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FF-Tum Kaun Ho? (Chapters1-23) (Page 40)

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Tum Kaun Ho?

A Maaneet Fan Fic

Chapter 8
Nov. 6, 2010 7:14 pm

"Ms. Handa? I'm Detective Brown, and this is Sergeant Fernandez. Are you able to answer some questions about what happened to you last night?"

"I'll try."

"Some of our questions may seem a little odd, but if you answer them as truthfully as possible, it will help us a lot."

"Before you tell us exactly what happened, can you describe to us what a typical night coming home is like?"

"Well, I usually leave work around 8. I either take the bus or a taxi home. I read or do some cleaning before going to bed. Pretty normal stuff."

"Is there a pattern to when you take a bus or a taxi home?"

"Well, I take the bus home most of the time, because taxis are so expensive. Usually I only call for one if I'm leaving work later than 8."

"According to our information, you left work around 8:30pm. Why didn't you arrange for a taxi like usual."

"Well, I thought I was going to be able to get a ride home, but...that didn't work out. I've been taking taxis to work ever since my schedule changed and I didn't feel like paying for another trip."

Though the conversation was being recorded, Detective Brown also made some notes before continuing with her questions. "Can you walk us through what happened right before the attack?"

"I got off at the bus stop on Austin, um...maybe around 9:45 and started walking home. I was walking slower than usual because I was carrying a box."

"Why were you carrying a box?"

"Oh, sometimes I have things shipped to work, because they get stolen if they're left outside my apartment. On days when they arrive I arrange for a ride, but like I told you, I wasn't able to on Friday." Neither Maan nor Geet looked at each other or said anything, but they both remembered the circumstances that occurred regarding Geet's lack of a ride.

"So you were walking home slowly."

"Yes, and just when I turned onto W. Ohio, I saw two men approaching me."

Geet then began to describe how the two men began harassing her, asking what was in the box, and not allowing her to pass by them. Eventually one of them pulled out a knife and demanded that she hand over everything she had. Geet had looked around, but saw no available help, and chose to give them what she had. Looking through her box and bag, they weren't satisfied and demanded more. At that point, Geet stopped speaking, and didn't resume, even when gently prompted by Detective Brown.

Maan saw that Geet's cheeks were pale, and he was just starting to become genuinely worried, when she whispered to the detective, "Can I speak to you alone?"

Detective Brown signaled Sergeant Fernandez, and he moved to leave the room, taking Maan with him. Maan didn't want to leave. He felt like he should be there and hear the entire story. As soon as they were in the hall, he questioned the sergeant about why Geet wouldn't talk in front of them.

"Well, Sir, it's possible that what ever happened, Ms. Handa would only feel comfortable taking to a woman about it."

"You don't mean that maybe they..." Maan couldn't say the word, but a horrible image came into his mind.

"Well, the doctors didn't find any evidence of rape," Maan winced at the word, "but there are lots of things they could have done to her that wouldn't leave much evidence."

Nov. 6, 2010 7:33 pm

Maan wasn't happy about waiting outside, but if the sergeant was correct, then Geet wouldn't say anymore in front of him. He wanted her to tell everything that she remembered, so the police could catch the criminals who hurt her. The trouble with waiting outside, was that he had nothing to distract him from thinking about what he had heard her recall.

When he had shown up at her apartment building and the police had told why they were there, he had assumed that the robbery took place at her apartment. Finding out that she had been attacked while walking home from the bus stop bothered him in a way that he didn't like. Even though he knew it was not his fault if she decided to ride the bus instead of taking a taxi, he still felt, he hated to even think the word, but he felt guilty. No matter how much he tried to reason with himself that robberies and assaults could happen anywhere, and that he was not responsible, it didn't work. He still felt the guilt, and that feeling spurred his anger.

The whole thing was the fault of Geet Handa. First she had the gall to question him. Then, when he delivered the proper reproof for her behavior, she went and got herself attacked in the dangerous neighborhood she chose to live in, making him feel guilty. No girl had ever made him feel guilty before. Nor was he going to allow Geet Handa to ever make him feel that way again.

Nov. 6, 2010 7:50 pm

Detective Brown exited the room and walked over to where Maan and the sergeant were standing in silence. "Well?" asked the sergeant.

"According to her she wasn't raped."

"What about the bruising?"

"What bruising?" asked Maan, having heard about this for the first time. "I thought she only had a stab wound."

"The doctors noticed some bruising on her shoulders that looked like handprints. Though she was considered the victim of a robbery assault, that bruising was similar to several rape cases in the area that we think have been committed by a serial rapist."

"How did she explain the bruises?" asked Sergeant Fernandez.

"According to her, last week she stumbled on the bus and a fellow passenger was helping her up, but held her shoulders a little too hard. She claims that she bruises easily, but that it was no big deal."

"Is she telling the truth?"

"It's hard to say. I can't be sure, but I think she acquired those bruises differently than how she said. However, she let me look at her uninjured shoulder, and the bruising is several days old. I'm sure she didn't get them in last night's attack, but as to how she did..." Detective Brown just shrugged.

Maan had been silent up until this point, but now he asked, "Have you finished your questioning?"

"We've got everything we need for right now, and I don't want to push her anymore tonight. We will probably need to ask more questions after we continue the investigation with this new information."

The detective and sergeant left, after receiving a promise from Maan that he would contact them if he thought of any useful information. Maan watched them walk down the hospital hallway, and then looked back at the door to Geet's room. With a stern face and clenched fists, he walked back into the room, determined to lay down the law.

"Handa, I think that it's time you remembered who is the boss and who is the employee. What you want doesn't matter to me. I do what I want, when I want, and right now I'm staying here because it will ease Dadi's mind. That's final!"

"But, Sir, you can't stay here."

"Handa, I've had just about enough..."

"Sir, please don't misunderstand me." Maan was unused to being interrupted by Geet, plus the words that she uttered, almost plaintively, were enough to make him pause. "I appreciate your wanting to stay with me, even if it's for Dadi. It's just that tomorrow is your day with JD."

Maan scowled and asked, "What does JD have to do with it?"

"Sir, JD is already upset because of what's happened today. He needs to spend time with you. He needs to have that consistency. Please..."

Maan didn't like how her voice trembled and moisture welled up in her eyes. To prevent a crying scene, he said arrogantly, "Geet, if you think I would give up my time with JD for you, then you don't know me very well. Of course I will spend time with him tomorrow. However, that doesn't precluded me staying the night here."

"Really? You will spend time with him, just like always?"

"Didn't I just say so? Now, you stop thinking so much, and go to sleep." Geet gave a little smile at his words, that he refused to let affect him. Seeing her close her eyes, Maan went to sit in a chair, wondering if he would be able to get any sleep in the uncomfortable thing.

Nov. 7, 2010 12:09 am

As Maan predicted, he was having a hard time sleeping in the chair. Just when he'd dozed off an hour ago, a nurse came in to check on Geet, waking him up in the process. Ever since then, he had not been able to keep his mind from thinking about everything that had happened. There was one thing in particular that would not leave him alone. Finally, unable to resist any longer, Maan got up and walked quietly over to the hospital bed, next to Geet's right side. Observing her for a minute, and finding her to be in a deep sleep, Maan reached out towards her right shoulder. He carefully eased the hospital gown aside to reveal her uninjured shoulder.

Just as Detective Brown had said, he could see the horrible greenish brown discoloration that indicated bruising. Closing his eyes, and letting out a sigh, Maan put the gown back in place and went back to his uncomfortable chair. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, he continued to think. He had been put to a lot of trouble because of Geet, and Dadi and JD had been made very upset by the recent events. If he was going to get a handle on the situation, some things needed to change.

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U posted 2
Let me go read them now.
Love u..........
Water. IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful updates...
I read them...both
Loved them.... minus Maan's rudeness, arrogance, attitude.
The bruises she had were given by Maan.......urghhhhhhhhhh his aggresiveness.....
N the change he is talking about ...I hope it is him who is going to change...his behaviours....attitude...etc......but knowing Maan...I am not sure if he is ready to change this moment...lets c......
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wow... you re a good writer... Hate Maan for being on his high horse even right now.. jeez man!(nah., I understand its your characterizationBig smile, but hating him nonetheless like you probably want us toWink)

I surprisingly liked the adult-child interaction(Geet-JD) in your ff... (usually m not one fr such storylines).. but I like your JD and specifically Geets chemistry with him...

up until now Geets been so humble, tolerant and forgiving with Maan, I hope she continues with her focus on Daadi and JD and others with Maan on the periphery.... the damn arrogant man deserves to burn a lot ,aloneEvil Smile

do update soon...

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loved both the updates
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Originally posted by ninand

wow... you re a good writer... Hate Maan for being on his high horse even right now.. jeez man!(nah., I understand its your characterizationBig smile, but hating him nonetheless like you probably want us toWink)

I surprisingly liked the adult-child interaction(Geet-JD) in your ff... (usually m not one fr such storylines).. but I like your JD and specifically Geets chemistry with him...

up until now Geets been so humble, tolerant and forgiving with Maan, I hope she continues with her focus on Daadi and JD and others with Maan on the periphery.... the damn arrogant man deserves to burn a lot ,aloneEvil Smile

do update soon...

I second your opinion..Geet-JD interaction was very cute. I'd really like Geet to stop being this 'Mahaan' and give some back to Maan.

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yippeeeeeeeeeeeee double update...................thanks for that.............

loved it..................slowly now maan has started to feel his guilt but still his anger takes over it...........i does geet loves maan is that y she is working with him and doing all the extra work..........
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loved both the updates
thanks 4 posting 2..

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