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NiVren - Please forgive me,I can't stop loving you (Page 129)

FaizuuNivRen Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
Hello Everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
How are you all doing???
Why's the forum so quiet for???
Achaa chalo, I'll try to liven it up a tad Wink ...
Soo, I'll watch today's episode and give my verdict on it!
Well, either way, I'd be glad if NivRen sort out their own problems, that way, the grown fundamentally even more stronger, and have a mature relationship. The last thing we want is NivRen getting taunted by the Sood's, saying "Dekha, shaadi karne ka ye nateeja" ..
But above that, they'll understand each other even more, something a relationship needs, and with that, will grow their love and affection. No 3rd party is needed here ...

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simran728 Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
hey anju, zarmeen, ketty n all - what do you think of this post we were discussing yday. we did not see you hit the like button so maybe you have not read it yet.

i doubt it babe. Viren's hatred is too deep. ..thats what i feel. maybe there is history and then he went to boarding school and forgot many things and like we have said..when he saw nivi and sid..all came back..maybe that can be the story

do you guys remember the wedding mandir scene.

In that scene.Viren says..Main Natak Nahin kar raha hu..Maine Jo Vaada Kiya Hai ..usse Nibha raha hu..

What vada?? the one he did in the Sood house in front of everyone?? or some old childhood vaada? i am confused. he had lot of deep voice n meaning in that statement. ..not something shallow. like it has been on his mind and his destiny for ever...

plz tell me ur thoughts. 

Hey Simran, to give you an honest answer, I think it is more wishful thinking on my part. I was thinking and hoping about the reason to be this and then Navz's brilliant post today made me really start thinking it to be true. But you are right, the way it is being depicted, it seems that there is a huge bad incident with Sid that is guiding his hatred. And, the vada that you are mentioning in the scene before their wedding ceremony, I think he was clearly referring to the vada that he took to marry her in front of the Sood family. But again, you could be right! There could be a hidden more deeper meaning to that statement that he passed. That's the thing about this show, isn't it, there are just so many underline implications! 


Because if he does not remember her..then why would he say.

"Main toh hamesha se hi tumara tha...tumhe apana bana ne ke liye....bahoot time..etc " 

why hamesha se?? so its means since childhood

and hence I think Viren was Nivi's secret Admirer since childhood. He would draw her pictures, keep her fav keepsakes, give her small things like paper boat etc. etc.

but Sid could not bear Viren doing all this for Nivi. So, what he did. He framed Viren to push him away from Nivi.

and thats why Sid does not want to remember those days. When Nivi use to play lot more with Viren and how Nivi was Viren's friend. ..he does not want to give any importance..and hence Sid has blocked this episode from his brain.

then viren went to boarding..and Sid and Nivi were left alone to be friends. from that day onwards Sid made new memories and now only remembers that. Its almost as if he has made himself forget Viren from his past because he did not like VIren..even tough Viren liked Sid. 

You know what Simran, I really wish that the theory that you have mentioned above comes true. I really wish it pans out like that but my only question is then why doesn't Nivedita remember Viren from her childhood. It's as if for her when she was a child, he didn't even exist?


That's the only thing that makes Sense to me. 

and see even VD is not aware that Sid does not remember everything. Only Sid know and feels that he does not remember anything and thats why never mentioned his name when he came back to shimla.

everyone forgot viren. he made them forget viren.

thats the only reason I can think of Sid's STML. otherwise I don't know how CT will show you. When we go through pain ...we try to block it..and one way it to forget all that happened it does not give us any pain... many ppl do that. when we lose parents etc..we block that pain by forgetting that memory that gives us pain. maybe sid did that.  

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Simi I don't know why Sid doesn't remember Viren as kid, that's most absurd thing I ever heard that you can't remember anything about your brother who is just few months younger than you. And about whether Viren knew Nivi from childhood or not, I think I will wait for Viren's past to get revealed. I just hope that whatever reason Viren is taking revenge on Sid, that reason has to be good enough for Nivi and also for us to forgive him and still support him. 

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:07pm | IP Logged

Ok girls here are my thoughts about tonights episode and let me start with yesterday's last scene:

NivRen temple scene: Nivi brought him to temple I liked it very much how she was doing the same thing to him how he does to her blindfolding with hands. Look at the way Viren jokes are you kidnapping me, oh come on Viren Sood poor Nivi cannot kidnap you, if she calls, you will run behind her and sit in the car. I love this playfullness between husband and wife that's what makes life all the more easy to survive (ask any of our married friends they will vouch for this). One of the best dialogue in this scene was when he says "he will become the enemy of the third person who ever comes in between her happiness, leave alone other person he says I will become my own enemy if it hurts your happiness" (Did you all notice that he was talking about her happiness) So she does not impose on him and goes inside the temple. Her prayer " First she thanks God for giving a husband like Viren, and then says that all her sorrows on one side but the happiness she got from Viren is other side. She prays to keep them always together and whatever turbulence may come in their life give them the strength to handle it together"(again Notice how much emphasize she gives on together word) She accepted Viren as her destiny the day Dadaji told her about his real wish and slowly she took those steps to come closer to him and yesterday in the mandir she prayed for them to handle everything together. This step was the biggest step of her and she started it in the mandir and with God's blessing rather asking God's blessing. And when she opened her eyes she sees Viren tying the thread too and she was so touched by his gesture and in the background their song is playing tu hi yaara, tu hi saathi, tu faristha Simply beautiful. He looks at her and then folds his hand and prays (we all know what he must have asked God "to fulfill what ever Nivi asked in her wish") When Nivi asked him what made him come inside his reply "If I already promised you I will give you all the happiness then why not this too to bow infront of God (if that's what makes her happy that's what it is she gets) but tells her your God won't mind right because I came for you" oh so sweet and so childish. A kid asks the same question right I came for Prasad hopefully God doesn't mind. I am telling you this guy is reliving all his past thru her and with her. I loved this scene because it showed us that what ever turbulence they may face in their life, they are in this together always. Beautiful and have to say Neha & Kinshuk did a brilliante job, specially Kinshuk we have seen him from past couple of days in his vengeance form and its been a while we saw him all romantic.

So the continuation look at the way she touches his shoulder (these small gestures are so important in married life, they are so simple yet it take a long way)and as soon as she touches his rage calms down and looks at her smiling face and when she says lets go and he says yes but still in his thinking mode what needs to be done.

Sood Living room: Oh Divya I think you should stop talking to your mom, she is hell bent on ruining your life that is for sure. Now a days YD is showing so much anger towards Sid, and there enter NivRen together and poor Nivi as soon as she saw the tension in the living room understood something is wrong and asks the same to VD (girls did you all notice something its been so long Nivi is keeping her distance from her sister too, that is the best) VD tells them that Sid did not come home, look at Viren he knows where Sid is running around and CC looks at her son. When Viren goes and sits on the couch Nivi follows him (you know I thought they are so much in sync) poor VD is concerned and tries calling her son but there he comes all down hearted and looks at Nivi but Nivi is in full of anger now doesnot want to look at him. Viren is enjoying Sid's distress, and Divya is not even bothered to look at Sid's worried face but VD shows her concern and tells him to get ready she will send some refreshments and needs to get going (A mother is always a mother worried for her kids) and so Divya takes him away.

Divya-Sid scene: In this scene I have to say I was mad at Sid for not telling Divya why he is not going with her. Communication in marriage is very important, I know people will say Divya was not even bothered about Sid being sad. But I will say did he even bothered to tell her that Nivi accused him and I need to clear my name she would have been there for him and I am sure she would have run down and spoke to Nivi. I know he did not wanted to tell Divya about Nivi accusing him and creating a scene but atleast if you talk with your wife and tell her the way she can understand, maybe who knows she might have helped you, she is not heartless person and look now she is blaming her sister for her happiness being broken (now I am worried about Divya too, when she comes to know what Nivi did for her she will be shattered too and specially because she questioned Nivi's character) Look at the way she even in her anger, tells him I am going away but only come back when you need me and you call me. Sid should have spoken to her and told her something about this issue then I am sure she would have helped him remember she said "we have our differences but if any third party is involved I will always stand with you" She would have definitely helped him but alas Sid did not open his mouth even when Divya blamed Nivi for her happiness stealer.

Girls, I have to say here difference between both the couples. NivRen who always are so calm and even when they had differences they were talking calmly in an even tone but Sid-Divya always raises their voices their temper takes over them both of them its like that. Raising voices is not good at all in marriages, if one is raising the other should calm down and let their temper release and then handle the situation sometimes in our temper the situation get even worse.

Pratap-HL scene: This scene was very well done, someone needed to show Hema that she is involving too much in her daughter life. Yesterday's lesson from his mother did a great job. The way he told Hema to not to involve in Divya's married life and let her learn her own way was good. And when Hema took his mom's name oh he was so raged the way he said my mom is not like that, she never interferes at all. Great job Pratap. I have to say the actor who portrays Pratap done an amazing job. The pain, anger was shown brilliantly.

Keshav-Dadi-Yash scene: Oh Keshav is still in toubles middle class financial troubles are never ending I know that, I have went thru that. And poor Yash is living thru this before his sister would have never let him know any problems but now he is all alone and seeing everything and poor guy is not able to do anything. Dadi comes with her and Nirmala's jewellery, the way she explain Sthree dhan was great, when in need this is what helps but he could not take his mom's jewellery that's not right, he could take his wife because wife and husband living or dead are in any happiness or sorrows are together but could not take that too because dadi and Nirmala saved them for their daughter and he cannot take his daughters stuff either. A man can take his wife's help (because they are one and the same) when needed but not Mom or Daughter because they are his responsibility, this is shown beautifully.

NivRen scene in their bedroom: Oh Nivi already planning weekly outing with Viren, and that too temple but sees him woolgathering so questions him the same and Viren is planning his next move, but when she asks him he tells her about the anniversary. When he tells her about dadaji's 50th anniversary he was happy for his dadaji and look at Nivi she was so happy and wants to something spectacular. Just for a second girls notice when she says oh 50 years Viren, dadaji and dadiji are together her happiness touches him because he can understand her being happy for dadaji because he loves her but Nivi was happy for dadi too that touched his heart, Nivi is happy for the person who doesnot even care, love, and respect. Look at his expression their he was so touched with her love. And then his planning continues, I hope he is not planning for some dhamaka's pataka's bombs, poor Nivi is so excited for the old couple, hope she finds out about Viren before this but I am sure we are not that lucky, if there is  a party we should have a show down right.

NivRen –Dadaji: Oh dadaji is so happy to see his daughter Nivi and his natkat Grandson. I like when dadaji calls Viren with names Badmash, Natkat it shows how much he loves his grandson and he is so proud of him. And dadaji says how come you are here and along with your natkat husband look at the way Viren was smiling all along and Nivi tells him about the anniversary and dadji laughs saying what we old people do. But Nivi says 50 years dadaji, she is so happy and so overwhelmed she never saw 50 years of marriage (her dada, mom is not there right) and look at the natkat on'e answer dadaji 50 years my wife could not even take 50 days and the way Nivi hits him with a smile on her face (oh Nivi is getting so bold the other day she was ready to beat him up infront of VD and today she did hit him infront of dadaji) and dadaji was laughing looking at them (dadaji must be overjoyed looking at them, its something only grandkids can give that happiness) And then the Marrige knowledge by an elderly person who lived 50 years of marriage. The way dadaji started it by saying when you have 50 years of marriage its called life. Notice Nivi is so into listening what dadaji is saying but Viren sometimes looks at dadaji but mostly looks at Nivi, he might be thinking will we have that 50 years of life with you. Dadaji says you have to treasure all the happy days and throw the bad days out remember only good things forget about all bad, life is not full of rose flowers there are thorns too but when you are together in your sorrows or troubles you will get to know the real person in your partner his weakness, his strengths his good and bad, you have to accept the whole person and work things out. Trust is the main thing in a marriage but the other thing which is important is the Belief in your trust then you will find bliss in your marriage. Love and respect between partners is the important thing (you have to have Trust, Love, Respect then you can handle any situation in your married life) He tells them both that promise me you will always be together with love and respect oh my gosh girls look at how Viren was just looking at her, he wanted to listen to her say YES, because he knows that she will never break a promise and that too a promise given to dadaji and when she looks at him with a smile and says YES to dadaji look at Viren he had tears in his eyes (how can we say this guy doesnot love her oh I got tears in my eyes thru out dadaji lesson and looking NivRen) The way both were sitting and listening to him as good students specially Nivi is taking in that knowledge, and Viren looking at dadaji giving lesson and looking at Nivi with so much love that scene was done so BRILLIANTLY. And that dadaji says is the secret and if you have that what is 50 years you will have 100 years of marriage. BRAVO dadaji for this beautiful lesson. Girls I know some might say how come Viren did not promise, he need not for him no one matters who and what matters is Nivi and he already promised her that he will be with her until his last breath and he promised her that he will fulfill his duties as husband until his last breath what's more she needs.Trust, Respect, Love these three make marriage successful and its just not that you have to have belief in all these three for your to be happy always.

Thank you CT's for giving such an amazing lesson and such beautiful scene over the weekend so that we can go into our NivRen dreamland.

Sorry for the long post and now your comments.

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Hello good evening girls how are my sweet NivRenians did anyone missed me

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Simi, regarding your post about Vada and wedding etc, I will come back to it and answer. Yes, I read it today and I will surely reply. I have to go now but I will back late in the night as I watching all old scenes of NiVren from the beginning...

Hi Rachu, how are you dear...we all missed you. I am glad you are back and read all the posts and give your thoughts too..

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Hey Shova and Faiza How r u guys doing?
Shova loved ur analysis on the episode . It was too good yaar. U guys r just amazing.
Simran sorry sweetie I don't know which discussion. Can u plz tell me coz I wasnt online yesterday.
Milee OMG OMG OMG what analysis yaar. Lovely yaar no words. Just amazing.

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Hello good evening girls how are my sweet NivRenians did anyone missed me
Yaar we were asking abt u since morning. How r u and where were u

Edited by zarmeeno - 28 January 2011 at 3:30pm

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