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FF-Tum Kaun Ho? (Chapters1-23) (Page 56)

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Tum Kaun Ho?

A Maaneet Fan Fic

Chapter 10
Apr. 5, 2006 3:50 pm

Dadi, Dadi," cried Geet excitedly, as she made her way through the gardens at the back of the Khurana mansion.

"Geet beti, I wasn't expecting you today. Come sit by me and have some lemonade."

Geet moved to sit in a chair next to where Dadi was sitting on the terrace. She said happily, "Dadi, I've got a job!"

"Really. Tell me about it."

"So, my friend Pinky's dad, he's the manager of a store called Couture Express. Pinky works there part time, and she thought that maybe I could get a job there too. She arranged for me to have an interview, and even though the HR lady didn't seem to like me much, Mr. Manchanda said that I got the job! I'm going to start working a few nights after school and when summer time comes I can work almost full time, which is good, since I will be so bored having no classes."

Dadi smiled at Geet's enthusiasm and non-stop talking. She poured her a glass of lemonade and made Geet drink it. Geet gulped down the lemonade, tilting her head back as hurriedly drank the sweet and tangy drink. While she was drinking, her eyes fell on Maan's window.

Abruptly she stopped drinking and put down her glass, asking, "Dadi, how is Maan? I haven't seen him once since our final test last semester."

Dadi sighed and said, "He's doing as well as can be expected. He's been spending all of his spare time studying. You know, neither he nor his grandfather were happy with his grades at the end of last term. He made a goal that for this last semester he would get top marks in all his classes. You know that's not an easy thing at a university like Chicago."

"Was Dada very angry with him?"

"No, Beti, just disappointed. But, enough of that talk for now. Today is a happy day. Why don't you tell me more about this new job, and then afterwards you can go and have Mrs. Gupta teach you how to make aloo paratha."

That brought a smile back to Geet's face. She had been wanted Mrs. Gupta to teach her cooking since long, but never seemed to find a good time. "Okay, Dadi. The first really great thing is that I can take the Jackson Park Express from school to work, because the store is in The 900 Shops on Michigan Ave."

"Isn't that where Bloomigdale's is?"

"Yes, that's the place."

"I haven't been in there before, although I have seen the place a few times since it was built. To be honest, I don't like going to downtown Chicago, and I haven't for years. But, if you're going to be working there, maybe I'll come take a look."

Nov. 13, 2010 11:25 am

Subhiksha Das, better known as Sasha, gasped in shock as she saw who walked through the doors of Couture Express. Maan Singh Khurana, the most eligible bachelor in Chicago, and Sasha's personal dream man, was standing only a few feet away from her, speaking on his phone, and looking to-die-for hot! She wanted to scream like a silly school girl, but at the last moment, got a hold of herself. She would conduct herself like the elegant young woman that she was, yes she would.

Sasha hurried over to him, crying loudly, "Maan," drawing stares from all over the store, and distracting Maan from his phone conversation.

"Do I know you?" asked Maan arrogantly, looking down at the diminutive woman who was giving him a look that made him seriously wonder if she was crazy.

"Freshman English, Professor Robinson."

The crazy small woman was looking at him like her words were supposed to mean something. "What's your name?"

Sasha's face fell when she understood that he didn't recognize her, but then brightened when she realized that Maan Singh Khurana was actually speaking to her. "I'm Sasha, Sasha Das," she replied, looking at him with hopeful longing.

"Well, Sasha, I need to buy some clothes."

"Oh, for your grandmother?" asked Sasha, eager to make an impression. "Mrs. Khurana shops here all the time. She's such a nice lady. I really like her a lot."

"It's not for my grandmother." Sasha stopped mid word, and her mouth was left open in sock at what Maan said next. "It's for a younger lady."

Maan was just about to go back to his phone call when he noticed the strange sales-girl was staring at him like he had two heads. "Well, go on and get me something," he ordered. "I don't have all day."

Sasha shut her open mouth and after looking at him for a moment, timidly asked Maan, "What size clothing?"

Maan had gone back to his call and was not happy to be distracted by her question. He angrily asked her what she wanted. Sasha repeated her question apologetically, totally overwhelmed by Maan's harsh behavior.

"I don't know the size. Can't you just pick out something?"

"I have to know the size, or at least a general idea of height and weight."

Without even trying, Maan suddenly remembered the moment when he had angrily grabbed Geet and held her close. At the time he had been furious, and not thinking about her specifically. Now that he was much more calm, he could remember all sorts of details.

Almost as if in a trance, Maan said, "She's about this tall," moving his hand to just above his nose, "her shoulders are about this wide, and she's fairly thin, 110, maybe 120 pounds. Slender."

Sasha pursed her lips at the way he described this 'younger lady'. It made her wonder what kind of relationship they had. However, she couldn't come right out and ask, so instead her question was, "What kind of outfit do you want?"

"Just something. You know, top, bottom, shoes." Maan thought for a moment, then continued, "She'll need something to wear underneath, you know...oh, and the shirt needs to be button down in the front so it's easier to get off. Hurry up please, I don't have all day."

As Maan went back to his call, Sasha burned with jealousy and embarrassment. Jealousy because this girl, who ever she was, had apparently captured the elusive MSK's interest. Embarrassment because she had wanted to know what kind of relationship they had, and she had certainly found out. He wanted a shirt that he found easy to take off of her! Well, if that was the way it was, then that's the kind of outfit she would select.

Maan was so busy with his phone conversation, that he barely paid attention to what Sasha was choosing. He was just relieved that she had stopped questioning him and was retrieving things quickly. Once she had picked out all the items and bagged them, he handed over his credit card, paid quickly, and left the store.

Nov. 13, 2010 12:06 pm

"Maan, I've been trying to call you for almost an hour. How could you go shopping for Geet without knowing her clothing size?"

"Dadi, it's all right. The sales girl asked me a few questions and picked out some stuff." Maan handed the bag over to Geet as he said, "I'm sure what ever is in there will be good enough to leave the hospital in."

Geet started looking in the bag and pulled out the box that contained the shoes, as Dadi asked, "What kind of questions?"

Just as she heard Maan say, "How tall Geet was," she saw something that gave her an unpleasant shock.

Reaching into the bag, she pulled out a bright magenta lacy bra and matching lacy panties, and demanded with a screech, "What did you tell her about me that made her think I was a STRIPPER?"

Dadi and Maan both looked at an irate Geet, holding the offending articles of clothing, and stared in astonishment. Geet threw down the undergarments and pulled out the outer clothes, which consisted of a white semi sheer silk blouse, and a hot pink leather mini skirt. Geet gripped the clothes tightly staring daggers at Maan, as Dadi tried to contain her laughter at the awkward situation her grandson found himself in.

"WHAT DID YOU TELL HER ABOUT ME?" yelled Geet as she shook the unwanted clothes at Maan.

Maan was speechless, and couldn't stop looking at the horrible outfit that he had bought without even knowing it. He stuttered, before saying with some firmness, "It's not my fault. That sales girl is the one who made the choice, not me."

Dadi shook her head at Maan's foolishness, and questioned, "Didn't you look at the clothes before you bought them, Beta?"

Maan looked at Dadi almost desperately, and protested, "I was busy, Dadi. A very important phone call."

"You and your important phone calls," muttered Dadi, as Geet wailed, "I can't go out in public wearing these clothes!"

The situation was fast deteriorating, so Dadi decided to take charge. She sent Maan out to wait in the car, with an ear blistering lecture on his horrible lack of attention to anything beyond his own self. She then went to wipe Geet's tears of frustration and explain her plan.

"Geet, even though this isn't the kind of clothing you are comfortable wearing, just put it on, and I will give you my coat to wear over it. It's big enough that it should hide everything, and that way you can leave the hospital without any more delays."

"But, Dadi, what about you. I can't take your coat, it's cold outside."

"Fortunately I chose to wear saree today, so I'll just wrap my pallu around me tightly. That will be good enough until we get home."

A still frowning Geet complained, "But what about when we get back at the mansion? I can't go around wearing your coat all day."

"I have an idea for that too. When we get home, I'll get out one of my sarees and you can wear that. You won't be able to wear the matching blouse because of your shoulder, so we'll use this shirt for the blouse instead. It might not be perfect, but it will work until your things arrive. Anyway, you should spend most of the day resting in bed, so it won't matter much what you're wearing."

"But, Dadi..."

"Geet, don't argue with me anymore, okay? The sooner you change clothes the sooner we can go home. You know JD will be anxious to see you."

At the mention of JD, Geet gave in, allowing Dadi to help her change. Dadi had long ago discovered what Maan had only recently found out about Geet, that she could be persuaded to do anything for JD. Unlike Maan, she used love and concern, where he used anger and logic. Though the attitudes were different, the outcome was the same. Ms. Geet Handa, former resident of 5882 W. Ohio St. apartment 2A, was coming to stay at Khurana mansion.

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged and maan convo wow.
love it.
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loved maan-geet and dadi's interaction........................what a shock for all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lol maan.....loved it....
do cont soon...
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Great part....
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So Maan can describe her size...uff!! But poor Geet...always a Shasha around to ruin the moment!! 
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wen u said sasha first and she choosing dress... i exactly knew wat kind of disgusting dress she wud have selected... Poor Maan
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ROFL bechara Maan

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