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FF-Tum Kaun Ho? (Chapters1-23) (Page 75)

s-o-m-m-i-e Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
that was awesome Clap

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 1:42pm | IP Logged

Good that maan got Hofmann fired. Maan feels so protective of geet and I think he is starting to like her. Smile

Loool maan yelling at JD for throwing a snowball at geet. Bechara is only 5. lool she called him DD, maan was definitely shocked.

Wow maan is going to help JD build a snowman, he just wants to keep geet out of troubleLOLLOLLOL.

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
I love Maan's thinking...
I love the excuses his mind uses to keep him away from Geet n to keep Geet away from danger...lolz...........he thinks it is because of Geet's harkat that is causing him all this unnecessary tensions n stress.....
Well it is kinda Geet's harkat (but that is what Geet is), but Maan does not realize it is his heart too.....ooooo I cannot wait to find out when the realization hits him....
laxmi2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged

Tum Kaun Ho?

A Maaneet Fan Fic

Chapter 13
Dec. 16, 2010 6:10 pm

"Maan, we've been invited to the Montgomerys' Christmas eve party."

"Dadi, you know that I don't like parties, especially those thrown by the Montgomerys. James always tries to talk politics and introduce me to all his pet candidates, who invariably want money. It will be particularly bad this year, with the mayoral elections coming up"

"But Beta, I want you to go with me. I don't want to go alone."

Maan served himself some of Geet's Italian Lasagna, JD's favorite, while saying, "You usually go to parties with Hemal Aunty, can't she take you?"

"Hemal and Pratap are going to California to visit their daughter and her family. But even if they weren't, what is wrong with me wanting to go with my grandson? Your grandfather used to take me, and we would have such a good time. I miss going to parties with my family."

Maan grimaced and said, "Regardless, I'm not going. You'll have to find someone else to go with."

Dadi sighed in exasperation, and looked at Geet with pleading eyes. "Geet, please, can't you say something to convince Maan? Make him see reason?"

Geet, who had been attempting to get JD to eat his vegetables instead of scarfing down his lasagna like a hungry animal, was not expecting to be brought into the conversation. Looking at Dadi's pleading face and Maan's angry expression, Geet wished she could go back to her old schedule where she was in the kitchen during dinner, preparing for the next day, instead of eating with the family. She didn't like to be put in the middle of family discussions, and she didn't know how much help she would be anyway. She had noticed that Maan had been avoiding her, and she supposed he was angry with her for something. It was difficult to persuade him to do things when he wasn't annoyed. When he was upset, it was absolutely impossible. However, seeing the look on Dadi's face, Geet couldn't keep silent. For Dadi, she would try.

"Sir, you should go with Dadi. You are her grandson, so it's your responsibility to look after her and fulfill her wishes."

Dadi beamed, while Maan fumed, not liking Geet's interference. Turning to face her for the first time that night, Maan asked angrily, "And what about me and my wishes? A person goes to a party to enjoy it, correct? If they not going to enjoy the party, then why should they go?"

"How do you know you won't enjoy the party?"

"Didn't you just hear me tell Dadi? I can't stand all the stupid political talk. It's all a bunch of posturing and partisanship. Nobody actually works on solving anything because they're too busy trying to get in power or stay in power!"

"That's an overly simplistic way to view things, but even if it was true, it's no reason to avoid a party. Frankly, Sir, I think you are just being cowardly. So what if people want to speak with you about politics? That doesn't mean that you have agree with their ideas or do what they want. They certainly can't force you to give them money. If nothing else, you can at least see what different people's views are, and if you might want to support them or not. And I highly doubt you'll be forced to talk politics the whole time. There will be food, music, dancing, all kinds of fun things to do. But no, you would rather avoid the situation entirely, and disregard Dadi's wishes, just for your own comfort. Dada would be very disappointed."

Maan had listened silently, but furiously, to Geet's reprimand, trying to keep himself in check. However, when she mentioned his grandfather, his control failed. His emotions boiled over to such an extent that it was impossible to think clearly. He didn't even think to wonder how it was she knew Dada, when he died before she started working at the mansion as JD's nanny. Maan stood up quickly, knocking over his chair in the process. Without taking his enraged eyes off of Geet's face, he reached down, picked up the chair, and slammed it back in place. He then gave an answer to her overly familiar words.

"You think I should attend this party with Dadi?" Maan asked in a deadly voice. "You think I should waste my time socializing with a bunch of idiotic fools? Fine. I will escort Dadi to this party, but only on one condition. You will come too!"


"Oh, yes, Geet," said Dadi enthusiastically. "You come with us, that will make the party so much more enjoyable."

"But, Dadi, I can't. I can't." Geet looked rapidly back and forth between Maan's angrily determined face and Dadi's smiling one. "I...I have to take JD to Christmas Mass."

"Well, that won't be a problem. I didn't think it would be good for him to be out so late, not after how sick he got last year. So, I checked and St. Francis has an afternoon mass at three. That will give us plenty of time to go together and then come back and get ready."

"But, who will look after him in the evening?"

"Nakul will be here. He can manage for a few hours on his own." Dadi was not going to allow Geet to get away with any excuses. She wanted Maan to take her to the party, and she wanted Geet to go with them.

Maan could tell that Geet was agitated, and that gave him immense satisfaction. It served her right for thinking she could lecture him on what to do. "So, Ms. Handa, tell me, do I go to the party, or do I stay home?"

"GT," piped up JD, who had been watching and listening to the proceedings with great interest, "are you going to a Christmas party?"

Geet looked down into JD's curious little face, and then back at the smirk on his uncle's. She knew he thought he'd backed her into a corner, but he was wrong. With clear determination visible in her eyes, she answered JD that yes, she was going to a Christmas party and he should eat his carrots. Maan was a little surprised that she had answered his challenge and unsure if he had been right in giving her a condition. Dadi was extremely pleased. Now she would have bother her grandson and her dear Geet accompanying her to the party.

Dec. 20, 2010 2:15 pm

"Dadi, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?"


"But, Dadi, I have to look after the office. I can't leave now to go shopping, Maan would never agree. And Chelsea is still a little unsure and needs my help sometimes. Anyway, what do you want to go shopping for?"

"Dress shopping, what else?" Geet groaned, a response that was not unexpected by Dadi.

"Now, Geet, I know that you're not fond of clothes shopping, but you need a dress for the party, and I need an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours."

"But, office?"

"Oh, Geet, forget the office! You work to hard, anyway. If you're worried about Maan, I've already told him that you're going with me for a few hours. He didn't like it, but what can he do? I'm still his grandmother."

"Okay fine, Dadi. If it will make you happy, I'll go shopping with you."

Dadi smiled at Geet and patted her cheek affectionately. "It will make me happy. Now, where shall we go? Couture Express?"

"Definitely not!" exclaimed Geet. "After that dreadful fiasco last month, I want nothing to do with that store!"

Dadi laughed and put her arm through Geet's. "Alright, then we won't go there. But where shall we go then? Not downtown Chicago, you know how much I dislike that place, and this time of year it's much too crowded anyway."

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great  update

waiting  for the  party
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome one yaar...i wondering whether maneeet ll dance in the party ??
Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Is maan is awared dat she was his classmate?????? He was surprised when she was talking abt his dada......... I m confused.

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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great update!

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