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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 64)

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Originally posted by Limerance

Finally an update after such a long time. It was a great one though. From the past it's obvious that Maan cared for her and she also had feelings but I suppose it was misunderstanding that caused them to be where they are right now. I think that Mel is Maan and Geet's daughter. And as far as Naintara is concerned I think she is just jealous of the way Dev and Geet interact with each other. The precap sounds sad but I think it the confrontation will be a step in the right direction to move forward. 
Thanks for the pm & continue soon...

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed and good guesses. Big smileYeah a confrontation is in need for things to be cleared.

Originally posted by sweginju

waiting for the next update

Will try to update soon darling...either tonight or tomorrowBig smile

Originally posted by ani442

God this FF has really grown on me. But I knew it would happen as I had fell in love with the first update itself.

Idk, Esp in Belle and Iman parts, the pace,the feel,the language,everything is different. There is lyrical quality about these parts. Soothing,naturally flowing. It takes me to another time.What is really special is that it doesnt feel like I am reading the parts, it feels like the whole scene is playing in front of me. Whatever surroundings you describe, I can picture them. It has never happened before. Idk why I find something surreal in these parts. Magical.

Thank you!!!! that was a lovely comment Embarrassed I am glad that you feel that way about my writing! Hope you continue to enjoy the story. Big smile

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OOHHH Update is here!!

Again thanks for all the lovely comments and all the support. This is an extra long update, so enjoy.

Some of you had some questions so:

  • Belle is a virgin but Iman isn't. That's what they said in the conversation.
  • Sebastian is Geet's bestfriend and was mentioned in the earlier chapter.

Sliver and blue

CHAPTER 11: Blinded

Truth unfurls

Like uncontrollable tears,

Overwhelming pain

Burns all around


Yet freedom exists in destruction

No disappointment

But no expectations

Only the blaring honesty




"Give me your hand and put the other one on my shoulder." He told her while bringing her closer to him. His hands went around her waist, so that they fitted right against each other. Iman couldn't help but smirk as held her so close.

"Hmm'this is a bit ridiculous. Maybe we should stop." Belle stuttered out. She didn't know why but she felt uncomfortable being this close to Iman and having his arms around her. It stirred up something deep inside her that she couldn't identify.

They were in one of the parks near the caf, trying to dance the waltz. The streetlights created a lovely glow and with the park empty the place looked beautiful. The leaves crunched under their feet as they slowly moved.

"Excuse me! You are the one who asked me to teach you how to waltz. All the snide comments of private school education being a waste otherwise and that I should put my teaching to good use. So be quite and follow the steps." Iman retorted but Belle could see that he was quite amused.

"There is no music!"  Belle mumbled lamely, trying to come up with excuses to get away.

"You don't need music, you just need a rhythm and pattern." He retorted back.

Oh it was silly of me to ask him to teach me how to dance. Why did I have to make comments about his expensive private education? Little did I know that it would lead to dancing in midnight with the moonlight as our guide, it feels too'.well something.

Iman lifted Belle up, so that she was standing on his shoes. She hardly weighed anything, so he could move along without any problems. This meant that they were standing chest to chest and her nose level with his neck. Every breathe she took caused her to inhale his scent and it was maddening.

"One. Two. Three." Iman chanted as he led her around in a waltz. "See it's quite easy. Now try." He reluctantly set her down, but put his arms back around her. "Now again. One, two, three." Belle followed the steps but inadvertently started to lead the dance. "Belle, stop. You can't lead, the man has to. And don't start a feminist rant." He added looking at the expression on her face. "It's how the dance works. Just trust me and relax." The last bit was whispered into her ears.

So Belle took a deep a breath and tried to relax. She trusted Iman to keep her moving, so she let go of the tension in her body. Soon they were swirling around smoothly.

"Wow! I am actually waltzing. This is amazing." Belle's face was filled with glee as she moved with Iman. She closed her eyes and just continued with the dancing, no longer inhibited.

Iman watched the ecstatic expression that crossed her face despite the fact that her eyes were closed. She glowed from the happiness that was inside her at the moment. He focused on the features that were so beautiful, yet nothing that stood out individually. It was her very essence that made her beautiful, not the parts because she was more as a whole. It was the innate goodness in her that burst out like a dam overflowing.

I wish I could always share moment's like this with her. The whole world feels more vibrant when shared with her The irony is that I feel emotionally unsettled around her, with a volatile mood yet there is inner peace.. The peace that I feel with her beats any other emotion I have ever felt.

Belle opened her eyes and gave cheeky grin at Iman. "Thank you! You are an absolute champ!" In the spur of the moment she reached over and gave him a tight hug.

Belle's head rested her head on his chest while Iman reached down and rested his face against her hair. He returned her hug, holding her even tighter. He closed his eyes, savoring the feel of her; the way her hands felt around his waist, how tiny she felt in his arms and the smell of lilacs that was always on her.

We fit perfectly together. No one else could ever feel as right as her in my arms.

Slowly Belle pulled away from him. He felt the loss of her in his arms keenly. For a moment he wanted to grab her back but instead he clenched his fists.

Even with the low light, he could see the beautiful color that had spread across her cheeks. It took all his will power to not put his hands on them and to see how far her blush spread. She gave an embarrassed smile. "Sorry Iman. I got emotional for some reason."


" you remember when this picture was taken? Was it when we blocked the school toilets with tennis balls?" Seb asked Geet, while smiling at the photo, from the old school albums. They were at Lily and Rahul's backyard for a barbecue and movie marathon the couple had arranged.

"No. I think that was when we forged our parent's signatures to get out of school and go see the Cold Play concert." Geet protested but then quickly rethought about it. "Actually it might have been when we got detention for climbing the school roof and ringing the bell."

"Good times. But I still maintain our greatest success was making Ms Vaughn cry and retire. The old croon deserved it! She always had something against us."

"Oh dear lord! Are we going through all of the Seb-Geet disasters?" Lily groaned. "It was bad enough going through them once."

"Sorry Miss Goody-two shoes!" Geet stuck her tongue out at Lily. "You were always our conscience, trying to stop our evil deeds. But don't say that you didn't enjoy them! Remember the time Seb and I got into a big fight because he drew a moustache on my face with permanent marker and I dyed his school shirts pink. You instigated us, yet you were the one who mediated between us! That was epic." Seb and Geet fell over each other laughing, while recalling the hilarious incidents. But that was how they were, whenever Geet and Seb got together chaos starts. Geet gave a light kick to Seb's leg, while still cackling. "Captain Idiot here thought he could get away it but I had my revenge."

"Evil witch, as if you weren't plotting against me as well!" Seb protest while giving a tug to Geet's hair.

"When will you two grow up?" Rahul protested. "Stop bothering my wife."

"Oh! Lily and Rahul sitting on a tree..K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes marriage, then comes babies." They both sang together, while chocking on laughter. They had always teased Rahul and Lily like this ever since they were teenagers.

"Seriously you guys are still the same from when you were 5! No one will believe that you guys are going to be a doctor and a lawyer." Lily shock her head in mock concern. But the two were still laughing.

"Speaking of babies, Lily and I have decided that we are ready to start a family. We thought it was about time." Rahul said with a smirk and some pride. "It's a tough job but someone has to do it!"

"EWWW! Too much info!" Geet screamed, while Seb pretended to gag. But Geet then went over to Lily and hugged her. "I can't think of two people who would make better parents, Lil. I would love to be an Aunt." She then gave a special hug to Rahul. He had been her elder brother more than a cousin and she felt overwhelming happiness at the idea of him starting his own family. "Love you bro! If you look after the child the way you looked after me as a kid, than you will be the best father!"

Seb said in a somber voice. "This kid will have the best family. Lil your Gran will love a great grandchild, as will Nonna. You know how she loves you two."

Lily's eyes misted over and even Rahul looked emotional. They both didn't have parental love, especially after Rahul's fight with Geet's parents. But they knew that this family of friends had more than enough love for them and any child they would have.

Seb then tried to lighten the mood by saying.  "Of course evil witch and I will be awful Godparents, but it will have to do. We will be the Godparents, right?" Lily just gave a wink at him.

Just then the bell rang and, in came Dev, Meera and Naintara.

"Oh no! The ice queen is here." Geet mumbled to Seb who gave an evil grin at Geet.

In came the trio, with Meera and Dev talking to each other with their usual smiles. While Geet was treated like one of the guys by her guy friends, Meera was always the graceful lady. Dev, Rahul and Seb always pulled Geet's leg while with Meera they were always gentle but that didn't mean that they weren't as good friends.

Naintara was also treated like a lady but in a different way. Dev was always nice to her for obvious reasons and Rahul also treated her in a polite manner. However Dev was the only one who was friends with her. Sebastian on the other hand went out of his way to annoy her. It was a form of entertainment for him.

The rest of the day went in the same pattern with jokes, laughter and some tension. The only other moment that stood out for Geet was when she saw Lily and Rahul holding hands while talking to others. It was such an innocent gesture, yet somehow it radiated the love they had for each other more than a kiss or something more overt could. Some reason it caused a pang in her heart. For the first time she questioned whether she wanted someone in her life. How would it feel to be in love? And then Iman came into her mind. She tried to block it out but he kept on intruding into her mind, despite everyone there to distract her.

What does he mean to me? Why is he so important for me?



Maan stood absolutely still. Comprehension was a distant thing, at this moment he couldn't even move. His heart was pounding and his breaths were painful. All their past incidents flashed in front of him but he still couldn't grasp on to the truth that he was slapped with.

Geet has a daughter. Mel is her daughter. I have a daughter? Of course Geet could never have anyone else's child. That's impossible.

When the thought came into his head, he knew that it was true. After all she had been a virgin and despite their relationship she wasn't the type to fall into bed with anyone else soon.

But I have a child? Mel is mine?

Suddenly he got a call on his mobile. As if in automation he took the call, hardly aware of what he was doing.

"Sir, its..itss me...Adi...Sir I got some info-information of Gee..Geet Handa. Only bits from her medical they are..stri-strict about confi..confidentiality in Aust..Australia. She was  8 weeks pregnant on.."Adi managed to stutter out.

As Maan listened to the call all his doubts were confirmed. He snapped the phone shut without bothering to say anything to Adi. After all what was there to say? His whole world had been turned upside-down, he could barely stand let alone talk to anyone.

I have a child. As realization finally sank in happiness bloomed along with the pain and sadness. How could he not rejoice in having a child with the person he loved more than was possible? They had created a new life. Yet along with the thought he could feel the loss of the years he could have been with Geet and their child. There had to be an explanation for the Belle he knew would never have done something like that, leaving him without any knowledge of their child.

What if Adi's information is wrong? I need to confirm this.

As he watched Dev walk infront of him, he knew who could answer his questions.



"Did you buy the prepaid phone?" Iman asked irritably. "I already bought mine. That way we can stay in touch at other times."

"Yes!" Belle managed to mumble out while munching on a large scone topped with strawberry jam and whipped cream. She managed to spit out crumbs everywhere.

"Disgusting! Belle learn some table manners." Iman taunted while shaking his head. She really was like a child. "I have never seen a woman eat like that."

"You bring out the child in me Iman!" She laughed. "By the way thanks for the LOVELY, DELICIOUS AND MOUTHWATERING Scones!! Love you!" All the while she managed to still keep eating.

Iman's heart spluttered hearing the "Love you". But he had to remind himself that she didn't mean it that way. While staying here he understood that Australian's say the words quite easily due to their relaxed attitude. Still hearing the words softened his heart. He was glad that he gotten the chef at the hotel he was staying at, The Windle, to make the scones because anything was worth making her so happy.

It had been Belle's idea, as usual, that they have a picnic in the beach. She maintained that trips to the beach and picnics were essential for any Australian childhood and she wanted to give him an idea of the experience. They sat down eating sandwiches (avocado and chicken), apple pie and scones while looking out into the beach. The only other sound apart from their voices was the crashing of the waves which was soothing. The sand seeped through the blanket they had spread out but it felt nice to feel it on their toes.

"Oh Lord! I feel so FAT!" Belle moaned. "All that food."

"I have no idea where you pack all that food. You are so tiny!" Iman asked, genuinely confused. He had been amazed at the amount of food she could eat. But Belle's reply to his comment was to hit him on the head with her hand.

"Don't say tiny! It makes me sound like freaking Thumbelina. Say petite, it's the polite term!" She said sternly. But Iman just rolled his eyes at her dramatics.

He noticed that she had a bit of jam, from the scone, smeared on her lips. So he leaned over to wipe it away. But as soon as he touched her lips he forgot about the jam. He could only notice how soft they felt under his fingers, how rapid her breaths were and the way her eyes closed. His breathing went erratic just from looking at her. He pressed his fingers a bit harder to cause her lips to open. His pulse went crazy as his finger slipped inside the warmth of her mouth.

It was impossible to say who closed the distance but before any thought could enter their minds their lips were pressed against each other. It was a light and tentative kiss. To Iman it was utter bliss feeling her lips but he couldn't resist her. So he deepened the kiss, while entangling his hands around her waist. He kissed her lips in an explosive manner, trying to persuade her to open her them. And suddenly as if she had lost all resistance, they were open.

After that Iman lost any shred of control he had left. He pushed her against the blanket, so that he was lying down on top of her. She tasted amazing, like the most exotic drug heaven could create. He bit her lips, causing her to moan which aroused him even more. His body was burning as he felt her hands go under his T-shirt. It was maddening how sensitive his body was to her tentative and hesitant touch. His own hands followed her actions and he snuck them inside her shirt. He was amazed at how soft and inviting she felt. Without any thought his hands went further up, going under her bra. However that caused Belle to jerk and to break the kiss.

Both stared at each other, panting and flushed. Neither could look away nor could they say anything.



Dev was walking in the foyer, ready to get out when he saw Maan storm towards him. The look on his brother's face was thunderous, warning Dev that something bad had happened.

"DEV! Come to the library." Maan ordered without even looking back to see whether Dev would follow. But of course Dev did follow him.

The moment they reached the family library, Maan started his questions without any preamble. He cut to the point. "Dev was Geet ever pregnant?"

Dev was genuinely surprised at the question, which is why he blurted out the answer. "Yes bro. But-"

However he was cut off quickly. "When? When did she get pregnant?"

Dev said the year that had been pivotal for all of them. But the moment he uttered it, Maan fell onto his seat.

"Oh God! I have a kid! Geet and I have a kid!" He said in a hoarse voice. "Dev I have a kid! Mel is my girl!"

Suddenly shock and realization hit Dev. The very idea that he had been trying to reject ever since coming here had been the truth. The person all of his friends and he had hated for getting Geet pregnant had been no one other than the very brother who he idealize. He opened his mouth to say something, but he didn't know what to say.

But he was beaten as a voice cut across.

"No, Mel isn't your child." Meera said in a cold and brittle voice. The hatred was etched in her face and her words.  She strode across the room to stand in front of Maan. "Mel isn't your child, you ass***!"



The truth!

Acceptance and confession!


That took the life out of me to write...but the next update will be even more difficult. Hope you all enjoy this one. It was 10 pages long! LOL

Ok again questions:

  • Who is Mel's father?
  • Who will confess their love first, Iman or Belle?
Thanks again everyone! Please COMMENT and Press the LIKE button because that's the push I need to write!


Chapter 12: Here is my heart - Pg 72


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1st things first , let me give you an ovation for such a superb & long update Clap  Clap  Clap Clap
I love the past - present tracks that you carry out very well Thumbs Up . In the past phase , the dance with Iman & Belle was dreamy Day Dreaming ; then the convo between Seb , Lily , Geet & the entire gang was very cute .
The ice-cream scones scene was passion at its fullest expression ; love & desire in all its glory Blushing Blushing
Present : As your precap suggests the stage is set for confrontations , revelations & clarifications Approve . Maan will get to know the  truth .
Ok , ans 1 . Mel's father is Maan ( hopefully i'm right )
                 2. Iman would confess 1st Tongue
I loved the poem .
OMG !!! I did not notice am the 1st 1 to comment Dancing Dancing Dancing

Loved the big update ; both past & present tracks were very well - written &   for the pm .....

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Beautiful part...........loved it!!!
I thk it would be Iman who would be confessing first.
As for Mel's I'm clueless,many blanks space has to be filled to get that answer.
wonderful update.........con ASAP.

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WOW Sanjana..that was an amazing update..Hats off to you!!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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awesome update.

cant wait for next part.

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Mel is not maan's daughter? :OO
they way maan reacted... it shows that it has to be his daughter..he cannot just be like..its my daughter..he feels something I guess..
No more surprises! UPDT SOON :D maybe tomm? pleaseee. thanks!

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