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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 92)

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by kareena32


Awww so sorry for being so late...But will definitely update tonight!!Big smileBig smileBig smile

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Hello everyone!! Again sorry for the delay...but initially I wrote half of it but it got deleted...stupid computer Angry...

So Nonna is Sebastian's grandmother...she was in an earlier chapter.

Nonno= grandfather

tesoro= treasure

cara is another endearment.

Bambina/Bambino= female/male child

I am not too pleased with the way I wrote the bear with me...Still I have you all enjoy.

Thanks for all the lovely comments! I love reading them Big smile

Sliver and blue

Chapter 14: Escalation

Love is reflection of paradise

Yet it can burn

Love is a heart's balm

Yet it infects our soul

Love brings peace

Yet it can devastate

Love may lead us to a new world

Yet it is not a choice but enforced



Maan quickly grabbed her and shook her. "Geet!" But it was as if she was in a different world and continued to call for their child. Maan started to panic and screamed out "GEET!"


Maan felt helpless as he clasped Geet's shoulders and shook her. Her eyes were dry without a single tear glistening but they were glazed and her pupils dilated to the extent that her hazel eyes looked pitch black. She was staring at something that wasn't in front of her and it was as if he wasn't in the room. She just kept on mumbling to herself for their child and continued to rock her body. 

A part of Maan felt that it would be better if she was crying because that would be understandable than the cold and unreachable Geet in front of him. He didn't want her to emotionally bury herself somewhere he wouldn't be able to reach and bring her back from.


"Geet! Please Geet talk to me! GEET!" Maan screamed in agony. Self-disgust and anger raged inside, threatening to destroy the think thread of control he had over himself. It was unbearable to see Geet in this situation and to know that he was the one responsible. He pulled her into an embrace, wishing that he could take all her pain inside himself. He would rather burn to cinders than seeing her face even the minutest of pain.

Just than the connecting door swung open, revealing a panicked and worried Meera. At the same time Meliara started to awake and mumbled for Geet. "Mama..Mama?"


Meera had been worried the moment she had woken up to a male voice calling out Geet's name. She knew that something wrong had happened from the tone of the voice and also the fact that she couldn't hear her friend. Without thinking she had run out of the room, into Geet's room.


The sight in front of her stunned her to the core. Geet was on the floor rocking, while Maan was holding on to her with horror and palpable pain in his eyes. Meera knew that there was only one thing that could make Geet like this; her baby. She had seen Geet like this only once, the day that they had lost so much, Geet more than her. She also knew that there was one person who could help and soothe Geet at this point; Meliara.

She picked up the half woken Mel from the bed and carried her to Geet. After glaring at Maan and slightly pulling Geet towards her, Meera started to talk to Geet. "Geet, Mel needs you darling. She wants her mum." Meera said this in a gentle voice, meaning to reassure Geet. She gently moved Mel to Geet's lap.

While Geet hadn't responded or shown any awareness of Meera's comments, the moment Mel was in her arms her whole demeanor changed. While Meera and Maan had failed to retrieve Geet from inner battle, all it took was Mel's entreaty to her mother for Geet to awaken. Her face lost its numb and blank look, instead it was filled with maternal concern and love.


Mel rubbed her eyes and repeated in a sleepy voice, "Mama? What happened?"

"Nothing baby. Nothing." She smoothed down her angel's hair and got into bed with her. She didn't even notice the other two people in the room. All that mattered to her at that moment was her precious child. She pulled the blanket around them and then snuggle close to her darling and closed her eyes. There was such contentment in both of their faces that Maan felt like an intruder.

The poignancy of the moment hit him hard. He couldn't help but wish that it was their child with Geet and that he had the right to join in the moment. Yet he was glad that Geet had someone to love with that intensity and that she had a child for herself. Indeed anyone looking would assume that Meliara was her child with the similarities in their looks and the love between them.


Suddenly Meera grabbed Maan's arm and started to pull him into the next room. Maan was in such shock that he followed her cue without any complaints or hesitation. Currently it was beyond him to comprehend what was happening. His mind was preoccupied and fixated on Geet's blank face.

As they entered Meera's room, she shut the door and turned towards Maan. Her stiff postured signaled her dissatisfaction and awkwardness at the moment. Her face was a mixture of implacable anger and grudging pity.

Meera wanted to rage against the man in front of her. She wanted to break him into pieces. But as she looked at him, her anger was soothed with sadness. How does one break a broken person? How does one kick someone who is already rock bottom?

Still she had to say something because he was the cause of her friends endless pain. "Why are you here? What do you want from Geet?" She said in a tone that was angry yet softer than before.

Maan was not used to explaining himself to anyone. Maan Singh Khurana was his own man and never let anyone question his actions. He felt disgruntled at having to explain to a stranger about his love for Belle, yet looking at her face he understood that it was important. Geet's friends had helped her when he was incapable of doing so and thus he owed this girl an explanation.

"I had to talk to her. We lost a child and I wanted to comfort her." It was such simple statement but it was filled with grief and pain.

Meera couldn't deny or avoid the sincerity in his eyes and words. She could sense the pain he was in. The understood that this pain was not only for the loss of their child but more importantly Geet's pain.

"Ok. I'll accept that you love her. But why would you leave and cheat on her then?" Meera asked with a voice filled with resentment but more prominently confusion. "Do you know how much she loved you?"

Meera's words brought flashes of memory into Maan's mind of better times. A time when Belle and Iman had loved each other without any barriers or restrictions.




Geet had heard and read about love. It was hard to miss it when it was everywhere; in books, songs, poems, movies and shows. Yet none could accurately describe the true feeling of love.

She was never the sort of girl to dream about love and relationships. While her friends had been drawing wedding dresses and sighing over marry a prince, she had played with her toy doctor's kit. She was the one who scoffed at other peoples love stories. She had laughed outright at Lily and Rahul even though she adored the fact that they were together. She was always amused at the numerous girls who claimed to love Sebastian.

The very same girl was now desperately in love. Geet had always been volatile in her emotions. She would experience the highest of highs; happiness at the smallest things and it would be obvious as sunshine. She would also experience the lowest of moods; pitch darkness and rock bottom. So loving Iman was no different. She was incapable of doing it in a logical or moderate manner. After having accepted the fact that she loved him, she knew that it would be impossible for her to love anyone else.

Her whole weekend trip home was consumed by him, even though he was nowhere near her. He was all she could think about as she was on Nonna Petrelli's bed. Nonna had called her in for lunch and had made sure that Geet had eaten enough for three people.

With all the thoughts of love swirling around Geet's mind, she asked "Nonna, did you love Nonno?"

Nonna just gave a shrewd look at Geet before she answered the question. "Yes. Your Nonno is the father of my children. I was married to him for 40 years."

"You must have loved him a lot Nonna" Geet hugged Nonna while she asked this.

Geet watched as a Nonna's face as a shadow of pain covered it. "Bambina there are different forms of love. There is love that we choose and then there is love that chooses us. Back in those days that sort of love was not accepted. We married those we were told to by our parents. "

"Did you love someone else?"

 Nonna had a faraway look on her face and gave a deep sigh before she answered the question. "I was in love with someone else cara. My Roberto." Nonna clutched a hand to her breast. "Roberto was the most handsome boy in Sicily but he loved me.  I remember my father saying, Josephina marry a richer man. But I didn't care for anyone else. We got engaged but the lord had other plans. My Roberto died from pneumonia a month before the wedding."

Geet's eyes filled with tears as she saw Nonna's grief. "Do you still love him Nonna?"

"Bella love changes with time. But still some love cannot be taken away. I loved and will always love your Nonno. He treated me like a queen. But Roberto will always be in my heart. Even if he is with the Lord, I still wait for the day we shall meet again." With tears in her eyes, Nonna brushed a hand across Geet's hair in a gesture to show love. "Geet if you find love make sure you grab it and protect it. It's too valuable to let go Cara."

Her words touched Geet's heart. I will never let go of Iman. Nonna I shall hold on to my love at whatever cost. "I am sorry Nonna. I didn't mean to make you cry."

"No Tesoro. Remembering Roberto is all I can do now. Memories are all I have left, so there is no sadness in remembering." Nonna tried to cheer up and thus asked in a teasing manner. "Anyways why are you asking all these questions about love Geet? Are you in love?"

Geet tried not to blush and look to obvious. "No Nonna! You know that I don't want to get married."

"Nonsense! I don't understand Sebastino and you! Marriage is normal. Come now and eat some more. You need to eat more, so that you can have many children." Nonna dragged Geet out of bed for more food, while Geet just shook her head and groaned thinking of all the weight she was putting on.


Iman had never felt so content. He was leaning against a tree with Belle sitting between his legs with leaves falling on them once in a while. He had his arms around her waist and his chin was resting against her head.

He let her voice wash over him. She was like a non-stop radio. Belle could talk about anything for however long she wanted. Sometimes she says the weirdest things.  He couldn't help but smirk thinking that it was ironic that he who would barely say a word to most people would end up with a girl who couldn't stop speaking. Yet he could listen to her forever. He again made an effort to catch on to what she was saying.

"So there is this tribe in Papua New Guinea where the family members eat the brains of the deceased." Belle mentioned this in a matter of fact manner, with no disgust apparent. "Still I don't know whether they cook it or not."

"Why on earth are you telling me this?" Iman was genuinely confused about how Belle's mind worked. Here they were sitting outside late at night in a romantic setting yet she decides to talk about eating brains. "Why are we talking about cannibals?"

"I was hungry."

"You are one psychotic woman! Talk about something that won't make normal people nauseous"

"Fine do you want me to talk about hot guys? Let's see who I would like to talk about. Firstly there is Cristiano Ronaldo. I know that he is a massive playboy but he has the hottest body. I had to stop myself from drooling during the Armani ads." Belle said all this with a big smirk on her face, seemingly oblivious to the dark glare in Iman's face. "And then there is Christian Bale. Oh lord I couldn't look away from him when he was doing pushups in Batman Begins! It was unfair to put that scene in. Were they trying to kill us? And of course there is someone-"
Before she could continue she was lifted up and pushed against the tree with Iman pressing against her. He had his hands on either side of her face and suddenly he was kissing her madly.

 Belle didn't even have the time to gear herself for possessive kiss. Every movement of his lips claimed her for himself. The way he pried her lips opened, as it to stop her from holding anything back from him. His teeth grazed her sensitive lip, causing her to let out a strangle moan.

Just as Belle was losing herself in the kiss, he pulled back. Both of them were panting like mad and had their faces against each others. His hands were on either side of her face and his breath was hot against her cheeks.

"So you find all those guys attractive?" Iman nuzzled his face against her cheeks, affectively cutting of whatever she was going to say. "What about this?" His teeth nipped at her neck, causing her to shudder and close her eyes.

"Or do I need to do more to keep you interested?" He spoke against her lips, taunting her by not kissing but brushing against them. "Open your eyes Belle, I want you to look at me."

Reluctantly Belle opened her eyes. As she stared at Iman's face she was frightened by the desire that was apparent there. His eyes were smoldering, showing how much he was holding back. She was mesmerized by him. Yet he was the first person to awaken these feeling within her and she didn't know how to respond.

He was stroking her wrists with one hand in slow and tender strokes that contradicted the thunderous passion in his eyes. The other hand was sliding across her collar bone, dipping tantalizingly beneath her t-shirt. "Belle I can't tolerate anyone else in your life. I don't know what I would do if you ever felt this way about anyone else" His voice was both gentle and firm. Belle could hear the finality in every word. "I never share what I feel is mine."

A part of Belle was confused at the intensity of his feelings. She felt overwhelmed by them but she could hardly deny the corresponding feelings she harbored. She couldn't let him be the only one opening up. "Iman I wouldn't want to share you either." She leaned forwards and gave the gentlest of kisses on the edge of his lips.

Iman's soul was touched by the sweetness of her gesture. It reminded him that despite the fact that she was so forthright and one of the bravest people he knew, she was still inexperienced in such matters. "I am sorry Belle. Was I too rough? Maybe-"

"Chup! Don't ruin the moment like that. I don't think you could be rough with me even if you tried." She pulled him down so that they were sitting against the tree again. She rested head against his shoulder, seemingly at peace. "Iman there is only one thing I want to ask. What is your real name?"

Iman suddenly froze. He knew that he had to tell her his name but he didn't want to. It would change everything between them. He was used to having girls like him for his money and name. Belle was different, these things didn't matter to her but what if she didn't want to love Maan Singh Khurana? Iman could be anyone but Maan had a past. He wanted to be Iman with her for a while longer, so that nothing could intrude into their relationship.

"Belle could we wait a bit longer? Let's just be Iman and Belle for a bit longer. I am not willing to share you with the rest of the world yet." Iman could hear the pleading in his voice, but for the first time he didn't care. She was too important for him to hold on to his pride.

Belle just looked at him intently. A part of her wanted the truth to be out. After all it had to happen, so why not sooner than later. But then she remembered what Nonna had said. If you find love make sure you grab it and protect it. It's too valuable to let go Cara. If being with him meant that they continue to live in their own private world, than it was hardly a hardship.

"Sure Iman. If that what you want."  Belle said with a  soft smile at him. "Though if Johnny Depp comes along I might have to leave you!" She laughed as she saw him scowl.



"I never cheated on her. I never could. I didn't leave her forever, I came back." Maan tried valiantly to defend himself.

"Look Geet has irrefutable evidence that you were seeing someone else. I've seen it myself. So please tell the truth."

"Irrefutable evidence? What on earth are you talking about? I NEVER CHEATED ON HER!" He was frustrated by this blatant lie. "What proof does she have?"

Meera was very confused. A part of her was still beyond angry at the man in front of her for all the pain he inflicted upon her friend, while another part was forcing her to accept that he did love her friend. After all what reason could he have for following Geet now? It was that side of the brain that told her that she had to help this man win her friend back.

So she took a deep breath and came to a decision. "Firstly Geet waited for you to respond to her calls for two months after you left. She didn't get any response what so ever. And suddenly she starts to get text messages saying that you don't want to talk to her and that there was never anything between the two of you."

"WHAT! I never sent any text like that!" Maan was no enraged.

"Well that wasn't all. She also got photos of you and this other girl sent to her phone. After that all of us, her friends, made sure that Geet didn't text you at all. We all felt that she needed to move on."

Maan's eyes suddenly went deadly cold. Meera was a bit frightened by the ruthless expression on his face. "I never sent them. Someone else must have done it then." He focused on Meera and seemed to control his anger as he asked her "Can you show me the text and the photos?"

Meera could only nod as she took a leap of faith. She had decided then and there that no man could fake those emotions.

Maan on the other hand had only one thought in his head. I'll destroy whoever had the audacity to come between Geet and me. I'll make sure that they never live in peace.



Geet makes a special phone call.

Maan tried to uncover the person behind the text messages.


Hope you enjoyed that!! Sorry if it is confusing...but I hope everything is starting to get a bit more obvious...

Ok question time

1. Who is Geet going to call?

2. Who do you think is behind the text message?

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button. I love reading all the comments over and over again. Motivation in its best form!!


Chapter 15: Emergency calls...911 - Pg 103


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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Awesome update
Awww as soon as mel came 2 geets arms she became normal
So there was someone out there that wanted 2 break manes relationship & succeeded
Loved how belle was makin iman jealous by talking about hot guys on tv
Hope maan finds out hu this devious person is
Wonder hu geets going 2 call
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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lovely update sanjana...
i guess sameera is behind the text messages and photos...

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Geet is so shattered, I'm glad that at least Mel can comfort her. But I hope soon Maan will also be able to. After his conversation with Meera I think that it was definitely Sameera who was behind all the messages and texts. I'm still curious as to who Geet will call though. Can't wait for the next update!

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great part!!
thanks for the PM...

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i guess its sam
& she succeeded
with it
love how mel came to
geet & she became normal
flashback amazing
love it core
cant wait maan to find
who was behind the break up
of their beautiful relationship
brilliant update
pls cont soonnn
thnak yu dear
were waiting paid of

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