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NiVren - Please forgive me,I can't stop loving you (Page 146)

milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Hey Millie, simi, ketty  how are you and Millie even I was thinking this what kind of past will be revealed I am quite scared what actually are his intentions. Remember he said mere raste se hat jaao. Even I was thinking he always said one day you will believe my love, one day you will keep fast because of my love it can't be hate but something else what if I don't know.
Rachu, I am fine thankyou and how are you? Dear don't take that dialogue too serious yaar, He wanted to get her attention in tht scene I think.
We just saw a glimpse of his past, so we need to wait until the pandora box gets opened then we will know what's in his mind.
But for me I am dreading how will he open up, because he is not that kind of a person who will tell you everything because you asked Nivi needs to be really very careful in handling that situation of opening him up to tell his insecurites, vulnerabilites.
Those scenes I don't know how CT's will do it but will be really emotional. I am sure they will handle properly as they are doing everything perfect with the story. I have that much confidence on CT's

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simran728 Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
so, on Milee's comment about Viren - 
couple of points comes to mind. and I always write in bullet points because of Engineering profession. nothing is essay but always listed points so forgive me if neone does not like it. 

1. All these dialogs are coming from his Past experiences and Insecurities. 

Past Experiences:
2. He is not saying all these dialogs so Nivi will remember ...He is saying it for Himself. Because when she says Yes - she will remember... it is a Reassurance to Him

3. In his childhood - he told many people he loves them. BS, Sid, CC and today all have forgotten. So, He wants Assurance from Nivi. He wants Nivi to make him believe that yes, she will never forget he loves her. Nivi will not be like others who will stop caring for him. 

4. He knows what is in Nivi's heart but still he wants her to hear from him. Just like CC and BS and all Love Viren (maybe) but never Spoke About It. Never PROCLAIMED it. and there is a big difference in that. Anyone can love and think. But can you Communicate?? He is basically Reiterating to Nivi so she will not forget because Viren has forgotten who all love him since no one says it to him. 

Inferiority and Insecurities from past
5. This is very Important and most crucial part of Viren's character. Whatever relationships and family ties and all he believed in.. all let him down. No one considers him important and Viren is not ruling anyones heart. This brings insecurities n inferiority complex. Since childhood these feelings are with him. 

6. So, what do ppl do. They need Validation, Security, Affirmation. One, thing they also tend to do speak their mind Out Loud. Why Do we go to Pyschraist or Couple's Therapy and they make us talk. Because hearing your own words come out of your mouth makes a difference. It makes us hear what our heart and mind has been thinking. It makes our Partner aware of our thoughts and needs and wants and confusions etc.

7. If there is any doubt in Viren's mind ..then him Speaking Out loud is helping him. It is helping Nivi. They are not assumming that each of them love each other. They are ProClaiming. That's why we do prayers. We go to temple or wherever and say out loud our prayers and beliefs in form of bhagans erc. We Proclaim our Beliefs in God and Our requests to Him.

And Viren Says To Nivi.."You will Remember???" and expects an answers..even in form of eye contact Shows..his need for Validation and Affirmation. Consolation and Security. 

and Milee to end my point with an answer to your point and summary of of my post

When we love someone or care for someone what will we do. Either we tell the other person I love you or I like you or I care for you and so on so forth right, we let them know how we feel about them and that is all right?

Yes, We ...who are secured and Sure and Confident that others will believe us. Other Person feels the same way as us. We don't need their reply and "Yes" answer and Affirmation because we know the answer and we have never been let down by their words and actions. But that is not the case in Viren. He is Insecure, has been let down several times, In need for Validation, feels Inferior, Wants to be loved n feel secured n wanted etc..all of it. 

This is my POV. and believe me I could be wrong in reading him. I am just writing from my experiences with my husband and life in general. Open to your Comments. 

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

I am scared of one thing what if Viren intentionally planting proofs against himself so that he will be out of Nivi's life. Yesterday also he didn't promised BS that he will be there for Nivi. It's only Nivi who promised that. I am getting very scared feeling about Viren.
Rachu, remember one thing Viren is very different personality. Even the day his grandmother asked him to come to the temple for dadaji he said I have confidence that dadaji will get better I need not go to the temple, but yesterday because it was Nivi's happiness he entered the temple and tied the thread. It shows for him only and only Nivi and her happiness matters and he need not promise in front of anyone, He promised her that he will be with her until his last breath. He promised her before marriage that I will make this relation work with all my heart.

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lams Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
milee di and simran awesome analysis -

my POV -

viren is a really nice person , he always helps people as much as he can we see in the 1st scene how he helps Nivi fight the goons ..and then he is always helping nivi ..and slowly he falls in love , till this time he has nothing againtst Sid , when he goes to dadis place to ask for her hand in marriage he gets to know that Sid was in love with Nivi and he was the one to break her heart ...thats when he starts hating Sid ..and then when Nivi tells him that she dosent love Sid and wants Sid to get married to Divya , he promises her that he will do that ..thats the promise he talks about during the wedding confrontation to Nivi ..
and in front of his family he promises to marry her ..a) because he loves her b) and he hates Sid for breaking her heart
and he starts hating sid more because Nivi cant get over sid and so to make her hate Sid as much as he hates him he does this MP drama .
I dont think there are any other reasons .. I just dont see CTs coming up with any other reason .
Bas now we have to see how Nivi will forgive Viren and start a new life soon , I really hope this forgiveness track is a short one and the love track will start soon

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
Viren told CC that he loves Nivi more than his life and he will die if she tried to get Nivi out of his life. All stalking incident started after this talk. What is the connection with Sid over here, I mean why after that talk Viren felt to take a revenge on Sid and not before that. I just can't stop thinking about it even though I know that I am going to get any answers. LOL

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milee1014 Goldie

Joined: 12 March 2009
Posts: 2342

Posted: 29 January 2011 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
@Abidah, how are you? oh you seems to be really busy, did not see you all day yesterday wanted to know your take on Dadaji-NivRen scene. Thanks for the comment on Viren's post.
@Ketty, thankyou dear on the comments. I was wondering yesterday why you didn't give your take on the last scene.
And about Austen I almost catch up every version, miniseries everything in regards with her books. And yes I did watch Lost in Austen it was really good one and I watched Jane Austen movie.
@Mythri, you are right about the loop he is creating. He is not bola but chalak. It will be his wife who will catch him I think, because she is learning from an expert. I like it that way only. If he is true to himself he will answer her questions because he himself gave her that right remember. If it gets infront of the family teh real truth may get lost why he did it, what was the reason to do it. If its only between them two its completely different. HOpe to see this instead of Sid finding the truth.
But about the double life, I don't know yaar but I don't want that to happen it will complicate things too much.
"Vijay Bhaskar" Vijay = Success Bhaskar = other name for SUN. Sun is always bright and full of light. Success full of light. That is the meaning of Vijay Bhaskar. What do girls think of it now?
@Rachu, thu phir say darnay lagi. NO please write some theory of yours. YOuknow yesterday night I was watching that picnic car scene and when he was bringing that tool box from DickyLOL oh this word makes me laugh so much now, I was thinking what you were saying that day about him being mechanic. You know what I thought if at all they leave this Sood jungle, Viren can open a showroom mechanic shop full of style and he can do his work and teach his wife about the tools and she can be his assistant. That way they will be always together not Sood clan jhanjat and they live happily everafter.

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Hi girls...How are you all doing? I read Milee's, Mythri and Simi's post and loved it. Simi, I agree to each and every word you have written about conformation, validation, affirmation..
Yes, we need this kind of confirmation from our loved ones if we feel insecure and if we have not been loved before. It is just human psychology  to hear what we want to time and again. I am saying this from my real-life experience. My hubby keeps on telling me and reminding me that he loves me and you know what I really like it this way. It feels good to hear that from him. So, Viren is doing the same. He is reminding Nivi all the time that he loves her and will be always with her. Reverse, it is a reminder for him too that he loves her and he should always be with her. So, it is assurance for both of them.
We all know Viren has some past and is troubled because of that. But he is a very good person at heart and can go to any extent to help others. But at the moment this past has taken over his mind and is ruling him. I do not know but I have a feeling this has started when he went to Delhi on his first night. Something has happened during that time. I have been watching each and every scene of NiVren since his entry in the past 2 days. And till the time he comes back from Delhi, there is no sign of any hatred for Sid or family as such. So, something has happened when he went for a night and day. And that needs to be revealed. Their wedding and madir scene along with Keshav are so good, fabulous and I just could not see any evil or hatred in Viren's eyes for Nivi or for anybody. He was rather insecure that time and wanted Nivi to be with him. And since that day we have seen him standing by Nivi. So, I guess he came to know of something major after wedding and started planning all this. And Nivi's distance added fuel to the fire... He wanted her to be his and when he saw that she is not moving ahead, he started stalking her. He saw Nivi's affection for DD and also that she still thinks about Sid and his liking, dislikes..he got jealous. He saw Nivi making Sid's favorite paranthas, his mom teasing her at breakfast table about the same and then he saw Sid talking to Nivi that dadi wants to meet you. Then Nivi telling Viren to join office as Sid has lot of work and he gets tired etc... All these incidents told him that Nivi still has soft corner for Sid.
That is why he keeps on telling her and requesting her to remember all that he says.

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_Hira_89 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
@milee Baji
I'm glad you've sort of depicted a whole shopping list of focal dialogues and key ideas regarding Viren. Prior to the supposed "evil" Viren revelation, we'd all like gush and be in total awe as to how supportive/protective/on a mission our Viren is or how he's on some deeper hidden agenda to give Nivi the justice she is ever so worthy of. Post revelation, however, I think we're all unjustly bogged down by the fact that Viren is "traumatizing" Nivi so much so that, I feel, we've been blinded from actually thinking about some of the discrepancies as you have portrayed- be it Viren's dialogues, his attitude towards Nivi and solely Nivi, and ofcourse the quite salient hints of remorse, hurt, gloom and melancholy observable during the round table discussions and family gatherings. I mean clearly those odd behaviours have to attributed to him being a victim of injustice courtesy of his kin and that too at a very critical age, developmentally speaking. And really I wouldn't venture to elaborate on the portrayal of exactly how he could have been victimized because, really, by now it should have been a dogma that Viren fell prey to childhood abuse. End of. There's been too many posts and discussions on this and I, for one, am proud to be one of the many proponents of this theory.  What's critical to pint out here is the fallacy here in tagging Viren as being the perpetrator of traumatizing, abusing, victimizing, hurting Nivi. It seems that we all agree that there could be extenuating circumstances that could possibly explain Viren's behaviour, yet we all can't seem to do away with the whole Viren "traumatizing" Nivi bit. Even the articles seem to have splayed the same message across their pages so I really wouldn't blame the readers here. To be honest and succint, I am going to vociferous in my condemnation of this prevailing notion- I disagree. I suppose I have been rambling about this in my previous posts as well and really didn't need t go about reiterating on this issue again but sometimes I feel I totally have to. The reason for my outcry (literally) today is the article that came out yesterday regarding the whole new twist this coming week etc etc. My first reaction after reading the article was that of jubilance- I was pumped, psyched and seemed to have gotten all more the reason to procrastinate. Not that I am not on a high anymore or anything, infact I seem to have gotten even more impatient and much so that I am beginning to question my sanity LOL I have I-dont-know-how-many tests to cram for and here I am on Naveen Baji's YT channel revisiting the ever colorful NivRen moments. Not to digress or anything, but we're close to 15k views for the Doli Saja ke segment w00t! Anyway, back to the point. Yeah so I was/am excited because I wanted NIVI to find out the truth herself, CONFRONT Viren herself. But I want her to confront him in a way that he finds more appreciative for him to actually reveal his true, I wouldn't say intentions, but SELF. Like I don't want Nivi getting the shock of her life, and Viren finding ways to circumnavigate around the issue and try to like give some sort of a bad explanation about it trying to maintain his "innocence" in the matter. Viren is battling with himself inside. On one hand, he can't do without Nivi's love and on the other hand he has to put through all this. I know that he never meant any direct harm for Nivi- it's impossible. Yet, he had to resort to certain measures in his effort to fulfill an agenda. As I've been saying in the past, I'm pretty sure it has to do Nivi being his childhood love and the very fact that he can't see anyone toying with her feelings then getting away it (hint hint Mr Sid) with a substantial portion coming from the whole childhood abuse, negligence and deprivation of love or family support. What Viren needs right now is almost like a confirmation on a paper that if anyone, Nivi LOVES him, will stay by his side come what may. Hence, it's crucial that Nivi approaches Viren with caution who I assume will be scared to death thinking Nivi, like others, will leave and run away knowing the truth. Heh, I actually found one the threads on the forum quite ironic since it read : "It's upto Viren now" or summat and I couldn't but stifle at the irony. I mean I'm sure the content of the thread was great (I actually didn't happen to read it unfortunately as I was pressed for time) but it was just the title in the context of what I was thinking at that juncture that had me really shaking my head. Anyhow, so yeah, it is all in NIVI'S hand now and I'm pretty darn sure she'll understand and will see through the fact her trauma, her troubles are/were nothing compared to what Viren had gone through from the time he was supposed to be happily playing around with toys and beaming in reverence of his family's love and support. To my mind, it's absolutely essential Nivi doesn't let any feelings of her "trust being broken" get the best of her. She has to think through this, decide and pledge upon finding the REASONS for Viren's behaviour. If she truly believes Viren can NEVER hurt her, then I'd say she's good to go. I know she wouldn't go about pointing fingers at Viren, she doesn't need to instigate him because that will only make matters worse. The fact that she knows and appreciates that Viren loves her is enough to make Viren spill the beans. After all, that's what Viren needs. LOVE. Hence, the reason for my insanely jubilant mood Big smile because I TRUST BOTH Nivi and Viren and I know - or really really really hoping for - that after an initial shock, Nivi will approach Viren with caution and a true desire to know as to why, knowing that he loves her, yet still he felt it necessary to take such measures. The answer I am hoping he gives will ofcourse be something along the lines of his undying love for Nivi, moulding out a new Nivi, and to make anyone who dares toy around with her to bear the brunt of his anger muahahahahaha Big smile Oh and of course, before anyone throws the question as to why he needed to put Nivi through the whole "trauma/torture", let me first start by telling it wasn't a "trauma/'torture", well not if you think about the whole intricacies and not be fooled by what appears on the surface. This was needed, honestly. It was absolutely necessary for Nivi to realize that there is something known as an inner strength and that certain circumstances deem it necessary that you be steadfast and strike through the obstruction rather than succumb under the pressure. It was important to let her face her fears and come out of it. Questions need to asked when one is victimized of injustice. In a way, he was making her more resistant and willfull. And honestly these are not like fancy made up idea. Infact, I am going to throw some psyhcological principles at you guys again LOL,  psychological phobias of many kind are treated just this way i.e by actually exposing the patient to the very same fears he is apprehensive of and then go about making him realize the fallacy of  his beliefs. So yeah I mean I rest my case.

If you've been following this post of mine closely then you must be wondering as to what my second reaction was after reading the infamous article. Well, it was something along the lines of um being mad? And that's because the author resorted to explaining Viren's behaviour as "traumatizing" Nivi when he clearly is/was not due to the reasons I mentioned above. Not only that, but the whole forum seems to have developed the very same notion which I just felt I need to say something about. I am by no means saying I am going to be right, because sadly I am not the script writer or one of them CTs LOL but yeah I mean I am almost certain about my radical ideas LOL because they definitely do sound way more appealing *bats eyelashes* and I dunno I guess appreciative to a person like me who has lately been doing anything but think about NivRen LOL

So yeah I mean in a nutshell, I'm REALLY looking forward to next week Big smile If only I didn't all those midterms lined up Ouch And IF ONLY this stupid weekend goes by at jetspeed...Ooh jetspeed remember? The jetspeed couple? LOL Ok I shall stop LOL

Adios my fellow denizens of this thread...I say good day!Big smile

PS: Mucho sorry for the insanely long postOuch

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