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MG FF: Limitless - Thread 1- (Page 12)

VirIka4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
Interesting story line ... Can you please add me to your PM list ... Please and thank you :)

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Thanks again for the lovely comments.
I'll try to post something either tomorrow or the weekend Tongue
nazsij Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 4:19am | IP Logged
pls muje bhi pm kardena.tomorrow hi update karna pls.muje ye story bilkul different legi.geet ki night savari,job,maan ka chup chup ke dekna,use milne keliye shop me jaana,naam bhi nehi patha phir bhi pyaar karna,etc,etc sub kuch acha lega.

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement. This chapter has some swear words, so if you feel uncomfortable just glance over them.

Sliver and blue

Chapter 3: Arrogance in shining armor


"Hey George Clooney I am done! I loaded the dishwasher and took out the garbage. So it is home time!"

"George Clooney my foot! I am far more handsome than him" Moe replied to Geet with a chuckle.

"You don't even know to appreciate a proper compliment" Geet said with mock consternation. "Anyways I better head off. Don't want to be late for the best part of my day. SLEEP TIME! Don't miss me too much."

"See you later Audrey. Get home safely alright. No taking to strangers and don't walk through dark alleys" It was said in a light manner, but Geet could hear the underlying concern in Moe's voice.

"You know I need a good walk to burn away all the calories I eat here" Geet couldn't resist giving Moe a last hug, before she started to leave. "Thanks Moe"

As she hurried out of the caf she grabbed a last glimpse of her DD. As usual he seemed to be in his own world, reading some papers.

Does he even know I exist? I am probably just a pesky waitress to him, who makes calf eyes at him.

Geet laughed at her thoughts. She wasn't really upset by DD's apparent lack of interest in her. She only had a crush on him, with absolutely no expectations, just like the way she liked various actors. He was nice to look at and a cute distraction. In fact that's the way she preferred it because Geet had no interest in a serious relationship.

Her Grandfather or Darji as she calls him was very old fashioned despite living in Melbourne with them. He had wanted her to get married when she turned 20 but Geet's parents had supported her regardless of the slight rift it had created with Darji.

 It wasn't that she didn't believe in love, after all she grew up experiencing how deeply her parents loved each other but she had other plans for her life. Geet had always dreamt of doing something worthwhile and her father had encouraged her. From a young age she had a hunger for knowledge and education. Slowly these dreams took a more solid form in her desire to become a doctor. She knew that if she got married a lot these dreams she had would become impossible. She didn't want to look back on life and wonder what she could have achieved. Instead she wanted to live to the fullest and enjoy every moment of her life.

With headphones in her ear listening to music and lost in her deep thoughts, Geet didn't pay any attention to her surroundings.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her and her headphones were pulled from her ears.

"Hey sexy! We were shouting for a while. Wanna come with us tonight?"

There were three guys surrounding her. They couldn't be older than her and seemed to be quite drunk.

"We can show you what real men do! Something you will never forget." one of the guys said with a leer.

The normal response to such a situation would be fear or at least some caution. However Geet Handa could hardly be classified as an average or normal girl. Thus her response to these guys was also different; she burst out laughing. She was amused by the sheer stupidity of these young boys and their efforts of trying to intimidate her.

It would be an understatement to say that the boys weren't too happy with her laughter. Their egos were bruised because they didn't think that the petite girl would laugh right at their faces and it was an insult to their masculinity.

"Yo b****! I'll give you something to laugh at!" Two of the boys reached towards her but Geet was faster than them. She elbowed one of them in the stomach and the other one she kicked in the shins.

The third guy however was able to grab onto her neck and he pushed her against one of the buildings. "I'll show you were you belong, you s***!" While saying this he pushed his knee between her legs, making his intent quite clear.

Geet was no longer amused, she was seething with uncontrollable rage. Logically she knew that it would be best to run away from the scene as it was three against her, but she was so angry that she it was impossible for her to leave. Through her line of work she knew the consequences of rape were horrendous and unforgivable. To physically empower someone physically weaker in order to show dominance was despicable and provoked a deep revulsion in her. However Geet was not physically weak and would prove to them that they couldn't get away with their actions.

She spat in the guy's face and screamed "I know where you belong! In the bloody gutter, you trashbag!" and she kneed him in his groin. While the guy was screaming in pain she cuffed him over both his ears, knowing that it would disorientate him.

She then proceeded to punch the other man who had come near her. He pushed her against the wall again but this time she gave an upper cut and had him pushed back. She lashed out again with her legs, caught him in the knee and caused him to fall on the ground. She was too caught up in the moment to wonder about the third thug, only noticing him when he started to scream and run away from the scene. Then suddenly the two other guys got up and followed him.

Geet was so exhilarated and empowered from fighting the cowards that she didn't question why they were running away.

"That's right you cowards! Run away like little kids! Stay at home losers!" She shouted after them. With a smile of victory she turned away from them and suddenly her nose bumped into something. She automatically took a step back but tripped. She closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable pain of landing on her back but it never came. Instead she could feel strong arms hold her and the heat from someone's body around her.

Slowly she opened her eyes to look in to a pair of smoldering but familiar ones. She was lost in their intensity and the depth they conveyed. His lips were nearly grazing hers and their breaths mingled in the small space between. Geet was intoxicated by the blend of cologne, musk and a fragrance that was unique to him. She could feel it sweep into her very being.

Her T-shirt had ridden up, so she could feel his hands touch her bare waist, causing her to breathe deeply. She could feel the blood pounding in her ears and her heart pounding. It felt like her whole body was on fire and yet it was a moment of absolute calmness. Despite standing so close to him, a part of her wanted to close the distance even more. Unknowingly she parted her lips slightly, unconscious of the invitation it presented. She could feel his grip on her tighten, almost painfully.

 Geet had no idea how long she was in his arms or how long she would have stayed there if she had not been broken out of her reverie by flickering of the street lamp.

Geet what are you doing? You just got attacked by some thugs and now you are in a stranger's arms? You know nothing about him.

She quickly pushed away from him, though it was difficult because for a second it seemed that he wasn't willing to let go of the grip on her. But it was probably her imagination, Geet tried to reason with herself. At a quick glance she saw that he had a bruise forming on his face and that there was a long stick next to him on the ground. That told her all that she needed to know; he had helped her and was the probable cause of the boys running away.

They stood awkwardly in front of each other, not knowing what to say. Geet was staring hard at the building behind DD, scared to fall into his eyes again. Still she could feel him giving her a penetrating look, causing the hair on her neck to rise and a hitch in her breathing.

Geet this is ridiculous. Thank the man for helping you.

But as soon as she opened her mouth, she was interrupted by him.

"Are you crazy? Why are you walking in this alley and why didn't you run when you had the chance?" He screamed at her. "What is your problem? Do you have a death wish?

All the feelings of gratitude Geet had been feeling for DD disappeared in that moment.

What does this man think of himself? Is this any way of talking to another person? Doesn't he have an social etiquette?

"What on earth is your problem? Did I tell you to help me? Who are you to lecture me on what I should do?" Geet lashed out.

Everything that Geet said seemed to make him angrier. His eyes had gone cold and there was a sudden ruthlessness in them "WHAT!? I help you and this is the thanks I get? I should have let them do whatever they wanted with you" This time he wasn't screaming but was deadly calm which seemed to be worse.

"Excuse me! I had the situation under control. I didn't need your help."

Just then his phone rang and he took the call. He addressed someone called Adi but Geet didn't pay attention. Instead she used the opportunity to quickly walk away. She didn't want to put up with his comments any more.

No one is ever what they appear. I thought DD would be the handsome and dashing hero, instead he turned out to be an arrogant chauvinist.

Just as she was turning around the corner of the street she gave a glance back and saw that he was staring right at her. There was a challenge in his eyes, as if daring her to turn back to him but Geet had enough. She averted her gaze and kept walking.

However the whole walk back she could only think of the pair of eyes which seemed to stare right into her very core.




Geet rushed around her hotel room, trying to pack everything into her suitcase. She couldn't stay here another minute. She needed to get far away from him; she couldn't abide to breathe the same air as him.

At least be honest to yourself Geet. You are scared that you won't be able to resist him, just like last time. You are scared that you are going to be pulled back to him by the thread of connection that still exists between you two.

NO! The only thread of connection that exists between us is of hatred. I can't tolerate to be with the person who took away my whole life. All that I loved was snatched away from me.

With all these contradicting thoughts flowing around her mind, she tried to concentrate on what she had to do. Did she really want to run away? Geet Handa was never a coward and it wasn't in her to run away from any situation, regardless of how difficult or painful.

She sat on the bed, curling up into a ball and pressing her knuckles against her eyes. After all these years it was difficult to comprehend the situation she was in. However she refused to cry for him, she had stopped that a long time ago and would never go down that pit of depression again. She tried to block everything out. Tried to relax and think logically.

However that was not to be, because suddenly the door sprung open. Geet looked up and gasped.

"You! What are you doing here?!"



Apologies and understanding

Authors Note:

I really believe in female power, so I showed Geet as a strong and brave woman able to fight her own battles (which she is like in the show as well).

Please comment and press the like button Big smile


Chapter 4: Friends and Foes - Pg 17

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great part.
love it.

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i really loved it that geet defended herself................
the precap i think its from past and not the present..............
thanks for the pm

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great part.......................waiting eagerly for their meeting

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Loved it....... Awesome part......

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