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Hello Lovely Readers!! Hope you enjoy this. I did a quick update just for all of you

Sliver and blue

Chapter 5: Rendezvous


In darkness we meet

To hide the beauty of love

But the light becomes blinding

When passions ignite



The little girls lips wobbled a bit before she managed to say "Monsters. Mama I am scared!"

Geet's heart clenched at her little girls comment. Any pain that Meliara felt was amplified in Geet and she found it difficult to hold back her own emotions. A mother could never tolerate her child's pain.

"Oh Mel, it's alright. Mama is here! Did you have a bad dream?"

Meliara gave a small nod and tears were falling down her cheeks. Geet gave small kisses on both her cheeks and a tighter hug.

"Mama get rid of the monsters! Bad monsters!"

Geet gave a small chuckle, forgetting all her pain while she was holding her jaan.

"Ok let us kick those little monsters out!" With that Geet carried Meliara towards the connecting room.

Inside the room there was a frantic young lady pacing around the room as if searching for something. As soon as she saw Geet and Mel, the relief she felt was apparent in her face. She rushed towards them and quickly gave Mel a kiss.

"Mellie you gave me such a fright! I was so worried when I came out of the bathroom and couldn't find you! Where did you wonder off too?"  she said in agitated tones.

"MEER! Calm down. Mel was searching for me. Apparently she had a bad dream. I think she couldn't find you so she came searching for me" Geet said to Meera to calm her down.

Mel seemed to recognize Meera's worry because she reached out towards Meer and said "Meer ma sorry! Mel is sorry!"

"Meer ma is not happy!" Meera pretended to be angry and closed her eyes "Meer ma gone!"

Mel giggled and forceful tried to pry open Meera's eyes. "Wake up meera ma! Wake up!" But Meera kept her eyes closed despite the smile tugging on her lips.

Geet winked at Mel and said loudly "Come on Mel let's go and leave Meer with the scary monsters! Poor things can have her for dinner"

Meer opened her eyes in mock fear and said "But who will protect me from the monsters! I need Mel to save me!" She pretended to shake in fear.

Mel quickly went to Meer's arms and gave her many kisses on the face "Mel is here. Not scary!" She had a fierce look on her face as if she was ready to protect Meera and Geet from everything, which touched both their hearts.

Geet reached over and brushed back Mel's hair in affection before saying "Jaan it's sleep time now. Go to sleep with Meer ma. Ok?"

"Mama sleep with me! I want both! Please!"

"No honey. Not tonight. Remember today is your night with Meer ma"

Meera quickly gave a glance to Geet, as she was surprised that Geet was refusing to sleep with Mel. She noticed the anxiety and pain on Geet's face, indicating that something had definitely distressed her friend.

"Geet is everything ok?" Geet was so tired that she nearly blurted everything to Meera. But seeing that Mel was there she held back her tongue. Also she knew that Meera was in such pain herself. Geet understood the pain of heartbreak Meera was feeling, after all she had experienced it herself.

"Meer I should be asking you that. Are you fine?" Geet asked with concern.

"Don't worry about me" Meera assured but she also added with sadness in her face "How was the party at Dev's house? You are back early."

Geet just shook her head, indicating to Meera that she didn't want to say anything to her in front of Mel, to which Meera nodded.

"Mel be a good girl and sleep ok? Mama will sleep with you tomorrow" Mel gave reluctant nod as she was already quite tired.

After wishing Mel and Meera goodnight, Geet went to the connecting bathroom for to refresh herself and then returned to her room.

She let the darkness engulf her and put her face against the cupboard for a second to gather her thoughts and emotions. For a moment she could feel someone's eyes on her but she put it down as her paranoia, after all who could enter her room without keys.

She started to undo the dori of her kameez. As she was untying the strings a pair of hands snaked around her waist and pulled her towards a hard chest.

"Belle..or should I say Geet"

Not even for a second did Geet have the luxury of oblivion to the identity of the intruder. She could never mistake his presence; his smell was permanently entrenched in her, his husky voice unforgettable and her body could never mistake his touch. For who else could make her body burn with the lightest touch. She could feel the light touch of his lips against her cheek and his breathe was blowing her hair. She tried not to shiver at the effect his body had on hers.

He has the audacity to touch me after all that has happened!

She untangled herself from his arms and turned towards him. Even in the dark she could see his features, now that she knew he was here. Despite the years she could trace all the lines on his features from memory.

"Belle you are finally here!" he entreated in a poignant tone.

It was the strangest feeling to hear her name on his lips, as well as the name Belle. Her name sounded unique coming from his voice, as if it meant a totally different thing. The irony was that he knew things about her that no one else had any idea, yet it had taken four years for their identities to be revealed. But her amusement was cut short by the bone deep anger that hit her.

She had the most illogical desire to hit him. So strong was this feeling that she had to clasp her hands behind her back. She wanted so badly to hurt him, either physically or mentally.

So she said the words that would hurt his ego the most. "I am sorry but do I know you?"

Maan's face tightened in annoyance and disbelief.

So this is how she wants to play it. I stayed away for 4 years but I am not going to wait for her any longer.

"Do you think that I am gullible enough to believe that you don't recognize me? Even after the way you ran away from me?" he demanded. He was pressing her against the cupboard and had both of his hands beside her head on each side. "Belle you couldn't forget me even if you tried. Not in a million years"

"The guy I used to know doesn't even exist. Who is Iman? Iman is not real. As far as I know you are Maan Singh Khurana. I have never spoken to him, have I? And my name is Geet, not Belle!" She bitterly said. "Why don't you just leave me alone? After all walking away is what you do best!"

Maan entreated "Belle'.Geet'I am Iman'Everything I said as Iman was the truth. I know that there was a misunderstanding but let me explain. How can you-"

"The truth! Bull! Nothing you said had a grain of truth!" She yelled. "You lying bas-"

Maan's face stiffened in anger. He leaned over her and pressed a finger against her mouth. He was willing to do anything for her but he couldn't tolerate her accusations.

"Chup! Bilkul chup!"

Geet narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to continue her diatribe but Maan knew her too well. As soon as she opened her mouth he kissed her.

While the kiss was meant to stop her from speaking, the moment his lips touched hers, he forgot all his reasons. He couldn't control his emotions or his passion. For four years he had waited for this moment and finally he had her. He was a man starved, now able to feast on his dream. She tasted absolutely the same; intoxicating. She was his weakness, the addiction that he had tried to quit but now he had no intention of letting her go. He tried to show all that he felt in his kiss, he poured all his feelings into her.

Geet's mind was in a haze. All she could think was how much she missed this, to be surrounded by him and to taste his very essense. Desire clouded her judgment.  His mouth was attacking hers with a passion only he could show for her. He knew all her weaknesses; the way his teeth grazed her lips tenderly and the way his tongue rubbed against her tongue. Her skin was exquisitely sensitive as his fingers pressed on the sensitive area behind her ears to trail down her neck. Involuntarily she brought her hands to his neck to pull him further towards her though there was no room between them. She could do nothing but kiss him back.

Geet was amazed that kissing him was the same as it had been 4 years ago; only made more intense by the distance time had imposed on them. But as soon as this thought had entered her mind, she remembered all the memories. She woke up from the trance his kiss had imposed on her.

She pushed him with all her strength and managed to stop him. They stared at each other, both breathing hard.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!!" she bellowed at his face. She was disgusted at herself for being so weak that one touch of his had reduced him to this. She was angry at him for coming back into her life and demanding something he had no right to.

Maan gave her an intense look and said "Well it seems that you haven't forgotten me after all. I am sure that jogged your memory back"

"Get out before I call the security!"

"Just try. I own the hotel, so they can hardly kick me out" He said with a smirk but that didn't hide the longing that was in his voice. "Geet hear me out"


He realized that she wasn't going to listen to anything he had to say tonight and he didn't have control over himself to explain. So after brushing his hands across her cheeks he walked away from her towards the door.

However before leaving he said "Don't even think of leaving the country. The moment you step out of the hotel I'll know. You won't be able to leave here, let along Delhi, without me after you. Don't make this into a hide and seek game, cause no matter where you are I'll find you." This was said as much a promise as a threat.

Geet's heart hitched at the words and for the first time a lick of fear hit her, though she didn't understand what she was scared of.

With a last glance filled with intense longing he slammed the door behind him.

Geet sank to the ground, her body trembling with a mixture of desire, anger and shock.

Babajii why is this happening to me? Haven't I been through enough? Why am a being tested over and over again. How much pain am I expected to tolerate?





"I am sorry" Geet managed to blurt out.

She looked at DD, who stared right back at her. A few moments ago he had a thunderous expression but now she couldn't read his face at all.

For a second she thought that he hadn't heard her so she repeated in a stronger voice "I am sorry" but still she got no response from him.

What sort of guy is he? I am saying sorry and even brought him chocolate cake. CHOCOLATE CAKE! Who can stay angry after chocolate cake! What an arrogant, obnoxious..Ok Geet calm down. Remember you are here to apologize not to start another fight.

Geet cleared her throat and said "Look I know I shouldn't have gotten angry yesterday and I should have said thanks. So I am sorry"

His lack of response was now galling "Come on I said sorry. Anyways you shouldn't have screamed at me" The only response she got was narrowing of eyes and a raised eyebrow.

Now she was seething. "Fine! Don't accept my apology. I'll just take the cake slice back" She quickly grabbed the plate and started to storm off.

But she hadn't gone very far when she tripped over her shoelaces and fell on the floor. Thankfully the plate didn't break but Geets hands and arms were smeared with cake. Some of it was also on her face.

She lay on the floor cursing herself and her fate, unwilling to get up and face her humiliation. Suddenly a pair of hands reached across and picked her off the ground. She turned around glaring at DD but the moment she faced him, he burst into laughter.


They say that laughing is good for the soul and health but his laughter calmed her down. She couldn't stay angry after it. He had such a gorgeous laughter; deep and rumbling as if coming straight from his heart. His eyes had lit up with amusement and his stern face was relaxed while laughing.

"Are'.hahhahaa'.you'..hahhahahaa'ok?" He managed to say in between bouts of laughter.

It seemed as if he was trying to control his laughter but every time he would look at her cake covered face he would start laughing again.

Geet just gave a sigh and glared at him before she quickly hurried away to the kitchen but on the way her glare broke into a big smile.

He looks absolutely gorgeous laughing!




Maan managed to contain his laughter after she had walked away. He shook his head in amusement. It was difficult to remember the last time he had laughed so much.

She looked adorable with the chocolate smeared over her face. Though she looked more sumptuous than the cake'..Control yourself Maan.

Maan was still smiling when she returned. She had washed away all the cake but was now carrying another slice.

She sat down in front of him and said in a quite happy tone "Now we are even. I've humiliated myself and even made you laugh. So you can't possibly angry with me anymore. Here is another slice, the last you are going to get."

Maan just smiled are her while shaking his head. He couldn't believe how random this girl was. Even after dropping one slice of cake she had brought another for him.

She urged him on "Come on eat it. It's chocolate cake. You can't refuse it"

"I don't really like chocolate"

She looked horrified, as if he just said he was going to kill her or that he had the plague.

"Oh no! You're one of those people! How can you not like chocolate? Crazy!" She said in true despair "You just haven't been eating it right. You need to close your eyes and just relish the moment. Let me show you" She took a large spoonful and closed her eyes.

Maan couldn't look away from her as he saw the pleasure bloom across her face. The way her lips pouted while she ate and the way they circled the spoon. The sight was enchanting and he was so tempted to kiss her. There was a little piece right at the corner of her lips, tempting him to touch her lips or to kiss them away. Desire hit him like never before.

How would it feel to touch those lips with mine?...Maan, what is wrong with you? She is just eating cake and yet you are drooling over her like an adolescent boy!

She smiled at him, completely oblivious to the turmoil going through his head. "Now you try it" without any warning she stuffed a spoonful into his mouth. Conscious of the fact that she had used that same spoon, he couldn't help but savor that taste that was enhanced by her essence.

"See I told you it's delicious"

"It actually is. There must be something special in the cake.." Maan said with a small smile, surprised at how flirty the comment sounded. Yet she remained oblivious.

"Look we fought some thugs, got into a fight, even had a comedic moment and finally some cake. I think after this we have no choice but to be friends. So first of all what's your name?"

Do I want to tell her my name? What if she finds out about my life in Delhi?

Maan wanted to be her friend; wanted to soak in the cheerful vibe she had around her, something that was always missing from his life. But he wanted her to be friends with Maan, not Maan Singh Khurana. He didn't want her to fawn over him or get intimidated. Yet he didn't want to lie, didn't want to start a friendship based on a rocky foundation.

"My name is Iman" He blurted out, surprised at himself. That is what his mother used to call him. She used to say "Maan, my Iman" because he was her faith in the world. No one else called him that but for some reason it seemed appropriate that for this stranger to do so.

She seemed to notice his hesitancy but didn't seem to mind "I am guessing that isn't your real name. Don't worry I can understand. I could be serial killer, sociopath or a stalker. Though I am not the most intimidating person with my height but still you never know. But then again you could be a psychopath as well. Are you?" She said with an amused laugh to which Maan just gave a silent glare and shock his head at her silly comment.  "Anyways you can call me Belle" She said with a brilliant smile that Maan couldn't help but return.

The rest of the night she would go around serving people but come back to his table to talk. Maan didn't say much but she could speak enough for both of them. He found her so amusing, the way she talked about everything with such passion and enthusiasm. He didn't need to hear half of what she said but still he was transfixed. FAinally at the end of her shift he offered to walk her home, worried that something like yesterday would happen but she refused.

"You could be a serial killer for all I know. Indeed with the way you glare you look like one" But all this was said with a smile to soften any insult. While Maan was disgruntled that anyone could think of him as psycho, he couldn't help but be amused at her antics. So with a brilliant smile and a wave she walked off.


Authors note:

Again lots of love and thanks for the lovely comments and support. Next update may take a while because I have a case report due this was extra long to keep you all happy!!

Do comment and press the like button



Chapter 6: Family Patterns - Pg 29

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loved it iman is more cute than maan but belle is not cute compared to geet n meliara is also a cute name

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thats awesome really wants to know what happened in the past

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realy nice update.i can't wait 4 next's ok i know ur busy.i will wait.thanks 4 big update.

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thats awsome one yaar....loved it ...waiting for more of present !

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really very nice update....enjoyed reading it...wanna know what happened in the past that Maaneet are not together..!!!

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loved the mel geet and maan's baby???????????????
loved the way maan says with possessiveness that he wont let her walk away from him this time............cant wait for the next update.................cont soon.............thanks for the pm

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