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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..

Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing. 
2. No derogatory terms to be used. 
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum. 
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Another takkar wala epi.  Room ka batwara LOL, love her silly yet cute thoughts,  bathroom, remote and 30% bed to him , 70% bed and tv to her LOL.  loved their tu tu mai mai LOL.  He is so easy sometimes,  accepted her batwara so easily Embarrassed,  his focus is on big things like 'isse ghar se bhagao' LOL .  but he did mention the drawers LOL it did jagao the jasoos in arohi LOL. But still  manages to leave a touch of romance 'apni biwi ke sath'  EmbarrassedClap .  'jealous nahi curious hoon',   jhoote saaf dikh raha tha kya ho. Loved arohi when she showed softy and said   'ab inke muh se bulvao' LOL . woh bhi kaha manne wala hai, dara diya 'softy will be screwed' Clap , writer ji good job Thumbs Up .  In the end , in contrast to earlier curtain scene they wish baddreams to each other ,   in other words dream about each other Embarrassed ,  currently that is what  is making  them bad na  LOL.
her mom with aro's memories Tongue,  loved her convo with bua and her fear abt biji's hopes.   biji choosing names Ermm,  isnt it too early,  biji break dalo pls.,   kahani abhi shuru huyi hai use bhagao mat,  dont want any preggo & kids talks so soon,   fine that u r planning the honeymoon and  all but kids ki bhi naam apko chunna hai Confused.  But  loved her  decision to refurnish arjun's room, us room mein jagah kam thi  vaise bhi,  now this will defo prompt the duo to choose honeymoon to avoid all this.
Tu tu mai mai still going on,  aro verge of winning with her singing LOL and in comes biji,  daadi kabhi to knock kiya karo ,  agree that u are doing them and us  a favour by trying to make peace between them but still.    Yday I thot mickey was lying abt aro's yoga LOL, but she is doing it to calm herself , in vain LOL,  lekin gym se bhaga diya kya,  she is doing it outside the room LOL.   and both finding the same bahana to avoid honeymoon,  biji ko fool karne chale ho, she is too smart for u guys LOL.   But looks like rajveer gauri will go to same place as arjuhi and bump into them AngryConfusedSleepy.   Gauri gets another chance to screw up the scene Sleepy . gauri do something  stupid that arohi will start doubting you please .

okay cvs the way the episode ended yday, arjun shld have passed out on the terrace itself after all the intense lines he said to her,  instead you show him sober and in mood  to chatar patar with her like nothing happened. so do I assume one day passed in between.Geek 

overall good episode. loving the dialouges and bg score good today. Thumbs Up

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garvitaaroraKA Rocks!me_4everlizzie_1nilo-kmhAllwaysindian-anzaeram-adhasrujanaLove14arshravishiviloveskmhDu_Nishtanu111a-medz-SHIKHA19pinkyfrkaranikaAmnaIshAnchi.Praniirasika_DSaksh4IFglitter567.Mandy.Anjalii...xXxObodroKargoshshibz

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Hug Hey Kavya!
Reserved but in the meanwhile share what wrote on my last post:
The scene of promises Arjun made to Arohi,from tehreem's yesterday's take,ClapClapStarStar
 shared lyrics to explain Arjun's POV:
Wow tehreem ur take gave me the better picture of yesterday's scene that i took for a while skip to heartbeat and i could not see that was another ironical and paradox sceneClapClapClap
Arjun has made promises that are contradicting in his words - well suited as he was himself ''drunk'' (a hint he was not in his senses on what he was saying)
Then his promises that will remain unfulfilled, yes he was shown as the lover whose world is ruined and in this, I will share a lyrics from a friend that he is composing for his new song, it just talks all on what Arjun is going through in the feeling with Arohi,
Manan's new lyrics but suit Arjun's feeling to Arohi:
''She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes,
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies,
And she only reveals what she wants you to see.
She hides like a child but she's always a "woman" to me.''
''She can lead you to love, she can take you or leave you.
She can ask for the truth, but she'll never believe.
And she'll take what you give her as long it's free.
She steals like a thief, but she's always a "woman" to me''
''And she'll promise you more,Than the Garden of Eden
Then she'll carelessly cut you,And laugh while you're bleedin'
But she'll bring out the best,And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself,Cause she's always a "woman" to me...''
I am so happy that this lyrics is written by a man and got to see Arjun in the point of view of a man itselfThumbs Up even if the lyrics are not meant for this show or characterLOLLOLLOL
Well the promises were made in so feeling of ''desparation,ruined and falling'' but then contradicting himself 'made him seeing the redemption as well and need to rise by ''a woman'' and that is none than Arohi. Arohi saw the hurtful words and she blurred but it is also a blurry eyes of redemption on ''those contradicting lines'' : Hating her and then hating himClap
Surely Arohi will now not let him hate himself so much -''Promises in drunk state'' are meant ''to flow to heal the wounds'' rather to ''fulfil em''Clap
Edit for today in soonWink (I did it on page 4ROFL)

I read all the takes till page 4ROFLROFL great takes and wow shibz, a scene of Arjuhi and Gauri  ''Gauri tou to gayiLOL'

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garvitaarorajanamanasilizzie_1KA Rocks!me_4everLove14shiviloveskmhAllwaysindiannilo-kmh-anzaeram-pinkyfrkaranikaAmnaIshchanni_startanu111aAnchi.Praniirasika_DSaksh4IFglitter567kavyasamAnjalii...xXxshibz

AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged

HugSoooper Doooper LOVED today's episode..Hug

ROFL..ROFL.It was a jam packed fun ride..;-) i was just ROFL'ng throughout the whole manager was giving me weired looks..hahahLOL ..(I was watching it at work ..haha LOL)
Dont wanna say too too much about today's epi, as it was just so so so so cute and fun, so wanna keep the write up just light and fun...:Big smile
 Today's episode had some of the MOST cuttest moment ever seen on Tv,Hug and i think most of it seems so original, cuz we're so used to seeing Karan and Kritika like that in real life seems so original and effortless..:Smile Good the real life is projecting VERY well in the REEL life..Wink

LOVED all the cute lil moments, their expressions, the whole situation is just so helplessly cute and light..! mmmuah..thank to creatives for keeping it light and no rona dhona.....
Daddi is hillarous man..hahah ROFLROFL..she's thinking of bachon k naam? :-O..SINGLE BED..ahhahahaLOLWink...Daddi..i can't say enough k 'Tusi Great Ho'..Jai Ho apki!..hahhahaLOL..wo single bed par Softy Aluwalia and compact knife ko sula kar khud zamee par so jayenge..hahaLOLWink

For me..a very significant and adorable moment was, "Arohi, I hate you,,, I hate you too, bad dreams..Ditto" ...I just hope k Very soon it'll be changed to, "Arohi, I love you, I love you too, sweet dreams..mmmuah" Wink
The Softy aluwalia, the compact knife to scerw the sofy..ROFL.ROFL.the fight over the TV, their nok jhok is just so so adorable.mmmmuah..Love you both infinity...Arohi's singing..her drama about the foot, ..all very cute...Waise they Both did the same drama..awwwwwwwwwwwww..hooow chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...:Smile
The Family re-union was really cute and emotional..:Embarrassed

Waise Arohi is' doing YOGA and thinking of ARjun..ahahhahahaLOL..oh those poor madly in love wid eachother and yet so unaware of their own intensity!Day Dreaming

****Does anybody else think what i'mthinking??? ...Arjun and Arohi's hooneymoon will CLASH will Rajveer and Gauri's holidays.****. ErmmGeek

Kair..over all..another AWsome episode.Arohi luked GORGEOUS..beyond rock pink! Arjun again...effortlessly sexy and casual..God bless you both..outstanding performances once again.ClapClapClap

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KA Rocks!me_4everlizzie_1Allwaysindiangemini1217Love14shiviloveskmh-anzaeram-nilo-kmhDu_NishpinkyfrkaranikasurpatelPraniiAnchi.kavyasamaksh4IFAnjalii...xXx

-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged
hello everyone..sorry for not editing my post at the previous loungeCry.....u guys have written so much and so nice things..i dun have anything to say u sai it all...

anyways todays episode was a lighter one or rather a cute one..loved arjuhi nok jhoks..i was ROFLing today while the room is divided in to two halves..Wink..and both were fighting as to who has got wat on their little kids..LOL..arjun was half drunk so he wasnt in fighting mood so he din say much!!..but i loved how arjun gave arohi gudgudi when arohi was claiming 70% of the bed and arjun had to say she isnt fat..ROFL...

anyways the best part was when arjun lay down and said ''arohi,...i hate u..'' ..and arohi said ''me too...,bad dreams...''...arjun: ''ditto'' 
ROFL..though they were talking about begative things yet i loved only showed that no matter how much they hate each other they dun forget to make each other remember that they hate each other..(which they really dont..Wink)....

we got to see some jealousy in arjun when he heard that arohi is sleeping with someone!!..LOL..and when he said ''i am just curious ''..i was saying arjun beta maan kyu nahi leta that u  r jealous!!Wink..
arohi also got curious about the drawers of his wardrobe!!..hope it has got something good not like the thing which we saw in the jungle cottage!!(gauri's letters)Angry...

finally morning..and again we saw arjuhi fighting over TV ..ROFL..arjun wants horror show and arohi comedy!!..LOL wat a combination!!..ROFL....anyways this cute nok jhoks of arjuhi r just too cute we can never be tired of watching it but wats dis?Angry imagine wale din even leave kmh for promotion of zor ka jhatka!!Evil Smile..and arjun was like ''i will give u zor ka fatka!!ROFL....

the tom and jerry show was going good but our cute cupid interrupted to give them honey moon tickets!!LOL...but our arjun and arohi who are inseparabel souls also proved that they have same and one brain which think alike...lolz both of them thought of same excuse!!..i just loved it..Heart karan was looking so cute in his yellow tee ..( he had worn it during znkd promotion!!)
arohi was so cute when she was trying to explain arjun that she also did the same but our nasmajh arjun..LOL....anyways loved their fight again..god!! arjun called arohi gorilla.1!!!!ROFL...

so beeju cancels the booking..! dunno but they wud go to honeymoon as per sbs dunno how but i dun want gauri rajveer at the same place!!..but looks like they will..Cry..

anyways i loved todays episode spclly arjuhi ..the last scene was ok ..i din like the fact that arohi is being reminded that she is not happy..hatred or love arohi will always find happiness with arjun be it hidden or open!!Wink

PS: i want to see arohi's  mom in some other activities other than sitting iW*H album or slambooks!!..

and after serious and matured arjun we again got a cute arjun..well it may seem wierd but i think  arjun is matured but he seems to get lost in arohi's cuteness..if u see its only when arohi behaves seriously arjun gets serious else arjun is always like that..:P

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janamanasigarvitaaroramadhurameshanlizzie_1KA Rocks!me_4everanitaksureshAllwaysindiannilo-kmhLove14arshravishiviloveskmh-anzaeram-gemini1217pinkyfrkaranikaDu_Nishtanu111aAnchi.Praniirasika_DSpayal_4aksh4IFglitter567kavyasamAnjalii...xXxshibz

shiviloveskmh Senior Member

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hi guys..... Smile
Omggg really loved todaes episode...luvd each n evrybit....
Starting wid arohi dividing rooms, bed in 2 parts...
ahaha parda laga di arohi bichme...kyu?? Wink
Arjun's n Arohi's convo was awesomeee... Superb cool.... Smile
Omg kaise lar rahe the dono haha jasie do billian larti hai lolzzz.... Dat nok jhok was super cool n cute...
Arjun maan jao u were jealouss..... Ki whom she sleeping wid .... Softy ahluwalia bara cute hai....
Hehe naughty arjun tickling karke arohi ko hila dia pura... Wink
I really loved dat wen u cutely said :
Arohi , i hate u...
whole arjun n arohi scene was perfect, awesome, mind blowing....

Lovedeep n arohi's mom scene was nice... Smile

Bijji fir punches maarna shuru... Rofllllll "baalon ki dukaan " n bijji ne toh abhi se hi arjuhi ki bachon tak ki soch li...lolzzzzz bahut door ki soch rai hai Wink
Whole bijji thing was nice...

Arohi doing yoga ...n deciding kya karun kya karun jo honeymoon pe naa jana pare ... Wink]
Ouchhhh mera paer..haha dono ke paer pe ek time chot lagi.... Kya kar rahe the lolzzz.... Wink

Overall superb episode..... Muahhhh arjun n arohi....
Lovely episode....

Rest will edit latr guys.... Wink

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garvitaarorajanamanasiKA Rocks!nilo-kmhadhasrujanaLove14arshravianitaksureshAllwaysindiancloud.9tanu111aDu_NishpinkyfrkaranikaAmnaIshrasika_DSAnchi.Pranii-Olly-glitter567kavyasamaksh4IFpayal_4Anjalii...xXxshibz

glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged

hmm what to write mind is totally blank...probably because i was left so much after watching today's epi...i can't think straight...chalo i'l do a quick analysis for today because i have to make tiramisu LOL

basically today's epi for me was a comic relief...especially after yesteday's epi which was powerful, deep and full of andianoeta!!! but today's epi was all about 'sit back and enjoy', and 'laugh as much as you can' (which i didLOL)
so the epi started off with arohi dividing up the room, then arjun comes in and says 'fassi lagani ho to rassi chad se bandh dho'...ok my initial reaction to that was ehh yeh toh half drunk that, itni jaldi sober hua kaise?? LOL...anyway arohi's reply was 'if i was to do that then i would have tied it around your neck'...haha..i love all the sarcastic comments and come backs they come up with...too goodClap...then more nok-jhok where both of them argue about possessing the the things that are in the of my fav part was when arohi said 70% of the bed belongs to her, and, arjun says she is fat but not that fat to need that much space LOL...then arohi comes up with the wittiest answer, that someone will be sleeping next to her...arjun's jealous expression upon hearing that LOL...he claims that he is 'JUST curious'...aha yeh right!'re JUST jealousTongue...and when arohi introduces softy alhuwaliya..arjun's 'you've got to be kidding me' expression cracked me up..but arjun is no less, so he brings out his pocket knife!!!...softy alhuwaliya bach ke rehna re baba LOL...the part when both of them say 'i hate you, bad dreams' was sooo cute na? Embarrassed
Then the focus was on arohi's mum where she was looking at arohi's scrapbook and remembering her...bless her!!! it was sweet when bua came and comforted her!...i loved the transition in this scene when bua was saying one thing about daadi..but daadi was doing the complete opposite LOL...oh gosh yeh daadi to poori future ki planning kar rahi hai, from baby names to anniversary gifts ..well looks like apart from being a cupid daadi has other occupations, such as, a family plannerROFL...aur yeh baal ki dukaan expression was like what the hell is this woman doing LOL...don't worry bacha your time will come when daadi plans theses things for you too LOL
next...the show 'zor ka jhatka' is being promoted...ufff..i was like we are getting high doses of that get lost!!! ...but one thing...didn't these two just say bad dreams to each other???...and now they're watching tv...guess they had to promote the show with a blooper if i'm not mistaken LOLD'oh
moving on...the next scene shows arohi doing yoga...when mikael said she does yoga...i was like arohi?? yoga???...have to see it to believe it!!!...but i'm still digesting the fact she does yoga LOL...anyway she pretends to hurt her foot when daadi comes decides to cancel the honeymoon trip...her plan was flowing smoothly until her pati dev decides to pull off the same stunt husband like wife!!!
then rajveer and gauri scene...can't be bothered to comment on that scene Tongue...but it looks like we are going to witness clash of the honeymooners LOL
next scene shows arohi trying to unlock the drawers that arjun told her to stay away from...honestly arjun don't you think that would make her curious to find out?...hmm i wonder what he's hiding??...anyway bua and sanchit come to visit arohi...loved their entry line Star...then cute family moments!!..then THE END!!!
phew i'm done Tongue

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged
 sorry ..past few days i didnt write here ...seriously ..sometimes i dont know what to write..I LOVE IT ..ALL. and i did read all of ur sweet posts .u guys write so well..actually for me nothing more to say  
Embarrassed i love da nok jho , the dialouges ..the freshness..NO  gheesapeetapan .
perfect chemistery ,perfect hauut Karan kritika ,perfect dialouges .
   in otherwords ..KICKASS SHOW !!!! I LOVE IT !! this fresh ,light story line is the very  enjoyable !!! 
   and obviously .here i i go again ....i love karan and kritika EmbarrassedLOL
P.s i m in love with kritika's big black watch ..KRITIKA NICE CHOICE !!!

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@shilpa di me too love her watch ..infact i am thinking of buying one..Wink

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