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Thank you all for the lovely, encouraging comments. Sorry for the long wait but had a lot of work. Hope you enjoy the update and the new characters.

Character Sketch:

Meera Sharma: One of Geet's closest friends from medical school. She is a straight forward and honest girl. Not as outgoing as Geet but still has many friends. Hangs out with Geet, Jess and Dev. Gets into fights with Dev because of his chauvinistic comments but is still close to him. She grew up in Australia like Geet. She has a younger sister, Maya and still lives with her parents.

Lily Anders Handa: Geet's childhood friend; they've always gone to school together; primary, high school and now university. She grew up with her grandmother because her mother is a drug addict and she never knew her father. She is more like a sister to Geet, than a friend. She acts as Geet's conscience when Geet gets wild ideas. She married Rahul right out of high school because they spent their whole childhood in love with each other. (Looks like actress Danielle Panabaker)

Rahul Handa: Geet's paternal cousin but grew up together as brother and sister. His parents died in a car crash, so the Handa family looked after him. However after he married Lily, they disowned him for marrying a non-Indian. He regrets hurting his Aunt and Uncle but would do anything to be with Lily. He works as an accountant.(Looks like actor Iqbal Khan)

Seb (Sebastian) Petrelli: Geet's closest friend and partner in crime. He went to school with Geet and Lily. He and Geet always play pranks on each other and on others. He is very good looking and gets any girl he wants. However Geet only sees him as a her best friend, because of their childhood together. He is currently studying Law and works as an intern in a Law firm.

(Looks like actor Tom Sturridge)

Mohinder Handa: Loves his only child but was a stern father. He wanted the best from Geet and expected the best from her. Failure was not an option. He believed that Geet could do anything she wanted and always encouraged her to strive for pinnacle of success. He had loved his nephew, Rahul like a son but after Rahul married Lily he felt betrayed and kicked him out of the house.

Rano Handa: A loving mother, who also wants the best for her daughter. Well educated and works as a medical secretary. She has complete faith in her husband's decisions.

Nonna: Italian for Grandmother

Bambina: Female child

Sliver and blue

Chapter 6: Family patterns

She was running as fast as her legs could carry. Even though she could feel the blood dripping from the sole of her feet, she couldn't stop. Even though the pain was unbearable, she couldn't stop. The twigs and leaves were digging into her, causing cuts and bruises, but she didn't care. She couldn't and wouldn't stop.

She watched the little baby run just out of her reach. Her heart was beating erratically as the baby was  now nearly at the edge of the cliff. She was almost'.nearly about to reach the baby when she tripped. Burning pain racked her whole body, paralyzing her. But still she managed to grasp on to the baby's feet. But relief was short lived as she saw a dark figure pick up the baby and throw it over the cliff.

The agony and anger that hit her, was inexpressible. She tried to stand up but couldn't. Suddenly a voice was whispering into her ear, "Your baby is dead'dead'dead'"

Geet jerked awake. Her whole body was drenched with sweat and her heart was pounding. The bed sheets were tangled around her, constricting her. The pain in the dream was so real that she could still feel the shadows of it linger in her body. For a second she was disorientated but like every other time she had this dream, she slowly woke up to her reality. She pressed her hands against her mouth to push back the scream that was threatening to burst forth. For this nightmare was constant in her life, an ever present phantom.



"So skinny! More food Geet! Nonna will fatten you up!" Nonna Petrelli then proceeded to dump two big spoonful of pasta onto Geet's plate. "No dieting bambina. EAT!"

"Nonna please! You'll make me fat!" Geet exclaimed at Nonna. But Nonna ignored Geet and walked away while mumbling about silly skinny girls.

Seb mean while couldn't stop laughing.

"God! Mum already fed me a truck load of food and now all this. Nonna really needs to control herself" Geet glared at Seb as if it was all his fault.

"Come on Geet. You know Nonna loves you. Probably more than she loves me, her only grandchild."
 Seb said with a mock sad face. But it was partially the truth. Having been neighbors their whole lives, Geet considered Nonna Petrelli her own grandmother and Seb's house was her second home.

"Well who can blame her? No one wants a bum face boy!" Geet laughed hysterically. "Seb the bum face!"

"Bum face? Really? So immature for someone who is going to be saving lives in the future. You know that I am the hottest thing you've ever seen. Keep lusting after me" Seb just laughed at the disgusted face that Geet showed him. "Why are you so busy these days? I need my wingman to go clubbing with. Law students are lifeless and Lily is married, so she is useless to me now."

"It is wing-woman, loser. And I don't want to see your pathetic attempts at flirting with brainless bimbos. By the way you have to drive me back to dorms on Sunday night. Don't you dare forget, otherwise I'll kill you. Anyways I better head off home. Parents want me to spend as much time with them as possible before I head back to dorms."

"I'll walk you home."

Geet gave a hurried kiss and bye to Nonna, managing to avoid more food.


Geet spent the next 2 hours getting grilled on everything from her marks to her hospital placements, about her tutors and her friends. Her parents were very particular about Geet's academic life but gave her freedom outside of that. Her dad maintained that as long as she didn't do drugs, sleep around with guys and put herself at risk, he was willing to trust her.

"Ok. Make sure that you do better in the next exams. Geet remember we only get one chance to live our life, so no mistakes" Mohinder said sternly.

"Yes dad"

A small smile opened up on Mohinder's face. "Come on then. Give your papa a hug. I missed my little Belle. There is no one to annoy me anymore"

Belle had been the name Geet chose for herself at the age of 6 after watching Beauty and the Beast. As a child Geet used to feel that Cinderella was a pushover, Snow white was dumb and Sleeping Beauty was helpless. But Belle was intelligent as well as beautiful. She loved books like Geet and even had dark hair like her. She saved her prince instead of being rescued herself. She forced everyone to call her Belle at that time and it had stuck as a nickname for those close to her. Her father used it show affection. She was his Belle, his beautiful and precious daughter.

Geet quickly went into her dad's arms. Nothing felt as secure as her father's embrace, nothing could harm her while he was with her. She gave a quick peck on his forehead.

"Dad I miss you guys a lot. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to live at dorms"

"Beti tumhe independent hone ki zaroorat hain. Hum to chathe hain ke hamara Belle, hamari pass raahe paar mera sapna hain ki meri beti sabse aage nikle"

"Dad I wanted to talk about Lily and Rah-" But she was quickly cut off.

 "Geet aab apne Darji ke paas jao." Geet sighed, knowing it was useless to bring up the topic of Rahul and Lily because Mohinder would never back down from his anger.

Geet slowly snuck into her Grandfather's room. He was sitting on his rocking chair, reading a thick novel. Ever since Geet could remember, her Darjii spent his afternoons reading. It was he who had built her obsession with books. They had read everything from Chaucer to Jules Verne together. He had even bought all her Harry Potter books for her birthdays.

She went behind Darjii and pulled the book out of his hands. "Gramps what are you reading." Geet always called Darjii Gramps when she wanted to annoy him.

"Geet! Mein teri Darjii houn, koi Gramp nahi. Yeha Australians ke tarah baat maat kar" But the smile that spread across his face took away any bitterness from his words.

"Darjii you have to stay cool. We don't want to you to get too old, otherwise Nonna Petrelli won't marry you" Geet gave a quick wink. Geet constantly teased her Darjii about Nonna Petrelli just to see him get flustered.

"Besharam! Why would I marry that old Italian lady?"

"Tho kissi sunder aur jaawan ladki ke saath shaadi kaarenge?" Geet further teased her Darjii, while still laughing.

"Tu apni khud ki shaadi ke bare mein soch" Geet's unmarried state was a sore point between them. While Darjii loved his granddaughter and was friends with her, he believed in young girls getting married when they reached a certain age. He had the old fashion idea that she wouldn't find a guy otherwise or that she would end up having an "affair"

The rest of the weekend was spent in a similar fashion, explaining to her father how her studies were going, eating home cooked meals and listening to her Darjii's laments about her unmarried state. But to Geet comfort of her home overrode any annoyances.




Maan waited for her. When she didn't come the first day, a tendril of fear grew in him. Finally he had gotten to talk to her and now she had disappeared. But he managed to push it aside, assuming that she might have taken a day off.

The second day though panic set in. He was worried about her.

Has anything happened to her? Is she alright? What if those bas***s tried to attack her again?

 Issues with Sameera were also getting heated, she couldn't handle things back in Delhi and was venting her stress out on him. He was finding it hard to hold all the pieces together. And to him Belle's absence highlighted all his problems.

Then it was that day. The day of the year he could never run away from. It was on the third day she came back.



I wonder if he will be there. Iman. Such a lovely name. But then again that's not his real name. Still to me he is Iman.

Geet's thoughts were centered around Iman while she walking to Moe's Mocha. After finally speaking to him, she couldn't wait to talk to him again. She had spent the whole weekend wondering about him, despite understanding that it was crazy to think of someone when you've only spoken to them twice.

And there he was in front of the cafe, with his back to her. It looked as if he was waiting for someone. For a second Geet wondered whether he was waiting for her, but dismissed it as silly. Why would he wait for someone whom he hardly knew?

She went behind him and lightly tapped him on his shoulder.


He turned around, finally showing her his face. His expression was a mixture of relief, anger and confusion. He grabbed her shoulders, pulling her close to him. "Are you ok? Tell me, did anything happen? Why weren't you here? What happened?"

 Geet noticed the desperation in his eyes but it seemed that he wasn't even seeing her properly, that he was focusing on someone else. From that Geet could understand that his worry wasn't just for her and that there was an underlying issue bothering him. "I am fine. Nothing happened to me" She reassured him. "But, Iman, are you ok?"

He just gave a look that expressed vulnerability but also hidden frustration. Geet would never be able to explain why she did, what she did but in her heart she felt that this man needed her help. Despite that fact that they were strangers she had a strange trust in him because of how he had helped her and because of his concern for her. She wanted to wipe away that look from his face and fill it with contentment. So with all that in her mind, she gently took his hand and softly said "Wait a minute. I am going to take you somewhere"

 After running inside and telling Moe that she wouldn't be working today, she started to walk with Iman. They walked for around 20 minutes before they reached their destination. Twenty minutes of utter silence when finally they arrived.  And there in front of them was such a beautiful sight.

The clear water was surrounded by sand and reflecting the moon. The wind gently blew into their faces, having calming effect. The salt in the air created a beautiful smell. Geet suddenly felt fingers intertwine with hers. Looking down she saw that her small, soft fingers were covered by his long and beautiful ones. She gave a slight squeeze and looked up at his face which was now glittering with unreadable emotions.

She pulled him along the beach; there shows crunching against the sand and sea shells. Geet took him to a pair of swings that faced towards the beach. They both they swung lightly in the swings, looking towards the water and the lonely moon. There was no need to talk, they just soaked in the moment. They sat, observing the beauty of nature and of the moment. Words were useless to express the emotions flowing between them, the overwhelming sense of connection and the feeling that fate had directed them towards this moment. Reality couldn't intrude on this dreamlike state.




Meera walked into the room, ready to wake Geet up. But instead she found Geet wide awake while laying down in bed. She could see the shadows under her eyes, evidence of a sleepless night and worry. Meera wanted to wipe away that look from her friends face but didn't know how.


Geet jerked back to reality. "Morning Meer"

"Geet...ummm' have a phone call. From Auntie and Uncle'.your parents" Meera said tentatively, in futile hope that Geet would react positively.

Only for a second anger flickered through Geet's eyes but they were quickly shuttered back. She just reached forward and took Meera's mobile. Without saying anything or changing her expression she cut the call.

"Geet! Come on! Talk to them once. It's been a lon-"

"No" That's all that Geet needed to say because when it came to this issue, she was unbending. She would not talk to her parent; not now or ever. Past incidents had made it impossible for her to accept them.




-Making sandcastles and reliving childhood

-Mel and Maan meet.

Authors Note:

Hope you all are enjoying the story.I tried to attach photos of the new characters but they were too large, so just google the actors names to see how they look.

Its all the encouragement I get that makes me write despite not having much time. So keep commenting and press the LIKE button.

Adios Amigos



Chapter 7: Building Sandcastles and dreams - Pg 34

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fab update......loved it.........
do cont soon........

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Yaar gud update waitin for nextone update soon

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Nice part... loved it

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amazing update waiting for maan and mel to meet.................

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Yaar u making me so confused... Mel who is she??? Is she rahul nd lily's daughter..... U better update soon.

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