Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani


Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani
Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani

JKR; WU 7th Jan. ' 11 - 21st Jan. '11

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Courtesy: ZEE TV

In the January 7 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Acharya is worried since Ladai Sarkar has a big army and the support of the British. Laxmibai declares Krantiguru would go ahead to rescue Tatya Tope from Ladai Sarkar's prison undeterred by the fact.

Despite being in Ladai Sarkar's custody, Tatya Tope challenges her to release him and asserts to defeat her. Ladai Sarkar is enraged by his answer.

Nathey Khan calls Ladai Sarkarto join in the celebrations organized by they army to celebrate the victory. Tortured by Ladai Sarkar, Tatya Tope asserts Laxmibai would come to rescue him. Ladai Sarkar bristles with fury at the mention of her opponent's name and tortures Tatya Tope further.

Laxmibai fears Ladai Sarkar would torture Tatya Tope and asks Acharya to make expedite the preparations.

Laxmibai bids Anand farewell as he is deep in slumber. Laxmibai promises to return soon.

Rao Dulaju, who celebrates Orcha's victory, praises Ladai Sarkar. Ladai Sarkar thanks Rao Dulaju for his assistance and assnounces that she has made arrangements for entertainment.

Laxmibai seeks the help of her women's army to rescue Tatya Tope. Sunder and the other female soldiers offer to support their Queen.

With Orcha's army busy in celebrations, Laxmibai and her army take advantage of it to sneak into the enemy camp. However, an alert soldier detects their presence and raises the alarm.

Nathey Khan summons his soldiers and asks them to be on guard. Ladai Sarkar is surprised by the pandemonium.



In the January 10 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, at Laxmibai's signal the women's army attacks Orcha's soldiers.

Nathey Khan gets worried since the enemy has surrounded his army completely. Ladai Sarkar gets nervous on witnessing the attack. Nathey Khan along with the Orcha queen decides the course of counter attack.

Laxmibai disguised as Krantiguru goes to rescue Tatya Tope.

Krantiguru manages to locate Tatya Tope's tent and is surprised on entering it. She finds Ghaus Khan and several other prisoners.  Ghaus Khan is surprised that the masked stranger addresses Tatya Tope as her guru.  Laxmibai then unveils her veil to reveal her identity.

Laxmibai's attempt to trace Tatya Tope meets with little success. However, she does not lose patience.

Ladai Sarkar orders soldiers to return to the tents. Nathey Khan too realizes that the enemy had tricked him into leaving the tent and orders his army to return.

Laxmibai finds Tatya Tope lying on the ground and places him on the chariot. Ladai Sarkar spots Laxmibai and Tatya Tope in the chariot. She orders Nathey Khan to go after Laxmibai. Laxmibai assures Tatya Tope that they would reach their territory in no time.

In the January 11 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Ladai Sarkar's hot pursuit of Laxmibai is foiled after a religious procession stops her way.

Ladai Sarkar commands the procession to make way for her. Laxmibai tells Ladai Sarkar that even the Gods are against her.

Ladai Sarkar orders the procession to halt and offers her prayers. Ladai Sarkar prays for her triumph in the battle.

Meantime, Laxmibai reaches her tent and declares to her army that she had rescued Tatya Tope. Jhansi army praises their queen for rescuing Tatya Tope.

Tatya Tope decides to target Ladai Sarkar in battle. Ladai Sarkar too fears that after his escape, Tatya Tope would prove to be far more dangerous in battle. Ladai Sarkar warns Nathey Khan to be prepared for a resurgent Jhansi army.

Ladai Sarkar thanks Robert Hamilton for offering artillery support. She also asks Robert Hamilton to provide his army's support during the battle.

Robert Hamilton informs Nelson about having written a letter in Laxmibai's name to Major Ellis. In the letter, Laxmibai purportedly asks for Major Ellis's assistance. Robert Hamilton uses it to intervene in the war.

At the same time, Laxmibai writes a letter to Major Ellis stating that she trusted only him to protect her son, Anand and that he must not leave the kingdom in her absence.

Laxmibai hands over the letter to Moropant and tells him that he must deliver the letter to Major Ellis. Laxmibai bids farewell to her son.

Rao Dulaju distracts Moropant in the January 12 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, and meets Nelson. Nelson instructs Rao Dulaju to replace Laxmibai's letter which she had had written to Major Ellis with the letter which Robert Hamilton had written. A wicked Rao Dulaju informs Nelson that the letter would be delivered through Moropant's hands.

At the temple, Ladai Sarkar worships the goddess and prays for her victory in the war. As she tries to sacrifice a goat to the goddess, Laxmibai stops her from killing the harmless creature. Ladai Sarkar gets offended by Laxmibai's act.

Laxmibai challenges Ladai Sarkar to a duel. Soon huge crowd gathers to witness the duel between the two powerful queens.

With her prowess with the sword, Laxmibai outwits Ladai Sarkar and spares her life. Laxmibai declares she would meet her during the war and leaves

A humiliated Ladai Sarkar vents her fury on the stable hand. A soothsayer declares Laxmibai is a true hero and would win the war.

Unable to complete her sacrifice, Ladai Sarkar decides to win the battle and kill Laxmibai.



In the January 13 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Ladai Sarkar is unable to bear her humiliation and longs to finish her opponent once and for all. In anger, Ladai Sarkar lights a cannon.

The sound of the explosion is heard by Laxmibai and her courtiers. Laxmibai comments that the explosion signifies that tomorrow's war would be fought very viciously and that they must be prepared for it.

A British official expresses doubts to Robert Hamilton: how could the Company soldiers accompany the Orcha army and annex the kingdom of Jhansi at the same time. Robert Hamilton asserts he had everything under control and everything was going as per his plan.

Moropant gives Laxmibai's letter to Major Ellis who gets surprised on reading it. He doubts whether Laxmibai has written the letter since she was aware that Jhansi would be under threat if he left the kingdom. Moropant assures him that Laxmibai herself had given him the letter. Major Ellis prepares to leave for Laxmibai's aid.

Laxmibai assembles her warriors and tells them that she has a plan which would defeat

Ladai Sarkar. Tatya Tope explains the entire plot to others.

Ladai Sarkar fears that Jhansi might win the battle as Tatya Tope was aware of their flaws and shortcomings. She desperately waits for the British army to join them.

Major Ellis hands over charge to his subordinates and asks them to secure Jhansi's palace in his absence.

Nelson and Rao Dulaju put their plan into action.

In the January 14 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Ladai Sarkar fears that Jhansi army would battle fiercely and frets over the battle plans of her opponent.

She searches in the tent where Tatya Tope was confined. She finds a drawing of Goddess Durga. Ladai Sarkar surmises that it certainly has some clues to the battle plans of Tatya Tope.

Tatya Tope makes plans for the next day's battle. Tatya changes his battle tactic and asks his commanders not to provide support to the Queen.

Ladai Sarkar manages to decipher the secret behind the drawing and tells Nathey Khan that all his plans are futile as she knows how Jhansi army will fight the next day.

Meanwhile, Company soldiers make plans to help Ladai Sarkar in her battle with Jhansi. However, it is just a sham as the Company intends to annex Jhansi.

Jhansi dreams of East India Company annexing Jhansi. Laxmibai jolts out of her slumber and fears the worst.

Meanwhile, Rao Dulaju helps British soldiers to sneak into the Jhansi fort.

In the January 17 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Laxmibai fears East India Company will annex Jhansi and shares her anxiety with Tatya Tope. Tatya Tope assures her that her fears were getting the better of her and asks her not to worry.

Rao Dulaju informs Nelson that Moropant along with his wife and prince Anand were still in the fort.

While rushing to the aid of Laxmibai, Major Ellis comes across a disconsolate woman. When he stops to offer help, the woman turns out to be a dacoit in disguise. Ellis is wounded and later kidnapped by the gang of dacoits.

Company soldiers slaughter soldiers guarding the fort. Moropant is shocked when Nelson declares that Company had annexed Jhansi. Moropant warns Nelson to fear Laxmibai's wrath when she learns about the development. Nelson counters by asserting that Company has annexed Jhansi since the kingdom had neither king nor a queen.

At the same time, Laxmibai fears that something terrible had occurred in Jhansi and tells

Tatya Tope that she must leave for Jhansi. She promises to return in time for the battle.

The dacoits who kidnapped Major Ellis lock him up in a room



In the January 18 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Rao Dulaju learns that Laxmibai was planning to leave for Jhansi. Rao Dulaju lies to Laxmibai he had just returned form Jhansi and her family was safe in the fort.

Rao Dulaju asks Laxmibai to concentrate on the battle with Ladai Sarkar. Laxmibai states she had dedicated tomorrow's victory to Damodar.

Aware of the battle plan which Jhansi's army would follow, Ladai Sarkar devises a plan with Robert Hamilton and Nathey Khan to defeat Laxmibai.

At the break of dawn, Orcha and Jhansi armies assemble on the battle-field. While Laxmibai tells her soldiers that she never wanted to wage war against fellow Indians, Ladai Sarkar exhorts her soldiers to slay their opponents.

A soothsayer appears between the armies and asks Ladai Sarkar to join hands with Laxmibai instead of depending on the East India Company. Ladai Sarkar chases the oracle away from the battle field.

As the war commences, Tatya Tope finds it fishy since Orcha's army is retreating instead of attacking. Ladai Sarkar orders her army to follow her instructions.

In the January 19 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Laxmibai addresses her soldiers on the battlefield. Laxmibai asserts she never wanted war but now it was essential to safeguard Jhansi. Ladai Sarkar also exhorts her army to defeat their opponents.

As the war commences, Orcha soldiers surround Laxmibai as per Ladai Sarkar's plan. Ladai Sarkar is happy to see her plan being put into action. Tatya Tope is shocked on witnessing Ladai Sarkar and her army countering every battle move of Jhansi.

Tatya Tope tries to warn Laxmibai but it is too late: Laxmibai is surrounded by Orcha army. Laxmibai and Ladai Sarkar duel. Laxmibai refuses to lose hope and tries to convince Ladai Sarkar to halt the war.

Laxmibai manages to disarm Ladai Sarkar but spares her life. Ladai Sarkar dismisses Laxmibai's magnanimity and commands Nathey Khan to attack the queen of Jhansi. Nathey Khan along with Orcha soldiers attack Laxmibai.

Laxmibai fights bravely. Though forced on her backfoot initially, Laxmibai manages to checkmate Nathey Khan.

Nelson harasses Anand and Moropant in the January 20 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV. Anand throws an apple offered by Nelson at his face, which causes the Company official to explode in anger. Nelson tries to hurt the prince but is stopped by Moropant.

When Nelson threatens to shoot Anand, Moropant pleads with Nelson to spare Anand's life.

An injured Ladai Sarkar waves Orcha's flag and signals Robert Hamilton and his soldiers to come to her army's aid. Laxmibai is stunned to see Ladai Sarkar waving the flag and suspects her opponent is up to something.

At the palace, a British official informs Nelson about some subjects desiring to meet Anand. The official warns Nelson that if Jhansi subjects learnt about Moropant and Anand's confinement, they would come under attack.

Nelson warns Moropant to make the subjects go away or else threatens to murder Anand. Moropant convinces the subjects that Anand is fast asleep and that they should come some other time to meet him.

Laxmibai orders Raghunath to imprison Nathey Khan. Laxmibai and her commanders are stunned to see the British joining the side of Orcha. Laxmibai warns Ladai Sarkar is making a mistake by joining hands with the British. Ladai Sarkar insists the British are her friends.



In the January 21 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Laxmibai and Tatya Tope notice Robert Hamilton smiling wickedly. The British official rejoices after receiving Nelson's message that Jhansi fort had been captured.

Ladai Sarkar refuses to accept defeat. Ladai Sarkar is confident that Jhansi would soon be captured by Orcha and declares that she would sacrifice Laxmibai as a sign of her victory. She is stunned on noticing Robert Hamilton and his army leaving the battlefield instead of coming to her aid.

Laxmibai and her warriors surround a helpless Ladai Sarkar. Laxmibai reminds Ladai Sarkar that she had warned her about the British and now she will have to pay for her sins for revolting against fellow Indians.

Nathey Khan and Ladai Sarkar are captured by Jhansi soldiers. Jhansi soldiers celebrate their victory.

At Ladai Sarkar's signal; Nathey Khan frees himself and stabs Laxmibai. Ladai Sarkar smiles wickedly when Laxmibai falls to the ground.

Tatya Tope learns from the Raj Vaidya that Laxmibai's is very critical.

In her comatose state, Laxmibai dreams about meeting Gangadhar Rao and complaining to him about the treachery of her compatriots.

Tatya Tope tries to revive Laxmibai. He tries to talk to the comatose Laxmibai and remind her that Jhansi awaited the return of her queen.

In her comatose state, Gangadhar Rao's appeal resonates in Laxmibai's mind.

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