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NiVren - Please forgive me,I can't stop loving you (Page 125)

anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
OK girls, finally I decided to write my thoughts today. I will be combining yesterday's and today's as according to me these 2 days are important because we got to see glimpses of NiVren future track and commitment from Nivi's side to be with her husband always and to face the storm together. Viren did not disappoint her and tied the sacred thread and prayed too. This means a lot to Nivi as she was able to bring Viren to the mandir - whatever the reason or if he did it just for Nivi's happiness. Yes, he wants her happiness and that is his sole mission.

Today's episode:-

1) NiVren and Sood clan - It starts where we ended yesterday. Let me first talk about this mandir scene that we saw yesterday. 
Isn't because of Nivi only that Viren has come to mandir always - first when she was singing aarti and her voice drew him towards mandir. He did not come out of his choice but was pulled by Nivi. And then their wedding... I will not go into detail here as Navz has already explained it beautifully. But the point is that Nivi from her heart wants them to be together, to face all ups and downs together standing side by side. And Viren tells her that he has always promised her the same but still I will not stop you so go ahead and ask for it. LIke Milee said, they both never impose each other but leave the final decision with the other person. They do voice their opinions and wishes but then the choice is with the better half. So here, Nivi does not force her and happily goes inside alone and asks for happiness and blessings from GOD. So, all the downs on one side and all the ups and love from Viren on one side. And the scale will tilt towards the side of ups and love from Viren, no matter what. This scene has a very important meaning in the context of the track we are seeing right now. It holds the truth and the indication of upcoming track. Nivi's trust and faith and love for Viren will be her strength to face the truth about stalking and Viren's past. And Viren wil be with her as her happiness pulled him inside the temple and he tied the thread too. He bowed his hands and asked bhagwan to give whatever Nivi has asked for. So, they both are in it together - Tu hi saathi, tu hi yaara, tu farishta khuda ka... This was the first time I saw Viren folding his hands and so he did it for Nivi. Usne apna head jhukaya bhagwan ke aagey just for Nivi.  Don't you think this is love???? He does not have to pretend here as he knows Nivi has already fallen for him. 
Mandir and Viren coming to know that Sid is after him and trying to find out the culprit. Yeah he is right in thinking that Sid is capable of doing it. Viren never thought that Sid will go to this height to find out the culprit and that made him think Nivi's importance in Sid's life one more time. Nivi's words had that impact on him that he has now vowed to find out who is behind and I will tell you why it had an impact - because Nivi blamed Sid. Now Sid is being accused and his image is being tarnished that is why he is vowing to find the real culprit. If he was not framed or blamed he would not have done that. Viren did a mistake here, he did not realize how Sid's character is else he would not have done this to this extent. He thought Nivi will be out of his mind and heart but never thought that he will go and find the truth. He now knows that Sid can also go to any extent to save his reputation. 
Comes our Nivi and puts her hand on Viren's shoulder to get his attention. I am enjoying this kind of intimacy from Nivi's side. Slowly but steadily she is taking steps towards her hubby, her love.
Here I will talk about yesterday's night scene. Nivi thinking about her past and her confrontation with SId and feeling bad. Her trust has been broken and then sees Viren and her present and future. Past is past now. She vows to make her present and future better and happy and to shower him with her love and care. She looks so serene when she puts her hand on Viren and then peacefully and with contented smile closes her eyes. Her face has the satisfied look that yes now I am going to amend what I have been ignoring so long. And Viren wakes up and smiles. He is so happy to see Nivi having this effect and reciprocating. This is what he has been wanting and now he is getting it. Yes she is getting dependent on him but she is still independent and has a mind of her own. And don't we all married girls are like that - dependent on our hubbies but still independent in our thinking and in our ways...This is the beauty of marriage. 

DD and BD worried about Sid. And HL, please just get out of your daughter's life. You have already spoiled it. You do not have to teach her how to behave when outside. Let her handle it, she is a grown up and a married girl. You are hell bent on ruining her life. And then enter our NiVren together looking so good and perfect couple, walking side by side. Nivi immediately senses something is not right and instead of asking anybody else she asks Chachiji.. And Viren is all thinking knowing that Sid is not home and that he is gathering information. Look how CC looks at him thinking I know you are upto something. Viren sits on the sofa next to his mom, close but still far and looks at CC. I liked it that Nivi without interfering went and stood right behind Viren where he is sitting on sofa.. So she is always going to be his support and will be on his side. Viren leaves no stone unturned to upset her. And I enjoy it.. He is planning his next move when Sid enters. Sid is all broken and looks at Nivi to see her and Nivi shows him her anger and turns her face. But they both stole glances to each other. 
DD like a kid is still happy and drags Sid along with her. I am so sorry for her but she is selfish. She just cannot see how sad and depressed her husband looks. How will she realize this? What kind of face Sid has to make to make her see that he is not happy?

2) DD-Sid - Girls, I will say that in this scene I felt bad for DD. No matter how selfish, obsessed or self-centered she is but she still deserves to have happiness in her life. Happiness that she can get from her husband. She will not be happy till Sid comes out clean and tells her everything. Yes, Sid has to make her understand by telling her his past so that she can stop thinking in wrong sense. If I wa sin DD's place even I will be upset and mad that my husband is not giving me these small khushi's... Remember, VD gave this lesson to Sid that "to be happy in life you do not have to do big things or get stars from the sky. There are these little little things that can make you happy and satisfied." And I totally agree with this. Life is to be enjoyed by looking out for such small things. Nobody gets everything you want but whatever you have, be happy with that as there are millions in this world who do not have what you have. So, I am with DD on this. She said it right that today you have to explain me...Why are you doing this? You were ready to go with me and now when it is time you are not. And she was right to blame him that you work is related to Nivi. He should have come out clean during this time as he got another chance but he did not use it. Life will never give you so many chances. And it did not bother him that she is going alone...OMG...He is so self-centered more than DD. He just wants to clean his reputation and image. But I also hated DD when she said that "meri khushiyan cheene wali aur kon ho sakti hai." How dare she say this? She does not even know that she has those khushi just because of Nivi...She will regret when she comes to know of this..

3) NiVren bedroom - Viren in deep thoughts planning his next move and Nivi talks to him and sees his reflection in mirror and immediately senses that Viren is not listening and is thinking something else. I want to bring out a difference here between the 2 sisters - Nivi senses immediately what the other person is going through whereas DD never does. Nivi asks Viren where he is lost and I will say this moment his hatred for Sid has again overtaken him. But that is bound to happen till all this is resolved.  I liked when Viren gets up and says sorry for not telling Nivi before about DS and YD's wedding anniversary. See, he does not shy away from admitting his mistakes...Yes it was his duty to tell her everything about family and he did and also admitted and said sorry. But I liked the excitement Nivi showed to celebrate their anniversary. Bahut dhoom dham se, dhamake ke saath as it is a big occassion - 50 years together. Viren is truly happy for them and that is reflected in is voice when he says it with so much love "50 saal se dono ek dusre ka khayal rakh rahe hain, great na." How can this guy be mean yaar, it beats me????? And Nivi does not like the importance Sid is given and Viren did not miss the expression on her face.But he immediately twists it around by bringing DS and his happiness.. Did you all notice how he held her hand while saying this and she had it too..As when she turns to leave they both leave the hand...Please Viren do not do anything stupid on that day and spoil Nivi's mood.....She is so happy with you right now. Sid is out of her mind and heart. It is only you now.

4) PT-HL - WOW, i loved it...CTs finally showed that PT is a man and is the head of his family. The way he taught his wife, I wished he had done this before and HL would not have been like this...But there is a saying "Better late than never." Exactly, once a daughter is married parents should not interfere in her life.. I am not saying that after marriage we need to break relations but there is a difference between interference and suggestions...HL interferes, tells DD how to live or what to do for Sid and when, how to mold him etc...No that is not the good thing to do. DD has to live her life with her husband and has to adjust to that new family. We all females go through this phase. I would even husband adjust but for females it is more as they have to change their style that they have been used to for so long and adopt new style, relations, family etc...But you know we females have to do it because GOD has made us like that. GOD has given us so much patience, love and caring attitude that we can handle it and do it. 
PT should have taken this stand long back. BUt still, what he said today was so true, we all should learn from this as they are elders and have more experience. NT dadi opened his eyes yesterday by showing him the mirror of truth. We all get so busy in our life that we tend to forget our parents. We do not want to but still somehow it slips..We should sit and reflect back on the time we spent with our parents, what they did for us....They will always remember all the milestones we accomplished, our hurt, our pain, our achievements, happiness etc...but when we grow up and move away to take care of our family, we need to also look back and be with them when they need us. Just a simple hellp, aap kaise ho etc goes a long way in telling our aging parents that yes we are here for you, no matter what..
Girls, sorry I am being emotional fool here., I am crying....I am glad that me and my hubby have always been there for our parents..They are getting old and we all know that they will be not always be here...So please get up and talk to them, be with them.

5) VD and Sid - Another important lesson given by VD to her son. She is a wonderful mom, the only weakness is she cannot speak what is right maybe out of respect but still there is a limit to everything. Atleast she should have made her son strong so that he could stand and speak and side with truth. I was shocked to see that Sid did not remember DS and YD's anniversary..This was not expected from him..Anyways, he is so lost in his own world right now.

6) DS and NiVren - This is the highlight of today's episode...The most important lesson of a successful married life. If the younger generation follows this then they will be always happy. See the different, playful and confident Nivi here. Her face is glowing, she is smiling as she has learnt this from her husband. Her husband has showed her the inner beauty she carries and she has started loving herself. Kahte hain na "agar tum apne aap se pyaar karoge tabhi to tum baki sab ko pyaar kar paoge." Nivi is so wowed by 50 years the same way when she asked VD "how can somebody love someone so much?", exactly same way she is in awe "how can somebody be together for 50 years" as she has not seen that in her life. Her dada passed away, her mom passed away...And Viren teases her infront of Nivi and she gives him back by hitting him. DS loved it and laughs. He is so happy to see both of together now in this mood. He has never seen Sid-DD coming together to meet him.
Anyways, DS gives the most important lesson to these two - "The gist of successful marriage is to keep collecting good memories and throwing away all bad memories as good and bad are bound to happen. Life just cannot be bed of roses, you cannot just keep getting happiness. You have to face downs too, you have to encounter thorns too only then you will know the importance of good." A couple has to go through the tough phase together only then they can come close. Only then they will know each other's importance, weaknesses and strengths. We all are individuals and we handle each situation differently but after marriage it is a team. Husband wife have to work together and sail through all the times together and in return they get to know each other better and come close. When they are close only then it is a right milan of heart, mind, soul and body. Only then there is a balance. A couple has to complement each other. and has to be strength of other when spouse is down. Kabhi ek dusre ki kamzori nahin banna, ek dusre ki takat hona chahiye. When the times are not good then we should not leave our spouse alone, instead stand with him or her and handle all the problems together. Because there is no space for a third person when a couple is concerned. Third person is always a third person. Pyaar aur izzat hi chahiye kisi bhi rishte ko strong karne ke liye as humans always crave for love and care and respect.  Ek chote se bacche ko pyaar aur care chahiye to you can see when we get married then we defintiely need these from our spouses. If you get this then nobody can stop you from having a wonderful, blissful married life. Along with love and respect, trust and faith are equally important. And open communication. This is my experience.
Isn't Viren like in awe seeing his wife and promising DS that she will be there for Viren always..This look that I saw today is one of the best I have seen from Viren. His eyes speak volumes... He is in love, he respects Nivi for who she is and he trusts her and he was grateful and thankful to Nivi for saying that to DS. Her respect and love increased manifold today. Kinny and Neha were too good in this scene. This comes naturally to them. 

Girls, I am sorry for this extremely long post - it is 3 pages in the word document...Please do not hit me or do not be upset with me.. I had to take it out from my system to remain sane..Please do comment..

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
awesome analysis Anju. its as if I am watching the show with the inner thoughts!!!

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savera2007 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
@ Anju: 

I feel that your post was short :) Too good analysis yaar... 

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zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Hey Simran and Moni. How r u girls doing. Moni how was ur trip. We missed u sweetie and by the way where is Rach today.
Mythri loved ur scattered thought as always.
I don't know y but I did not find today episode boring at all.
Mandir Scene: Atleast Viren now knows the S. is looking in to this and everybody is not that stupid as they look. But what was he thinking that Nivi will blame S. for such a huge thing and he will accept everything and will not look into the matter. But he is still over confident that S. will not be able to find anything.
Livingroom Scene: When Viren goes and sits down with CC the looks that they exchange it is 100% that they do not share any kind of relationship and Viren is not fond of his mother at all. He does not consider his mom anything.
Sidya Bedroom Scene: Do we really need to talk abt them. COz it is their ususal fight and DD blaming Nivi for ruining everything but missy u don't know that Nivi does not need to do anything else coz u urself and ur mom is already determined to ruin that for u.
Nivren Bedroom Scene: Nivi is so excited and Viren is busy planning his next move but Sir jee this will be ur last plan as ur dearest wife is abt to find ur reality. Start thinking how will u handle her when she find out the truth.
HL and PT Scene: I don't know y but I loved that scene. HL needed to hear from PT and yes she is really getting overboard with this DD thing and PT superb acting that he has started feeling guilty abt not giving time to his mother. The NT daadi talk really had an effect on him which is gr8. But let c how long this lasts and hope he tries to do something nice for a change for his mother.
Sid and VD scene: I really feel for VD. She genuinely wants to c everybody around her happy. And she is really trying hard that S. and DD can workout their relationship. But DD has failed to understand that she is married to a businessman and life of a businessman is mostly dedicated to his work though I dont agree with this but that's how it is.
Nivren and BS scene: The best scene of the day coz the things that BS was telling Nivren and the way Viren was continuously looking at Nivi so lovingly and the end when Nivi gave her promise to dadaji the way he looked at her. With love there was gratitude in his look.
Precap: Again shows: Again shows Viren's overconfidence in his plans

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daffodils06 Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
hey girls...u might hav noticed stil...the moment DS told 100 years rahegi tumhari shaadi the way viren lukd at nivi it was so obvious he wanted that so badly...

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diyaloveskinny IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vids08

Originally posted by anjubala

Originally posted by SnehaNivRenFan

Originally posted by Excruciating

Hi Zarmeen! Hug How's my jaan doing and feeling today morning?? You are so right about the night NivRen scene from yesterday's episode. I loved it a lot too. And, I think the real reason behind it is this increased intimacy between NivRen. Nivedita now has started having these urges to touch him, connect with him and this intimacy is both on a physical as well as on an emotional level. That's why it touches us so much.

Very nicely put Payal... And she being an innocent soul, the way she thinks and then reacts to it is so pure... Even the physical intimacy that she seeks feels so divine and that smirk from viren am sure just meant finally she has started reciprocating in all ways....Embarrassed
Girls, I will disagree here.. I did not find that as a smirk. Rather it was a smile indicating that Viren is happy that Nivi has started recirprocating. And that is what he wanted. He wants her to come close to him and she is doing that now and has this urge to touch him, be with him. BG music is his attitude music... That is how I call that music as - the one when he entered the show and we all fell in love with that music and his attitude. Smirk is something like "oh Yeah..." but this one did not indicate that kind of attitude.. Just my POV.
Yes, I agree. That was not an evil smirk.Its more like a satisfied smile.

Yes even I watched the scene on youtube and noticed his smirk was not evil,  it was full of love, satisfaction and happiness, Am happy that the CT have given us an indication that Viren really loves Nivi and is not faking, hope this is true and its mentained,

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Awesome analysis Anju. You have described each scenes in such a details that it felt like I was watching episode again but with better understanding of on going events. 

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Zarmeen loved your take on today's episode. I also feel that Viren is getting overconfident and will start making mistakes. I think right now in Sood house he only shares genuine realationship with VD and Nivi (MP crap aside). And think he likes to aggravate CC. And highlight of today's episode was Dadaji's advice on marriage. Sincere look on Nivi's face and loving, adoring look on Viren's face was just fabulous. 

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