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Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani an Arsh OS

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heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy allllllllllllllllll um bak wid my third OS
thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much for bearing me heheh
all da silent readerz i luvvv u all thanxx for liking my OS i wud really be happy if u all wud leve ur precious comments theyre really valuable
ok hehe now sri and divz wanted me to write a hot nd passionate Os lol so ive made up a halwa out it wud loveeeeeeeeee if u all wud drop ur toppings on it
um da ppl ive sent a pm please add me to ur buddy list so it will be easy for me to send u a pm
this one is specially 4 zahru my jaaaaaaniiiii hehe i really luv u nd lol where r u gayab aunty?
hehe so no more bakwaas and i present to u my halwaaaaaaaaaaa
plzz comment
they mean alot to me

RRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllll willl u just shutuppppppppppppppppppp !!!!! Armaan shouted on rahul at the top of his voice.
"Fine!!! I was just trying to help you dude, but you know what, u don't deserve ittttttt !!!!" Rahul blasted back
"Hey guys why are you fighting???" atul entered armaan's cabin where armaan and rahul from the past three hours were discussing something really important!
"Nothing atul armaan has gone MAAAD" rahul literally shouted the last word making atul jump in fear.
"rahul you just shutup, atul help na yaar, this dumbo is of no use at all, seriously how does muskaan handle this idiot ???"
"FUnnyyyyyyyy" rahul commented back in a sarcastic way literally glaring at armaan wanting to beat the hell out of him. From the last three hours armaan had been eating rahul's brain non stop, now he was seriously fed up, "armaan seriously, what has happened to you, you're not the same armaan anymore, what has happened to you since last month ???? Why are you behaving so weird?? I mean u were never like this, armaan the great armaan malik, the party monster, prankster, Casanova, the guy who was never serious in life except his work, the guy whose dictionary's top word was s** and first priority were girls what has happened to him???" atul inquired worried for armaan
"atul,…. Actual….ly ummm voo" before armaan could stammer again rahul cut him in between and started "you don't knowww??????? Oh great that's what I was thinking how come the media is not aware of all this uptill now!!!" he chuckled but stop when he saw atul frowning "ok seriously, armaan the great armaan malik has fallen in love" rahul spoke trying his best to control his laughter.
"WHAAAAATTTTTTT" atul spilled all the water from his mouth on the floor, he stared at rahul with shock and disbelief written all over his face. "whhaaa….whhhaaaaat come again….." atul stammered not believing his ears at all. Armaan malik the most powerful man of India, the guy who had this world spinning over his finger, the most rich, powerful business man, at the age of 27 he was the man who ruled the business world, he lived in the world of fame and popularity, he was known as the most eligible bachelor.
So it was very obvious that girls drooled over him, every night there was a different girl in his bed, armaan changed girls like clothes, once used, thrown away ! Love well love for him was utter bloody crap and nonsense, waste of time!!
This was armaan the great armaan malik so he nd in love not possible!!!!!!!
"ughhhhhh atul I said armaan malik is in loveeeeee !!!!!!!"
"noooooooooo" atul rebelled
"yesssssssssss"rahul shouted
"yessssss yesssssss yes bloody yes im in love armaan malik is in love, god damit I love her, I bloody love herrrrr" armaan shouted his lungs out, no more able to control his anger
"how come but but but that is not possible you don't you don't believe in love and…."
Atul could not believe what was happening, was this, the same armaan????
"But how how… how did you I mean…"
He was cut by armaan "last month, this all happened last month, that night…………"
"this car!!!!!! god dammit, why it had to rain so badly and that too right now, now im stuck stuck and stuck, oh god help me !!!" armaan banged his fist on the car's steering wheel. It was raining very badly that day; the whole city was full of water. Armaan was returning back from simla where he had to go for a conference, and now was stuck on a lonely road with no one except him as his car had given up
"damn damn damn uuuuuuu, once I reach home I will burn you with my own hands useless vehicle" he blasted in frustration
 From the windscreen of his car he saw a figure standing almost 10 feet away from his car standing with an umbrella, he couldn't see who it was because of the heavy rain.
He decided to get out of the car and ask for help from that person.
With each step towards that person he felt an unknown sensation passing through his body but he ignored it
Now he was standing just 1inch behind the person. She looked like a girl from behind enveloped in a red saree
"Umm excuse umm excuse me" he tried to tap her shoulder when she turned around hitting him with her umbrella making him lose his balance and almost tripping down. She quickly let go of her umbrella and held him from his collar trying to stop him from falling down but she herself lost her balance and they both hit the floor with armaan below her and she on top of him but because of the pressure they rolled over with armaan finally on top of her and she below him, his body pressing hard against her pinning her down with the ground. his hands on her bare waist holding her firmly and her hands on his shoulder clutching his shirt tightly. His lips just few inches apart from touching her delicate skin. They were really very close, this intimacy sent shivers down both of them, they felt something they had never felt, a feeling out of this world, the water droplets slowly sliding down their bodies while caressing them, making them shiver even more, their breaths heavy and fast resting on each others throat caressing it with their icy cold affect. Her face was covered with her hair and her eyes tightly closed, armaan was about to get up when she opened her eyes and he lost himself in the most angelic and beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her eyes…. Big crystal green and almond shaped, they were so deep that one could easily drown in them, her big eye balls deep black, her long long eye lashes enhancing the beauty of her eyes. There was so much innocence in them, he felt connected to them, he wasn't able to tear his gaze away from her, she had locked him in completely. He was loosing his senses badly just staring into her green mesmerizing eyes. He slowly brought his hand towards her face, and with his fingers slowly removed her hair from her face feeling the sweet touch of her skin, having goose bumps all over his body, he removed each and every hair from her face and stared mesmerized at the most angelic face he had ever seen. Her chubby cute cheeks her adorable nose and her glossy irrestible red rosy lips perfectly shaped and shiny. For the first time in life he felt electric shocks passing through his whole body, for the first time his demons had started to take control over him, he was loosing it to her, she closed her eyes again feeling his intense gaze intruding her whole body, she felt like burning, she felt something she had never felt, she felt sparkling sensations riding through her vains, her body. Blood gushed to her cheeks making her go beetroot. What was happening to her his deep blue oceanic eyes were making her go crazy, these new feeling were really strong she had to get out of it as she couldn't take it anymore and tried to push him by placing her soft palms over his chest. He was brought back to reality as he felt someone pushing her, he immediately let go of her and stood up, shaking his head at his stupidity. She was still on the ground when he forwarded his hand to her and she took it. Again feeling the touch of each others skin they felt so different and electrifying. Both had touched so many people but this feeling was never felt but today it was driving both of them mad.
"Um sorry I I dint meant to hit you with the umbrella" she managed to whisper, both of them were feeling very awkward but contended why? They didn't knew
"no problem, its okay, actually my car stopped, its not working and this place is so awkward too and its continuously raining and I don't think we will be able to get out of here today, it really seems impossible." Armaan tried to continue the conversation.
"I think you, you are right, its raining heavily, we are kind of trapped this place also seems really weird even my car's tire got punctured I am stuck here from last half an hour, this area seems very unlikely with population, there s no one here and with this rain I think we have no chance  of getting out till morning" she exclaimed really worried
"Um um but we can't stay here, its really dangerous, staying here all night would be a stupidity. We are all drenched, we need to get out of here" armaan concluded.
"There!" She suddenly said gaining armaan's attention. There was a hut kind of place a bit far away
"I think we should go there, atleast something is better than nothing and there is no place to go also" she finished.
"I think you re right lets go" armaan finished
The hut was not that big it was almost of 150 sq. feet, it was like a house with a bed, a swing in it. It was not big or a properly maintained place but they hhad no option but to stay here.
Both of them quickly tried to dry their clothes, armaan took off his shirt showing his toned hard chest, his well flattered proper stomach and his perfect abs. his hard big muscles pumping out and giving a perfect shape to his body.
"Um excuse me actually i..." he couldn't complete his sentence; he was again stunned at the view in front of her. She was drying her hair with her fingers, sprinkling the water droplets on her face, making them caress her face slowly. Her body tilted a bit showing her bare waist and her head tilted, giving him a proper clear view of her neck. He then looked at her body properly. Her creamy milky skin, her soft bare hands moist with water droplets all over them and sliding down her hands. Her long neck and throat also covered with water droplets all over them. His chest oozing out a little bit. Her perfect milky collar bone and shoulders. Her beautifully shaped hell attractive body, her soft and delicate curves.  He gulped and turned his hands into a fist and looked away to control himself, thi in his life had he craved for someone like he was craving to feel her right now, never had he felt so strong and in need. This girl was doing wonders to him; she was making him go crazy what was happening to him?
She turned to see him looking somewhere else then again locking his passionate intense oceanic eyes with hers, she again felt shivers running down never her spine, she again felt different, his gaze was melting her badly, she the looked at his well toned perfect body and unwontedly let out a gasp. She had a sudden urge to touch it, to feel it. She was shocked on her own thinking. What was happening?
They heard a loud voice of thunder, and she quickly ran and hugged him tightly, hiding herself in his embrace, she placed her head on his chest, and her hands over his bare back, moving them up and down his back. She breathed heavily, her warm breathe kissing his chest, she snuggled into his chest more and more feeling contended and safe.
This was it! Now armaan couldn't control his self anymore, this girl made her loose all his senses badly, the demons inside him were shouting badly to have her right there, and now no power in the world could stop him, he had lost all his control and patience, her touch and this intimacy made him go wild. She slowly pulled away from him murmuring a little sorry, she turned and was about to go away when he held her wrist and turned her towards him, pulling her very close. She gasped at his sudden act. He pulled her closer jamming her hard against his hard moist body. There was lust and passion in his eyes, it started burning her down. He placed his hand on her bare waist pulling her closer and his hand behind her head; he pulled her head closer and smacked his lips hard upon hers. She closed her eyes immediately, letting him invade her virgin lips. If it would have been some one else she would have pushed him away, but he, she couldn't do it to him, there was something him, he was affecting her badly, he was, making her go crazy for HIM. He kissed her hard showing how much he is craving for her. He kissed her upper lip sucking it hard. He licked it moving his tongue all over it. He sensually kissed and sucked her lower lip making her gasp. He hardened the kiss demanding for entrance in her mouth. He bit her lower lip making her open her mouth a little. He entered it lingering his tongue tracing her whole mouth. He roamed his tongue in her mouth, tightening his hold on her waist and bringing her more closer deepening the kiss. He entwined his tongue with hers moving it with his. He kissed her deeper savoring and tasting her saliva, taking her sweet taste in. he parted from the kiss getting out of breathe. Both of them breathed heavily. Her eyes were still closed under the affect but when she opened them he was shocked. There was desperation and lust in there. He saw the same craving in her eyes; they were reciprocating with his feelings. He felt himself drowning in them; they were deep and intense just like his. It was the moment he finally realized what was happening to him; he realized what he wanted; ARMAAN RIGHT THERE WANTED THIS GIRL, he wanted her nd wanted her badly and insanely, now there was one thing he was absolutely sure about, no force inda world will be able to stop him, this girl had made him go crazy and awakened his demons badly, now they were just putting all their force to come out. He knew that now no one will be able to stop him from having her not even HE HIMSELF. He again held her face in his palms firmly and covered her mouth with his, this time she opened her mouth for him and kissed him back; she knew nothing but only that she was loosing her senses completely; this guy was making her feel something she had never felt before; she was getting weak and vulnerable under his protective hold; did she want him ? maybe yes maybe she wanted him, she wasn't sure about but one thing she also was sure about was that she will not be able to stop her today; she had surrendered to the strong winds of passion and deep ocean of lust, she was now drowning into it. He kissed her badly and she kissed him back with passion and more passion turning him crazier, he pushed her back while kissing her and with force pinned her to the wall behind; her hands were on his collar, he aggressively pulled them down and pinned them with the wall entwining his hand with hers he kissed her more passionately biting licking sucking her lips wetting them completely, claiming them totally. he then broke the lip lock and kissed her face hungrily, wetting her forehead, eyelids, her nose, cheeks, chin. He left her hands pinned to the wall and held her head from the back tilting it so he can have full access of her neck. He left hot aggressive kisses below her chin, trailing down his lips he kissed her throat hungrily, he then kissed her collarbone and left a deep love bite there making her moan and hold his hair in her fist. She caressed his hair turning him more. He left love bites all over her neck, collar bone throat. She moaned even louder when he kissed her near her chest. She withdrew from his hold and tried to run away when he held her wrist very firmly and pulled her back. Her soft back hit his hardcore chest. He placed his hand on her stomach pulling her more closer and breathed in her ear, his warm breathe caressing her earlobe, did nothing but made her want him even more.
Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao
Tod do khud ko tum
Baanhon mein meri
Baanhon mein meri
Baanhon mein meri
Baanhon mein meri
He trailed his hands down her shoulders to her fingers and entwined his fingers with hers making her gasp. He then slowly kissed her earlobe biting it. She closed her eyes and tried to go ahead wen he twirled her and brought her closer from her waist jamming her with him. He looked into her eyes which only and only wanted him just the way he wanted her. He picked her up in his arms not breaking their intense eye lock
Tere ehsaasson mein Bheege lamhato mein
Mujhko doobati tishnagi si hain
Teri adao se dilkash khatao se
In lamho mein zindagi si hai
Haya ko zara bhool jao
Mere hi tarah pesh aao
hone do khud ko tum meri tum
Raaton mein
Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao
He softly placed her on the only bed that was present in this hut and covered her body with his. He made her lay down and laid up on her pressing his weight on her. He covered her delicate frame under his hard strong one. He placed her hands on the opposite side of her face and entwined his fingers with hers. He then kissed her face her lips neck and throat aggressively. He came down and moved her blouse straps down and kissed her bare shoulders. He moved his hands backward  caressing her back sensually. He then unhooked her blouse, she gasped at his sudden ant. He again joined his lips with hers capturing her lips into a smoky kiss.
Tere zajbaaton mein mehki si saason mein
Yeh to mehek Sangali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein bekhri si aahon mein
Sone ki khwasish jagi si hai
Chehre se chehra chupao
Sene ki dhadkan suno
Dekh lo khud ko tum
She had surrendered herself to him, to the world of indefinable feelings and pleasure. She knew now there was no more backing off. She was now ready to lose her most precious thing to this man. He then unhooked her pettie coat and threw her clothes away, not moving his lips away from her skin, kissing her like there was no tomorrow. He then took off his own clothes and pressed his warm body with her one. He kissed her everywhere not leaving a single place. She was so soft, silky and smooth under him. He kissed her chest kissing it all over coming down to her br****s he kissed licked and sucked them making her go crazy. She held the bedsheet covers very tightly. He then came down and kissed her stomach, coming down he kissed her belly button he bit her skin hardly and kissed her hard there he then licked it leaving imprints over there. He went up and turned her making her come above him. She kissed him all over feeling touching his strong abs and chest. She kissed him there wildly and passionately, she took kis skin near his neck in her mouth and left a love bite over there. Armaan couldn't take it anymore; he wildly pushed her down and came above her
"virgin" he whispered coming closer to her ears. She nodded. He caressed her thighs and slowly parted them. She shouted as he entered her finally. She felt something tear apart, and the pain was unbearable. He kissed her all over her face and body to make her calm. She dug her nails into his back as he went in deeper and started to make deep mad passionate wild and hard love to her. He made love to her all night. They lost  and surrendered theirselves to each other , the cold rain and chilly weather was long lost in the heat of their bodies.
He opened his eyes in the morning and blinked them thrice. He looked around weirdly. What was this place? How did he come here? Then suddenly it clicked to him. He looked around the whole room was empty, suddenly his eyes grew with shock
Wherez the girl??? He again looked around and frowned to not find anyone. He quickly dressed up and ran outside to see no one. He wasted his two hours running all over the place just to find her but she was nowhere to be found, her car was also not there neither had she left any note. He started to get restless and angry how could she go? Without telling him? Now how will he find her ? he felt an unbearable pain in his heart. He closed his eyes and her angelic face appeared again, he felt relieved. But soon his trance broke she was not here
"Where are you? Where did you go? How will I find you now? Why are u affecting me so badly?" tears started to form in his eyes. He felt broken. He felt he has lost the most precious thing in the world, her! All their intense moments again clicked in his mind, he had have sex with so many girls before, but yesterday was totally different. Before he just for fun and pleasure had did it, but yesterday he for the first time had lost control from over himself, the feelings and the pleasure he had felt just by having her in his arms were indefinable. He banged his fist hard on his car bonnet out of frustration and anger. Right now he wanted to destroy each and everything , he only knew one thing that he wanted that girl back at any cost.
Armaan, Armaan ARMAAAAAAAANNN ! Atul finally shouted seeing Armaan lost from a long period of time.
Haan haan kia hua ? armaan came out of his thoughts. Atul I don't know anything, what I only know is that I had met her one night and maybe had fell in love with her at first sight, she is the most beautiful girl iv ever seen . after that day I am not the same anymore, there is not a single moment when I don't see her, wherever I go her shadow follows, those eyes I I just cant take them out of my mind, whenever she comes in front of me I feel like im in heaven and whenever she again disappears, it pains like someone has stabbed a knife into my heart. I dcant even think of someone else except her, she she means the world to me Atul I just cant live without her now !!! Armaan confessed to Atul.
Armaaan don't worry yaar we'll find her. Rahul tried to console Armaan.
"I I think I need to go and meet Riddhima, she is my best friend and ive not met her since that day, I need to go and take help from her, even she is busy her sister has come back from US. But I need her now maybe she really could help me.
Why are the windows shut today? Armaan frowned well being Riddhima's best friend he was really crazy. He never came in her house using the door, he always had used to sneak in from this window and Riddhima was just used to roll her eyes, today when he tried to get in the windows were closed. He exerted his full pressure to open the window and bingo! It unlocked. He slowly paced and pushed his weight inside the room. He again closed the window and pulled the curtains. He was a bit shocked seeing the room. It was all changed; there were so many books on the shelf so many photos placed on the wall. First there was furniture but the room was always empty, no one lived in here but now it was looking like its being used by someone
He was lost in his own thoughts when the bathroom door creaked………………………
Why cant I forget him? Why is he haunting me each and every moment ? why whenever the water comes in touch with my skin I again and again feel him? Shivers ran down her whole body remembering his passionate eyes, his hot lips and that night when she had submitted herself to him, she had no control over her, he had totally overpowered her. She had runaway the morning she had woke up. She wanted to go away from him but his memories didn't leave her alone. He followed her everywhere. Her dreams her reality, his touch, whenever she remembered how his skin had touched her's, her whole body jolted in response.
She came out of the washroom, wrapped in a towel after taking a bath, she was lost in her thoughts when she saw a shadow near her window, she screamed at the top of her voice.
Listening a girl shouting he ran quickly towards her and placed his hand firmly over her mouth to stop her. He placed his hand on her back to stop he from shouting when his eyes met hers. He felt connected to her, and it took no time to recognize them, how could he forget those eyes which had made him go crazy for her. He pushed her towards the wall and pinned her hard. He removed his hand from her face, only to see shock written all over it. He brought his lips closer and jammed them upon hers. He after two weeks felt his heart pumping, he felt alive. He kissed her harder and harder telling her he only and only wanted and loved her. She gasped loudly when she felt his lips over hers, kissing her aggressively she again shuddered badly feeling him holding her tight. She quickly broke apart from the kissed and stared at him. He was looking as handsome as he had looked that night. He saw her wrapped in a towel; she was looking sexier, hotter than ever. Why did she always made it hard for him? He came closer with desire reflecting in his eyes she turned to go away when he twirled her around and both lost their balance and fell on the bed with armaan on top of her. She closed her eyes and tried to compose herself
Pleaseee. She whispered
Armaan, Armaan Malik it is. He again whispered coming closer to her ear and boting her earlobe. She opened her eyes in disbelief. Armaa Armaan Malik. She whispered ever so lightly. He felt contended and beautiful listening his name from her, did wonders to him, he felt he was on the top of the world.
"U Ur di's friend Armaan Malik?'
"ya I wait what are u doing here? He asked shocked"
"what do you mean this is my house" she whispered looking away, feeling her towel opening a bit
"Your house? But this is Riddhima's wait Riddhima is ur Diiii ?" he asked in utter disbelief
"Yes she is my Di" she whispered feeling his wait pushing her down
'Shilpa" he whispered her name coming closer, he couldn't believe it, this girl he was madly in love with was his best friends sister. He felt so bliss speaking her name
'Shilpa he again said trailing his lips down her neck to her collarbone.
"Armaan please No!'
"why did u left that day?" he asked anger again rising inside him
"I was scared to face you" she whispered honestly getting lost in him
"did you miss me, did you felt incomplete without me? Do you think that night was a mistake" he asked kissing her whole neck and leaving love bites all over it
She gasped at his question. "Armaan Please." "Yes or No" he asked sternly, he came closer and stared at her.
He came more close "Yes or No" he asked with no expression on his face.
She looked in his eyes and joined his lips with hers. She kissed him deeply and passionately giving him all his answers.  He broke the lip lock and cupped her face on his hand
"I love you I really love you a lot, I fell in love with you the day I saw you, I only realized it when I didn't find you beside me the next morning, I had felt an unbearable pain in my heart. I felt lonely and incomplete without you. You mean the world to me Shilpa, I can't imagine my life without you, I love you a lot." He confessed all is feelings with tears now brimming out of his eyes.
"I love you too Armaan, I really love you."
"We love you"  he stared at her confused
"I have your baby with me Armaan, our love inside me" tears now coming out of her eyes too.
"what you you re pregnant?" he asked he couldn't believe his ears, he felt he was on the top of the world.
She nodded, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach.
He smiled widely, his happiness knew no bounds. There was nothing more he could have asked for.
He kissed her smacking hiss lips upon hers. He kissed her ever so passionately and lovingly
"thank you Shilpa I love you"
"I love you too" she whispered in between the kiss
Finally they heard the cries of a little baby
"OMG it s a girl Armaan Riddhima came out of the operation theatre holding the new little angel in her hands. Armaan took her in his hands and smiled widely. He couldn't believe he was a father now. He couldn't express his happiness today. Omg Armaan awww shez beautiful, Atul commented. Areyyy look look she has dimples awwww Muskaan spoke filled with excitement. OMG she has so beautiful green eyes Armaan
"shez so beautiful just like an angel" Riddhima said
Armaan smiled looking at his angel; tears were continuously flowing down from his eyes
"Cam I go in?" he asked
"ofcourse go dumbo" Riddhima said
Armaan came in to see Shilpa lying on the bed. He face looked pale but the happiness on her face was very visible. He came close and kissed her
"Thankyou ! Thankyou so much Shilpa, Shez beautiful just like you I love you"
"I love you too"
The held their world in their hands
She had the same dimples like Armaan the same green eyes like Shilpa . she was their angel and they named her Zahra !

luv u all
do comment

my 1st OS

my second OS

next OS coming on valentines day
" MS Showpao and Mr Breezer
till then misss me hehe

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Dancing  yipeee  iam the first Dancing
     amaaaaaaaazing os, you really a gr888888888 writer, luved            arsh's  ajab prem ki gazab kahaaniBlushing
      eagerly waiting for valentine's day os...........

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lovely OS dear!!

waitin for ur next one!!

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dat was hawt! luved da os.. it was amazing..
lukin forward to ur nxt one :)  

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that was a super hot shot 

thank you for such great OS and  keep continuing 

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Originally posted by aish_lovv

I tottally loved it Ridu Big smile Big smile

It was Hot Blushing

Thanxs for the PM and awsome OS

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Hey there.....AWESOME it is....(in a sing-song way)
It was indeed obscenity about it. The song made it all the more wonderful.Also, I noticed a very subtle change in your writing. Something so inexplicable....maybe because you have gained experience. But, swear to god...It was different and all the more beautiful. I loved the whole Riddhima's house scenes and this line distinctly holds a beautiful emotion, "They held their world in their hands" favortie from the entire shot. Well, we'll have to desperately miss you until valentines' but you know maybe....u cn break some rules and slip in a couple others before valentine. You were awesome....the way you  portrayed their feelings....I mean apart from their whole sensous seemed to capture a very blissful moment of their lives amazingly. And Zahra...nice name I'd say, indeed very nice. Hope you come back soon....with all the love Armaan-Shilpa have for each other....Have a nice day!

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Meri Kahaani Ki Kahaani... Summary

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