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Originally posted by tazzo

6 pages? already? phir toh jaldi hi update mil jayega!!  Party waiting!!!

abt the maha epi, me too is bhery bhery excited! i cant wait for today's epi either! so much anticipation esp after the article got published abt their consumating their marriage! phew! too much for my nerves! Tongue...Embarrassed nor can i wait anymore for ur update, toh plz plz plz aj hi update karneki koushish karna, plz plz pretty plz? *they should have a smiley for innocent puppy face so that i cud put it in my comment, right here* LOL

Update coming up in few moments!!!Big smile

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waiting for the update...Day Dreaming

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Hello my lovely reader!!! Here is the latest's extra long just to show how much I appreciate all of you!!LOL

Hope you all enjoy!!

Sliver and blue

Chapter 15: Emergency calls'911

Round and round

I watch the world spin

Horses and cars

I am part of the crowd


Colors bright and flashy

Everything blurs

Yet I see you,

For you are imprinted in me




Even though it was late night, or early morning the lights were glaringly bright and the sound of people enjoying was overwhelming. Everywhere Iman looked there were bright colors and flashing lights. He had never seen the city like this before, at least not this late at night.

But nothing could shine brighter than the woman next to him. He could use words like beautiful, ethereal and effervescent to describe her, but they would be inadequate. All he knew was that she was all he could ever want and more. He could never get enough of her and that scared him. He wasn't used to perfect moments, yet the last few months for him had been dreamlike in its immaculate perfection. Especially the last month, after they had both expressed their love. They had intertwined with each other to the extent that life before her felt colorless and worthless. Every night they would meet and during the day they would call each other on their special phones. For the first time in his life he was scared; fearful of the fragility of such happiness and of losing this person who had become the focus of his life.

He had forgotten the whole world in the aim of being with her. To this date Dadimaa and Dev were unaware of where he was. Even though he was in the same city as Dev, he hadn't contacted him. He just wanted to forget about his responsibilities and problems. He wanted to be Iman instead of Maan.

"Iman I really want to go on the flying carpet!" Belle was so excited that she was making small jumps on the same spot. "Please!"

It had been like this the moment they had entered the fairgrounds, Belle jumping onto different rides and wanting to try everything. Belle had told Iman that there was a special night fair happening and had dragged him here. He hadn't expected this though; stalls everywhere and different rides trying to entice people.

"Belle how many rides do you want to go to?" Iman asked, trying to tease her. "I thought all girls were frightened of the scary rides. Maybe you should go on the merry-go-round instead. Most of the people, as in the kids, there are your height. So you will fit right in."

Instead of looking angry, Belle had an evil smile on her face, which automatically made Iman apprehensive because he could see that she was going to say something to annoy him. "Really? That would make you a paedo-"

"Don't say it!"

"Pedophile!" Belle finished while laughing her heart out at Iman's enraged expression. "Tsk tsk'really disgusting Iman, lusting after a young kid like me!"

"BELLE!" Iman was slightly embarrassed as well as angry at her outrageous comment. "Fine then I should just walk away before I am labeled something this'this rephrensible."

Before he could walk away, Belle grabbed him in a side hug and rested her head against his shoulder. "Come on Iman, don't get upset. I was just joking." Despite this he was ignoring her, looking away from her. "Alright have some of my fairy-floss."

"Are you sure you want to share Belle? Last time I tried to take food from you, you bit me."

Belle gave a small smile and nodded while bringing forth the stick of fairyfloss. Instead of grabbing the fairyfloss, Iman leaned over her causing her heart rate to sky rocket. His eyes bore into her and his hands delicately pushed the hair away from her face. As her eyes started to flutter, his lips brushed over hers and before she knew it he bit her lower lip. As she let out a surprised gasp his mouth attacked hers with a ferocity that was exhilarating. She forgot that they were in a fair surrounded by people. All she could focus on was the way she felt in his arms. His tongue gently licked her upper lip before he pulled away from her.

Both just stared at each other for a while, panting and flushed. Slowly a triumphant grin spread across Iman's face. "Well the fairyfloss was really ...hmmm.. .delicious. ..mouthwatering." He watched as beautiful blush spread across Belle's face and her eyes dropped. He reached over again, one hand around her waist to bring her closer and the other sliding gently across her cheeks to trace the color that had spread across them. "After all the...moments we have had you're still shy. I wonder what I'll need to do to get rid of that." With a sly grin that made his intentions clear, he leaned towards her again.

But Belle wasn't having any of that. "Iman this is a public place, people will stare." He just raised an eyebrow at her comment, clearly showing that he couldn't care less. "I am..I am not used to such public displays...let's just go over to one of the shooting games."

"Alright. But if I can win something for you than I'll get that kiss..and if you win you can get whatever you want."

"But I-" Belle tried to warn him but he wouldn't listen.

"Fair is fair Belle." With that he dragged her over to the stall.

Iman managed to shoot the 2 tins out of 3, winning a teddy bear for Belle. Belle just watched as another smirk spread across his face.

"So it's time for the kiss." He gave a heated look at her, ready to pull her close to him despite the fact that the stall keeper was watching.

"Wait a moment. I still haven't take my turn"

Iman just shrugged, not looking concerned at all.

Belle managed to keep a blankface but inside she was laughing. Iman watched in shock as Belle managed to shot the all 3 tins of the shelf without any difficulty.

"How on earth did you manage that?" Iman demanded.

"I have had perfect hand eye co-ordination since I was a little kid." Belle looked at Iman's bemused expression and gave a massive grin. "Not so cocky anymore. Now it's time to collect my reward." Without any preamble she reached over and gave a quick peck on Iman's lips before bursting out laughing.




Naintara was trying to take in all that she had seen in the study. Naina had wanted to talk to Maan about something when she had heard all the shouting from the room. She couldn't help but eavesdrop on the whole conversation between Maan, Meera and Dev. To say that she was shocked would be an understatement. She tried to clear her head but it was filled with disbelief and confusion. She couldn't believe that Maan bhai was the one who had gotten Geet pregnant. The man she had respected as much any of her elders and the one she had always gone to for advice was the one who had created all the chaos in Geet's life.

Naina had grown up with the Khurana boys as their families had been friends for many generations. The Rathod and Khurana families were the elites in India. While the Khurana's were the richer family after Maan had expanded the business, the Rathods were still obscenely wealthy.

Khurana mansion had always been her second home and Savitri Devi had always considered her as a granddaughter. Even Gauri Khurana, Dev and Maan's mother had considered her a part of the family. This was apparent in her last wish to have Naintara marry Dev so that she could always be close to them. This had made things difficult for Naina because she had never been particularly close to Dev. Maan was the one who she looked up to as an older brother and he had looked after her from the time she was little.

Dev and her had become close friends over the last few years, after she had joined in with this friendship group. Even then she knew that she could never love him, but duty and responsibility were words drilled into every Rathod. Her only regret was that neither Dev nor her could experience the beauty of love but she consoled herself that life with a friend was not so bad and much better than what others had.

And then there was Vicky, the youngest Khurana. He was a year younger than her and was the rebel in the family. He was the one who took a random trip to Tanzania or a retreat to Paris with one of his girlfriends. He was indulged and pampered by everyone except Maan who always found his blaise attitude frustrating.

Finally Virender Singh Khurana, the Khurana boys' father. A mixture of disgust and sadness always hit Naina whenever she thought of the man. Disgust because of the reprehensible human being he was and sadness because of the pain he had caused his whole family. Virender had multiple affairs during his marriage, cumulating to a messy separation with Gauri after he had brought one of the women into the Khurana mansion. Savitri Devi wasn't one to tolerate or endure such actions, and as such had disowned him, instead had taken over the Khurana business herself with the help of her daughter-in-law Gauri. Virender had left for Canada, not even contacting his family when Gauri had been diagnosed with breast cancer nor at her death.

Naintara kept on thinking about all that the Khurana family had to endure and she couldn't let this go on. The look on Maan Bhai's face had confirmed to her that there was something deeper going on, she knew that he wasn't the type to leave a girl pregnant or to break her heart. She instinctively knew that Maan still loved Geet, otherwise he would not be in such pain.

 Something needed to be done to fix things and there was one person who could help her. She knew that Dev was too emotionally attached to the both Maan and Geet to help, while Meera was too angry when it came to Maan. While the person she called would also be biased, she knew that he would do anything for Geet.

While she was making the call another thing hit her. She had seen the way Meera and Dev had clung onto each other. She tried to convince herself that there wasn't anything, after all they had been friends for years now. However a part of her was feeling that she was blinded to something happening under her eyes.


Geet woke up to a pounding headache and only vague recollections of the previous night. Images of Maan and even Meera flashed through her mind but she couldn't put them together. She could also recollect thinking about her baby, but even that was blurry. Her headache made it too difficult to analyze what had happened. It felt like a bad dream and one which her mind was trying to block off.


It took a moment for Geet to realize what had woken her up; someone was knocking on the door. Before she could ask who it was the connecting door swung open, revealing Meera.

Meera was quite anxious about the way Geet would react to last night's incident. She didn't want Geet to breakdown emotionally, though a part of her felt that it may have been needed. However she wasn't going to be the one to rock the boat and make Geet face up to the past. So she decided to act as if nothing had happened.

"Morning Geet! Did you sleep well?" Meera asked in a falsely cheerful voice, which Geet didn't notice as she was too preoccupied with her muddled thoughts. "I can see that our baby girl is still asleep. Might as well let her get a bit more of a rest, after all it's been difficult for her to adjust to Indian time."

"Yeah." Geet answered in a distracted manner before she directed a question at Meera. "Meer did anyone come to my room last night? I can't really remember what happened but I feel as if someone did come."

"No, I am pretty sure that no one came. I definitely didn't hear anyone." Meera lied quickly. Please Geet forgive me for lying! I am doing it for you.

"Ok." Geet didn't want to elaborate on why she was questioning Meera, but at the back of her mind she still had some doubts. "Oh why are you dressed Meer? Are you going out?"

"I have to meet someone. It's important." Meer said without elaborating any further. She didn't want to make Geet suspicious of who she was meeting. "I'll come back in a couple of hours and then we can go to Dev's house. Naintara called in the morning apparently she has something important to tell us."

"Naina has something to tell us?" Geet asked, confused. "I wonder what it's about." Meera just shrugged, not wanting to linger on the topic.

After a few minutes of general talk, Meera left, leaving Geet to tackle her thoughts.

Why do I feel that he was here? But if he was Meera would realize. Was I dreaming about him? Maybe all this is due to stress. I need to do something.

She turned around to look at Meliara who was still sleeping. A sigh rose within her, making her wish that she could go back to being a child again and not have all these worries plague her. Looking at Meliara also made her scared of losing her. Geet knew that after losing so many people, if Mel was taken from her she wouldn't survive. After seeing Maan and the dreams about her child made her more protective over Mel. She would do anything that was required to keep Mel with her.

So she called up the one person she could rely on for this situation.


"Hi'*yawn*'mum let ..*yawn* 'me sleep" a groggy and sleep filled voice replied to Geet's greeting.

Despite all the worries plaguing her, Geet couldn't help but laugh at this. "I am not your mom!"

 "Umm'hi..*yawn*'.who is '*yawn*'this?"

"It's me, Geet!"

"Get? What ..*yawn* do you *yawn* want me to get?" The voice sounded quite confused, further amusing Geet.

"Loser it's me, GEET!"

"Geet? Oh shit, Geet. Dude why you calling me so late or early I should say'.*yawn*' I was having this lovely dream. It was about this smoking hot blonde and you wouldn't believe what she was doing to-"

"Jeez get your mind out of the gutter! I am calling about a serious matter."

The person on the phone understood that Geet was being serious and this shook away the remnants of his sleep. "Geet what happened? Are you alright? Is Mel okay?"

" Yeah I am fine and so is Mel. I..I am just worried about Mel and'well you know what I am worried about. So I gave another thought to what you said and'I agree. It seems like the best option."

"Are you sure?" Shock and confusion were even more prominent in the speaker's voice now. "It's a major decision. What made you suddenly change your mind?"

"I just have a bad feeling that things are going to change and I don't want to lose Meliara. I can't risk that at any cost. Plus you are'one of the few people I trust. This is hardly the worst decision." Suddenly a thought hit Geet. "Oh are you sure about this? I know that you offered this before, but you can always back out. I don't want to force-"

"Shut up! Of course I don't want to back out. You and Mel mean the world to me. There is no one else more important."

This reassured Geet, even though at the back of mind anxiety was building up. She was still worried for all of them because this decision was life changing. She didn't want to destroy any of their lives. But she couldn't back out now.



They were sitting down on the grass, facing towards the lake. They had a grand view, yet they were further away from all the families and couples who were waiting for the fireworks as well. Despite all the people around them, it was as if they were by themselves because they couldn't let anyone intrude. Their hands were intertwined, as they just relaxed in the moment.

"Iman I have an idea." Belle said, brimming with enthusiasm and excitement. Iman just rolled his eyes, used to her random and slightly crazy plans. He sometimes wondered where she comes up with them but had given up trying to stop her. "There is a masquerade ball happening at the Winden few days later. It'll be great fun."

Iman's eyes widened as he realized that this was the same ball that was happening at his hotel and one that he had already been invited to. "No Belle, it's going to be boring."

"Please! Pretty please with sugar and cheery on top!" Belle pleaded. "It'll be great fun. We can dress up and dance!" Seeing the disapproving look on Iman's face Belle changed tactics. "Fine. You are so boring and'and old! You are like a 90 year old man, who can't move around."

Iman just gave a sigh, used to her dramatics. "Fine Belle we can go. Just stop being a drama queen."

Belle gave a laugh and said "Thanks Iman."  She didn't want to add anything else because she was scared that he would change his mind.

For a few minutes they just stayed silent but as usual it didn't last long. "Iman, will we always be like this?" Belle asked as she leaned against his chest, this time her voice serious. For Belle being in his arms was a beautiful feeling; both comforting and addictive.

"Belle I don't know whether everything will stay the same. But I can tell you that I'll always..ALWAYS feel this way about you. I know that I'll never get enough of you. You are too much for me to endure, yet anything less would make me empty. If every moment of my life is spent with you, I would still hunger to be with you more because I can never have my fill of you."  He gave small kisses on her neck and just took in her seductive scent.

His lips were creating havoc to Geet's breathing. Ever brush cause her breaths to become shallower and her hands to clench. "Iman'fireworks." She managed to gasp out, trying to control the desire that he managed to bring out in her.

But Iman couldn't care less about the fireworks. Instead he pushed her gently down on the grass, so that she was laid down beneath him. Both didn't pay any attention to the fireworks that exploded around them, instead just lost themselves within each other. Their lips fused together, unwilling to part for even a second and their hands explored the contours of each other's body. The cold that surrounded them melted as they heated up each other. There was such desperation in the kiss, as if this moment was going to break any time and was to be savored.



Maan was engulfed in a rage that was horrifying in its intensity. His muscles were tensed, as if ready to go into battle to destroy any adversary. He looked at the text messages and the photos that Meera had managed to bring to him and allowed the anger to take over.

The text messages were obscene in the image they were trying to create of him.

Stop bothering me.

Get a life'stop stalking me.

Can't you take a hint..I don't want to talk to you!

Back off, I've had enough of you.

And the picture was one that had already created many difficulties for him. It was of Sameera and him hugging each other. The way the picture was taken, it looked as if they were kissing. It was the same picture that had been splashed across the media many years ago, the same time he had met Geet.

All the text messages were sent from the pre-paid phone that he had used exclusively to talk to Belle and the same phone had been lost for a while when he had come back to Delhi. The photo was sent from another number and he latched on to that. IT was the only way he could trace back who had the audacity to do this to his Belle..his Geet.

And then he would teach them a lesson that would make them wish they were in hell instead.



-Masquerade ballEmbarrassed

-Moving to the Khurana mansion


Firstly thank you all for the LOVELY comments!! I truly enjoy reading them and replying to them.

Ok the phone that Iman and Belle use to talk are pre-paid ones that they use for each other only. That is the phone that Geet tried to call after Maan went back to Delhi.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed that!!

Ok question time

1. Who did Geet call? Who did Naintara call?

2. What do you think Belle will dress up as in the ball?

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button.  Motivation in its best form!!


Chapter 16: Persephone's capture - 112


PS: I have exams in a updates aren't going to be frequent...really sorry...but medical school exams are quite study and studyConfused

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thanks for the update !!!!

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Awesome update
loved it loadzz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Amazing update. I knew it was going to be Sameera that created this huge mess! I hope she gets what she deserves. As for all the mysterious phone calls I'm totally clueless and rather than racking my brain pointlessly I will much more enjoy it when you reveal in your update! The precap has me intrigued are Geet & Mel moving to the mansion? I sure hope so! Continue soon and thanks for the super long update. 

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Loved the part
Wat is Geet dng
Looks lik she is sending Mel far i dnt want that plz
Loved how Meer lied to Geet n that was for her own good
Maan is paka gonna kill that person
NT is swthrt here
Loving her
Lets c wat she finds out to help Maan

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awesome part...
loved it...
naintara seems to be genuinely concerned abt maan ...
hopefully shayad wo hi geet n maan ko karib le aaye...
cant wait for next part...
update when u get time...
n all the best for the exam preparations n the exams as well...Thumbs Up

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