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NiVren - Please forgive me,I can't stop loving you (Page 94)

milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Monica, I know its not your usual analysis but loved it dear. Oh its not only you we all cried for Viren and his nightmares. Don't know what happened that this shy innocent kid changed into this vengence machine. BUt hold on tight for this ride because when we will know the whole truth I don't know what we feel.
I loved all NivRen scenes starting with Monday bedroom scene till today's Mandir scene.

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Hello girls anyone here I have one more thought coming to my mind
I think DS and Viren are both together in this stalking game. Look DS is a very intelligent person it can't be possible that he send his grandson away and results would be negative.
What I think for DS Viren is the diamond and had inner strength to fight the world but was silent, shy and reserved so he sent him to hostel so that he become strong and then return home. DS know he can't fight the world for him all the time and moreover he didn't want Viren to become weak and dependent like Jawaher so he sent him to boarding. He wanted his diamond to shine in every possible way. Voh kahavat hai heere ko jitna pathar par gisso uski chamak utni barti hai the same is applied to Viren.
See both Nivi and Viren had inner strenght but were very shy in the world. Nivi was kept in house became more shy but Viren was exposed to the world became tough and open to the society. DS chose a tough way of teaching Viren. For Viren DS is his ideal so he is taking the same route to teach Nivi and Sid. See Viren want Nivi to fight her battles and not to rely on him so he has taken tough path and he also trying to teach Sid that never stand still when your loved ones get insulted so he is now blaming him and see the effect Nivi is fighting and Sid is all set to find the real MP.
Why I am thinking this because if we see from start I never find Viren to be revenge full:
    Viren entry he words in diary that dadaji is his ideal He was playing flute behind Nivi during arti After confession he was playing flute and other 3 were thinking so means he was making them dance on his tunes.
  1. In HM hotel room he said its test of his love and he is not afraid of any test.

So I think he is not taking any revenge but making other work according to get their own destination. I also think from beginning after coming to know Sid's love he wanted to unite Sid and Nivi but wanted Sid to stand up for Nivi in front of world but Sid failed So he is doing all this to give justice to Nivi and to show Sid how to fight for your love.

This is my POV because I doubt Dada sahib decision for Viren can ever be wrong. Like Nivi was special to Naintara and she trained her with her hands in very loving way in a sameway Viren is special to Dada sahib and he has trained Viren in a very tough way so Viren can't be wrong or doing anything for ulterior motives.
Wow Rachu, you are back with a Bang.
But dear something is there which we are not able to see and we are sure up for a shocker from the CT's. But loved your theory.
Dadaji's intention was never wrong dear but the outcome is different. Its not the same what he wanted. Lets wait and watch what the CT's show with the backstory.

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Millie I think now this is only the truth. Look CT's have shown 2 characters weak and can't show Viren weak.
Viren never wanted bad for his family and will not do anything wrong for his family. I am sure he loves Nivi and he cares for complete family including Sid. Sid said no one in family can play a game so Viren is now showing people do play game at your back and you should provide justice. He is also taking a harsh route to give justice to Nivi. Let see how the story will progess.
Moreover he was remembering pritviraj chauhan's story during entry that PRC was very strong and Viren is also very strong. He is positive but is looking like Negative as Sanju said.

Edited by Cutie-NivRen - 27 January 2011 at 2:09pm

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sahuja Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
hi everyone... sorry i havent been able to contribute lately...but great views simran and milee... i agree that todays temple scene is the future track of CCBM...something which we always knew and wanted so desperately for them to be together. as i mentioned beforein another post previously this week...the scene where viren is sipping his coffee from his attitude cup and suddenly stops nivi to say get out of my way...i need to take abath... that dialogue itself was an indication that he is almost losing his patience interms of nivi taking so much time to tell him and everyone else abt her suspicion towards Sid. Even after the HM incident, when she did not take Sid's name, he knew he had to give her one last blow....something big enough so that not only nivi points fingers towards Sid, but also may be Sids get caught red-handed infront of the enitre family to prove nivi is saying right.... i am scared by the thought of it, what can be more dreadful than the HM incident....todays precap gives us an indication towards it... so sid will be blamed next week... i guess... but the more interesting thing to watch after that would be once viren's revenge is complete , will his behaviour towards nivi change a bit.... lately i have been so confused with nivren scenes, that i dont know what to expect in his behaviour after his revenge is complete... another thought that just came to my mind guys...whom does he keep texting always... i remeber the scene where he was talking on phone to someone to meet in the market and was telling that he doesnot want nivi to know anything... and when nivi asks him, he says he is meeting his girlfriend...and also that gift scene ... is this person the other person who is partner in all this stalking business... the one that hit nivi on head on their HM... could he really have a girlfriend...OMG the thought of this scares me guys... sometimes i feel if he had someone to love, he might not have ended up like this , so there is no way he has a girlfirend...but then at times i dont know this person, what he is thinking, what he wants to do... so i dont know what to believe.... please guys give me hope..that this will not happen...what will happen to nivi then... i am going crazy

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FaizuuNivRen Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Ok so in school, I ACCIDENTLY called my teacher Nivi, and it was SO embarrasing, I WAS A RED TOMATO!!
And if thatt wasn't bad, I was talking to my headmaster/proffersor just casually, and I called him Viren unintentionally ... I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GET KICKED OUT, since I go to an all girls school, so my teachers must be thinking about who Nivi and Viren are!
I've gone crazy. Big smile .... Nevertheless, I shall watch today's episode, and be back with my verdict later Wink!!

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mahix3 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
Helloooo everyonee!!!! *hugs*

Okay so as most of you know (well those whom I have been texting).. my university was cancelled today but we were having problems with like everything else in my neighborhood as we had about 22+ inches of snow. But today I got a free day to stay at home and relax. But I still have to watch the episode.

(Sorry girls, lately I have not had the strength to give my analyses as college is just taking a toll on me but I will be more lively on weekends or so. Even with a break today, I was just so tired... been up since wee hours of the morning.)

Anyways, off to watch the episode now...
oh and hope to speak to some of you girls via text/ call tonight Smile

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
Hello girls *hugs*

Milee requested me that I don't stop posting my thoughts and analysis on the thread, even if I don't participate much, so here I am with my thoughts.

Rachu you would be surprised that for a chance you and me had the same thought, but with a total different meaning Smile I will tell you what I mean, in a bit.

The past few episodes had me so overwhelmed that I was not able to think or analyze much, but today I have done nothing but think about the show and NivRen. So my thoughts and analysis is only about NivRen tonight.

I just mentioned that me and Rachu had the same kind of thought but with a different meaning. I was talking about her 'Diamond in the rough; theory, but what I thought in that context is totally different from Rachu's theory.

Since the time Viren has been identified as the stalker, I kept asking myself a few questions, like 'Why did Kinshuk say that Viren is a passionate lover and not a psychotic one and that when there is too much love, one tends to go to extremes, so whatever Viren will do, it would be for love only' and 'Why did Kinshuk say that Viren will be the new face of Hero for DKP, and also that Viren is an Anti Hero' and lastly 'What does the word Anti Hero Means ?'

I was not getting any answers to my questions, so I went back in my mind and slowly recalled the entire NivRen journey till now, keeping Viren's past and his letters to VD from Hostel in mind.

That is when I started thinking that either something very huge has happened in Viren past for which he holds Sid responsible and wants to take revenge'


Like Kinshuk said, that he is doing all this for love !! That is where my 'diamond in rough' theory came from, which I will explain next.

I think Viren's hatred for Sid or thirst for revenge is not for his sake or for his personal reasons, in fact with each passing episode I think it is for NIvi's sake, because not only he is avenging Nivi, she is also his 'Diamond in the rough'

I'll explain my theory of 'Diamond in the Rough' and the Meaning of 'Anti-Hero' through NivRen scenes and journey, Keeping Viren's past in MIND.

When you hear the word Anti Hero, the first thing that comes to everyones mind is Villain. But I think what it really means is a person who is a hero, but who does not follow the rules or moral ethics of a Hero or a Normal Person, so in short a person which lots of layers and sages of gray in his character !! I feel that Viren's character is that of a Vigilante !! A person who fights for justice and does what he believes in by either hook or by crook, He always means well, but because of his traumatic past, he never got to learn to differentiate between right and wrong, he does not pay importance to the fact that his way might be wrong, as long as justice is prevailed and what he aims to do happens !!

In Nivi's case, I think he wants justice for Nivi and he also wants to polish 'His Diamond' in the rough' !!

I have always said from the time Viren entered the show that in that first meeting he saw a bit of himself in her, because he saw a girl who despite being surrounded by so many goons, was still fighting for her honor and her dad's life !! His dialogue 'Why do you think I saved you ?' So that you can help your own dad'  That was his first lesson for her 'Don't count on anyone to help you ever; you are always on your own, so help yourself'

Then, the next time they bump into each other Nivi blasts him for not helping her and saying 'That I never cared for my own life, had anything happened to my Dad, it would have killed my anyways' and he replied 'I knew that the minute I saw you, but you will not understand this now' And she did not understand, but we did, because he saw the inner strength in her that she did not even know existed inside her !!

So in short Nivedita Sharma impressed the hell outta Viren Sood, because he has never seen such kind of love, devotion and willingness to give your own life for a loved one before in his entire life !! As he got to know her more and more, all her qualities came in front of him one by one and that is when he started liking her !! But no one is perfect, neither was Nivi, she had one character flaw according to Viren, her compassionate and forgiving nature !!

I think that is when he decided to find out what is the cause of her tears ? He even asked her, the first time he asked her to be friends !! He said 'I don't know what is the cause of your tears all the time, but I would like to give you free advice that just once refuse to shed tears and God will stop giving you reasons to cry'

When she didn't accept his friendship request he kept trying to become friends with her by helping her but she refused his help too !! That is when Viren drugged her, because when he wants to do something, he does it by hook or crook, and he wanted Nivi to rest while he had the Sood house decorated in one night !! But to his surprise, Nivi took time in going to sleep and started talking and he got to know a bit more about this stranger that he has started to care about !! He finds out that she has been betrayed in love because she did not had it in her to voice out her feelings and by the time she should have, it was too late, so he tells her to take revenge from the guy and to give him as much pain as he has given to her, but her reply shocks him that 'Love is not about taking revenge, it lies in the happiness of your beloved' I think this one statement from her angered him as well as made him fall head over heels in love !! Anger because the vigilante in him wanted her to seek revenge from the guy who betrayed her, and get justice for herself, but the small and lost child in him craved for the love of this woman who was LOVE PERSONIFIED !!

So being the impatient person he is, he could help himself and he confessed his love to her !! But the shocks in stored for him where not over !! He hears her telling NT that she wants to get married asap and that scared the hell outta Viren, so he does the one thing that was so natural to him, he proposed and even now I still believe that proposal was very very genuine and was not fake at all !! He meant every word !! Nivi was truly for him his 'Manzil' because how traumatized you are one part of you always craves for love and for family.

But Soon after his proposal he finds out about Sid-Nivi and once again his world turned upside down !! The girl he loves is the same girl who his Sid Bhaiya also loves !!! I have said Sid bhaiya, because till that point of time, he had no problems with Sid.

So the next morning, he sees her and walks past her, because even with Sid marrying Divya, Nivi became off limits !! But to his surprise, Nivi offered her hand in friendship to him and also voiced her wish that she wants Sid to marry her Di because she does not love him !! And Viren saw his chance again and offers to help her, and tells her bluntly that he does not want friendship from her, but if 'he can't have her love, he will make do with friendship, if he can't see love in her eyes for him he will make do with the happiness he will see in her eyes after he helps her' !!

Their plan was working till the night of the wedding when everything came crashing down and Sid wanted to call off the wedding !! That is when his fear of loosing her kicked in, because he knew that if Sid was successful in calling off the wedding, he would make sure NIvi comes back to him and VIren could not let that happen !! That is when we see the confrontation between NivRen and the Sood's !!! I think that is the night all his suppressed hatred for his family finally came to surface because all his old wounds were re opened !! It started with him only asking for his family's blessing for their marriage, but when they started insulting Nivi, he could not take it, and reacted like anyone protecting their love would !! But his wounds reopened once again when he saw history repeating itself !! Two siblings and again partiality !! One was being degraded and other one they were all set to bring home as their DIL !! I think even till that point Viren expected Sid to take their side, if not for his brother, but at least for Nivi, who was her love, but to his shock, not only did Sid yell at Viren, he yells at Nivi too !! Because if you notice, till then he had behaved badly with his parents and talked back to YD, but with Sid, he only answered his question when Sid says 'Don't you have any manners, is the way to speak to your elders' and Viren replies back with lot of respect, he did not misbehave with him !!

But when the Sid-Nivi confrontation happened he got to know that Nivi's dad is innocent and Sid knows about it !! So when Sid tells Nivi to shut up or else, that is when Viren completely lost it in regards to Sid !! I think the hero worship or pedastal he had SID on fell and Sid just become one of all those family members who only care about their family name and traditions and to hell with other peoples feelings, respect and honor !!

If this confrontation was not enough, he has to face another confrontation with Keshav, where to his shock, Nivi went against his own dad for HIM, and opted to stay with him, because she trusted HIM !! U can see his expressions was one of shock, surprise and gratitude !! I think at that point of time he vowed to not only to love her, but he also vowed to fulfill her every wish and desire, and to make her happy !!! But most of all I think he also felt he owed her for going against her family for HIM !!

When he comes back to Shimla from Delhi after the wedding, what does he see ? His beloved, being thrown out, and Sid as usual standing there and again not doing anything !! All the incidents started after he returned right ! I think his reason for stalking Nivi were two !!!

1) Framing Sid, so he learns a lesson that how would have Nivi and Keshav felt when he insulted and accused them of something they never did !!

2) To Polish his diamond in the rough !! Yes his way is wrong !! But don't we often see a monther apply antiseptic on her childs wound even knowing how much it will hurt her child, because she knows that if she does apply the antiseptic, it would further creates problems for her child and give him/her much more pain later on ! and after she applies the antiseptic, when it hurts the child, she blows on it, to soothe the pain !! That is how I see all these stalking incidents from Viren;s POV !!! Yes he gave her mental pain, but he always made sure that he soothes that pain with his love !! And did his unorthodox way worked ? Don't we see Nivi shining like a dialomod day by day ?

A girl like Nivi, had she just received Viren;s love minus the stalking incidents, she might have realized her self worth, but she would never have realized how strong and brave she is !!! She would have been still the same girl whose nature was to forgive everyone and he knew that to survive in his family, she needs to know how to defend and also protect herself !! Because once after another there were incidents where Nivi was insulted, degraded, taunted, but wither his mom, his grandmother and even her own sister !!!

He has said time ad time again that her happiness in his mission in life, and I think he was talking about happiness for long term !! and she would only achieve it if she learned how to survive in this cruel world and handle people like his and her family !!

He knows he is taking a Huge RISK !! Like he said tonight, for your happiness I can become my own enemy, and he is !! Because he knows her temper when it comes to him !! He knows that once his truth is out, she might just leave him, and even if she stays, she might never trust and love him ever !! Bit like I said his happiness means the world to her !!! And he would not let anyone compromise that, not even her !!

The reason I'm saying that he is doing all this for love, more then for framing Sid is because the article said that Viren doe snot care for her, so how come he never mentions it in his self talk !! Why is it that when they show his BG music and smirls, did they show his self talk saying 'I'm sorry NIvedita, but I have to do all this to get my revenge'
Anyways, they is my longest post ever !! Just wanted to post all my thoughts !!! Thanks for reading so patiently !! And this is strictly my POV, no one has to agree to it !! LOL

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
Its past 4: 30 Am here, so I;m going to hit bed ! I will see you all tomorrow !! Take care !! *hugs*

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