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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
awesome FF
really interesting.. poor maan
hope maaneet lovestory starts soon!
add me to the pm list
con't soon!

maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
Ooh intersting concept and deniac kinda summed it up so ditto with her anyways great update and ff can't wait to see the story unfold Smile
mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
now i get the story so Geet & Maan were at same UNI  know each other sameera ditched him he became arrogant drinking man so Geet works for him &stay his home i'll wait how yu unfold the story but ur damn good in mystery  super fascinating pls cont soonnnnnnnnnnn thanks pm
sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
so geet knew maan since her college days!...
continue soon!
sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
nice update 


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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Nice update..I think  story move ahead..less confusion..

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laxmi2010 Senior Member

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Tum Kaun Ho?

A Maaneet Fan Fic

Chapter 4
Nov. 1, 2010 8:50am

Geet hurried inside the mansion and towards her office. She was slightly later than usual, because JD had been grumpy and stubborn about going to preschool. He complained about not getting to speak with his cousin, he complained about having to wear his jacket, he complained that it was cloudy, he complained that she never did anything fun with him anymore.

"Oh, really? Then what was that we were doing on Saturday? Did I just dream getting dressed up and talking you around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating?" Geet had asked him.

"Oh. I guess that was fun," he had replied.

"You guess?" Geet folded her arms and gave him a stern look.

"I'm sorry, GT. I'm not ap..appro...uh...what's the word?"


"Yeah, I'm not appreciating. Thanking you for taking me trick-or-treating and thank you for making me pancakes for breakfast today. They were yummy."

"You're welcome," Geet had replied, giving him a quick squeeze around the shoulders.

"GT, can't Harsh come and visit us? I want to play with him, not just talk on the computer."

"I don't know, JD. Delhi is very far away, and Harsh can't just come by himself."

"But, can't Taya and Tayi come too? Then I can see Harsh and Meenal and them too."

"Taya is very busy. You know he has a really important job and he can't just leave whenever he wants." Seeing JD's crestfallen little face, Geet had melted and said, "Tayi and I will talk about it, but you need to be patient. It might take until summer, which is a long way away."

"Please, GT, please, I really want to play with Harsh!"

"We'll see." From looking out the window of the car, Geet noticed that they had arrived. "We're here. Now take your lunch and be a good boy today, okay?"

"Okay, GT." JD gave Geet a hug and took his lunch bag from her. "Bye, GT, bye Nakul." As they always did, she and Nakul waited until JD was inside the building, and then Nakul turned the car around and started back to Khurana Mansion.

Geet smiled as she sat back at her desk and thought about JD's antics from that morning. It was often hard for her to keep a straight face, he was so cute with his little demands. One thing bothered her though, and she thought that it was something worth discussing with his therapist. But before she could do that, she needed to see what her boss was expecting today.

Sent: 1 November 2010 at 8:45am
Subject: Nov. 1 Morning Instructions
I want the files for GFC and Miltons on my desk by 9. The only calls I want you to put through to me are from Clark's office. I'm expecting the first around 10. If Hofmann calls, tell him that there will be no last minute endorsements by me for any political candidate, and I expect him not to contact me in future. Get in touch with Paul Guzman's PA and set up a meeting. Any afternoon this week will be acceptable. I expect the photocopying to be done by the end of the day.

"Hmph! Photocopying. What an innocuous word."

The photocopying actually consisted of Geet making a duplicate of the original file, then a digital scan, placing the original papers in protective plastic and photocopies back in the file, and when the entire process was complete, she did it again for the next file. At the end of the day, she would take all the original files and place them in the storage vault.

Looking over at the pile that Maan had placed on her work table, she saw that it was three times larger than usual. Heaving a sigh, she realized that she was going to need to manage her time especially well if she wanted to get everything done on time. Geet picked up the files Maan requested and hurried to his office. It was only five minutes to nine, but if she didn't get those files placed on his desk and then herself back to the office and working, he was sure to blow a fuse.

One good thing, was that MSK Investments client hours didn't start until 9:30am, so Geet had half an hour before she needed to worry about answering the phone. This would allow her to make an important phone call of her own. Getting out her cell phone and headset, she dialed the number and picked up one of the files to start her long 'photocopying' job.

"Jennifer Wang's Office, how can I help you?"

"Claire, it's Geet. Would it be possible for me to speak with Jen?"

"Of course, Geet, I'll transfer you. Just one moment." Geet opened the file she was holding and began the process of photocopying the documents as she waited.

It wasn't a very long before she heard, "Hello, Geet. How's JD doing? Is there something you wanted to discuss?"

"Hi, Jen. JD's doing well for the most part, but there is something I want to talk about with you."

"Go head."

"For the past week JD has been asking in various ways to be allowed to visit his cousin, or to have Harsh come here for a visit."

"What's the problem with that?"

"Well, that's not the problem, but it's highlighted something that I think is a problem. He's been saying, 'I want to play with Harsh, I want to play with Harsh,' but he never says the same thing about any of the children he attends preschool with. I ask him if he wants to invite some school friends over to play, and he just shrugs and changes the topic. Neither I nor Dadi have ever had any of the other parents call and ask for him on behalf of their child. I'm worried that he doesn't seem to be making friends, even after more than a year."

"Has he gotten in trouble for fighting again?"

"No, his teachers haven't contacted us about anything like that."

"Have you asked them if he plays with the other students, or if they make an effort to play with him?"

"I haven't. I've been so busy with work, that I haven't even begun to address the issue like I'd like to."

"My recommendation would be to discuss this with his teachers, and find out what the situation is there. I can also start exploring the issue with him in his next session."

"Okay, I'll talk to Dadi and see if she can speak with Mrs. Whitecastle when she picks him up this afternoon."

"Don't worry so much Geet. We can cope with this situation."

"Thanks, Jen. I'll talk to you later. Bye."


Geet felt much better now that she had discussed things with Jen. She will make sure that she talks to Dadi at lunch. She also had to remember to speak to Naintara about arranging a family visit. After all, the boys had only met in person when they were toddlers, a meeting that they would never remember. It was natural for JD to want to spend time with his cousin.

Nov. 1, 2010 2:30pm

Geet surveyed the pile of files that she had been working on all day, and saw that about half of them were finished. If she wanted to avoid being shouted at, she would have to pick up the pace, in order to get done by five-thirty. For some reason, she had been getting calls from all sorts of news agencies, wanting to get a political sound byte from Maan Singh Khurana. Fielding all those calls had severely cut into her work time. She suspected it was the revenge of that nasty Hofmann, who seemed to think it was Geet, and not Maan, who was the reason for his inability to get what he wanted from the great MSK. Trying to forget the annoying voice of that annoying person, Geet picked up another file, only to be stopped by the sound of an incoming email.

Sent: 1 November 2010 at 2:31pm
Subject: Nov. 1 Change In Instructions
You may recall when I hired you, I explained that eventually I would expand my investments into foreign markets. After speaking with Clark earlier today, I've decided that I will begin the expansion early next year. In view of that fact, I will need a lot more information on the following companies. I've enclosed a Word file that I want you to fill out on every company in the following list. I specifically want you to give highest priority to finishing companies in India, France, and Mexico. This is a chance for you to utilize those four languages that you supposedly can speak. I expect there to be no mistakes.
The list is extensive, and will require a sizable amount of time to complete. To accommodate time zone differences, your hours will be changed to 7:30am-4:00pm until further notice. As you will need to begin this new schedule tomorrow, you can leave at four today. The photocopying can be put on hold, just don't forget to replace the finished files and take the originals to the vault.

Geet looked at the list of companies Maan wanted her to gather data on, and her eyes widened. There were more than 100 companies in the list. He expected her to do all this research and still perform the job of his assistant?

"Is this some kind of punishment?" Geet wondered out loud. "First that nasty Hofmann, and now this! Wait a second. Did he say I can finish early today? That means I can go with Dadi to pick up JD. And he wants to change my hours? Great, there goes my schedule, right out the window. Oh well. I'll just have to adjust."

Nov. 1, 2010 4:30pm

"GT, GT, GT!" squealed JD in excitement when he saw that Geet was there to pick him up. He can running with his arms outstretched, and Geet picked him up for a big hug."

Dadi watched them with amusement, but couldn't resist teasing her great-grandson. "Now I understand. If Geet is around, Dadi is invisible to you, hai na JD?"

"Dadi, you're talking hindi to me again."

"Of course, beta. Don't tell me you won't give me a hug, just because of that?"

JD loved hugs from Dadi almost as much as hugs from Geet. He wriggled out of Geet's grasp and ran over to give Dadi a hug. Geet laughed at his antics, and his comments on the hindi. She wasn't going to let him get away with that complaining, especially when it was unfounded.

"JD, you shouldn't criticize Dadi for speaking hindi, after all that was her first language. And anyway, I'm pretty sure that Harsh has taught you enough that you know exactly what those few words she used mean." Geet reached out and started tickling JD, eliciting squeals from his little body. "Come on, tell me what the words mean. I know you know. Tell me, tell."

JD continued to laughed and squeal from being tickled by Geet until he finally gave in and admitted that he did know the words. "Haina means isn't it and beta mean son. That's right?" Without waiting for a response JD held Geet and Dadi's hands and asked, "GT, how come you came with Dadi?"

"Well, Uncle let me leave work early, so I thought we could celebrate by having ice cream."

"Ice cream, ice cream!" JD was all excited, jumping up and down with enthusiasm at the prospect of ice cream.

He quickly went to sit in the car, followed by Geet and Dadi. Geet helped him put his seatbelt, before sitting properly in the car herself. As the car began moving, Geet was about to ask where he wanted to go for ice cream, when JD asked a question of his own.

"GT, how come sometimes Nakul drives us, and sometimes Mohan. Like Nakul drove this morning, and now Mohan is driving."

"Well, JD, Mohan's job is to be a driver for Dadi, but his job time doesn't start until 10:00. Nakul's job is to help around the house, and part of the helping includes driving for Dadi when Mohan isn't there."

"Oh, I get it. Mohan is like the 1st string player, and Nakul is his substitute."

"Something like that."

Dadi took that moment to ask JD about how school went, giving Geet a chance to think about she was going to talk to JD about her schedule change. Changes in routine were difficult for any child. She couldn't say how JD would react, but she hoped that he wouldn't have a set back because of it. She'd have to emphasize the positives, the chief one being they would have more time to spend together weekday afternoons. She was sure he would like that.

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