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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 44)

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sam1234fly

plz update soon

I am writing the update now....will post it tomorrow...don't worry it will be a long one Smile

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged

Again sorry for the wait...but finally here is the update! Hope you all enjoy...this update and following ones will help to understand what happened between Geet and Maan.

WARNING: SOME INTIMATE SCENES! So if uncomfortable skim through those partsLOL

Geet's Dress:

Sliver and blue

Chapter 9: Cinderella's Ball

Dance with me tonight

Let's get carried away

Let the night shine

Commemorate our memories




Geet looked at herself in the mirror. Even though she was fragile and bruised inside, it didn't seem to show. She didn't want to go to the party but she knew that it was essential.

Dr Bing had called her to say that she had to go to the party for the starting of their research project, as it was organized by their sponsors. It was too important to miss; both for their careers and for the benefits the research could do. After all this was the main reason she had come to Delhi, for there were many patients here willing to join the research and thus was one of the research centers.

She had gone all out with the way she looked. She was wearing her favorite dress. It was a cream colored net vintage Valentino dress and it had stones all over it. She put on her gold strappy heels which also had stones studded. She knew that she was looking her best. In such situations appearances were very important, even for trainee surgeons. Rich people liked to give money to the good looking, as much as it annoyed her to admit.  

With some final touches to her makeup, Geet was satisfied with the way she looked. It was time to go to the ball.





Slowly they were becoming closer and closer. Every night they would escape into their own world, not separate from reality as this was becoming more important than any other part of their day. Each moment was spent in anticipation of getting to see each other.

No topic was vetoed between them apart from their identities. So no names or anything that would lead to them finding out who they were. Inhibitions were lowered and they reached a comfort level.

One night they spent talking about first times; first day at school, first memories and first kisses.

"My one was when I was 13. She was a 15 year old girl at school" Iman said with a slight smirk, rethinking the memory. "It was nothing great, but at the time I was quite nervous."

"Well my one was when I was 6" Belle said calmly.

Iman however looked disgruntled at the information. "So you were an early starter."

With a grin Belle explained. "It wasn't like that. In my neighborhood a baby was born. The baby was cute and fun to play with. My best friend and I thought that it was time we had a baby ourselves. We had started to get pocket money and so we felt old enough to have a family. My mum had told me that babies were born when Mum's and Dad's kissed in their room. So it didn't seem like a hard job at all. We went to my room and gave each other a small peck on the lips. We then waited for half an hour staring at my tummy seeing if it would grow. That's how our parents found us. They were quite concerned, so we had to explain everything. While it seemed like they were angry at us, looking back I suppose they were more amused than anything else." Belle laughed as she recalled the fond memory. "We were told that we couldn't have any kids until we were older. Instead my friend got a puppy, which to us was a better substitute."

They talked about their school life. Iman found out that Belle had gone to public schools her whole life and as such had a variety of friends. On the other hand Iman had gone to boarding school in UK when he was but a little boy, which is why he had a British accent.       



They also continued with their nighttime activities. Belle was adamant to learn how to ride a bike, so one night after her shift she forced Iman to help her. Initially he refused to teach her and said he would rather just watch her fall.

"FINE! I won't need your help anyway!" Belle said in anger. She got her bike and tried to ride it.

For the first few seconds she was riding it and was quite excited but then..BANG..she fell down!

The first time Belle fell, Iman just laughed. The second time he tried not to react. But the third time he was angry.

"That's enough! You are going to break something if you keep on falling off"

"No I don't need your help! I can do it myself" Belle was still upset about his initial refusal. But all protest died on her lips as he came close to her and lifted her onto the bike. She could smell his clean aftershave and the sandalwood scent. He was so close to her that she could only see his face, everything else was out of focus. His arms were digging into her soft flesh and the moment he let go she felt a loss. He sat behind her on the narrow bike sit, their bodies pressed together. She could feel his rock hard chest behind her, burning her skin and his breath on her neck. His hands came around the front, holding the handle bars over her hands. Her feet were resting over his on the pedals. Every part of her body was tingling with the sensation of having him so close, it was sensory overload for her.

Slowly he started to ride the bike. It was unnerving, feeling them move together on the bike. Every movement caused their bodies to come closer and rub against each other.

"You just have to trust yourself. Balance yourself by maintaining speed." He whispered, in his beautiful voice, right into her ears. "Don't think about falling. Just ride"

Belle tried to focus on riding but he was a distraction. After a few minutes he got off the bike.

"Now I'll push the bike and you will ride. Ok?" His voice sounded slightly gruff, but other than that there was no indication that Iman felt anything.

Belle slowly started to pedal, finally paying attention to the task at hand. She knew that he would catch her if she fell, so she had more confidence. It took her a while to realize that she had been cycling for a few minutes without falling. Suddenly she felt exhilarated. The wind biting against her face felt lovely, giving the impression that she was flying across. She sped up, letting her instincts take over and started to circle around Iman.

"Wow! I am actually cycling!" She screamed out into the night.



As she entered the ballroom Geet felt like a lost intruder. Everyone was dressed quite lavishly, like her, but she still felt out of place. She didn't know most of the faces here, so she searched for her boss, Dr Bing. But instead he found her.

"Geet!" Adam Bing "Looking great out of the scrubs."

"Hi Boss!" Geet smiled at him. "Thanks Adam. You clean up nice as well. Now explain to me what all this is about. I was surprised by your sudden call."

"There is a new investor, who wants to meet with us. It's really important because it's the boost our research needs. You know that we were having problems with finance. They are willing to invest 20 million pounds."

Geet nodded in understanding. "This is great news, Adam. After all it's the reason why we are here."

"Come on. Let me introduce you to the investor." Adam led Geet towards their table but Geet froze as she saw who was sitting there already, staring at her with his intense look.

"Mr Khurana, this is Dr Handa. She is my trainee surgeon and is part of the research team. Geet this is Mr Maan Singh Khurana, head of Khurana Enterprise. He is one of the investors in the Heartbeats research program."

Maan looked drop dead gorgeous in a black Armani tuxedo. His hair was brushed back, making his features even more prominent. Geet tried to ignore the blast of attraction that hit her.

Maan stretched out his hand in front of her, ready for a handshake. Geet didn't want to touch him at all but couldn't see how she could avoid it.

Geet you can't refuse this. Think about Adam, the research and your career.

So she slowly reached out and touched his hand for a minute before letting go. She clenched her hands, trying to wipeout the feeling of his touch.

Why can't he leave me alone in peace? I just want some peace! Nothing else!

Like the ever proper gentleman, Maan pulled out the seat next to him for Geet to sit. Again she couldn't refuse but inside she was seething with anger.

Dinner was an awkward experience. Geet maintained her silence, unwilling to say even one word to the person next to her. Poor Adam had to carry the conversation but it was so stilted that he gave up and started to talking to others on the table.

Soon the dancing started and before Geet could think of an excuse to leave the table Maan asked "Could I have this dance?" Geet just glared at him, not willing to say anything at all. But Maan being Maan was hardly perturbed by her reaction. "Dr Handa I think investing 20 million would at least let me get a dance." He stressed on the word Doctor to point out the obligations she had.

She continued to maintain her silence but stood up to indicate that she was going to dance with him. She looked calm and collected but if one took a close look at her eyes they would see the pain and anger she was feeling at the moment.

Maan put his hands one hand on her waist and with the other captured her hand, pulling her into a waltz. Memories flooded into both their mind; dancing in the moonlight, with no one to see them. While the memories brought a smile on Maan's face, they were thorns for Geet.

He was dancing to close to her so that their bodies were barely an inch apart but still they danced perfectly in sync. It was as if they were floating across the dance floor.

"Geet say something." Maan entreated. "Tell me why you are so angry. I know that I was late in getting back to you. I should have gone back to Melbourne when I could but things came up. How could you stop talking to me all together?"

"Your 20 million doesn't mean that I'll enjoy this or talk to you. You can't buy me ok. I am not for sale."

Maan looked deeply hurt at her comment. "Geet I don't want to buy you but I will do anything to get to you. Anything!"

Geet look disgusted at him. "Please stop this drama. You know very well why I don't want to talk to you."

Maan's hands pressed into her waist, pulling her even closer. "No more cryptic comments! Explain Geet what I did!"

Now Geet was livid. The gall of the man to act as the victim. After all that he has done, he has the audacity to raise this issue. But then again he never cared.

"Tell me Mr Khurana was it good for your ego to know that a girl like me was willing to sleep with a total stranger? I didn't even know your name yet I fell quite easily into your arms. It must have felt brilliant. But then again you left the next day. So I must not have been that great in bed-"

"Geet! Chup! What are you saying? Don't degrade that night. That night was the-"

Geet snorted. "Oh so you don't want to talk about that. Then do you want to tell me how you had a girlfriend during that time. I am sure you must have loved having two women."

Maan was shocked. "WHAT! What do you mean girlfriend? There was no girlfriend. I only wanted you. And I know that you want me as well. How can you doubt that?"

Geet had enough. She pushed his hand away and started to walk away. She couldn't bear to be in his presence any more.

Maan quickly followed her but it was difficult with all the people around. Soon they had reached a corridor. He grabbed her hand.

"Let me go! Why can't you let me be in peace" She screamed at him but Maan didn't pay any attention, instead he dragged her into one of the rest rooms. Pulling her inside, he pressed her against the door.

"Now let's talk" His hands were framing her face and her thighs pressed her against the wall. He rested his head against her head so that their noses were touching. "Do you really think that it was for amusement that I was with you? Was it "amusing" for you? It was much more for me than a moments enjoyment. Maybe you need to remember what it felt like"

"Get off me!"

"Never" was his succinct answer. Without any preamble he took her lips into his.
Geet tried to push him away but he was insistent. He pried her lips open so that he could taste her and that made her lose her resistance. Maan must have sensed her compliance because he pressed even further. His hands went to her back and started to unzip her dress, pushing her dress off her shoulders. His fingers trailed down her back, sliding down to her sides. He wanted to savor her skin and touched her everywhere he could. All the while his lips were busy kissing her. They started to trail down to her chin, to her neck and then her shoulder.

Geet had her eyes closed and was panting with the desire he forced on her. She leaned her head back, letting him attack her neck. His teeth bit on her sensitive skin, causing her to shiver and grab his head closer to her. She could feel one of his hands creating havoc on her body by sliding along her back and pressing against her ribs. Not touching her where she wanted him to but taunting.

His other hands started to slide up her leg, pulling her dress high. His hands were driving her insane. As his hands roamed higher to her upper thighs she jerked away. She opened her eyes, to see his face filled with desire and something that she refused to read. Both their breathing was erratic as they stared at each other.

"Geet. Please" Maan said in a hoarse voice, roughened with the madness of the moment. His eyes tried to communicate what he felt for her, trying to convince her the depth of his feelings. His hands went to her cheeks, trying to bring her face towards him again but Geet had to stop.

 She couldn't bare his touch any more. Pushing him away, she said in a voice filled with revulsion "Get away and stay away from me!" With that she turned around and run away.

This time Maan didn't follow but rested his head against the door, trying to get back his bearing.


What did I do? How could I just let him do that? And despite everything how did I enjoy his touch.

Self-disgust hit her hard as she drove off. The whole thing felt surreal as if it was another Geet who had just kissed Maan that way. But she couldn't be in denial. She needed to get away. After all she hadn't even told him the main reason why she could never forgive him.


PRECAP: Maan finds out about the past...and more about Meliara!

Iman and Belle's first kiss!Embarrassed


Thank you all for the lovely comments you always give...but please keep on commenting cause it keeps me writing even when I don't feel like it. I hope that you guys aren't getting bored Confused

Ok guys

Lots of love,



Chapter 10: Drowning with you - Pg 56

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
oh god i am not sure how he is going to convince her .................cant wait for the next update...............actually lol with geet's 1st kiss encounterROFL
there has to be definitely some mu from their past which i am not sure how he is going to sort out.....

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
loved it ..
nw m very curious to knw abt der past .....
looking frwd to more maneet moment Smile
cont soooooooooooooon
thnx for d PM Hug

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update...Clap

past -- 
so inam n belle r bonding...
thats good to know...
but we only got to know what geet was feeling...what abt maan??
i mean what was his situation...was he going through the same inner turmoil that geet was??
will we get to know abt it in next part??
btw loved geets 1st bump after half hour..omg...LOL..well they were kids after all....LOL

present -- 
maan did that on purpose...the donation..hai naa...??
coz he wanted to know geet...dr geet handa...he wanted her to be close to b4 i think...
wish their mu's get clear soon...
making out in the washroom...i think they wud have done it if geet didnt jerk back....

really want to know what went wrong between them....n what was she talking abt?? his gf?? but she knows him as iman...then how come this mu??

precap sounds interesting...maan ko jaldi saara truth pata chal jaaye bas....n iman n belle ...1st kiss.....cant wait for it... 

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-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Gr8 part.... loved it

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nazsij Senior Member

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wow it was much passion and love..............
i loved it.precap is interesting.....
that dress was outstandingggggggggggg

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged
part 9
wow this is getting more interesting....................they actually had a past this deep...................but still the facts are not clear..................Maan loves her but Geet doesnt......................cont soon dear....................

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