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Maaneet~Paradox~ THREAD 2 (Page 73)

FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 5:37pm | IP Logged

Concept 1
part 16

Maan couldn't do much as one by one girls started push from one to another.... He tried to get up but one of the girl tried to force him to drink... He pushed her way and walked out instantly. He was angry fuming. Thinking about Geet....

Brij- 7 of you and you can't hold one guy.
Girl 1- we can't do much if he him self want to leave...
Brij- I am bringing him back... Feed him the drink instantly....
Girl 1- alright...

Shila & Geet stood outside. Driver was in the car. Scared. Maan will kill him....

Maan walks out for some fresh air. What's wrong with Brij he thought...
Shila- wait bro... Wait... Shila shouts out across the car park...
Maan shocked to see her here- what are you doing here? He snaps.
Shila- you misunderstood geet. You are the one who pulled her short down to cover her thigh but they only hard half of her sentence and it sounded wrong. And that's why everyone is... Specially hash fuming at geet... Shila didn't take a single gap in between her sentence. She didn't want any distraction like geet. She wanted make everything clear.
Maan closed his eyes. Stupid him he should have listened to her but he is still mad at her about doing what she done after.
Shila- bro... She is petrified. She is at the back waiting for you....
Maan- you go home... I will drop her home.
Shila nodes....
Geet stood there across the park lot. But shaky. Still wearing his jacket. She is petrified. Geet holds her jacket tight. Maan starts to walk towards her before he could reach Brij drags him in....
Maan- leave me Brij.... He snaps.... But he didn't listen. Brij drags him in not realising his sister stood outside all alone. Specially outside of the disco....
Geet watches him disappeared.... She starte to panic. She always watches stuff in the film but never experienced this. She was petrified. She holds her jacket tighter and tighter... What if some drunk.... Geet closed her eyes trying not to think anything disgusting or bad...

Meantime maan was trying his vest to free him self from Brij and the girls... He was more concern about geet. She is out there all alone. Anything could happen... He was panicking... But the girls forced him to drink... One after another....
Brij- keep going babe... I want him drunk... I want him to loose his virginity to night...
Maan was trying his best not to... What will happen if he gets too drunk... This is ridiculuous... He gets drunk easily... Geet will be petrified to see this side of him.
Maan- sto..... Another girl shoves two more shot in his mouth....
After 20 minute it started to kick in...

Geet stood outside. Shivering... She could see some drunk guys coming out if the disco. She hide behind some car.... The teen age boys were completly drunk. Hardly could walk. She peeps. There was few girls to... Geet felt sick... She always watched in telly... But they framed it so perfectly but here it's completly different seniory... One of the boy noticed Geet. Her eyes widens and she dugs down. But she was too late...

Maan walks out. Ur was already kicking in. He wanted get Geet and drove her home before she gets too scared...
The boy walks towards Geet... Geet runs...
Boy- oy sexy wait for us..... All the other gang memer laughs....
Maan could here faint noise.... Everything was so bluer... He trembled....
Maan- Geet.... Geet.... He tried to shout but end up whispering. But geet noticed him and ran towards him...
A faint glow appeared on geets face. She was so petrified of all those drunk boys. She hugs maan tight. Hiding her self in his arm. Maan somehow was relived.... He hugs her tight he was so worried...
Geet could smell the strong alcohol...
Geet- tumne pie?
Maan nodes...
Geet- Brij be ki?
Maan nodes again... He couldn't even see geets face properly. She was more worried now... Who will drive them home?
Geet helps maan to put his hand round her neck & takes his car key out makes there way back to the car.
All the boys stopped. Maan was strong man... And they were only 16... 17... + some of the bouncer from the disco walked out so they left....

Geet opens the car door and both makes there way in to the back seat. Geet locks the door. She was so scared that someone els will come and walk in to there car....

Suddenly maan starte to laugh randomly and jerks Geet close to him... Geets eyes widens.. She lands between his leg on her lap. She tried to push him way. Pushing her hand against his chest....
Maan looks at her... Her face was clear now under the moonlight....
Geet- maan.... Choro mujce.... You are drunk.... She always watched in the film that when a person is drunk.... They.....
maan smirks naughtly and slides his hand on her back, under her top. Creasing her bare back. It was so soft and smooth.... He brings his hand back to her cheek... And strokes it ever so gently... Geet started to breath hard... A butterfly went through her tummy....
Maan- you are so beautiful... Geets eyes widens with his words. She couldn't reply to that... What els you want to here from the person you love the most.... She blushes. Her face went pink... Geet hugs him tight with those words. Feeling his body... She rubbes her cheek against his hair... Something was different... She loved his his words... In past 12 hours since he arrived that the only thing he said it right... Even that in drunk state. She didn't like that... She frees her self a but and turns the light on.... Geet faces way... Sitting between his leg. She could feel his hardening under her... She decided to ignore and sits way... But maan puls her back... This time he makes her sit across his leg. Holding her tight across her chest.... He slowly strokes his hand on her lips.... Makes a pattern.... Then suddenly he splits his leg open again and Geet ends up sitting in-between his leg feeling his hardening again.
He laughs as Geet makes a angry face...
Geet- Ap bohot buri ho.... She makes a baby face...
Maan- sorry baba... Sorry.... Geet sits up this time her leg across his both side... While his hand round her waist bringing him more close and geets round his neck.... Maan still creased her back.... Her skin was too soft to resist.... He started to become naughty... Playing with her hair... Kissing her forehead... Meantime Geet starte to fall sleep in his embrace....
Maan jerks her up...
Maan- you have to stay up with me! He demanded...
Geet- hmm... Half sleep....
Maan slaps he cheek softly with both of his hand- utto.... Utto.... Jaldi utto....
Geet- whats wrong with you? She snaps.
Maan makes a baby face and starts laughing again...
Geet- what type of behaviour is this? Geet snaps and hugs him tighter- mujce sona hi.... In your arm...
Maan- no! You can't... He replies.
Geet- why?
Maan- because I want to sleep in your arm... Geet blushes.... And hugs him tighter but it was week against maan. He pushes her apart.... And looks at her necklace which had a letter on M & G.... He slowly comes close to her chest. Geet was a bit scared now... But he had no wrong intention he simply kissed the locket. It was a present from him on geets 13th birthday.... His soft lips touches geets cleavage... Maan smiles and rests his ear against her heart.... Listinig to them.... It wasn't rapid.... It was normal and soothing for him.... & in no time he doges off..... Geet pushes him back to the seat and she leans against him... Falling sleep together.....

Brij wakes up with a phone call. Another different girl next to him....
Brij- hello... In a lazy voice....
Rano- Geet haven't come home all night. I have been trying to call you... Where the he'll are you? Where is geet? She shouts. Brij gets up instantly. He might be bad but never let's any harm come to his sister.
Girl- where are you going darling?...
Brij- get of B****.... he quickly puts some cloths on and runs out.

Everyone was worried sick at khurana and Handa haveli. They have already called the police. Called the best detective team.
Shila and driver was worried sick. They couldn't tell that they left geet with maan all night long'.

NEXT- maan in geets bedroomShocked
THANK u all' well i will see u sunday' this is a early saturday update. i don't think i am online 2 mx at all' 

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oh awesomeeeeeeeee maan geet romance bt god only knw wt d hada n khuranas will do 2 see tht thy r missing
n precap is freaking my mind

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sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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loved da update
it was amazing
omg maan
do continue

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Thank u keyama 4 not makin it dirty 4 maan, update was cute, i lovd d way maan cares 4 geet. Waitin 4 sunday.

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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wow Maan is really gentleman in drunk state he didnt cross the limit he care about Geet a lot but the precap sounds interesting Maan in Geet bedroom but how thanks for the update see yu sunday

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awesome update
loved it
shocked with geets yaar
hope maan doesnt do anything stupid in anger
cant wait 4 da next update
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Haha Sheila managed to tell maan everything without stopping lol and haha geet and her films and so cute maan was when he was drunk lol and alas he finally said she's beautiful and awe maan saying he wants to sleep in geets arms lol when it's the same thing both ways lol and haha Sheila seems to have forgotten that she and geet went to see maan and that geet would be with maan lol anyways great update and oh geet in maans bedroom how did that happen can't wait to find out Smile

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nice update thank god nothing bad happened i was expecting something bad..................well glad that maan was able to control himself even in the drunk state..............

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