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ArMan Times Edition 32 Completed

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ArMan Times Edition 3

Brief Written updates of the Fortnight

By : loveabletwinz

3rd January
Manjusha and Vinod find the lost money in Manav's cupboard
Savita slaps Dharmesh for accusing Manav of robbery 
Manav decides to leave the house and Archana decides to leave with him too
Manav and Archana go to the Deshmukh Chawl but Savita says Archana cant' stay
Manav says he'll only live in their house if Archana is accepted and leaves
Sulochana and Manohar hint towards Manjusha being responsible for whatever happened during the party

4th January
Tarun is back and lends a hand to Manav and Archana and gives them his house to stay in for the night
Jaywant talks to Manjusha on the phone on how their plan worked out perfectly
Swati overhears Jaywants conversation on the phone and tells him what he did was wrong
Swati calls Archana and asks her to meet her in person so she can tell Archana about Jaywant and Manjusha's intentions
Tarun gives Manav some money so he can find himself a home 
Swati and Archana meet and Archana finds out that Jaywant and Manjusha were behind Manav getting blamed for robbery
Archana goes to the Karanjakar house and tells everyone the truth; Manjusha gets defensive and blurts out the truth that it was her who put the money in Manav's cupboard.
Archana breaks her relation with Vinod and Manjusha

5th January
Manjusha and the rest of the Karanjakar family have a fight and Rasika sees this and takes Manjusha with her
Manav and Archana move into their new home; Manav does Grah Pravesh and all :)
Archana tells Manav about what just happened at the Karanjakar house and Manav goes and confronts Jaywant
Dharmesh, Jaywant and Manav have a confrontation too and Manav is about to tell Dharmesh that he knows his truth, but he sees Vaishali and stops himself from doing so
We find out that Vaishali is pregnant
Manjusha manipulates her way back into the Karanjakar house
Archana decides that she will be the one to tell Vaishali of Dharmesh's truth

6th January
Archana goes to the hospital to tell Vaishali about Dharmesh but finds out that she is pregnant; Vaishali and Archana have sort of a make-up between them
Vaishali and Varsha go shopping and Varsha sees Dharmesh there when hes actually supposed to be working
Madhuri tells Dharmesh that she wants another baby from him

7th January
Madhuri tells Dharmesh that she nees another child from him because she needs identical bone marrow to save Varun
Sulochana and Manohar go to ArMan's house and ask Archana to come back but Archana denies their request and says she's happy in their house with Manav
Vaishali tells Dharmesh that she's pregnant and Dharmesh is worried

10th January
Its Savita's birthday and Damodar suprises her with a cake
Manav tells  Archana that it is Savita's bday and this would be the first time she would be celebrating it without him, Archana suggest that he go see her 
Manav tells Archana that he won't go without her, Archana agrees to go with him, but she decides she will stand outside the chawl
While Manav is inside with the Deshmukhs, Archana sees Dharmesh with Madhuri and confronts him; Archana threatens to tell Vaishali everything

11th January
Dharmesh calls Archana and tells her not to tell anyone because he's got a solution for all the problems and asks her to meet him
Dharmesh threatens that if Archana exposes him he will ruin Vaishali's life
Vaishali and Dharmesh decide to keep a party in honor of the pregnancy news
Manav bumps into Madhuri  and Madhuri asks for their home address so she can see Archana, but  Manav  acts awkward around her
Archana arrives at Dharmesh and Vaishali's party

12th January
Vaishali tells Dharmesh that she was the one to call Archana to the party, Archana and Dharmesh have another confrontation
Outside Dharmesh's house Jaywant misbehaves with Archana and Sulochana and Manohar see this and slap him
Satish and Varsha invite Dharmesh and Vaishali for their wedding anniversary party
Manav gets a job as a waiter at a catering firm
Dharmesh tells Madhuri that he and she can try for a baby while Vaishali is at Satish and Varsha's party
Manav and Archana have gone out for dinner since Manav got a job and bump into Savita and Damodar and have Pav Bhaji together

13th January
Manav is late for his first day as a waiter and offers to stay late and make up the hours
Archana and Madhuri bump into eachother and Archana invites her over to her place
Archana tells Madhuri that Vaishali is her sister 
Savita visits Manav at his home

14th January
Ajit meets Manav and asks him to join the factory but Manav says no to that
The owner of the place where Manav works as a waiter is Satish's friend and he suggest Satish to have his party at his hotel
The manager at the firm wants to fire Manav for being a lousy worker but the owner  of the firm stops him from doing so 
Satish finds out that Varsha can never be a mother again because of complications during her abortion

Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

3rd January

4th January

5th January

6th January

7th January

10th January

11th January

12th January

13th January

14th January 

Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

 For the first time ever, we don't have a dialogue of the fortnight for this edition because the dialogues this fortnight were quite frankly disappointing. The majority of conversations this fortnight had confrontations between Dharmesh, Archana and Manav and none of it really made for any interesting dialogue. Dharmesh was constantly taking stabs at Manav and Archana's characters which had me yelling "hypocrite" every few seconds, so no dialogue really stood out for me. But although this fortnight was disappointing on the dialogue front, I am looking forward to writing this section for the next edition, because after eons, we have dialogues that finally revive Manav's honor and integrity! YAY dialogue writers! :D

Star Male or Female of the Fortnight
By: ..Sonii..
Manav Deshmukh: He stood out during the thick time when he was accused of robbery, taking step of moving out of Karanjkar's house. Started job as a mechanic and a part time job as a Waiter though he was skeptical about it, but he continued as he believed in dignity of work Clap.He proved his pure intentions even in Dharmesh's party when he selflessly helped Mona Anukalp and Rudra and Gauri in unknown city and united themBig smile . Manav being very focussed in his job to improve his living and to rase in his profession in further episodes by starting his own business in form of garrage is really commendable.Clap


Star Actor and Actress of the Fortnight 
By:  *Resham*
Star Actor: It has to be none other than Sushant Clap ....nw he has perfected the art of portraying Manav to the hilt....all his emotions with respect to his mother, wife , and the elders and the friends is well brought out by this man... ClapClap His next level of acting is well displayed when he portrays his act towards DharmeshClap  just brilliant...this changed Manav has well brought by Sushant and he shows once again that he is one of the most promising actors on telly we do have on the runClap and the audiences are surely not complaining either

Star Actress:  Well well Ankita..hw far you can remain away frm this surely know to take your deserved seat Clap Her Archana is well sketched character now...she is going great guns in portraying her act while fighting for Manav's innocence.. Clapgiving an earful to her sister in law and her brother Clap also her sisters and well yes Dharmesh Clap and tht cunning Jaywant tooClap , walking with pride with Manav and showing the same innocence and love towards her husband Clapshe walks off with all the accolades yet again.... Clap Truly deserved Ankita Clap


ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight
By:  *Resham*

Hmmmmmmmmmm... Ermmthinking....well yes.... Big smilehw can I forget  ....the grihapravesh of Archana in Arman's new house ...awwwwwwwww that was just an unforgettable scene for me atleast Embarrassed...Manav bringing Archana into their new house, and doing her grihapravesh by putting rice pot at the entrance, and doing her aarti ...awwwwwww showed all the exemplary love of this couple....the emotions which they have carried out with them...the roller coaster ride actually for them Embarrassed....was just coming into one form with this scene..Finally a satisfaction on Archana's face that she has landed at their home..her OWN Home..and Manav too feeling a sense of achievement that he has done something to find this happiness for them..was just too perfect Embarrassed For me a perfect ARMAN scene of the fortnight

Best Family Scene of the Fortnight
By:  *Resham*

Deshmukhs' pavbhaji scene...ohh ohh hw can I leave this...Big smile wasnt this scene the scene which would love to be seen always..a nice happy family enjoying this outing ....just nothing else on the boards...even Savita didnt utter any other nonsense inspite of Archana's presence....she stood quiet just for Manav..  LOLon a whole great get together of Deshmukhs...atleast outside if not at homes LOLBig smileBig smile Well done  Pav Bhaji

Mr. and Ms.  Head Turner  [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: ..Sonii..

Mr. Head Turner : It was Satish who shone in every occasions, in a perfectly formal look, who had stiff competition from Jaywant in this category who is adding spice to episodes Wink.

Manav looked good in his regular look, henceforth looking forward to see some good clothing for Manav and A makeover after good business in life Tongue

 Ms. Head Turner : No point for guessing, Archana Kept looking gorgeous with her simple sarees at those special occasions where she wore silksarees, which were heavy and suited her complexion like the green and the navy blue ones.And not to forget the wite saree in dream ArMan sequence Star. Suiting her was he usual hairstyle made her look gorgeous.

Also Madhuri did make her presence felt by her beautiful punjabi outfits. Embarrassed


World of Archana and Manav
None for this fortnight

SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

3rd January

5th January

10th January

11th January

Creation of the Fortnight
Chosen by  loveabletwinz
By: nureat01


Jokes of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz 


Review for Fortnight
By:  *Resham*

Well so much happened in this fortnight, sorry if I get sequences wrong Embarrassed Firstly after Manav was accused of stealing the truth came out too closely, Archana gave left, right and centre to Manjusha and Vinod and prefered to walk away with Manav from the Karanjkar house Clap Arman settled down to a new house of their own and are living their lives Embarrassed which is purely on the sanctity of their bond and their strong love filled relationshipEmbarrassed  Arman also coming to close for disclosing of the identity of Madhuri to Manav is now set to grow bigger and thus has prefered to take 2 jobs , the other one of a waiter..Embarrassed  where once again he is being brushed off for doing this job bt his better half has filled in for him Big smile On the other hand Varsha will never be able to become a mother, and Vaishali is onset of becoming a mother..uff...just so many LOLLOLlets see hw the things unfold frm here ..Embarrassed

 My rating would go for all the drama above: 4/5 Embarrassed

Expectations for next Fortnight
By: toothbrush13

As of late, a new week of Pavitra Rishta makes one contemplate which storylines will be forgotten and which will be extended, as many loose ends have become the population of the story.  Jaywant appears and disappears at his whim; the factory deaths case has been conveniently forgotten; Varsha and Vaishali have still not gotten the memo of Manav's innocence; Bhavna and Mohanrao seem to be off in another land altogether; and Vinod manages to forget each of Manjusha's crimes as soon as a new day dawns.  Now, it can be wondered, what will be forgotten this week?

An article has reported that upon finding out the truth of Dharmesh and Madhuri, a distraught Vaishali may move in with Manav and Archana.  First it must be seen if the writers remember to actually expose Dharmesh in order to do that.  For weeks now it has been reported that Manav will become rich somehow, but with his lack of a consistent job it is to be seen how this manages to happen.  Few other events have been reported in regard to the future storyline.

 Will Dharmesh be exposed soon?  What are these "sapne" of Archana that Manav is so keen on fulfilling?  Will Manav find a good job?  How will Varsha react to being told she cannot conceive?  Is there something dark in store with regard to Ajit's personality?  Will Jaywant do another arm twisting episode?  Will Archana take the job with Swati?  When will Archana tell Manav of Jaywant's recent actions?  Where has baby Sachin gone off to?  Will Archana and Manav ever have any real romance?  What is Manjusha currently planning?  Will Vinod ever have his own set of thoughts that he sticks with?  How is the retired life going for Sulochana and Manohar?

 To find out these answers and more (or perhaps much less), continue to watch Pavitra Rishta.


Trivia of the Fortnight
By: nikitagmc

This fortnight bored everyone quite a lot with Dharmesh and his two wife- two to-be-born saga. So this week's trivia is dedicated to the much in demand 'Batatawada' of PR- Dharmu!!!

 1.)    Onscreen trivia:  Where did Archana confront Madhuri about Dharmesh?

2.)    Offscreen trivia:  What type of role does Satish (Anurag Sharma) want to play?

3.)    Forum trivia: Which member wrote a humorous post about Jaywant in Nana Patekar style?

As always, send in your answers to me, nikitagmc, or post them in this thread itself!!!

Interview of the Fortnight
Interviewer - nikitagmc
Interviewee -   archanamanav aka Usha akka

1.How did you come across I-F? How has your journey been uptil now?

 I got hooked to PR in India..when i returned to the US i found out that the show is like a week i tried to see if it was available that time i saw PR forum while google searching..Journey has been fantastic so far... Cool

2.What was the first thing that hooked you to Pavitra Rishta?  

Archana and Manav... Day Dreaming

3.What were your expectations from the show? To what extent have they been fulfilled?

I don't expect anything big..they are fulfilling it slowly but surely..i just watch it for ArMan romance..LOL

4.Which is the quality of Archana and Manav that you most admire? Which qualities do you utterly dislike?

I like Archana and Manav  for accepting their family  just the way they for their kindness ...SmileI don't like both for taking unnecessary insults.. ..Geek

5.Which is the best thing about PR forum that makes you keep coming back for more?

All the talented friends in this forum  make me come back to the forum.. Cool

6.Use your imagination to write an ultra romantic/besharam scene/setting for Manav and Archana, so that we the starved can lap it up.

This i thought hard so it will be quite besharm..LOL ..

Here it goes..

Manav comes home after finishing work quickly ..he brings archu's favourite thing and an easy board game for them to play..Archu asks him what is in his hands ..Manav says i have something for you and i will give it to you if you play this board game with me..Archu agrees.. Smile..Manav says the there is a condition while playing the game..who ever looses the game has to remove one cloth at a time..Archu agrees thinking she won't loose against Manav..LOL ..

So they start the game..Andu Archu wins the first game..Smile ..So Manav removes his shirt..

This time Archu loses concentration a litlle bit..while trying to sneak at manav's bare glossy chest..LOL she loses the second game..and she gets shy to take off her saree..but manav insists..and she does take it off.. LOL..after this they are in no mood to play the board game..and start their famous eye lock..and manav takes her to the bed..and they have a long session ofthat.. Day Dreaming..

After the long session at the bed..archu and manav get hungry..and that is when manav remembers that he got something for her..and they both eat archu's favourite thing...just the way they normally guys have to guess what manav brought for her.. ..Blushing

I hope you guys liked it.. Smile

7.Which was the most pathetic scene in PR according to you, one which made you burst into laughter cos of the sheer stupidity of the scene?

I think pathetic episode was the maha episode the other day..LOL ..

8.If you were made creative of PR for one day, what changes would you bring about in the serial? 

If i was PR creative for one day..i will show 1 whole episode of ArMan romance.. Day Dreaming..

9.In which type of roles do you wish to see Sushant and Ankita in the future?

Sushant and Ankita..hmm..i wish this PR never ends..LOL ..

10.Express your thoughts about the following in one line: ManJay, ManShrav, SatMan, ArMan

ManJay---Sweet and spicy..makes the show interesting Cool
Man Shrav---Sweet and Bitter..makes the show watch.. Dead
SatMan--sweet and sweet  ..makes a pleasant watch.. Smile
Arman---Ek Duje Ke liye.. Day Dreaming..which is the reason i watch..Cool

11. A 'pavitra' scene of PR, which actually appeared naughty and masaledaar to your experienced eyes?

I liked the sheera scene in front of  the D&S company..i thought both were in a mood..even    though they were divorced..

12. Rate the following out of 10 on your besharam meter: Jia, TB, Anu, Jaanu, Saffy, Tanya Di

Jia-10,TB-10, Anu-9,Jaanu-6,saffy-10,Guruji-3 according to my besharmi meter..

13.Which other shows do you watch regularly? Who are your other favourite actors in Tellyland?

No other show i watch regularly..and ankita is my only favourite in TV land..

14. Which was your happiest moment/day in I-F?  

Everyday is a happy day in IF..happiest would be Arman reunion day.. Smile

15.Any message for Ekta? 

Ekta keep Arman forever young and romantic..don't take leap..Day Dreaming ..
I hope you guys like it..took a lot of time writing it..Geek

Who Said It?
By: loveabletwinz

Last Fortnight's Answer :  Manjusha

Hey Guys!! Please do give this section a shot! It's a really easy guess!  A lot of time and effort goes into making a "Who Said It" section for you guys, so please try and give it a shot Big smile

Link to Previous  ArMan Times

Editors Note 

Heyyy Guyss!! We're filling in for Tas this fortnight since she's busy and it feels real nice to be putting up the Times again! As usual, please forgive us the delay in putting the Times is keeping us quite busy :(
As for the sections, here's a huge shout out to all our reporters who without fail always come back each fortnight to put out an amazing edition of the Times out for you guys. Also, readers, please give the "Who Said It" and "Trivia of the Fortnight" an honest shot! A lot of time goes into coming up with questions and mystery voices for the Fortnight, and only you guys can keep the entertainment value going on by keeping the Times interactive! So, even if it is a random guess, do attempt these sections... it would make us reporters uber happy :D
Last, but not the least, HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY, INDIA ClapClapClap Here's wishing all Hindustaani's another fabulous year in a free and liberated India! JAI HIND!!

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loveabletwinz Goldie

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All done and ready to be viewed :) We hope you guys enjoy the new edition :)

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-monica- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
great edition as usual guys *clap*
superb one!
Nice interview Usha di. Loved it.....specially the Manav-Archana besharam scene. Lol

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..Sonii.. IF-Rockerz

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Fantastic thread !!!
Great job AnnJaan and everybody Clap

Akka interview was Cool luved it!!!
And Happy republic day to everyoneHug

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AsYa_KaBhi Goldie

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Nice Edition!

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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g8 NL

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archanamanav IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
thanks niki for bringing out my rare talent..LOL...nice creations and links..Cool..
Ans for who said it is Dharmesh..Dead
Trivia Answer..
1.Infront of some buliding...archu confronted dharmu..
2.Anurag wants to play bad guy roles
3.SetRaj wrote  Jay in Nna patekar style..

Edited by archanamanav - 25 January 2011 at 3:46pm

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Usha, this si the first tiem I am ever coming on this thread .The  interview was so nice .Well done Niki and Usha , loved all the  answers ...Thank you for givign me 3 .The way I ahve been I am so happy with even  3  marks .....Party
And the message to Ekta is great ...No leaps please we want  to see happy and young Arman ..
The besharam scene was too much .....Shocked

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