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Originally posted by Preethi-Premi

ErmmSanju waiting waiting update ke lioye waiting!Big smile

LOL sorry'll have to be a bit of a wait....but I'll definitely update as soon as I get better Smile

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Hello lovely people!

Thanks for the lovely comments and for putting up with my tardiness.

Had my presentation which went well, so in a good mood and thought that I should reward you people with a long here you are chickadees!

Sliver and blue

Chapter 8: Questions'and More Questions

Open your heart,

Let me hear the song

That beats for me,

Music to make me crazy

Geet was sitting on her bed, contemplating the complications that seemed forever tangled in her life. Such was life that she couldn't seem to get a breather, a moment of peace to herself. However she wasn't the type wallow in pity, she knew that she had to rise above everything for Meliara and her friends. They deserved better than to face her resentment for her life.

A sudden knock on the door brought Geet back from her thoughts. She tentatively went towards the door, scared that it was the one person she couldn't bear to see at the moment.

"Geet? You there?" Relief flooded through her as she recognized Dev's voice. She quickly opened the door.

Dev's concern for Geet was obvious in both his face and tone when he said "Geet, how are you? I was so worried when you left the party so early. I also tried to call you but you never took the call. Finally Meera told me that you were fine."

"Dev calm down. I am fine."

"Why did you run away from the party like that?"

"Nothing'..I wasn't feeling to well."

"Ok'Do you know Maan bro? Because it looked like you ran away from him."

"NO! Its just'..he looked like someone I knew. But'I don't know him." Geet knew that she didn't sound convincing at all. Indeed Dev didn't look convinced. Dev knew that something must have happened, otherwise Geet wouldn't have ran away and Maan wouldn't have been asking questions about him.

"Geet you know you can tell me anything. Is Maan Bhai'is he the guy? You know the one who.." Dev couldn't finish the sentence because it was difficult for him to think of his brother as the one responsible for Geet's pain but it had to be asked. To Dev, Maan signified what a man should be; honorable and determined. He didn't want that image to shatter but still Geet meant too much for him.

"No" Geet managed to spit out. She hated lying to Dev, who was one of the few people she could rely on. But that in itself was why she couldn't tell him. She didn't want to destroy his relationship with his brother as he would undoubtedly support her. She couldn't hurt him like that.

 Dev opened his mouth to say something but was stopped as the door flew open. Mel was a blur as she ran to Dev.

"Oh who is this?" Dev gave a cheeky grin at the little girl who immediately stuck out her tongue. Dev reached over to pick her up. "How are you little one?"

"Uncle D!" Mel gave a quick peck on Dev's cheek. "Missed you!"

"Did you now, Smelly Melly?" To this atrocious comment Mel stuck out her tongue at Dev. "Hmm'oh what do I have in my pocket? I wonder who would want some chocolate?" Mel snatched it away greedily and put her arms around Dev's neck for a quick hug.

"Thanks Uncle D!" Mel said at the same time that Geet exclaimed "Dev! How many times do I have to tell you, no chocolate!"

"Hey this is between me and my favourite girl. You can butt out of it Geet!"

For the first time Dev noticed that Meera was in the room. A certain look passed between the two that was hard to decipher.

"Hi Meer"

"Hi Dev. Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday''.I wasn't feeling to well" Meera said calmly but she avoided looking at Dev's face.

"Naina wants you two to come quickly because Dadi is setting the date for our official engagement and the wedding ceremonies." Dev said, while looking steadily at Meera, who maintained her silence.

Geet knew that she had to diffuse the situation. "Of course Dev. Tell Naina that I'll give her a call." She smiled thinking of how panicked Naintara must be with the wedding so close. Naina would want her friends close by. Yet Geet felt saddened for Meera.

Dev left soon afterwards, though it seemed that he wanted to say more. Geet put Mel for an afternoon nap. Only then did she start to speak with Meera.

"Meer are you ok? I mean with Dev's wedding?" concerned was apparent in Geet's voice.

"Am I ok that the person I love is soon to marry someone else? No I am not ok. But Geet I'll be fine." There was sarcasm but underneath it Geet knew there was immense pain.

"Meer'.I wish you would do something. Tell him that you love him!"

"Geet if we weren't friends with Naintara maybe I would consider it for a second. Maybe if I thought that he was the sort to break promises I would tell him. But he isn't and I don't even believe he cares for me in that way. So what is the point" Meera went over and hugged Geet. "Both of us are cursed when it comes to love Geet. Unrequited love is not something I would wish upon anyone. And what you went through'.well that sort of pain should not even exist."

"Meer I met him yesterday." Meera looked confused at Geet's sudden statement. "Him, Meera."

As comprehension dawned on Meera's face, she looked horrified. "OH LORD! Where Geet?"

"He is Maan...Maan Singh Khurana. Dev's brother" Geet said softly. "I finally know his name Meer"

Meera looked even more worried "Dev's brother? Oh no! Did you tell Dev, that he is the one?"

"No. You know that Dev doesn't know anything'.about what happened'.You are the only one who I told everything."

"But Geet that B***** needs to suffer!" Meera was turning red with anger, which was a rare occurrence for the calm and collected girl. "If you don't tell him, I will!"

"Meera no! Remember you promised me that you won't tell anyone about Iman. No one knows about him, apart from you. They only know'.about the subsequent events"

Meera gave a resigned nod, but in her mind she vowed to take revenge on this man. "What are you going to do? I mean with the wedding ceremonies. Naina will never let you miss any of them. Are you'strong enough to see him like that?"

Geet gave a smile that was devoid of any emotion. "Meer I'll handle it'.just like you are handling your own problems."

She rested her head against Meera's shoulder, feeling so tired and emotionally drained. She closed her eyes, letting her mind just relax.



"So why do you always read Wuthering Heights?"

Maan was sitting with Belle in one of the booths in the cafe, after she had finished with the orders. They were having a nice conversation; which mostly consisted of her chattering and him just listening but he felt the need to add something.

"Oh so you noticed. Been checking me out have you?" Belle replied with a cheeky grin. "Just joking. The reason I keep on reading the book is that I can never get into it. I always stop after a few chapters."


"Well to put it bluntly, I hate the characters. But I made a promise to one of my friends that would read it and I NEVER back out from a promise. I just don't understand why girls like Heathcliff. He is no Darcy, that's for sure" She had a dreamy look on her face. "Now Darcy is the sort of man I want; handsome, tall, silent brooder and rich. He even likes to read! What more could a girl want?"

Maan gave a smirk. That describes me perfectly. After all I am tall'girls think that I am handsome'and of course rich. Usually Maan didn't care what others thought but he wanted Geet to like him.

With a flirty look he said to her "Well'I am tall, silent and handsome. So am I your type?"

Belle looked thoughtful for a second. She said seriously "But you aren't rich" and then gave a wink. Maan look amused. Hmm'.well very few people would consider a multi-billionaire poor.

"Gold digger!" Maan said in mock anger.

"Sorry I am just joking! In real life Darcy doesn't exist'as much as it pains me to say so. I would want him, not a weak impression. What type of girl do you want?"

"I am not really interested in girls at the moment" Liar, you are interested in her. But as soon as the thought came into his head he shook it off'.after all he hardly knew her.

"Oh! Do you bat for the other team?" Belle said and gave a mischievous grin. "I can set you up with one of my friends"

"Hahaha very funny. It's not that I haven't had girlfriends but girls are too easy to get" Maan said in his usual arrogant manner.

"Hmmm...if you say so." Belle looked amused by his comment. "Anyways I want to ask something..I have always wanted to ask a guy this often do you think...about...s**?"

Maan was taking a sip of coffee when she asked the question and he spat it out as soon as he heard it. He gave her an incredulous look, as she started to chuckle.

"HAhaaa...don't take my question the wrong way. The thing is I am a very curious person. I can't ask any of my guy friends cause its weird thinking of them in that way'.and they would be horrified" She tried to explain, while looking amused and embarrassed at the same time.

"So you have no hesitation in asking a random stranger such a question? Is this what you ask everyone?"

"But that's the brilliance of the situation. If I embarrass myself with you it hardly matters. After all we don't even know anything about each other! See that the fun part of talking to a stranger Iman! So are you going to answer my question?"  Maan just raised an eyebrow. Geet sighed and asked "Ok'fine. But are you a virgin?"

Maan was disgruntled by her question. "Geez. You have no sense of privacy but to your question. No I am not. No more personal questions, otherwise I'll start my own interrogation. Why don't we ask each other normal question. You know the sort that normal people, which you OBVIOUSLY aren't, ask. Like what do you do?"

"HEY! I am totally normal, well on most days." She was smiling, showing that she was far from being offended. " Well people with their lives...learning how to anyways. You could say I give advice. What about you?"

"I have a business" Well an enterprise really.

Thus the rest of the night continued, with them talking about anything and everything.



Dev was walking in the lobby when he saw his brother there.

Is it a it can't be. The day that Geet is here, Maan Bhai mysteriously comes here as well. He hardly bothers with the individual hotels.

"Bhai! What are you doing here?" Dev approached Maan.

"Work" Maan never explained himself to others, and was hardly going to tell Dev that he was here to see Geet. After all he needed to talk to her before he could tell anyone about them. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh I was inviting my friends, Geet and Meera to the wedding functions." Dev searched Maan's face for any reaction to Geet's name but as usual his brother had the best poker face with no emotion showing.

"Hmm...ok. I have some work to do. I'll see you later" Maan said, while walking away.

He took out his mobile and gave a call.

" Adi I want an update. What have you found out about Geet Handa?"

"Umm...siiirrr..Gee..Geet Haannndaa'is a doctor. A surgical'.resi..resident, trying to sp-special-lize in cardiac surgery" Adi stammered out, for he was scared at Maan's tone. "She is doing research currently with AMC institute. That's all sir..for the moment" he quickly added to avoid Maan's wrath.

"Ok get more information Adi. I want to know everything about her, even her work placements, medical records, EVERYTHING!" Maan barked into the phone and cut the call.

"Hmmm'.so Geet'Cardiac surgeon" Maan was amused to think that the girl who had made him laugh so much with her inappropriate comments and her guileless friendship would be a surgeon of all things. He knew that she was very intelligent.After all he couldn't tolerate stupidity but he was pleased with how far she had gone in life. He smiled remembering what she said, I help people's lives. He hadn't understood it then but now he could see where she was coming from.

You didn't just help my life Belle.You made it worthwhile.

Maan then became thoughtful'..after all he needed a plan to tackle the enigma, Geet Handa.



Oh I can imagine the confused looks...well things will unravel.

Yes Geet is now friends with what happened? Well you shall find out later.

BTW I am thinking of starting a new fanfic...its a historical/fantasy story where Maaneet are nobility and there is a rebellion going on...please tell me if you would be interest.

OK guys see if you can guess the answer to the following:
Does Dev love Meera or Naintara?

Guys I always love reading your keep it up and press the LIKE BUTTON!


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luved it

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Lovelyy update 
though little bit confusing
m very curious abt wht next
cont soooon
thnx for d PM Hug

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part 8
nice part..................
what happened between Maan and Geet that she hates him now?
very curious................
cont soon....................

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Beautiful is the word i can describe your plot. but hey about ur new fF a  BIG FAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. would u like to know the reason?? well v simple then. i humbly request u to speed up with this and reach it to a bit more close connection or mid of ur story so then u may start new. i apologize if u find my tone commanding or demanding one but do re-read that it is a humble request for ur this fF is simply awesome.

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Gr8 part... loved it

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I wonder what maan had actually done 2 geet??

This suspense in the ff  keeps me glued to it.

And 2 ur question i think its meera not NT........just a wild guess

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