkat" Winkthat was nice.. its nice to know these ppl come by and visit her.. but you know if they keep coming here, with eyes brimming with tears.. they will keep her focused on her revenge cum divorce plan..Cryit was heart-wrenching when arohi described her state "har waqt aisa lag raha hai ki koi mujhe dekh raha hai.. mein koi galat mod le lungi aur peeche se aake pakad lega"Broken Heart 

On the whole a fun episode.. there is a definite freshness of ideas for the hubby-wifey tiffs.. bua did a good job today.. Clap karan and kritz are fab as always, they are exceedingly good with each other .. keep up the nok jhok guys.. Wink

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