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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 16)

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Nice part once again packed with female powerLOLLOL. I like how you have maintained the curiosity element. Is it Maan on door? Will have to wait I guess.

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Lots of thanks and hugs for all the comments! Please keep up with them so that I know how I am doing with the story.

Sliver and blue

Chapter 4: Friends and Foes

Two trains traveling,
Opposing destinations and Tracks,
Coming towards each other
Cataclysmic is our meeting
Fleeting as the moment is,
Yet death is a minor price
For such a joining.

Past (Maan's POV):


Maan watched as she walked away with a lingering last glance. The words to make her stay were right on the tip of his tongue but he held himself back.

Stay back. Please don't leave me.

He quickly shook his head to clear it from these ridiculous thoughts. He couldn't think about her like that.

She is insane. I helped her and she responds by screaming at me instead of being grateful for my help. Any other girl in the situation would have been all over me to say thanks but instead she walks away.

Despite his anger, he couldn't deny the feelings of relief cruising through him. Relief that she was alright and that he had been able to stop those boys.

Maan Singh Khurana was had perfected his control over his emotions until all he felt was the cold relief of control and power. He was never disappointed because he never cared enough to suffer such human emotions. He had purposefully buried the emotions that could cripple him. Even his anger was ice cold and efficient, not hampered by the excessive baggage that others carried.  

However the moment he had seen the boys harassing the girl something in him had snapped. He knew that if they overpowered her, something would be irrevocably lost. He had seen a spark in the girl that he had never seen in anyone else; something he had never known he was searching for, yet he couldn't let them destroy it when it had been found. The anger he felt at seeing them touch her was hard to describe; cold as the ice that burns and hot as fire that melts metal.

Without thinking he had picked up a stick from the ground and had started to beat two of the boys who were slightly separated from her.  At first they had tried to fight back but his immovable anger and strength had frightened them, till they had no way to fight. All through the fight he was dimly aware that this was unlike him, to get so emotionally connected to a stranger but none of that had mattered while he was beating the boys as much as he could. 

"Run now, before I forget that I shouldn't kill you" He had coldly stated to one of boys, the truth ringing in every single word and the boy must have sensed it for he started running like a cowards, triggering his friends to follow.

Maan had been tempted to run after them and finish them off but at the moment she had fallen right into his arms.

He had been with many women before, as they were more than willing to spend time with MSK. Yet the moment with her was more intimate then any night he had spent with anyone else. Her lips which were ever so close to his were like roses blooming as they slowly parted as if answering a question. Her hair flickering across his face smelt of lilacs and strawberries. Doe shaped eyes seemed to be glazed with passion and were enchanting him into a spell. Her body felt like the purest silk on his hands and he wanted to lose himself in touching her. She was temptation personified and at that moment he didn't want to resist. He started to lean towards her when she suddenly jerked and pushed him away. For a few seconds he had tried to hold onto her because the moment was such that he wanted it to continue'maybe forever. But she had moved away from him, breaking the spell of their closeness.

After that he had screamed at her to vent out his frustrations. Her response had definitely dampened his ardor for her. She had responded to his comments like a selfish harpy. Sure he had been angry and maybe he should have tampered down some of the things he had said but she could have at least acknowledged his help.

He consoled himself by acknowledging that she was like most people; selfish and ignorant. Yet a large part of him was whispering that he was in denial and that she was unique. She unlike any other.

Be strong Maan. No girl is worth the hassle, especially one like her.

Trying to distract himself, he picked up his phone and returned his Head Accountant, Adi's call.

"Hi Adi."

"'Sir'sooor..sorry for dis.disturbing you before" Adi managed to stammer out.

"Get to the point Adi. Why did you call before?" Maan was starting to lose patience with Adi, even though he knew the angrier he got the longer it would take Adi to finish his sentences. "Is it important?"

"Samee'Sameera Ji called. She said it very important"

"Ok" Without any extra chit chat Maan ended the call.

Sighing he dialed another number. This was not one call he relished making, yet he was not one to avoid unpleasant situations.

"Hi Sam. It's Maan"

"Finally you called Maan. I've been trying so hard to get in touch with you. I can't believe you left so abruptly, without telling me. I am all alone here and I don't know how to handle all this. Please fix everything. You promised you would." She entreated to him.

Maan couldn't ignore her pleas and he knew that it was his responsibility to fix everything. "Is the story still running in the media?"

"What do you reckon? Delhi loves any gossip about its favorite rich businessman. The story of Maan Singh Khurana's alleged affair won't disappear overnight. They will try to keep it up as long as possible."

"You and I know that's not the truth. Sameera most people who matter know that we are just close friends and have never been anything more."

"But what we know hardly matters any more. People believe what is written in the papers. You aren't the one being called a gold digger or a cheap woman. I am the one going through all that!" Sameera argued.

Maan was losing patience with the whole issue. "Sameera I gave you my word that I'll fix everything and you know that I never break my promises"

"I know but" Sameera tried to protest but Maan cut her off.

"That's enough. I'll fix everything. I have to go, talk to you later"

After abruptly ending the call Maan started to walk back to his hotel room. The whole way he kept on revisiting the nonsensical scandal that had abruptly erupted to create havoc in his life and forced him into a corner. Somehow the media had caught a picture of him hugging Sameera late at night and of her giving him a kiss near his mouth. That would have been easy to get out of but somehow the media had gotten to know that Sam was one of the rare girls who he spent time with. After that the whole "story" blew up. They were calling her everything from his fianc to a gold digger.

Despite all the problems plaguing his life, the last thought he had before going to sleep was not about any of them. Instead it was about a girl with doe shaped eyes that made him wish for things that he never wanted previously. He fell asleep with her face on his mind




"Ms Handa am I boring you? Are we wasting your time?"

Geet jerked to attention and quickly covered her yawn and replied contritely "No Dr Bing."

Dr Bing just raised one eyebrow and sarcastically said "Well if you are free why don't you tell me about this patient."

Geet spent the next 15 minutes getting grilled on all the patient details; from drug doses to the fluid orders. She tried to answer as much as she could but obviously it was never enough for her supervising consultant and tutor.

"Arghhh! Why am I his favorite target? You were standing right next to me and yet he always asks me the questions" Geet grumbled while flicking through some patient files.

Dev just gave a chuckle. "I wasn't the one yawning during the ward rounds. You know as medical students it's our responsibility to show servility to the senior doctors. Surgeons like Dr Bing have the biggest egos and can't stand it when students zone out"

"Come on! Even when I pay attention he still picks on me!"

"I think he loves the way you react to his questions. Anyways just relax! There is no point in telling me any of this. Why are you so tired?"

Geet opened her mouth to tell him about the incident and her DD but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to say anything. Maybe it was because of the guilt she felt in not thanking DD for helping her. Or the fact that Dev would get angry if he knew about her nocturnal activities.

"Just had trouble sleeping" she hedged the question.

 Dev smirked. "Please tell me you aren't PMSing because last time you nearly killed me! Your mood swings are scary."

"Jeez Dev! Is that any way to talk to a girl?"

 "Where's the girl? I only see you in front of me" He kneeled over with laughter after seeing Geet's reaction to his comment.

"You are such an ass at times! I can understand that you would know a lot of about PMS considering the love of your life is constantly in a PMS mood.  Anyways what's happening with the star of your eyes."

"Naina is fine. She's planning to come soon." Seeing the less than pleased expression on Geet's face Dev further added "Please don't get into a fight with her again. I don't know why you guys can't get along. I know Naina can be a bit'hard to take at times but still try for my sake"

"Your pseudo-fianc called me a tramp so I am sorry if I find it difficult to like her" Geet said angrily "You know she is a selfish-"

"GEET! Please remember that she is my future wife. Don't say anything you can't take back" Dev interrupted her, with disappointment coloring his tone and slight anger. While Dev wasn't in love with Naintara nor did he really care about her, he still felt honor bound to defend her.

Seeing the disappointed look on Dev's face she felt guilty. "I am sorry. Really sorry! Come on Dev you know I won't do anything to damage our friendship but that women hates me and I can't stand her either. I know that you guys have an arrangement which was planned at an early age but I find it ridiculous that in this day and age you are getting married to a girl you don't love just because of familial obligations. But still for you I'll make an effort. I won't say anything too harsh to her"

Dev snorted and tried to defend his stance. "Naina and I are at least friends, even though we aren't that close. We try to understand each other to a certain extent. I accept that fact that there won't be any passionate love between us but maybe with time we can at least be fond of each other. You know that the wedding is not going to happen anytime soon. I have to finish this degree and get a decent position before taking the final step.

"I understand Dev. I am sorry!"

 "As a friend I expect you to be less judgmental. It wouldn't hurt for you to make an effort with Naina"

Geet just gave a resigned nod, knowing it was useless to argue and meddle in Dev's personal affairs. She knew that Dev was a true gentleman and he felt guilty when she says anything against Naintara. As difficult as it was, she could understand why he didn't like her to treat Naintara badly.

Still she wanted something more for her friend. She wanted him to experience love, not to compromise his feelings for family and pride.



Maan was sitting in the caf waiting. He knew it was stupid to anticipate for a girl who had screamed at him despite saving her. But Maan still couldn't help himself. Every few minutes he would look towards the door.

This is insanity at its worst. Who waits for a girl in a caf at 2:00 am? Only crazy psychopaths! What has happened to me?

Then she walked in. She was like a tornado waving at Moe, while managing to greet some of the regular customers and even fixing a few chairs along the way. The atmosphere of the room changed with her entrance. While everyone was subdued before, after her coming everyone seemed more awake and the room seemed brighter and alive.

Utter insanity!

While he was looking at her, she glanced at him and held the glance. She had calm and collected look but somehow he got the feeling that she was waiting for some reaction from him. Well Maan Singh Khurana was not going to put up with any smart talking, short girls who didn't know what was good for them, so he just raised an eyebrow and gave a derisive look. She on the other hand didn't react and just walked into the kitchen.

So she won't even talk to me after last night. Who cares! I don't want her to talk to me. It hardly bothers me. She is an unimportant person.

 Maan was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn't realize that she had come to his table. He was so used to her taking his order last, he didn't expect her at all. He only realized that she was there when she gave a discreet cough.

As soon as he look up at her, she shoved something on the table in front of him. It was a big slice of chocolate cake with "THANKS" written on it with icing and Ferrero Rocher chocolates around it on the plate.

As he look back at her in confusion, he noticed her cheeks were tinged pink.

"I am sorry"





Geet looked up and gasped.

"You! What are you doing here?" She screamed in concern. "Are you ok? Why are you by yourself?"

She ran up to the little girl who was at the door. She grabbed her and started to check whether she was hurt. Her heart was thudding, scared that something had happened. That would be unbearable.

The little girl had gorgeous hazel eyes which were at the moment tearing up and a pout which could melt any heart. She put her arms around Geet's neck and clung to her. Geet slowly calmed down and hugged her back. She took a deep breath to take in the unique and beautiful smell that all children have.

"Honey are you ok? Baby tell me what happened? You know you can't wonder alone in the hotel"

 The little girls lips wobbled a bit before she managed to say "Monsters. Mama I am scared!"



New characters. Things are not as they appear!


Authors Note:

Hope all of you guys are liking how the story is going. I tried to write a long update, so enjoy!!





Chapter 5: Rendezvous -Pg 23

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loved it so is the small girl maan n geet's daughter

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OMGeeeez...... Dat little girl is maan nd geet's daughter...... Hainaa..... I want next updation soon plz plz plz.... Dey didn't know each others name nd dey have a daughter great..... Did maan know abt dis....

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lovely update Sanjana......continue soon

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loved the part Smile thx 4 the pm
so the girl maaneets daughter
cont soon plz

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Posted: 18 February 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged that litle girl maaneet's daughter....?????n if yes , does maan knows about her????? continue dying 2 know about all these....

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