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Maaneet~Paradox~ THREAD 2 (Page 48)

FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Concept 1
part 14

Maan- umm... NO NAKED BOYS PHOTO....
Geet smiles- but where I will change? She wondered.
Maan looks at her- umm... We going back round yours.
Geet nodes and they drives there way back. Whole Handa mansion which was empty. Everyone at the khuranas for the party...
Maan takes a glittery jeans and a plain top out.
Geet- eh cloth me ka problem hi? She asked him innocently...
Maan- Geet... Mujhe aj Se Kuch nahi suna hi. Tum aye kapre kbhi nahi pehnoge.
Geet made a baby face and walks in to the bathroom to change. She still look pretty. Except not cubby. Something he missed. He wanted her cubby cheek badly to pull. She was growing. Taller then before but still not tall enough.
Maan- ready?....

Geet- no....

Maan had no patient... He decided to walk in her room. Geet screams....

Maan- why are you screaming?

Geet smiles- I thought it was a evillll demean..... 

Maan roles his eyes. Stop joking around. We need to hurry up.

Geet- but I  can't do this up... Look... Her jacket jip wasn't working properly. Maan walks towards her and starts to pull the jip up. No use.

Maan- use a different one... 

Geet- fine....

She takes her jacket of...  It wasn't long before maan shouts. Geet wore a sleeveless top saying I heart (drawn) maan at the back. Geet jumps. 

Geet- what is it? She was curious. He wont let her ware anything with anyone els name... But whats wrong with his name?

Maan- I seen a boys name on your back... He was having a heart attack... Geet now was defiantly sure he was loosing it. Whats wrong with him? I lost my weight.... Changed my clothing style... Change... Hold let me tell him..... Geet snaps out. She was angry now... She did so much for him and what he have done except.... Don't do this! Don't do that... ! You should not be there... You should be not here. Control freak... Don't geet. What if he leaves you again.

Geet- so I don't have any right on your name either? She asked musingly... Maan was confused. He walks towards her holds her by his arm and spines her round... Instantly there was a spark on his face. It glowed. He couldn't believe him self. How could he miss his name & that to on geet... Geet could feel the warmth of his body. Maan was bright red... He couldn't explain how much those words mean to him... He feathers his  hand on the writhing gently tickling geet... While his other hand strokes his hand. Geet closes her eyes. She had some idea about mutual feeling between two people... But it was this special she felt it first time....geet shivered with his touch as it tickled her... Maan comes back to the reality and removes his hand instantly. He was speechless. Not sure what to say now. She have claimed his name. Forever... Maan heart beats was way too high to control. Was this true. Wright... False... Hmm... Its too early to understand anything he though. He cleared his voice with a cough- hurry up geet and walks out.. He peaks back in again after fraction of a second.. "That top is fine" he smiles and walks out... Leaving confused and blushing geet...

Maan sat in his car then geet joined with her beautiful look. She was covered top to bottom. With no flesh showing. Geet liked his changing on her... Even though it was a bit to extreme but she was talking about maan here. That silly envelope that he gave me two years back. It was wars then this.

Both sat in the car and makes there way to the haveli. decorated by everyone... His 18th birthday was breathtaking. Outstanding. No one left any thing to outdone his party. Maans eyes glittered with the lighting. He was over welled with the warm welcoming... Geet ran off to Shilas room. Shied and embarrassed....

Shila- owo! New cloths? She asked. Pleased.
Geet nodes- he brought it for me. she blushed.
Shila- ooooo.... Someone is in love.... She teased Geet. Geet couldn't control her self. Her face went bright red. She wanted to hide her self. She couldn't bare to show her blushing face. Everyday she dreamed about him... Dreaming at night... Day dreaming during day... God knows how many thought... What type of thought plaid in her brain....
Shila- let's go. Shila dragged geet out....
Geet- where. Her face was still red. She couldn't face him. Only she knew her time went in the car next to him... She blushed further....
Shila- we have to keep a eye on maan specially from that Merra Di & few other girls.... Do you know what have I read?
Geet nodes innocently...
Shila- oh you won't understand.... Let's go....
Merra was all over maan... She spoke.... giggled... She curled her hair with her finger as she spoke to maan elegantly....
Geet- she is just talking.... Geet tells shila... She wasn't that close neither that far. Geet knew well mera has a huge crash on maan but that since year 4... Its normal... And as usal maan ignores her.
Shila- no... More then talking. Look at the way she is giggling. Of course bhi And funny... Big no no! Bad combination.... So why she is laughing...
Geet- hmm....
Shila- and the way she curling her hair... That means she is interested in him.
Geet- really.... Oh look I didn't know..... Geet gives shila a sarcastic look. Everyone knows that merra id have crash on maan...
Shila- of course...
Geet- what about the way she kept leaning towards him....
Shila- that's mean she is all his....
Geet- is maan understanding this?...  Geet was curios now... She really wondered how he will react...
Shila- I am not sure. You should ask him.
Geet- no you... What if he shouts at me?
Shila- he won't. He cares for you the most.
Geet- yea right... He pulled my shorts down to................ Shila looks at her in shock... Then shouts- WHAT?.... Geet closes her eyes.... This 15 & 18+ film really ruining there brain. 

Shila- did he do anything? She asked in shock again....

Even though they were 13... They had some idea about pleasure between two people. But also knew the risk... But still it wasn't there time yet... In book it says 18....

Geet- You thinking wrong & how could you think about maan like this?

Shila- he is 18 an....

Geet- so!...

Shila- look at your brother... He is so sick. He started at the age of 16.

Geet- shut up... Anyway... Maan is not like that. He knows I am too young. He loves me...

Shila teased- we could see that.

Geet- anyway... He pulled my shorts down to....... Geet couldn't finish it again when yash shouts out in shock and dev parsing and presuming she already have done it.

Yash- WHAT?... WHO? WHERE?

Dev- oh... I have to tell this to bro... I really wonder how he will react that someone pulled your short down...... Geet looks at shila in shock. Before she could stop him dev ran towards maan...... Shila ran after him and crashed him to the floor. Covering his mouth with her hand making a big thud noise. Yash was fuming at geet. She made a baby face at maan that what was going on... Maan looks back at her in concern then at his brother who was getting crashed by shila. Everyone went silent.... Maan walks towards shila and dev and asked- what is the problem here?

Somewhere in the disco....

Brij looks at the girl. He was speechless. She was beautiful...
Brij- Sammera...
Sam- hi...
Brij- owo... You looking sexy...
Sam- thanks... She smiles...
Brij had a bad intention tonight. He wanted her on his bed while sam had the same intention. She wanted to explore this wild man... Sam slowly walks close to him... Pushing him against the wall...spreading her leg. The whole disco was dark. People were busy doing there own little thing... Brij quickly took the advantage of drank Sammera and lifted her skirt putting his hand through her nickers feeling her v****... Then in one jerk he pushes her against the wall and penetrates her with his finger.... Sam let's out a slight moan in pain.... The hall was dark with loud music there was no one to listen to her plight...
Brij- I already have booked a room... Shall we proceed....
Sam was too drunk to see or say anything.... Brij picks her up and makes his way to the hotel room...

He rips sans cloths off and throughs her to the bed.... She laid there naked. Brij couldn't remove his eyes. This was too good. Maybe not Merra but Sammera was equal way better... Her body was way way to sexy. Brij takes his cloths off... Slides his boxer
Down. He stood there naked... Sammera sits up with a drunk smile... He playas with his manhood for a moment before it penetrates her completely..... Brij couldn't control him self from touching her curve... Kept starting at them at the same time fiddling.... Licking.... He starts moving in a rhythm.... While Sammera moaned...

Next- beginning of brijs surprise'.

hay you all.. thanks for all the love and support' it will get dirty from now on' lol.. no i was joking. just dirty brij' lol' but he was always dirty. poor Maan and geet how will he explain he only pulled her short down to cover her thigh. ROFL

heheh THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT. sorry for mistake.

xxxxxx love keyama

Part 13

Part 15

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hahah 1 to 10

btw what has brij planned for maan... sure not worse then what he did for himself... ye jarur pitega

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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i wanted to be the 1st one to commentCry..not fair...was waiting for long time...Cry

loved the update....Clap

Maan'no naked boysAngry'.bechara maan kya socha tha....kya ho gaya....Ouch

Geet wore a sleeveless top saying I heart maan at the back.HeartEmbarrassed that is so cute....

Maan- I seen a boys name on your back..Angry. He was having a heart attack.Broken could he miss his name'D'ohbut better late than never'accha hua dekh liya...nahi to pata nahi geet ko kya kya sunna padta...

So geet has done everything for maan'weight'food'exercise'football'n god knows what else was on that list'.geet ke dedication ka to jawab nahi...Clap

n waise bhi pyar me to sab jaayaz hai...Wink

Shila jumping on dev to stop him from telling his bro 'n closing his mouth b4 he could utter anything....that was just hilarious'ROFL

N that brij'he is a sicko'well what can 1 expect from him'.i'm sure aage jaakar koi scandal zaroor hoga brij ko lekar...i just hope maan pe blame naa aaye...

precap sound gud...who is beginning for the surprise....wooo...bechara maan...pata nahi kya hone wala hai uske saath....Confused n brij ke antics ko dekhkar lagta hai ...*praying *bhagwan maan ka saath denaLOL...

thnx for the correction keyama...

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oh my my poor geet - maan........i once heard half a truth is more dangerous than the full truth - hahahahaahah
omg ewwwwwwwwwww brij - sameerra - actually wait keep that couple as it is - i dnt want her dirty self anywhere near maan............and brij's surprise for maan -hahahaha i think maan will surprise brij BIG tym!!!!

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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lovely update.........
Wonder wat birj has planned for Maan?????

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maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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so they both know what they have for eachother
Brij is tooo dirty yucks

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awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i was rolling on d floor seeing wt happened really feeling sorry for dev
n bechari geet bemathlab phasegi

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