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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 8:08am | IP Logged

Hello lovely reader! As usual thanks for all the lovely and encouraging comments. I love reading and replying to all of them.

Sorry for taking so long to update...but as I mentioned it was a busy week...presentations and a wedding to add the chaos LOL

Hope you all enjoy the update...WARNING: Its an emotional chapter...a lot of tears, angst and pain. So prepare yourselves.

Sliver and blue

Chapter: Blood stained

Love of a friend is comforting and loyal

Love of a lover is blinding and overpowering

Love of a spouse is effervescent and limitless

But love of a mother is unfathomable


Our child is dead. We had a baby. The baby is dead.

These thoughts refused to leave Maan's mind. All he could think about was the child he could never see. The child that was meant to be theirs but he hadn't even known about the baby's existence.

He had dreamt of a life with Belle where they would be together forever and with no one to intrude on their love. No need for clandestine meetings nor would there be any secrets between them. Two souls merged together to share their lives. In the dream he had imagined they would have kids, to increase the love they shared and to make their love immortal.

Yet reality was unforgiving. None of his dreams had materialized. Instead the very antithesis of his dreams had immerged as his reality.

Maan drove like a mad man. He didn't even check his speed, despite the heavy rain falling. He couldn't care less about his own safety. He just wanted to escape from the pain that was overwhelming. Pain of losing his child but more importantly he felt anguish at the pain Geet must have endured. His mind kept on bringing up images of her shivering, shaking and crying. He could see her head down in shame with no one to support her. His fearless Belle had been forced into battle with no one to help her.

Suddenly his car started to skid, due to his speed and the heavy rain. The whole car did a circle, teetering on its wheels, ready to tip over. Maan tried to gain control of the car, but the steering wasn't complying with him. He managed to go into the grass without hitting anything and braked hard.

Maan rested his head against the steering wheel, trying to control his emotions but it was helpless. He couldn't vanquish the demons in his mind. Slamming the door he got out of the car, out into the rain.

The rain pounded on his face as if to punish and fight against him. Even the weather was congruent with his thunderous emotions.


 He wanted to be punished, he deserved to be punished. If his Belle was in pain, he wanted to take it away and suck the pain inside him. He would bear anything to lessen her despair.

Anger at himself rose within. Anger for leaving her behind even when it was against his instincts, anger at not trusting the one person who had given him unconditional happiness and anger against his inability to take away her pain.

Turning around he smashed his hand against his backseat window. The glass shattered under his rage and he got the satisfaction of seeing the blood ooze out of his hands. He clenched his fist, pushing the glass pieces further into his palms.  


Blood for blood, it seem apt that he should shed his blood when his flesh and blood had been taken away from him. He watched as the rain cleaned his hands, as if to absolve him of pain. But it couldn't take away anything. It couldn't bring back the blood that had been spilled.

I need to see Geet.

With that final thought he knew that he had to confront Geet to find out about the past. HE wanted to hear it from her lips. He didn't know what to say to her but he had to face her.



Her whole body throbbed with pain and it felt as if she was burning. It was near impossible for her to move because it was as if a truck was crushing her. Every breath she took was a battle. All she could hear was water dripping and an odd ringing sound.


 Yet Geet managed to pry her eyes open with great difficulty.

Red, her world was red stained. Stained with blood. She realized that the dripping sound was not of water but blood. Her eyes were covered with it, making her vision blurry. She blinked repeatedly trying to see everything clearly.


She slowly moved her hand to her bulging abdomen, despite the pain that shot through her. Her baby'her baby'that was all she could think as she grasped at her stomach. She turned towards the driver's seat.


 The image that met her eyes gave her more pain than any physical damage could inflict. A silent scream built up within her that refused to leave the confines of her mouth. Her heart felt as if it would explode with the pain building up inside her.

Tears streamed down her eyes to clear away her blood tinged vision. With all her heart and soul she wanted to deny what her eyes and her mind were telling her. She wanted to wipe it away but she couldn't look away.

"Geet" The small sound reached her ears. "Geet are 'you..ok? Rahul?" Lily's voice was hoarse and soft.

At Lily's words, Geet started to panic. She couldn't let Lily see what she had seen.

She surprised herself by managing to speak. "Lil'I am ok." That was all that could come out, because another word would cause her to break down.

Gathering all her strength she shifted her body, ignoring the pain that nearly caused her to blackout. But she had to do it so that her body blocked out Rahul from Lily. Even if it killed a piece of her soul she would continue to stare in order to stop Lily from watching. She would never let Lily see Rahul's body glistening with blood, the pieces of glass piercing him, his neck at an unnatural angle and his hand dangling away from his body just attached with skin. But the worst part was Rahul's eyes. Her brother's beautiful eyes were blank and glassy with no life in them. The whole world could burn but Geet would not let her best friend see the love of her life and the father of her child like that.

"Rahul is ok, Lily." She whispered. It was said as a chant, a silent prayer to calm her soul.  As she heard the blaring sound of an ambulance she finally gave up on the battle of staying awake and let the darkness take her.

Geet jerked awake with a gasp. She half expected to be back in that horrible day, for the dream was not really a nightmare, it was a memory. A memory that would be forever a part of her, for it had shaped and changed her. Her heart ached as she recalled every minute detail of the incident that snatched away her family. She had lost her baby, brother and her friend. She had nearly lost all hope of living.

She reached out and took a sip of water from the glass on her bedside table. It helped to remove the lump in her throat caused by the turbulent emotions. She tried to swallow her sadness.  

She glanced around to look at the little angel sleeping next to her. Yes that day she had lost faith in the world, yet it was that day that she had understood how gracious almighty was. She may have lost everything that night, but she had also gotten the very reason to continue the battle with life; her Meliara.

Her heart swelled with love as she stroked her little girl's hair. Mel may not be the child from her womb but the daughter of her soul. It would be impossible to love any child more, even if the child was her flesh and blood. After all Mel was the last thing left from Rahul and Lily. How could she be more precious? Her life had come at the cost of two of Geet's most important people, hence she was priceless.

Her little darling was snoring like a little engine. She couldn't help but smile at the fact that this little body was making so much sound. The sound might have disturbed anyone else, but to Geet it was music as it was the sign that her baby was all well.

"Mel, do you love Mama?" Geet whispered to Mel as she gave a small peck on her cheek. Mel disturbed by the kiss stopped snoring and gave a small nod, still asleep, before her snoring continued. Geet's heavy heart lightened because all it took was her darling to make everything in her life alright. Maybe she hadn't gotten the love she had expected but she had gotten a love that was just as powerful.



Love? Maan Singh Khurana in love? 

Maan was shell shocked as he watched Belle walk away. He didn't know what to do. A part of him wished to run after her and another part was confused at the feelings that were overwhelming him. He looked at her fading figure, wanting to grasp on to her till the last second.

 Her words echoed in his mind. They humbled him with the courage and strength they represented. She had said without hesitation and embarrassment how she felt. Her bright soul shined through with her words. Her integrity apparent in the lack of pretense she showed.

Do I love her? Yes! How else do I explain the bond I feel with her. She is the exception to every rule I have created for myself. Maan Singh Khurana never opens up to anyone, yet I have no barriers against her. I've never felt the need to be anyone else with her.

She has become my obsession; she haunts my dreams and makes my reality into a magnificent dream.

She makes me stepout of my comfort zone. It's like jumping off a cliff without a rope. Yet it's fine as long as she is in the journey with me. If that is not love than what is?

Everything about her attracts me. The shape of her lips beckon me to kiss them, the smell of her skin makes me want to touch her everywhere, the way she feels in my arms make me wish for her to stay there for eternity, her voice makes me want to drown in her words and the light in her eyes shine through to my soul. She is not perfect, but her imperfections make her perfect in my eyes. It's as if she was made with me in mind, or I was made with her in mind.

Suddenly he jerked out of his thoughts and realized that she had walked away. Panic raced through his veins at the thought that she was walking away without knowing his feelings. He couldn't let her doubt him for a second.

With a pounding heart he raced down the street, searching like mad for her. He needed to find her, needed to express himself before she disappeared like a shadow. But he couldn't see her anywhere.

Why didn't I stop her? Stupid Maan! What if she never comes back?

"Iman." Ever so softly a voice reached his ears, bringing with it relief. He turned around slowly, hoping that she wasn't a part of his imagination. And there she stood against one of the building. Her beauty still apparent in the darkness and despite the urban decay she shone like a hope against destruction.

He stalked towards her, trapping her with a stare that penetrated through the darkness. As he reached in front of her he continued to stare, wanting to memorize every detail of this moment because he knew that he would never forget it.

Belle looked discomfited by his look and managed to choke out "Iman, please you don't have to say-"

But this time it was Maan who stopped her by covering her mouth and pushed her against the wall. "Chup! Tum bohot zaada bolti ho." Belle's eyes widened on hearing him speak hindi, but Iman just continued to stare while leaning in closer towards her. "I am not eloquent when it comes to matters of heart for I have never been in love'before. You said that love for you means trust and loyalty. But for me it means Belle." He slowly moved his hand down her face, with his fingers lingering on her lips as he continued. "Love is Belle, for everything about and pertaining to you is love in my eyes. You are the embodiment of love."  

With that he leaned forward and closed the distance between their lips. His lips just grazed hers, and he watched on for her reaction. It was Geet who then closed her eyes and open her mouth so that it could mold to his. She poured out all the love that was brimming within her and received all the love he showered for her. The kiss standing for more than a physical reaction, it was the meeting of souls.




Geet was just on the verge of going back to sleep when the door of her room was flung open, revealing the specter that forever haunts her. Her heart stuttered as she saw him storm in.

Maan stood in front of her, drenched and panting. Geet got up, ready to blast him and give him a piece of her mind when he fell on to his knees in front of her. He put his hands around her waist and his face against her stomach. Geet could feel him shaking with silent sobs as he held her.

"I am so sorry Belle!" Geet could hear the pain in every word he said, yet her heart was cold. She could hear it but she couldn't accept anything. He gave a soft kiss on her stomach, while a single tear trickled down his face. "I am sorry baby." As shock hit Geet, she pushed him away with all the strength she could muster.

Maan pulled at his hair as regret, remorse and anger flood through him. He stared at Geet's expressionless face before he was compelled to look away and turned around. But the words to express his pain couldn't be held back.  "Geet I am so sorry. I am sorry that we lost our child. I am sorry for all that you had to go through." It was as if a dam of pain had been open and he made no effort to stop himself. "We would have loved the baby so much. It would have been our dream. We would have fulfilled all of our baby's dream. I would have loved it so much that the whole world would have stared."

He finally gathered all his courage and turned around ready to face Geet. But what he saw broke him down even more.

Geet was on floor, curled up like a child. He could hear a soft murmur as she rocked back and forth, "My baby. My baby"

Maan quickly grabbed her and shook her. "Geet!" But it was as if she was in a different world and continued to call for their child. Maan started to panic and screamed out "GEET!"


Maan and Meera have a talk.

Belle and Iman...Embarrassed


Chapter 14: Escalation - Pg 92


Again I hope all of you enjoyed the loaded update. Its quite long...over 8 pages! IT was VERY difficult to write. But it is dedicated to all the people who have lost a loved one...whether it be family or friend...only those who experience a loss can understand the true value of this is for all of you!

Please continue to comment, for it motivates me like nothing else and press  the LIKE button.

Adios amigos!


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awesome as always. nice update. bt it's really very sad. both my fav characters r in pain.

precap sounds interesting. hope maan will b able prove his POV in front of meera n may b c can help in getting maneet together.

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Thank you for such a deep update Sanjana. The update was very touching and definitely gave me a twinge of pain for what it feels like to lose someone you love.

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the accident scene was horrifying ..chokingly painful. ... great update.

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wow loved it yar..awsome one 

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amazing one.....loved the last part to bits.......continue soon.....

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That was really painful Ouch  Cry
My god what a horrible stance it might have been for Geet Cry
Iman finally accepted his true feelings Thumbs Up
The last scene was heart - wrenching Cry ; poor Geet , my heart went out to her Cry

The poem was beautiful Clap
Fab update Star , loved it n thanks for pm ..... 

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