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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 56)

Le_Belle_Petite Groupbie

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Where is the update? Cry

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undisclosed IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged

when are we going to get an update? ... i need to know what happense next...

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by undisclosed

when are we going to get an update? ... i need to know what happense next...

Sorry dear, was busy with the world cup....will try to update in a day or two Big smile
maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged

HELLO! So sorry for being this late in updating...but I've been caught up with the world cup. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Hope you enjoy the update.

Sliver and blue

CHAPTER 10: Drown with you

Swirling with envy

Wish that I could replace

The water droplets

That kiss your face


Let me drown inside you

Be the breath of air

That breaths life to me

My eternal savior



Meera and Geet walked into Khurana mansion with Meliara between them. Both were anxious about coming here, but they had no excuse or non that they could use to avoid this.

"Namaste Dadima" both said to Savitri Devi who beamed at them with happiness. Geet introduced Meera. "Dadima, yeh hai Meera. Dev aur mera dost hai university ki aur hamara saath hi kaam karti hai"

"Namaste. Hum tho ap dono ki intezaar kar rahethi." Dadima then glanced down at Mel. "Itni pyaari bachi kaun hai? Kya yeh Meliara hai?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

Mel looked up at Geet in confusion because she had difficulty understanding hindi. Geet explained to her. "Sorry Dadima. Mel has problems with Hindi. Mel sweety, this is Dev's Dadima." Mel's mouth opened into a big "O" and then broke into a smile. "Say Namaste"

"Namaste. How do you know me Dadi?" Mel seemed to be quite curious.

Dadima laughed at how astute Mel was. "You are a smart one! Well Dev always talks about you dear."  

Dadima continued to chat with the girls for a while, giving most of her attention to Mel who had quickly won over her heart with her happy attitude and lack of shyness.

"Baat bahot hui. Naina is waiting for you two upstairs. She'll get angry if you don't meet her now." Dadi admonished the two ladies.

All three quickly went up, knowing that when Naintara was in a bad mood there would be no escape.

"Finally! You guys are so late!" Naintara admonished them. "Come on girls, you know I need your help. Especially you, Miss Meliara. After all you are my stylist!"

Mel gave a serious nod. "Yes! Mel will make N very pretty!"

Naina pretended to be angry. "Oh no! Does that mean I don't look pretty otherwise?"

Geet laughed. "Naina you are the biggest drama queen. What would you do without us?"

Meera looked amused but tried to console Naintara. "Naina sorry for being late but now that we are here we can help you." Even though Meera was in immense pain, she was still willing to help with Dev's wedding as she couldn't begrudge Naina. They were never close friends, because Meera found it difficult to put a facade of happiness when she saw Dev and Naina together. Yet she never blamed Naintara for her heartache. After all she was the intruder, not Naintara.

 "I need you guys. Every girl needs her friends before her big day."

Again Geet laughed. "Would you have ever imagined us as friends 4 years ago? You hated me back then! How the times have changed."

Geet recalled with both fondness and pain how they had bonded together. Naina had been slightly cold and aggressive towards her. They had clashed due to their independent personalities. But Naina was fiercely loyal to her friends. She had helped Geet at a time when she was at her lowest. While everyone else had treated her like she was made out of glass Naina had made her feel normal. She never held back and forced Geet to be herself. For that Geet would always have a soft spot for her.

Naina stuck her tongue out at Geet. "Very funny. I didn't hate you. I was just 'jealous. Anyways let us forget about all that."

Meera suddenly said excitedly. "Oh I just got a text from Sebastian. Geet, why didn't you tell me that he is coming here soon?"

Naintara's expression suddenly became guarded. "So Sebastian is coming? How is the loser?" She asked in a nonchalant manner. "If I didn't love you so much Geet, I would never put up with the idiot. What do you see in him?"

Geet rolled her eyes. "Oh Naina! You and Sebastian always have to start a fight. It is absolutely ridiculous."




"This is stupid" Iman said with a dry tone. He definitely wasn't going to do this. No way!

"Come on, relax. Geez you are so uptight!" Belle couldn't resist needling the poor guy. He really did need to loosen up and he was such an easy target for teasing.

Iman looked indignant. "I AM NOT UPTIGHT! Sanity does not equal uptight. Not everyone has impulse control issues like you. Some of us actually think before we say or do something."

"Please what's the harm in doing this?" Belle was all innocence as she made Bambi eyes at him. "Please Iman!"

Iman couldn't resist her pleas. He didn't know why but everything about her just calmed him down and yet brought out his impulsive side. He loses patience with her at times, even screams at her but none of that affects their connection. He noticed so much about her. The way she would laugh for no reason. The way she would listen to any insult he threw at her with amusement and give back at him just as good.  She always bites her lips when she is thinking and the way she taps her foot when she was waiting. She also had a habit of tracing her fingers on her clothes when she tells him a story.

I am indeed insane. Not because of the fact that I notice everything about her. Or that I never tire of our conversation. But because I genuinely don't care about the fact that I am slowly getting closer and closer to this stranger'.who knows me better than anyone else I know. It feels right and being with her feels right.

"FINE! If we get caught don't blame me" Saying that Iman started to unbutton his shirt. Slowly opening one button at a time, all the while staring at Belle. With an arrogant smirk and a raised eyebrow he asked "Like what you see?"

Belle was glad that the night covered the blush that spread across her cheeks and that she could pretend to be nonchalant about him undressing in front of her. "Dream on! I have better things to look at!"

Oh Geet don't lie. Dear lord he has a gorgeous body! Wow! Hmmm...look at the six pack and the toned arms...Control yourself! No drooling over Iman!

Belle slowly took off her shirt, feeling slightly self-conscious but telling herself that it was fine and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. As she unbuttoned her shirt she stole glances towards him, gulping as she took in his chiseled body and long legs. She quickly took off her skirt, not wanting to prolong the moment.

"Ok. It might be uncomfortable the first few minutes but it will get better after a while" Belle explained. "Your body will slowly warm up."

"Seems like you have experience" Iman  questioned with raised eyebrows.

"No questions. Just do it!" With that she jumped in to the shallow end of the pool. The cool water was like a slap on the face, but at the same time felt exhilarating. In the moonlight, it felt ethereal to be swimming and soaking in the water. Belle closed her eyes and dived underwater for a second. She let her world flow into the darkness and let her other senses take over. The water felt lovely against her skin and it pounded against her ears. Just as quickly she emerged out, gulping in air. It was the best feeling to take in the beautiful breath of air after being emerged in water.

"Come on Iman! Jump right in" She called out to Iman.

Iman just stared at her for a while. She looked stunning with the water all over her face, and the moon highlighting her delicate features, adding allure. He couldn't help but look at her smooth legs, not hidden well by her board shorts and her arms which were visible with the sleeveless waterproof top she was wearing. Even though what she was wearing was quite modest, it was still seductive for him. Just seeing her the water, her clothes curving against her body was more than beautiful.

Initially he was against her crazy idea of sneaking into the public pools. He tried to ignore her comments about how doing something "slightly not legal" was a part of growing up. But at this moment he had no regrets. Seeing her like this made up for breaking into the public pools in late night, with the risk of getting caught and facing a fine worth it. He was willing to do anything to spend time with her.

"Get in quickly or are you scared?" She taunted with a mischievous smile on her face.

Iman quickly formed a plan in his mind, a way to pay back her taunting. He dived into the deep end of the swimming pool, disappearing into the dark water.

Belle watched in admiration as Iman got into the water, but after a few moments she realized that he wasn't getting up for air. At first she wasn't worried but as time ticked by she got stressed.

What if he got a cramp or hurt himself? I better do something!

Even though Belle knew that she was a weak swimmer she had to try her best, she went towards the deep end, near where she last saw him. But as she got closer and closer towards there it got more difficult for her to swim.

Suddenly she slipped, falling further into the water. Immediately the darkness overwhelmed her. However this time it wasn't soothing and peaceful. She couldn't see anything and couldn't even tell which way to go. She tried to swim, but her strokes were too weak to bring her above the water. She struggled to get up but her lungs started to burn as she stayed underwater longer. She could feel herself getting weaker and weaker, as she couldn't move with much strength. She started to see spots in her vision and even the darkness was starting to blur. But still the only thought going through her mind was about Iman. I have to save him! Please let me save him!

Belle tried to fight as hard as she could but fear was starting to settle in. Her limbs protested against movement as they became starved for oxygen. Just as she could feel her mind go blank a pair of hands pulled her up. Finally she was able to get the breath of air that she desperately needed.

  Iman pulled Belle out of the swimming pull and took her to one of the pool chairs. He was shaken by the whole experience. Worry, desperation and anger cruised through him. It was only meant to be a joke to scare her but he had forgotten that she was a poor swimmer. He couldn't believe that she would actually come to save him if it meant risking her life. But those few moments when he couldn't see her and had realized that she was underwater, had nearly killed him. He had been afraid that he would be late to save her.

He clutched on to her, making sure that she was breathing. "BELLE! Belle are you alright?"

She gazed up at him, as if she had a revelation. It was as if she was seeing him for the first time. This time he couldn't lose himself in her gaze because he was still sick with worry.

"What were you doing? If you couldn't swim, why did you come after me" he screamed at her.

Belle's answer was simple but poignant. "You are my bestfriend" Nothing else needed to be said. In those moments when Belle thought that she was going to lose Iman, her whole world had stopped. She couldn't let anything happen to him. He meant to much to her. She didn't even realize when he started to be so important to him, but it took that one second to show her that he was essential for her. In these few weeks they had gotten so close, that he understood her better than anyone else.

It must be because we have become best friends. That is why, what other reason could there be? She tried to make excuses for her feelings but at the back of her mind she couldn't help but feel that there was more to the situation.

"Never do something like that again" Iman admonished. "How do you think I would feel if something had happened to you? I wouldn't be able to live with myself." Without even realizing what he was doing he pushed her hair from her face and kissed her cheeks, eyes and forehead. "Please don't risk your life. Not for me, not for anyone." He rested his face against hers, so that their noses were touching and their lips were only a breath apart.

He couldn't look away from her. Her eyes were willing him to come closer, to close the distance. He could see emotion flare in them, but was unable to decipher what it meant. Slowly her eyes fluttered closed and he leaned forward. But just as he was about to kiss her lips, he became aware of what he was doing. Still it was difficult for him to stop altogether so he kissed her right next to her lips.

Iman was shocked with how natural it felt to kiss her face. It felt perfect, as if it was meant to be.

What is happening to me? Am I falling in love? NO! That is ridiculous.



Maan walked into his house, after a tiring afternoon at work. He was exhausted but still he had work to do because Khurana Enterprise was dependent on his care. On top of that he couldn't stop thinking about Belle..or Geet. She was always on his mind, whether it was in the night or at office. But that wasn't anything new. It had been like that for him for the last few years. She was embedded in his very soul, so he couldn't be free from her even if he wanted to.

As he got in he noticed a little person running around. As she turned towards him, he recognized the little girl he had met at the hotel. He couldn't help but smile as he saw her. Something about her lightened his mood. She also seemed a surprised to see him here but still ran up to him and gave him a smile.

"KNIGHT!" She asked with a small pout. "What are you doing here?"

"We meet again little princess! This is my house. What are you doing here? Did you come to see your knight?"

"Not your house. Uncle D's house!" She protested. "Mel here to see Naina and Uncle D!"

This time Maan couldn't resist laughing at the little girl.  He assumed that the girl must be talking about Naintara and Dev. "Well Princess Mel, Dev is my brother"

"Uncle D's brother? WOW." She looked quite excited by this new development. But she was cut short when a very familiar voice cut across from another room. "MELIARA! MEL! Where are you? Come here!"

"Yes Mama!"  Mel quickly ran away leaving a shocked Maan.

For a second he couldn't think. He was reeling from the revelation. His whole world stopped for that second. He couldn't process what had happened.

Mama? Geet's daughter? Geet has a child? Suddenly another thought came into his mind. Whose child is it? Could it be mine?


Confrontations and heartache


Chapter 11: Blinded - Pg 64


Sorry to end with a cliffhanger LOL Don't worry Belle and Iman's first PROPER kiss shall happen soon. The next update will be quite big and unfold a lot!

Ok question time
1. Why do you think Naintara was jealous of Geet?
2. Who is Mel's father? Or parent's for that matter?

Remember people COMMENT (love reading all those Big smile) and press the like button if you enjoy.


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1. Why do you think Naintara was jealous of Geet?
i think geet n dev bonded vry well so naintara was jealous
2. Who is Mel's father? Or parent's for that matter?
mels parents r iman n bella

awesomeeeeeeeeee updateeeeeeeeee
n who is this sebastian n as naina was talking i feel it is geets name sake bf or smthing
bt waiting more for knights n little princess bonding

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kkaavvyyaa Senior Member

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finalllly,,u r back..hp u will nt go like this again,,,,,,,,,d update was toooo gud,,,bt u left in between,,,,nywys,continue soonnnnnnnnnnnnn

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happy to c u update
awesome update
continue soon

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amazing update

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