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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 7)

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ani442

Very different and refreshing start. 1st part is really nicely written. I somehow found it very soothing. Can you plz add me to your pm list.

Sure will add you to the PM list Smile

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interesting start.

pm me plzEmbarrassed

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nice ff.................quite interesting...................i know their mu will b cleared but u know i am curious to know is it bcoz of NT they r having this mu?

can u add me to ur pm u want me to send u a pm or buddy req?

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Again want to thank everyone for the lovely comments. It means a lot and encourages me to write.

Sliver and blue

Chapter 2: Watching you watch me


Past (Maan's POV):


Heartbreak makes you weak, but betrayal makes you lose faith and hope. When that betrayal is from someone you consider your close friend it is combines the two. Maan was no stranger to betrayal. From a young age he understood that to have expectations from people was synonymous to being a fool. Maan Singh Khurana would never suffer the indignity of being a fool and as such kept everyone at a distance. But as usual there are exceptions to the rule; his family and a few select friends. Even to them he presented a cold and stern front.

However he never expected he would be the vehicle of disgracing someone, especially someone he considered his close friend. He blamed himself for what happened in Delhi with Sameera. She had been betrayed by his friendship. Maan knew that it was his responsibility and duty to fix things with Sameera. But when Dadima had told him to go away, he knew that time away from Delhi was essential.

He needed a break from all the memories as this incident had dredged up, the past wounds and pain.. Maan had systematically destroyed all his weaknesses, but he still had one weak point that was indestructible and would always haunt him.  He had stood strong against many obstacles but this was one thing that had shaken him. This incident had repercussions for his whole family, not just himself

For the first time he had disappointed Dadimaa. She, who meant the world to him, had been disgusted with him and her repulsion had shaken him to the core.

He had tried to explain to her that all his actions were based on the ideals she had instilled in him, her own imprint on his character demanded it. Honor and dignity weren't just words for him but facets of his personality, imbedded deep. He couldn't shirk his responsibilities. But she would hear nothing and had turned her back to him as if history was repeating itself. He could still hear the echoes of her anger.

If you do that Maan, you will no longer have any place in this house.

He had thought his brother would understand but even Dev seemed to treat him differently, unable to meet his eyes and avoiding him.

He closed his eyes, an attempt to vanish the vicious thoughts circling in his mind.

Suddenly Maan heard someone say "Chiquita it's about time that you came. I don't pay you big bucks for nothing" His whole body just relaxed and he nearly had a grin on his face.

She was here.

Maan didn't know anything about her. He didn't know how old she was (though she looked around 18). He didn't even know her name. He first thought it was Belle, because that was what the old man had called her. To his surprise the next day the man called her Sally and then everyday there was a different name. All he knew was that she came her every night and brought in light to the place with her vibrancy.

He remembered the first time he had seen her. It had been a stressful day, trying to juggle business as well as the personal problems. He was fed up with continuous calls from Sasha and Adi about Khurana Constructions, as well as seeing his picture in all the Indian Newspapers. He couldn't sleep because of everything going around in his head and so had decided to walk around. Thus he had found Moe's Mocha. No one here knew that he was Maan, a business tycoon and the most eligible bachelor in India. He was just another customer and that comforted him. Anonymity was a precious and rare commodity for Maan Singh Khurana.

 In his mind he had dismissed the short girl who had sauntered in wearing loose track pants with a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. He wasn't interested in girls, especially after the Delhi incident. But then she had come up to him for his order. Without paying attention he had looked up and saw her face. Her eyes were so wide and innocent, like a window to her thoughts. She had delicate features that somehow made her other worldly, reminiscent of the olden day actresses like Audrey Hepburn. Still it wasn't her beauty that made him stare, after all Maan Singh Khurana had seen his share of beautiful women and none had that effect on him. It was her small mysterious smile and this aura that she had around her that captured his attention. It seemed that none of the dirt and darkness of the world could touch her.

He could hear her faintly say something like "What would you like'umm..cho..chocolate cake'ummm" but he couldn't pay any attention to what she was saying. He just looked at her. For the first time in a long time he felt calm. Staring at her made him forget everything and everyone. None of his problems existed as long as he could look at her.

 It took him a moment to come out of the spell that was on him and to realize that she was staring at him with no smile on her face. Her eyes seemed to stare right through him.

"Umm'.I'll have a black coffee'.with no sugar" he managed to choke out.

He eyes widened on hearing his voice and for some reason a little smile blossomed on her face.

"Sure. I'll bring it for you in a minute"

After that day he couldn't help but come in every night to see her. He would inconspicuously observe her and try to understand what it was about her that made her stand out. For a few moments of his day, he felt calm and peaceful. This small caf had become his refuge from the world.

He noticed how she laughed at small things and couldn't seem to stop talking with everyone. However she was much more contained when she would approach him. He supposed it was because he was so quite. He had always been a man of few words. It wasn't that he was shy, he just didn't need to speak to get people's attention. People always were always willing to accommodate him. For some inexplicable reason he felt tongue tied around her, he didn't know what to say to her.

Despite the covert way he observed her, it had still taken him a few days to realize that she seemed to be just as aware of him as he was of her. She would take tiny glances at him and at times blush. He tried to make sure that she didn't realize how closely he followed her every move, he didn't want her to feel that he was a stalker. Yet it was becoming hard to convince himself that he wasn't crazy. It wasn't like him, this obsession that was developing. He was used to having girls obsess over him, not the other way around.

Suddenly she was infront of him, her lips in a small pout and eyes that seemed to be concentrate on something.

"Hi" She said in her lovely voice, in an accent typical to people here.

"Hmmm" Very witty. Congratulations, I am sure that will impress her.

"We have chocolate mud cake, white marble cake, chestnut cake and finally today's special banana cake. There are also the usual pies; apple, blueberry and lemon meringue. What would you like?"

He hardly paid attention to what she was saying. He tried to think of something clever to say when he realized that she was still waiting for his order. So he just said "A slice of banana cake and also black coffee with one sugar"

He quickly looked down at the work papers he had on the table, pretending to be enraptured by them. He waited until he was sure that she had walked away, only then did he sneak a glance at her. He watched her petite form slowly walk away. It seemed that she was mumbling something to herself, which he had noticed her do previously.

Oh no! I am really sounding like a stalker now. Arghh'.stop obsessing about this girl. It is time to get some actual work done.

Maan finally gave proper attention to the papers in front of him. There was so much work, it was never ending. Yet after meeting her he could face anything.

After a few minutes he heard a discreet cough. And there she was in front of him again, holding a tray.

"Excuse me. Here is your order"

As he nodded to show his thanks, he couldn't help but glance at her T-shirt. It said "I kissed a Vampire and I liked it".

What's with all this vampire hype? How come that's all I hear these days? I swear I heard Pinky say something about them as well. And why would she want to kiss a vampire?

He looked up to see her blushing for some reason and he couldn't help but give a questioning look.

"Oh you were looking at my T-shirt. I thought you were looking at my bo- whoops... I meant'ummm'.enjoy your cake" With that she half run away but he could hear her mumble "Stupid stupid girl! Obviously he wasn't staring at your assets!"

Finally it dawned on Maan why she had been blushing and he could help but give a half embarrassed and half amused silent laugh.

After she had given everyone's orders, the girl sat down on in front of one of the tables. Like every night he had seen her, she got out the same book from her bag, "Wuthering Heights" and like every other night she read it for a few minutes before opening another book. Maan couldn't help but notice how she bit her lip every once in a while or the way she seemed to read out the words silently.

Maan shock his head. This girl is really something else. Works late at night, wears T-shirts with vampire comments, talks to herself and reads the same book over again. Of all people, this is the girl I choose to look at?


I can't let her run away from me, was the only thought in his mind as he run after his elusive dream. A dream because he still found it hard to believe that it was actually her. Sometimes it felt like he had dreamt her up and all his memories were just his imagination. But he knew he could never create someone like her in his mind.

The only thing that matters is that I get her back. Finally get her back after 4 years.

As he ran out he saw could see a flash of red get into a taxi and drive away. For a few moments he couldn't stop running even though it was futile as he obviously couldn't reach the taxi but he just couldn't let himself stop.

He reached his security guard at the front of the gate and screamed, "Follow the taxi, find out where she is. NOW!"

"Yes sir!" The security guard scampered away, knowing that when MSK gave an order even a second shouldn't be wasted.

Reluctantly Maan turned  back towards Khurana mansion, wanting to go after her himself but knowing that it was a waste of time when he had another source of information on her; Dev.


"Yes bhai? What just happened? How do you kno- "

"Come to my study right now"

With that Maan strode of with Dev following in his wake. Maan didn't care about any of the guests at the moment, they were meaningless for him. He could only focus on getting to her. No scandal or gossip mattered to him anymore. He knew Dadima would be able to handle everyone.

As soon as they reached the study, Maan slammed the door and started to interrogate Dev.

"What is her name?"

For a second Dev wanted to plead ignorance but he knew better than to test his brother's temper even more. "Geet? Why are you asking about her?"

"Dev don't ask any questions! Just tell me all you know about her!"

A part of Dev wanted to protest. . He felt a need to protect her, as she was one of his closest friends.He wasn't sure what had happened to make Geet react the way she did. The Geet he knew absolutely NEVER ran away from anyone or anything. For her to run away from Maan, meant that something deadly serious must have happened. Only once had Geet broken down infront of him, after the big incident that had changed the very fabric of her life.

Did Maan bhai have a role in that? No it can't be related.

Despite his hesitation he knew that it was useless to deny anything to his brother. MSK never took no for an answer.

"Geet Handa, that's her name. She is a resident doctor at St. Sebastian like me. We were together in medical school before that. Bhai she is one of my closest friend" The last part was said as an entreaty. Dev didn't want any problems for Geet and he knew Maan could be ruthless to people who cross him.

"Where is she staying in Delhi?"

"Regency Hotel"

That's all Maan needed at the moment. Finally she was within his reach and he would make sure she was always there.

Geet Handa you can't hide from me anymore. I can't let you go again.


Precap: Geet getting attacked'who will save her?


Authors Note:

I will try to give an update as soon as possible but it might not be for awhile. Which is why I have written a longer update this time.

 Please comment and press the like button Tongue


Chapter 3: Arrogance in Shining Armour - Pg 12

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Oooh.  I'm so intrigued to find out the history!  Please update as soon as you can.  

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amazing.........i so wanna no wat happens nxt....continu soon

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continue soon yaar...geet attacked ??who ??

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do pm me

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