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Updating soon...within an hour Big smile

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did somebody say update?Day Dreaming

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fast,,,fast,,,cant wait nymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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THANK YOU ALL!!!! Big smile

You guys are always so patient with me!

Hope you enjoy the update...

WARNING: This update is not for the coy those who feel uncomfortable please glance over certain "scenes"

Sliver and blue

Chapter 17: Falling into your arms

The candle flickers

Feel you around me

We move in sync

And this is love


Eyes filled with passion,

Lips tremble with desire

We let this build to shatter

And this is love



"Adi I want to find out who made those calls as soon as possible. I don't care how you do it or what you need to do but make sure you find out." Maan barked on the phone. He was in the Khurana garden, walking around while he talked Adi.

"Yes'si-sir." Adi stuttered nervously. He was equally shocked and petrified by the cold determination in his boss' voice. He only he heard that when Maan was planning a takeover or when he was bringing down a business adversary. However this time there was a deeper determinations as well as ruthlessness in him.

"And remember that no one can find out that you are investigating." Maan warned. His instincts, as well as logic, told him that the person who betrayed him was someone close to him. There was no other way that they would know about Belle or Geet. "Understand Adi?"


After ending the call Maan sat on one of the stone benches in the garden, closing his eyes as he analyzed the situation in his mind. Surprisingly he felt quite calm now that he understood what had happened. He felt that he had the upper hand and could now make a plan to avenge what had been done. But what he wanted to focus on was winning Geet back. He wanted to believe that once he showed her proof that he had betrayed or abandoned her, she would forgive him. He needed to believe that there was hope for them.

Suddenly Maan felt a pair of tiny hands tugging on his arm. He opened his eyes to face a pair of hazel eyes that were identical to the ones that he continuously searched for. Something tugged at his heart as she saw Meliara sit next to him. Bittersweet emotions hit him; happiness for he felt a genuine connection to this little girl and sadness that she wasn't his.

This could have been my child, my baby. My child would have been the same age'.

Meliara gave him a big smile and brought him out of his reverie with her sweet voice. "Hi Knight!"

"Hi sweetheart. How are you?" He could help smile at the little cherubic face that reminded him of his Geet.

However Mel didn't seem impressed. "Not sweetheart, Mel is princess!" She protested.

This time Maan gave a small laugh and put his arm around her shoulder. "Of course you're a princess but even a Princess can be a sweetheart."

This seemed to please Mel who gave another bright smile at Maan. "Thanks Knight." But then her face was scrunched with concern. "Knight look sad. What happened?"

"No Princess. I am just a bit upset." Maan was touched by her concern.

"Is knight's heartbroken?" Mel asked with a mixture of concern and curiosity. For the last few days she had been watching Bollywood movies with Meera. The only thing Mel understood from them was that the people in the movies liked to dance everywhere and as Meera explained they cried when their hearts were broken. In Mel's mind all the people in India must be like those in the movies and as such there could be only one reason for her Knight's sadness.

Maan was both surprised and amused at her question but couldn't help give her the truth. "Yes darling, someone broke my heart."

"Don't worry! Mama fixes broken hearts. She sews them back." Mel wisely explained. "She'll fix yours."

Maan was amused at the irony as well as the accuracy of Mel's statement. After all Geet was the only one who could fix his broken heart. "What is she doesn't want to fix my heart?"

"She will because Mama is the best. She took the 'the hippo'the hippopotamus promise!" Mel defended. "It means she helps everyone!"

Again Maan laughed. "You mean Hippocratic oath."

"Yeah that! If she doesn't help you than I'll marry you!" Mel staunchly proclaimed.

Maan had gotten many offers from women, but this was the sweetest proposal he ever got. "Thanks Sweetheart, but why would you marry me?"

"Well that's what happens in bolly-movies. They cry and marry. Then cry more. But give me chocolate before we marry! Otherwise Mel marry Seb!"

"Oh no! I have competition!" Maan pretended to look devastated.

Mel's soft heart couldn't bear that, so she again consoled him by saying "It's ok. Knight have bigger house and more chocolate. So I'll marry you!" Then she reached over and patted his cheek.

Maan felt blessed as he felt the little hands touch his cheek. For a second he let himself dream that Mel was his and Geet's child. That he was experiencing the love of father for a child and in turn receiving reciprocal love from his daughter. With emotions brimming within him, he brushed his hands over the top of Mel's head. "Thank you Mel."

Meliara on the other hand had enough of the melancholy. "Come Knight, let's play!" With that she tugged at his hands. "I want to play with my new toys!"

Maan didn't have the heart to refuse the little girl, so he let her drag him inside the house. All the while he listened to her chattering, with a patience he never knew he had.

"Knight has to see my drawing!" Mel was demanding as they were about to walk into the formal lounge in the mansion. But Mel froze as she saw someone in the room and Maan's eyes lifted to see what had surprised her.

Right before his eyes Geet, who had been in the room, jumped into a man's arms and embraced him. Her arms were around the man's neck while the stranger had his around her waist. It was apparent from both their faces that they were ecstatic to see each other.

And then she gave the man a kiss on the cheek before she proceeded to scream with excitement. "OH MY GOD! Seb when did you come?"

Maan felt like he was being stabbed. It felt like he was on fire as rage burned through him. The ugly head of jealousy reared its head as he watched another man touch HIS Geet.



With fury running through his veins, Iman dragged Belle out of the ballroom. The images of that man touching Belle flashed through his mind. It took all his will power to not turn around and punch the living lights out of that creep.

But he vented his anger out by getting away with Belle. She was what mattered and he would make sure that she knew that. He wouldn't let any perverted men near her ever again!

Belle on the other hand was confused and a bit worried by Iman's actions. She had no idea what was going through his head because he usually is so cold headed and collected. She didn't expect him to lose his temper with such a minor incident. She could practically feel the anger radiating of him and it hurt her to see him like this. She didn't want to be the cause of his pain. Before she could stop him, Iman had taken her through a pair of French doors into a courtyard.

The courtyard was breathtakingly beautiful. There were small lamps scattered around the floor, illuminating the area. A marble fountain was in centre, surrounded by plants with spectrum of colors. Belle watched the water in the fountain ripple across their reflection before settling down to show the anger that was still prominent on Iman's face.

As she turned around to face him, she was shaken at the deep emotions apparent in his eyes. They were filled with love, anger and unrelenting possession.

"Iman what was that all about? Why-"

Before she could continue he grabbed her shoulders tightly and pulled her roughly against him until their bodies were meshed together. Instinctively Belle tried to pull away but Iman wouldn't let that happen. His grip tightened and forced her eyes to meet his. He wasn't willing to let her hide away from him.

"Why did you dance with him? I can't bear to see you with anyone else. I'll break anyone who even dares to look at you that way, let alone touch you!" Iman saw that Belle dipped her head low and was shaking. He immediately felt remorseful and tried to explain how he felt more gently. "Belle I am not silly enough to blame you. I know how you think and that you are an open book. You have no hidden agendas. I know you! But it's other people who I don't trust.  That ******* was checking you out right in front of me!" He could still feel her body shuddering and something ripped through him as he couldn't accept the fact that he was giving her pain. "Belle are you okay? I am sorry if I hurt you." He slowly lifted her face, ready to console her.

But to his immense surprise instead of seeing a sad or tear stained face, Belle was trying to control her laughter. Seeing the confusion and remnants of anger on his face she couldn't control herself and burst out into peals of laughter.

She is laughing at me? I have made grown men cry with just a glare, women faint when they see me angry and even my family know to back away when I am enraged. The moment I enter my office, all my employees make sure that everything is meticulously done to ensure that I don't get angry. The whole world withers from my rage. Yet this girl is laughing at my face!

"BELLE! What is so funny? I am deadly serious!" Iman bellowed in her face, while his anger was again building at her nonchalant attitude to his concerns. "Why the hell are you laughing?"

"Your face'.is'.all red'.and your eyes'.are huge!" She gasped out between bursts of laughter. "Iman' are'.so'..cute!"

"WHAT! I AM NOT CUTE! NEVER CALL ME THAT!" He screamed in her face, not believing her audacity. No one called him cute, absolutely no one!

Instead of getting scared, Belle started to laugh even more. "How can I not laugh? You were like'the Terminator! I'll enjoy every second of pulverizing you." She said with a deeper tone, attempting to mimic him before she continued on laughing. "I swear males of all species are the same, whether it's a man or dog. You might as well piss on me to mark your territory!"

Belle was pulling Iman's leg, trying to get him to laugh but of course he didn't look at it like that. "DOG? PISS ON YOU? Here I am angry that someone is trying to take advantage of you and you're laughing at me! I can't believe this! " He was incensed beyond belief.

From when Belle was a kid she always reacted to peoples anger or annoyance in the worst possible manner; she would always aggravate the situation. She would needle and annoy the person until they would have to get over their anger. "You don't need to protect me, I can look after myself. That guy wouldn't have been able to do anything to me. Why are you so angry? I am the one who should be upset because I didn't get to finish my dance." She gave a fake pout, trying to show that she was upset.

With such agility, that Belle didn't even realize what was happening or how, Iman had her hands trapped behind her back. He pressed her against himself, so that she was on her toes with their chests pressed against each other and faces inches away.

"You wish to dance?" His deep husky voice sent shivers down her spine. "Fine we will dance." Without any warning, Iman dipped her body. His lips brushed against her neck with a feather light touch. For the first time Belle felt her confidence ebb away; not from fear but from apprehension. It was apprehension about the feelings cruising through her and the desire that was burning her body. Just with one action he could cause her to melt. Belle felt droplets of rain hit her body but her mind was filled with the man who held her to pay attention.

He lifted her up again and twirled her around. Belle felt like a puppet at his mercy. He drew her back against him. His large hands splayed across her waist, caused her heart to flutter and her breathing was erratic. In a demanding tone he proclaimed "Only I have the right to dance with you."

He twirled her around again so that her back was pressed to his chest.  Slowly his fingers traced a path along her arms and shoulder before pulling her hair aside. He whispered to her "Only I am allowed to touch you like this." The rain was increasing its intensity, as was the pace of their passion.

She tried to move away but his hands were like manacles that pulled her, so that she crashed against him. The look on his eyes was enough to melt a stone; it was filled with love, passion and desire. His gaze drifted down to her lips and she was conscious of a lone raindrop on them.

Iman looked at the Goddess in front of him She was soaked from the rain and there were droplets glistening all over her. Her chest heaved with the exertion of breathing. The white dress was soaked and didn't leave anything to imagination. He could see her every curve and contour. They beckoned for his touch.

Iman could not contain himself as he saw the raindrop and his tongue lashed out to taste it from her lips. The surprised gasp that was released from her lips blew against his face. That was all it took for him to forget everything and with a groan he hauled his lips against hers. He wanted to drown in the sweetness of her mouth and lose himself in her. He kissed her with bruising intensity and it didn't stop there. Initially Belle had been too surprised to react but as his lips overpowered her she couldn't stop herself from responding back.  She kissed him back to show him her corresponding emotions, to show that he belonged to her as much as she to him. His hands travelled along body, touching and scorching her everywhere. They pulled the sleeves of her dress away and dipped lower to touch her skin. She didn't know how to stop him and she didn't want to stop.


His lips left hers only to drag down to the side of her neck. Belle moaned as she felt him bite her there. She grabbed onto his hair and pulled him closer.


The sound of thunder jerked them out of their passionate moment. They pulled apart and stared at each other. Both were breathing hard and flushed with desire. Iman looked at her plump lips, which were bruised from their kiss, were slightly parted as her passion glazed eyes stared back at him. Guilt tore through him as he saw her disheveled state but he felt angry pride as he saw the mark he had left on her neck. Chauvinistic as it was, he couldn't control it. But still he regretted the way he had treated her.

He took of his dinner jacket and put it around her. Look at her with remorse, he blurted out. "I am sorry. That was unconscionable of me. I should have-"

But she gently stopped him. "Don't say sorry. That was beautiful."

He could help but he amazed at her generosity and love. "Thanks." He took her hand and gently took her back inside the building.

Silently he walked them to the elevator. At her inquisitive look he explained to her "I have a room here. We can go there so you can get dry. Otherwise you'll catch a cold." He hoped that she didn't take his comment the wrong way. He would never force her into anything and he was relieved by the small nod she gave in acquiesce. As they got off the elevator he led her to his room.

Belle stood awkwardly in Iman's hotel room. She felt very self-conscious and shy standing here with him. After all she had never been in a situation like this. She watched silently as he took out a t-shirt and boxers for her.

"Here take this...wear this for now and I'll see what I can get you."  He said, while trying to avert his eyes from her alluring body.

Belle had noticed the way he was trying to not look at her and that made her love him even more. She gave a small smile and took the clothes. I trust him..I know he won't do anything I don't want. She got on her tip-toes and pressed her lips hard against his.

For Iman that was the last straw, he couldn't hold back. This kiss wasn't as aggressive as the courtyard one but more insistent and desperate. He kissed her to show how much he loved her and what she meant. They both melded together, needing to be as close as possible.

While he was kissing her his hand moved to her back and started to unzip her dress. Once he had the dress open to her waist he unclipped her bra and proceeded to explore her back. Her skin felt like the softest silk, tantalizingly perfect beneath his hands. The other hand grabbed on to her sleeve and pulled it down.

But reluctantly he pulled away from her. In a voice that was husky with desire he pleaded to her. "Please Belle'if you don't want this stop now'.Otherwise I won't be able to control myself'I can wait forever for you'there is no rush. "

Belle could feel her whole body flush as she stood in front of him, with her dress threatening to fall down and her hair falling over her shoulders. She couldn't look at him as she steadied herself to say what she needed to.

"Iman." She managed to whisper. "Iman...have you ever ached for something so badly that it was all you could think about...something that your whole soul desire...desire so strong that it made your heart beat forceful that you were scared at the intensity of that craving.  I want something like that and only you are the one who can give me that. I want you." She saw the pure delight that spread across his face and rushed on before he reached for her. "But you know that I've never been with anyone before..I..I don't know...don't know whether I'll be any I don't want you to be disappointed."

She tried to look down at the floor in embarrassment but with tenderness he lifted her chin and forced her to look at him. "Belle you are perfect. Every moment with you is perfect and just being with you is bliss. So this is a first for me as well. After all I've never made love to you'I've never made love to anyone. No one before this moment counts."

Any possible doubts Belle may have had fled at that. She felt humbled and loved at his tenderness. She put her hands around her neck and this time kissed with a conviction filled with love. Still kissing her, Iman lifted her up, putting her legs around his waist and carried her to the king size bed.

He laid her down and was on top of her. He stared at her face for a second before he took off his shirt. He watched as her eyes widened as she stared at his body and tentatively she brushed her hands across his torso. Iman closed his eyes at her blissful touch before pulled her dress off. He was in awe of the angel beneath him; her bare skin glowed in the night light and her hair was spread across the pillows.  He saw the shyness and embarrassment she felt in her glance but instead of covering herself with her hands she pulled him close to her. He gave a sound that was a mixture of a growl and moan, and proceeded to kiss her everywhere he could.

Belle couldn't think as she felt Iman's lips and hands touch her whole body. And then there was a moment of blinding pain. But that went away almost as soon as it came and she was left with only pleasure as he moved over her. This pleasure he gave was almost unbearable and painful in its beauty. She could hardly breathe at what he was building within her and when the pleasure culminated she could only manage to gasp out "Iman!"

But for a second Iman could swear he heard her say "Maan."  We will always be together...I'll he hers and she will be mine. That was his last thought as he finally fell over the edge with her.





Thanks to all my readers for you support! I loved all the comments!
This is going to be one of the last updates for Iman and Belle...soon its going to be all Maaneet! LOL
Sorry guys but this will PROBABLY be the last update before my exam...I really need to study...

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button!!


Chapter 18: Left...gone..away - Pg 1


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