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UNNAMED RELATIONSHIP( mjht ff) |updated| (Page 5)

Sanugr8fan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

its really nice.
ur every update itself a m lovin it :-)
nups was so god......clnt imagine her like that before.
sheeeeeeennaaaah and mayank was cauple..........its hillarious n weired.
nups want to trapped mayank!!!! shocking!!!!
bt i thot, its all sheena's plan..........nups just working for her.....she's just a pupet.
update soon.
add me in ur pm list.
hmmmmmmmm u hav surely guessed most of d secret....
good goodBig smileBig smile

Sanugr8fan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 August 2010
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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
soon they reach to delhi n from delhi they took taxi to go shimla.
Nupur ws feeling so sleepy so she rested her head on mayank's shoulder in d car……..mayank ws observing her she ws looking so innocent jst lik a child bt y her behaviour is so strange he asked himself? He tries to walk up nupur bt she is feeling sleepy so she ws nt paying any attension what mayank is saying so atlast mayank jst left it out n stoped disturbing her……..
this ws d only what mayank ws seeing bt in actual nupur ws in her senses n doing all this intentionly. As mayank ws also tied he also goen in sleep……
then they reached to their destination in shimla….
Both were sleeping on d back sit of d car….
Driver: sab hum pohanch gye……(n on this voice mayank came to his senses n watched that in what position they were sleeping…..nupur ws holding his shirt n resting her head on her chest n mayank too ws holding her lightly……….)
Driver: sab apne wife ko bhi bol degea ki uth jay…..(on his mayank got more imbresed bt didn't said anything to him bcoz they were sleeping in such position that anyone cn think that nupur is his wife……he made her wake up n when she woke up she move back showing that she too ws nt aware abt it)
N:I m sory…….
M:its ok(simply)
Mayank pay off to driver n both of them walk towards d hotel…….they reached there n asks that they hv booked 2 rooms………they get there rooms key n they go 2 their respective rooms. Both rooms r near to each-other.
They both got fresh up n hd breakfast together………
Then they gone to their rooms to take rest as they knew that in aftersoon they hv to leave for meeting…….

Afternoon time
Mayur reached for meeting…….they had inspect d site once again n when they were satisfied they signed d papers…….
After paper work completed mr verma insisted to hv dinner with them. Mayank ws nt able to say no to them n mayur got ready to hv dinner with them.
Every thing ws going normal mayur n mr verma hd dinner n they were ready to go bt suddenly rain was started, watching out such a heavy rain nupur thanked to god that atleast something happened in her favour, now may b she would succeed in her plan……..
Mayank called a taxi n both of them ws sitting in it when nupur told…….
N: sir I think koi apko vhan bula rha hai……..(pointing out towards d door of d gate)
M: realy……mujhe thon nhi lga…….
N:bt fir bhi sir I think apko ek baar check kr lena chahea.
M:ok……..(n he moves towards door . nupur wants only this chance, she immediately opens her purse n give some cash to driver n tells him a plan)
Driver:ok……..mam kam ho jaega…….
N: koi galte nhi honi chahea.
D: don't worry mam

Mayank comes back
M:koi nhi tha nupur………(little angrily)
N:sory sir shayad mujhe galatfahme hoe hoge…….
M:hmm………driver chalu (giving order)
And d car moves on, rain ws coming so havily that its difficult 2 listen each others voices……….suddenly driver puts break……..)
M: what happened?
D:let me check sir…….(after few min's ) sir car karab ho gye hai)
N:(nupur ws making a disappointing face bt in heart she ws satisfied that her plan ws working)
M: ab hum kya karege……..
D: sir ab tho koi or taxi bhi subah hi ayege or ye taxi bhi subah hi theak hogi……..
M:damid……..(very angry)
D: sab ek kaam ho sakta hai?
M:kya? (says in a hope)
D: yhan se kuch dori par ek out house hai……..aap or mam vhan chale jaea……vrna puri raat yahan bimar padh jauge.
N: (intrupts) he is right sir……..yhan rah kr hum kya kr paege………I think we should leave from here.
M:(nodes his head in yes)

They started moving silently……..water ws droping from there body……..nupur tried to talk mayank bt mayank ws nt in a mood to talk with her……..soon they reached to a out house bt there ws no one over there…….
Suddenly a voice comes from back……"kya kaam hai"…… ws a watch man……..
M:actually hmare car kharab ho gye thi so cn we stay here?
Watchman: no………agar malik ko bta chala tho mare tho nokre jayge na…….app logo ka kya…….
N:bhaiya ji plz itne raat ko or is mosam mae hum kha jayje……
Watchman: theak hai pr isse mujhe kya fida hoga……?
Mayank understoods his meaning n give him a bundle of notes n d watchman got happy n he opens d door for them. Then goes for his duty………
Mayur were shivering from cold…..
m :I think hume change kr lena chahea, cupboard mae kapde jaroor hoge.
N:ok sir……saying this she moves on n when she came back she watched mayank making coffee……..
N: sir……(when he moves back he ws stun to see her in a saree….she ws looking pretty as well as hot, she was carring it so well that he forgot every thing…)
Sir……..nupur again says bt this time in little loud voice n mayank comes to his sense……..
N:sir main coffee late hoe……app bhi change kr legea…..

As mayank leaves nupur immediately opens her purse, take out a tablet from it n puts it one of d cup of coffee n takes it towards d room…….as she reaches to room she freeze . Mayank ws changing his shirt………him back ws towards nupur so he can't able to watch her……
He ws looking a tough man. Well build body, big shoulders n more over so hot. Mayank turn over n watch that nupur ws standing there, he immediately puts another shirt.
N: sir wo coffee……
Both drinks d coffee n again d same thing is common in b/w them n that is……..silence……..
After some time mayank feels that his head is paining badly generally this happens when a person drinks a lot bt due to coffee it ws quite stange thinks mayank still he ws controlling him his bst)

After some time d most beautiful view ws waiting for him……..he saw nupur dancing in rain, her pink colour saree ws going transparent n mayank feet automaticly started going towards nupur……..he came near to nupur n jst observing her beuty…….suddenly a big thunder in sky made nupur scared n she immediately hides herself in mayank chest…..n mayank too hugged him back…….
Why he is doing all this? May b d doze started showing its reaction………nupur realized that so she thought" now there is no going back….this chance will never come back again so she should complete her work today only……

They moved to bedroom……
N:sir main apko acche lagte hoe na……
M: hmmmm(as he is nt in his senses)
N: tho aap mujhe apna kyun nhi bna late….(putting her hands on his face)
M:no…never(angrly as he is trying to control himself bcoz he is a loyal husband n can't cheat his wife)
N:why nt sir……..(cryingly) look at me I cn do anything for u……whatever u will ask n whatever u want, I will give u everything n I promise apke wife ko bhi kuch pta nhi chalega……(says all this while trying 2 come close to him)
Mayank throws her away from him when nupur sings……

Baahon Mein Chale Aao – 2(holding mayanks hand)
ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda
oh Humse Sanam Kya Parda (trying to button up his shirt)
yeh Aaj Ka Nahin Milan
yeh Sang Hai Umar Bhar Ka(she is going close to saduce mayank…….throwing her hairs on mayanks face which is making crazy to mayank)
baahon Mein Chale Aao
ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda
oh Humse Sanam Kya Parda(she holds mayanks hand and make them touch to her body……putting them first on her tommy n slowly slowly towards her curves)
mm, Oh, Chale Hi Jaana Hai (mayank again trys to go bt nupur again hold him by hugging from back)
nazar Churaake Yun
phir Thaami Thi Saajan Tumne
meri Kalaayi Kyoon, Hm (moves around to face him she puts her hand on mayanks face to make him see in her eyes)
chale Hi Jaana Hai
nazar Churaake Yun
phir Thaami Thi Saajan Tumne
meri Kalaayi Kyoon(moving round n round close to mayank)
kisi Ko Apna Banaake Chhod De(moving towards bed with mayank)
aisa Koi Nahin Karta (till now mayank hd lost all his senses)
baahon Mein Chale Aao
ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda
oh Humse Sanam Kya Parda (they r sitting on d bed n mayank kissed on her neck n a sensation moves across d body of nupur)
kabhi Kabhi Kuch To
kaha Piya Humse
ke Kam Se Kam Aaj To Khulke
milo Zara Humse, Hm (mayank started to open her saree as he totally forgot d diff b/w right n wrong)
kabhi Kabhi Kuch To
kaha Piya Humse
ke Kam Se Kam Aaj To Khulke
milo Zara Humse (he opened her shirt too n make nupur lie on bad n over her mayank is kissing on her whole body……..tommy,chest , hands , foreheand n a pationsate one on lips……n both were going breathless)
hai Raat Apne, Jo Tum Ho Apne
kisi Ka Phir Hamein Darr Kya (response back after her kiss which makes mayank to show animal of being man in him)
baahon Mein Chale Aao
oh, Humse Sanam Kya Parda
ho Humse Sanam Kya Parda (he is opening all her cloth dat r left on body…….he opened her choli …..they were crossing each n every barrier of socity…..n mayank is going more n more crazy as he lost all his senses)
yeh Aaj Ka Nahin Milan
yeh Sang Hai Umar Bhar Ka
baahon Mein Chale Aao
ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda
oh Humse Sanam Kya Parda
(at last they make lov n become one soul 4 ever…..)
soo...guyss...did u like my frenz idea of dis part....???
jjjustt w8 n watch next part d secret will be reavealed out y nupur is doin alll dees things.....

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hazra66 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 12:24am | IP Logged
superb update
loved it..
n the song sequence was aussum..
pls jaldi se update karo..
cant wait now..
this ff is fabulous..
i love this ff...
pls pls continue soon..
n dont forget to pm me..
sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
nice update dear................
diaangel Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
hey sanu ye msg main apne sis k cell se kr rhi hoe, mare lappy pr tho abhi bhi site nhi kul rhi hai...anyways i want 2 thank u 4 posting my in ur post...n also want thk 2 all reader who r reading my ff..

Edited by diaangel - 12 February 2011 at 11:29am

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Let-It-Go IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Heyyy...please continue .
arjunkidiwani Groupbie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
hey...i ws d silent reader of this ff...u were updating this ff regularly, what hapned now? R u contnuing or nt...plz tell. Hope u continue n plz pm me
Nice ff
dynamic_doll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
nice update dear!
loved the song sequence Embarrassed
waiting eagerly for the next update
continue ASAP
nd plzzzzzzzzz pm me whenever u'll update (i missed last 2 updates coz u didn't pm me Unhappy)
@topicmaker: plzzzzzz update the title of this ff with the part number nd page no. in this way it will be a little easier for the readers to find the updates)

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