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FF-Hum Tum Forever- NOTE Page 9 (Page 6)

dmg_roks_antara Goldie

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awesome ff cont soon n plzz pm me on d next part

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Originally posted by dmg_roks_antara

awesome ff cont soon n plzz pm me on d next part
Yep  thanks  For  the  comment  am   typing up  now


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Chapter 3
Dates  Proposals  A Broken Heart & Bonding
As promised  to Romi and Sara….
Main characters in  This  chapter:- Sara Prem   Romi Sid   Lekha Praty & abhay
Romi was pissed off At  Viren ..  he had  spoilt  her  entire  mood.
She wanted  someone  to  be  there  with  her   like  to make  her  feel better.
Romi( thoughts) Kaash  abhi  koi aa jaaye
Sid was  Observing  Romi  from a distance. He  felt  drawn  to her….
Sid  approached Romi and initiated a conversation
Sid – Hi  I am Siddharth , Siddharth  Khanna , and  why  may I ask is this pretty lady  so dull??
Romi (thoughts) Gosh  ITNI Jaldi???
Romi- urrgh!!!  That  egoistic  brother  of yours … Viren  spoilt  my mood
Sid – if  you  don't mind  I  know  a perfect  way  to make your mood  better…….  How  bout  we  both  get out  of here  and  go for an Ice cream    . I know  a place  Close by to here
Romi (genuinely  smiling)- well may be  not ice cream   but  yeah  first  dinner and  then ice cream????. I LOVE  Italian  food  and I  know  a  good place  here.. nearby   
Sid (grinning)- Sure …..  that way  I'll get to know  you  better….
Romi- Sure  chalo   chalete  hai.  Lemme  grab my  purse and one small  request  Sid let's  tell  Lekha  and  go naaa
Sid – Chalo phir
Sara Prem
Sara – you know prem let's  just  slip  outta here  .. just you and  I …   How   about  a beach getaway
Prem  -What   right now????   Sure  Chalo  bas make  sure  you  tell Lekha . Mujhe  maar daalegi  who agar   use baad me pata chala  ke  I took YOU   for  a DATE(In an exasperated Voice)
Sara – Oho !!! Don't exaggerate Prem . Lekhu may  look  tough but is a  total  softie by heart
Prem – I know   ..  But  she  seems  so aloof  these days .. Don't you think???
Sara –   Yea ….let's  go  and  tell  her  naa please
Prem – Yea  common                     
Sara Prem   bump into Sid  Romi   
Sid – bro  you  saw Lekha???
Prem  - nai toh  we were  looking  for her too
Sara- Pata nai ab se  use dhoondh rahe  hai …(worried)
Romi- I'll   go call abhay and praty  …….  I don't  know  If we  will be able  to  do this on our  own……
Romi was in   tears …. She  knew  her  BFFL  ….Her Bestest awesomest friend   was Strong  from the  outside but  weak at heart . Romi  knew  what  extreme  step lekha would take  when her  heart  breaks.
 She  sees Abhay  and Praty  sitting together  talking with eachother   Praty saw   the tears in her  eyes and  is shocked ..she  says  to abhay
Praty- Shit Abhay lekha is  missing
Abhay – What  where  did she  go???  Routes bhi nai pata use yaha ke
 Romi –tell raj &  Chand uncle   that  lekha is missing . Ask them not  to worry  about  us  .. Piya  ko bolna ke  guests ka dhyaan  rakhe
All of them nod  Inform raj and  Chand
The  guys  go  looking for lekha
Abhay is Most worried for lekha- kaha gayi Doll  … meri angel (in thoughts)..  meri  chhoti behn  kaha  gayi(tearing up)
Lekha is sitting in a secluded corner of the beach  with tears   in her  eyes …  her so called  Boyfriend "Ranbir"  who apparently  Dated  her  because she was   a heir  to a Multi  trillion pounds   designing empire.. her  lawyer   Mr. Ishaan Kashyap, told her about Ranbir trying to     get  into a relationship    with  her  just for  her money. She  disgustedly    gets up  and blindly   walks into  the water
Lekha- nai jeena Mujhe ….  (Walking deeper). I  don't  want  to be a  burden  for  Abhay and his family..   I don't deserve any  love …… (keeps  going  deeper)
She starts Drowning
Abhay notices  this  from his car  while   driving  by near  the beach . Abhay screeches his car to a loud halt and  gets off  the vehicle . and Screeches his  lungs  out
Romi- Kya  hua….????
Abhay- Lekha !!!!!  OMG . Sid   jaa   save  her ,
Sid  runs n  Jumps into the    water ,  grabs hold of a   drowning lekha and  gets  her  out
Lekha has fainted   cause of  swallowing water .
Abhay  - (pats her  cheek) Doll  wake up !!!!  (tearing up) Praty  and Romi  tum dono try karo naa( tears spilling out) re
Romi ( rubbing Lekha's hand)- UTH naa lekhu……please
Lekha –(coughing)-  Tum log yeha ??? why ????? …..
Praty –{angrily}why matlab????    We are  your  friends  we  love you……… that's  why  we are here
Abhay – Doll  tu kahi paagal to  nai ho gayi  thi ……
Sara & prem – god hum toh  darr  hi gaye the  Thank god you   ok
Romi (slaps lekha )- bewakoof hai !!!! ek number ki!!! Hua kya  tha ???
Lekha – Ranbir ,  ussne  Mujhse  mere paison ke lie  rishte banaya …. He  wanted  to take  advantage of me (cries  bitterly)mmm…mujhe kkkk…uuu..ccc….hhh  samajh  nai aa raha
Abhay  (enveloping   his  Doll into a hug)…. Shhhhh  shhhhh  he's  not worth It. Tere paas  hum log hai naa . lekhu  tu   hum sab ki laadli hai . Now  tears  don't look good on  your  face  . Smile kar babes. Sab theek ho jaaega
Lekha  (weakly smiles & sarcastically says )- haan As if  …. Life is  so  unfair..
Praty Abhay  Sid Romi Sara & Prem   Envelop lekha in a  bear  hug
Sara  (pulling lekha & Romi   to a side )- guys Mujhe  kuch  kehna  hai
Romi – Actually  me  too(blushing)
Lekha (smiling)- Bataao  naa  Please guys….
Romi & Sara (TOGETHER)-We are going on a  date !!!!
Lekha (excited and  momentarily forgets  her  sorrows) Wohooo!!! Enjoy  yourself  guys and  sorry  for  being a pain in the   bottom .. (hugs the girls) Jaao  I'll tell abhay  about  you  and  go  home  with Abhay 
Abhay – tell me  about what???  ( clasping lekha's Shoulder )  girls  why  are  you grinning????
Lekha – Romi and sara are  going out  on a  date!!!(Smiles & thoughts go away to a different  world)
Praty – WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG .. guys I am expecting  at least  Sara to come  back engaged  to prem *giggles*  where  are you guys  going  romi sara???
Sara – we will  be  here at  the  beach
Romi – we were  to go  for a  dinner  *giggles *   But since NC here  is all  wet .. we'll also  stick around  on the  beach……
Lekha – awwwww  so sweet
Sid (butting in) – What's NC???
Romi (sheepishly with a  tinge of  flirting in her  tone) Naughty Chocolate…..
Sid - *Raises eyebrows* Naughty Chocolate  eh???  ( starts chasing Romi) I'll  get you  for that.  They  both  split away  from  the  group  chasing  eachother
The  entire  Group splits  Lekha abhay  praty one way  Prem Sara on one path Romi and  sid  on another
The Proposals
Sid  Romi
Romi was  being chased by Sid ..  they  were  giggling  and  laughing like Small  children. Romi suddenly   trips and   falls on the  sand with Sid  right on top of  her ..  He was  observing Romi .. his  face was  so close  to her's that  he was  literally  breathing into her ….
Sid – So romi NC  huh??
Romi- ermmm  haan  woh  ermm
Sid-  Kya (gazing steadily at her).. You know I have  never seen anyone  as pretty  as you ..
Sid starts off with an impromptu Shayari
Sid-Ghazal ho tum us  khuda  ka
Koi pari  sa  sundar ek  noor
Pyaar se   us khuda se ibadat karta rahunga
Ki tum ab meri  ho aur hamesha ke lie hum dono ek doosre kee ho…...
Romi  will you be my  Girlfriend??? I am  falling in love with you My Pari meri angel
Romi (barely  whispers)- Yes Sid I'll be  your Girlfriend….
They  sit on the sand  and  gaze into the  Moon above playing a witness to the  newly blossoming love story  between  Sid and Romi
jo tujhe jagaye
neend teri udaaye
khwaab hai sacha wahi
neendon mein jo aaye
jise tu bhool jaaye
khwaab wo sacha nahi
khwaab ko raag de
neend ko aag de
angaaron ko jaaye
koyalon sa jo gaaye
khwaab hai sacha wohi
lehren jo uthaye
lehren jo uthaye
paniyon ko to uthaye
khwaab hai sache wahi
Sara Prem
Calmly  walking into  nowhere…. Prem creeps his hand onto sara's waist  pulling her close and snuggling  into her  hair  taking a whiff of  her  cherry  Shampoo
Prem- Sara(nudging her)
Sara- hmmm(smiling enjoying)
Prem-  we have  been together  since we  were 2 years old , our love has been just growing  for the past 21 years .. We both like each other  well our Love   should  be Immortalized
He  goes on his knees  pulls out a  solitaire Diamond ring holds Sara's hand and says
Prem – Agar   khuda se  ek  shiddat  ki guzaarish karu  toh  who tum hogi  tu kahe  to har baat  meri  zubaan par  aajaye . tu hai mera  who  jahaan jaha  pyaar ke  siwa  kuch aur  naa  ho
Sara  will you marry  me???
Sara  Just Nods – hmmmm  YES  (Screams ) YES  PREM   YES!!! . I'll marry  you
Sara and Prem  hug and  twirl in each other's   arms

aye khuda teri marzi ke aagey kya hoga hai pataa
Tu jo chahe waisa samaa ho teri razaa
Tu jo chahe tapti dhoop mein aye khuda
Khilta hua gulistaan hoga
Tune banayi raahein, tune banayi manzil
Hum le chale hain apna kaarwan
Aye khuda teri marzi ke aagey kya hoga aye khuda

Precap: reations to the proposals &  London dreams……
next update in 4  days

Finally done!!!!

Press  like  tab please

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omg lekhu. .*slap*y u doin ths 2 urself. .i want a happy happy story 4 u jani ;) wohoo. .prem n sara's hug. .ahaan Heart

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 Lollypop that  was real  quick
pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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y? Me abe ol aye n saw u updatd. .haha. .

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Its awesome dear.Please try to continue soon.Smile

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Originally posted by rumi005

Its awesome dear.Please try to continue soon.Smile
Aww thanks. Will do

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