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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Great part....

Thanks dear!Big smile

Originally posted by namita25

wow...Sanjana.....that was terrific part......Clap.
awwwwww me loved Iman n Belle's kiss scene...ahhhhhhh it was dreamy.......
loved Geet's bonding with her friends.....
can't wait for the next part....Embarrassed
plz update soon.Big smile

Thanks Namita Embarrassed Will try to update soon...writing it now!

Originally posted by SapphireFlames

I loved that. The feelings that they both had. The confusion. In the past. And the present. Mel is so cute. :)
Let her be Maan's daughter yea? I'd love that.
Continue. :)

Thanks dear!! Glad you enjoyedBig smile
As for Mel...hmmm......wait for the next update...which should be up in a day or two!

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by doosheeka

wow............that was terrific.........................continue soon.......................

Thanks dear!Embarrassed Will try to update soon!

Originally posted by nazsij

ur way of writing is super....the way ur explaining past and present is super.....i loved was awesome....
i think mel is maan's child...
maan will confess his lovefirst....
1st kiss was awesome.....

Thanks yaar! You always give such lovely comments!

Originally posted by wajiha-1

do continue soon
plzz add me in pm list

Thanks! Glad you liked the story and hope you continue to do soEmbarrassed

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dilsay

wow what an amazing story................
I have read all your updates in one go.
Loved the way you have knitted all the characters.
Please include me to ur PM list.

Thanks dear! Glad you enjoyed the story so far. will definitely PM you when I update Big smile

Originally posted by Nirjhor105

please add me to your pm list.

Welcome to the FFBig smile Will pm you!
maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ambbiha

great update
waiting 4 ur next

Thanks dear! Will try to update soon!LOL

Originally posted by mishtimohabbat

OMGGGGGGShocked.......I love your concept and literally I wheezed through all the parts in one day!!!! yes TODAYSilly!!!! lool...I discovered u today and fell in love with ur FF and here Im confessing my love in front of the whole world!!Day Dreaming! heheeeeee I wish if only real life, reel life and IF life Love story's could have a track move this fast!! Winkbut haiiiiiii phir life main mazaa kya....Thank you very much for such a long update and also for ur amazing talent that you are sharing with us.. ur concept is really good and what's unique is how you hve protrayed it....loving the black and forth limbo....ClapStar
To be honest!! I fee like killing myselfAngry and also you loool Embarrassedsorry I know its not ur fault...but whay Haiyyyo RabbaShocked I hve 3 assignments due in next week...with two presentations... and one is tomorow!!!!!!!and whats worst!!!Ouch Im in my final my final last week on uni!!!!! Disapproveand here Im nearly 10pm in UK writing to you!!!!!!! main pagaaal hoooon!!!! mujhe pataaa hain and i hve accepted that lekin today I feel it BIG time!!!Tongue
please please do dua for me Smile

and bdw I CANNOT wait until the next update...Kudos to you...gotta go....chalo chalo chalo!!!!LOL

lots of kind regards and warmest wishes

Mishti MohabbatEmbarrassed

Thank you Mishti!!!! That was a lovely comment. And some love stories in life do go at this rate Embarrassed 
Please don't kill me...I am too young to die ROFL
Sending duas your way! Enjoy your last week of uni dear!
PS: I am crazy as well...presentation this week...and here I am!

Lip-a-Licious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 4:16pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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DrashtiDhamiNo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
wow amazing update not to mention long as well
love how the past just flows in perfectly with the present
great job Thumbs Up
me now getting second thoughts on mel
im confused between the two
i think it could either be meeras or geets child
anyways cant wait till the next part
cont soon please
dont keep us waiting too long
p.s. thanks for the pm

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lip-a-Licious

wonderful update

Thanks NadiaBig smile

Originally posted by DrashtiDhamiNo1

wow amazing update not to mention long as well
love how the past just flows in perfectly with the present
great job Thumbs Up
me now getting second thoughts on mel
im confused between the two
i think it could either be meeras or geets child
anyways cant wait till the next part
cont soon please
dont keep us waiting too long
p.s. thanks for the pm

Thanks dear for the lovely comment! Big smileDon't worry will update soon...nearly finished writing...will probably post tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged

Here you guys go...another update! I am not that slow anymore, am I LOL

This is again a LONG update...

Hope you guys enjoy this...

Sliver and blue

Chapter 12: Here is my heart

My world stops

Unable to decipher

Meaning is elusive

Yet I reach out

Try to hold on

To what I desire



"No, Mel isn't your child." Meera said in a cold and brittle voice. Hatred was etched in her face and her words.  She strode across the room to stand in front of Maan. "Mel isn't your child, you ass****!"

Maan looked shocked and surprised at the stranger seething with anger in front of him. "What do you mean?" He asked with a voice filled with emotion.

"I meant exactly what I said. You aren't Mel's father!" Meera screamed.

Dev went towards Meera and put a hand on her shoulder. "Bro Mel isn't your child. She isn't Geet's'.well biological child. She is another friend's daughter." Dev closed his eyes in pain as he thought of Mel's parents. The loss still hit him hard, even after so many years. After all losing friends is something people can't get over. Lily and Rahul would always be in their hearts. "However Mel is her child in every way that matters."

"Dev why are you explaining things to this'this worthless being! He doesn't deserve a moment from Geet, let alone the right to ask questions." Meera's eyes held deep contempt for Maan, as she gave a quick glance at him. "The b****** has given her so much pain already, I don't want him to come near her ever!"

Maan's head was spinning as he tried to make sense of everything. "But'but you said she was pregnant? Where is my..our child?"

Meera lept forward, ready to strike at Maan but was quickly held back by Dev. "THE BABY WAS NEVER YOURS! NEVER SAY IT WAS! You left her, yet you want to know about your so called child! That baby was only Geet's. But even fate didn't want her to have ties to you. The child was taken away from her!"

 "What do you mean the baby was taken away? Taken where?"

Dev's eyes were filled with sadness. "Bro...she lost the child. The baby didn't live."


As Geet lay on her bed only one face was floating around in her mind. Iman. Her Iman.

When did he become mine? I have never believed in the quick sort of affection that develops between people. True love takes time. Like Rahul and Lily, and like my parents. Also I don't want to love him! I am not ready for any commitment! I have plans for my life that don't include relationships.

If not love what else could it be? Why does he keep on coming into my mind? Is there any other reason why my heart beats in a different tune when I am around him and that I say anything that comes to mind? Why am I so comfortable with him and yet uncomfortable?

She couldn't help replay the whole scene; his body on top of her, his hands on her and their kiss. The moment was imprinted on to her mind and soul. She knew that she would not be able to forget till her dying day. Yet why she felt like that it was impossible to say. Or at least difficult to accept.

 I still can't believe that I kissed him like that and let him kiss me back. I have never kissed ANYONE like that..let alone let anyone touch me the way he did. I can still feel his fingers around me and his scent on my body. My mind was so calm yet there were turbulent emotions and feeling cruising through me. I could have stopped him earlier, so why didn't I?

She also remembered what had happened after they had broken the kiss. It was an intense moment, followed by intense embarrassment. They hadn't been able to say anything afterwards, only silently packing everything away and walking back. Yet she knew that he was waiting for her to say something, because a few times he had opened his mouth as if to start the conversation. But she didn't know what to say. Her emotions had been all over the place and she knew that she needed to think things through before saying anything that couldn't be taken back.

Just as she was thinking these thoughts, a text message came to her new prepaid phone. There was only one person who knew this number, so she was apprehensive about what he could have written.

Stupid phone! Mein nehi dekhongi message! Patha nahi kya likha hai. What if he no longer wants to talk to me and be my friend?

 She tried to ignore it but it was impossible. Finally she gave up and read the message.

"Belle...I hope you are ok...sorry for making you uncomfortable. Iman"

Her mood immediately lightened. He didn't blame her. He cared enough to text to make sure that I was alright.

But why am I so happy about this? Why am I glad that he didn't regret the kiss?

All these unanswered questions kept repeating in her mind, as she looked out her window while still on her bed. She looked into the sky that was getting brighter with the awakening of morning. She rethought all of her and Iman's meetings, their conversations and what they had done. She tried to deny her feelings, what she felt for him but Geet Handa was honest if not anything else. She had never been one to deny the truth, especially about when it came to honesty about her feelings.

Ok Geet, time to face the facts. There is something about Iman that calls him to you. In 2 months he has become essential in a way that should be impossible. Otherwise why would you become friends with a stranger and spend so much time? Every moment with him is magical as if we are in a glass bubble away from the rest of the world and nothing can touch the beauty that exists between each second. The nights that I spend with him have become the focus of my life. My nights have become my day and the day into nights. Reality has become useless and the dream world we live in every night more honest than my "real life."

Geet accept the fact that you are in love with can you deny your feelings.

She didn't know how she was going to face the next day but as she saw the sunrise brightening the horizon she knew that she had to face up to what had happened. She couldn't lie to herself. Against all odds she had fallen in love. She had broken the promises she had made to herself and had given her heart away.

She thought of the plans that she had for herself and the expectations her father had for her. He had spent his whole life trying to make Geet and Rahul into the successful people he wanted to see them as.  She tried to focus on his advice but instead other words came to her mind. Her grandfather had told her this when he was explaining the story of Romeo and Juliet, trying to explain why the lovers had given up everything for their tragic love.

Love is the greatest ambition one can aim for. It is elusive but unavoidable. It is painful but is the greatest pleasure. It brings out the worst but also the best in people. Once you have love nothing can be the same. Denial or avoidance can last only for so long. Honesty will win and love has to be expressed.

As Geet accepted her feelings calmness seeped her. She had made her decision and nothing could overturn that. Fate had decided her plans for life had been meaningless so had brought meaning into her life in the form of love and Iman. She was willing to accept this and now she was going to reach out with her hands for what her heart told was meant for her, his love. She had never understood the reticence some people felt in expressing love. It was glorious and no shame to admit love for someone. She let sleep overtake her and went into the land of dreams, ready to face the day.


"NO! DEV THAT IS A LIE! TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE!" Maan screamed in agony. He refused to believe what he was being told.

Dev looked at his brother with a mixture of anger and pity. Anger because of what Geet had gone through and all the things her friends had to put up with. Pity because it was saddening to see his brother in such pain. Any father who had lost their child deserved pity. "Bro it's the truth."

Pain that should have been unbearable but one that Maan could not avoid hit him with overwhelming force. In a few moment's he had felt both the pride of being a father and the pain of losing a child. He was rooted to the spot, unable to face what Dev had said.

Dev however continued on, though it would be difficult to say why. Maybe to explain to Maan the situation or to prolong the pain Maan was in. "Geet was in a car crash pretty far into her pregnancy. The baby didn't survive."

Meera however was much more brutal. "Dev don't sugar coat things for your brother." She spat out the word brother like a swear word. "She was all alone for her pregnancy apart from us. Her family kicked her out like she was a dirty tramp." She noticed the way Maan flinched. "Oh that hurts does it? Well imagine what Geet went through when her own parent's called her that directly. They called her much worse as well. How do you reckon a young girl, still studying, would feel when she finds out that she is pregnant without knowing anything about the father? You had left her to tackle the world by herself, you selfish p****!"

Every word that Meera uttered was eroding Maan's soul. Self-disgust flooded through him. He had done this to the very person he lived for. He tried to point something out, even in his pain. "I never left her. I tried to talk to her but she never responded when I went back to Melbourne. She should have told me that she was pregnant!"

However Meera wasn't willing to listen to anything he said. "She tried to contact you! Despite finding out that you were with someone else she still tried to find you to tell about the pregnancy."

"What do you mean with someone else? There was never anyone apart from her! I would have come running if she told me anything!"

"Don't make excuses! You weren't there to see the pain that she had gone through. There were days when Dev, Seb and I couldn't sleep because we needed to watch over Geet to make sure she didn't do something to herself. We were worried for her life for months. And here you were living a merry life. I hope you burn in hell!"

With that Meera broke down. Her body racked with sobs that burst out from her. Dev embraced her, holding her tight as if to stop her from breaking into pieces. Unconsciously he gave a kiss on her head. "Shh Meer'everything is alright. Geet is alright. Mel is alright. No tears!" Even as he said that his own eyes were filled with tears.

Maan however was oblivious to them. Only the thought of the loss of his child and what Geet had experienced went through his mind. He started to feel suffocated in the house. He wanted to go away, somewhere without any of these painful truths. He felt the need to run away from everything.

So he stormed out of the house, far away from everyone and away from this tragedy.


Iman watched her move around the caf, willing her to look and talk to him. He still couldn't believe what he had done last night. He tried to dredge up regret for kissing her but all he could feel was regret that this may affect their friendship. She was the only person he could relax with and be himself.

Myself. What irony that the only person I can be myself with doesn't even know my name! Please Belle don't destroy what we have built in the last two months. I need you in my life.

He had been worried since last night, when she hadn't replied to his text and it seemed his fear was justified for she still hadn't said anything to him, she just gave him his usual order and walked away. But he wasn't going to let her avoid him. He was going to fix everything between them!

Belle felt self-conscious as she walked around the tables taking everyone's orders. She could feel his eyes burning into her back and it created an unusual feeling in her. She had decided to take action but after seeing him here her resolve had weakened. She didn't know whether she could muster the courage to tell him what she wanted to.

As she went back into the kitchen, Moe approached her. "Sweetheart, I couldn't help but notice that the guy in table 2 keeps on staring at you. I know that the two of you seem to know each other and meet up but are you sure he is ok?"

Belle was touched by Moe's concern. It showed her how much he really cared for her and it made her appreciate him even more. "Oh Moe don't worry! I am a big girl, I can take care of myself." She said with a small laugh. "You know me, I am hardly a damsel in distress. But thanks for the concern!" Moe just shook his head and smiled, still not convinced about Iman.

The rest of Belle's shift went in the same manner; Iman waiting impatiently to talk to her while Belle tried to do her work and clear her mind to prepare for what she was going to say to him.

Finally she had finished her work and was ready to get out. As she put away her apron, she looked and saw that Iman was staring right at her. She gestured for him to wait while she put on her jacket.

Oh dear! Please give me strength to face him!

They started to walk out together when Iman could no longer control himself. "Belle I just want to say-"

[I was listening to this song as I was writing and it perfect for Belle's feelings. So please listen to it Big smile Its Only Hope by Mandy Moore from A Walk to remember]

But he was interrupted by Belle who put up her hand over his mouth. "Iman I have to say something to you. Please listen to me." Iman nodded at her and only then did she move her hand.

Belle could feel her heart thudding as she opened her mouth a few times but nothing came out. Finally she gave a sigh and started to talk. "I have always been the fun loving girl who got along well with everyone, even guys. Some of my closest friends are guys. But I never looked at them in any other way because I was never interested in love and relationships. I always felt that friendship was more important."

Iman could feel his heart sinking as he listened to her words. Does she not want to be friends with me anymore because she knows that I have feelings for her?

Belle could feel her cheeks get heated as she blushed and she could no longer meet Iman's eyes as she continued. "So when we became friends that's all I expected..but then things changed. My feelings for you gradually changed over the two months. You became one of my closest friends and despite the way we met you have become one of the few people I trust unconditionally. It was only last night that I realized how I truly felt and what these emotions mean. Iman I am..I am with you." The moment the words were out she looked at his face. His eyes registered shock and something else which she couldn't understand. "Yes Iman I am in love with you. I think I started to fall in love with you the moment we met. It must sound crazy for we have known each other for such a short time but that's the truth."

She stopped to take a breath and funnily enough now that she had started to speak everything was easier. She was just expressing her truth and there was no embarrassment in that. "Don't think that I am saying all this because I expect you to reply the same way. The reason why I am expressing my love is because we have been honest to each other so far. I don't want to break the purity of our friendship. Honesty and trust has been the backbone and strength of our friendship. Love means opening up to someone without expecting anything in return. To me it stands for trust, affection and loyalty. I wouldn't want to tarnish that whether it exists in the form of love or friendship. You mean more to me than that."

Belle saw that Iman was about to open his mouth to say something but again she stopped him. "Please Iman don't say anything now. Don't feel obligated to say something back just to save my feelings. That would compromise the relationship we have. I am not expecting anything in return, we can continue to be the same if that's what you want. Just'think through everything. Take all the time you want."  

Oh Iman I wish I could tell you how much I want you to love me back. But I won't because that's not what love is. I want you to come to me yourself.

Belle raised her hand to touch Iman but in the last moment pulled back. She gave him a bittersweet smile and started to walk away. Iman reached out for her but Belle shock her head. "Not tonight Iman."

With that she walked away, leaving Iman on the pavement. Only around the corner did she turn around, letting her eyes soak him up. She could feel them filling up with tears but she still smiled and turned away.



Maan goes to Geet. Heartbreak.

Iman's feelings.


Chapter 13: Blood stained - Pg 82

Authors Note:

OOHHH I can see that all of you are least some are! I was really freaked out when some guessed correctly who Mel's parents were so I had to confuse you all again! Please don't kill me for not making Maaneet her biological parents. Embarrassed...but remember that for Geet she is her daughter.

Thank you all for reading my FF, for liking it and for commenting.It means so much to me to know that my writing is appreciated. So please keep commenting and press the LIKE button

Again questions:

  • How do you think Iman feels?
  • Why does Geet think Maan was seeing someone else?
Now for the bad news...I can't tell when I shall update next because I have a presentation again AngryCry...But will try my best...Guys please wish me luck! Embarrassed


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