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AR FF-llSecond Lovell Part 6 Updated Incomplete! (Page 25)

-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
WAT ??!!!

Lots of love Rabia
Once A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jeni'ian.. Always A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jen'ian <3

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shaaz_91 Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 1:26am | IP Logged
lovely fic
totally luvd it
cont soon
n plz do add me to ur pm list

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-Aahana- Groupbie

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! :D I know I haven't updated in like FOREVER!!!!!!!, but I was having my exams and I didn't have much time. So, to say sorry, I wrote this incomplete short part. I wrote this in like an hour? I didn't get much time to edit this so, please excuse my mistakes. I'm extremely sorry for updating extremely late but this won't happen in the future. I was planning to post this part tomorrow, but I see you guys might beg me for it, so here it is. Read, Comment, Like. This part is most likely dedicated to Ashu, after it's completed and all.
AR & SS were shocked to see a girl in a beautiful purple magestic salwar kameez. Her name was Tamanna. She was a worker just like Maasi in the orphanage. She used to be in love with Siddhant Modi, but he used her and played with her feelings. Riddhima & Tamanna got along with each other very well. Shilpa and Tamanna didn't click as friends that well. Shilpa didn't like Tamanna looking at Siddhant. Tamanna was starting to irritate Shilpa. 

Armaan was trying to ignore Shilpa, but she gets on his last nerve. Shilpa tried to seduce Armaan into making her his, but Armaan knew his limits and slapped her. He hated her to the core. He had no strength to tell Riddhima because she would have taken it the wrong way.  Shilpa was trying to get Armaan back but everytime her plan would either fail, or she would fall into her own trap. Shilpa was trying to get Armaan back but she would just give up. Shilpa was getting helpless day by day. She started to just live her life the way she chose to. Now days she really started to like AR as a couple. But, her ego wasn't ready enough to accept it.

While Shilpa was giving up, Armaan & Riddhima were having the best time in their lives. Armaan wouldn't leave her for a second. Even if they had small fights Armaan would run after her like a puppy dog. Shilpa knew how much Ridhimma loved him alot. She knew that Ridhimma couldn't move on if Armaan left her life. So, Shilpa just stayed like herself. Even though seeing Armaan & Ridhimma would pierce her heart, she knew she had to accept the whole reality right infront of her. 

The moment Siddhant saw Tamanna, he was shocked. He never knew that Tamanna would come up at the wrong time of his life. This was a huge turning point for him in his life. It wasn't a good part of his life. He was dealing with so many things, and now Tamanna turns up?! Siddhant knew he had to stay away from Tamanna even though he had really deep feelings for her. He couldn't let 3 lives ruin together on it's own. Siddhant decided to divorce Shilpa, but then he was thinking that she left Armaan just for him and now it wouldn't be a good time to talk to her throughly. One part of him was saying that he wanted to live Tamanna all his life, but then another was saying that he just couldn't cheat on Shilpa. He couldn't. He failed for the first time in his life. 

Shilpa was thinking of letting go of her past. She couldn't just hold a grudge against Ridhimma because then it would make their lives horrendous. But, Shilpa just couldn't decide who to choose, Armaan or Siddhant. One part of her was saying that Siddhant should be your guy, but, another part of her was saying that Armaan should. But when she closed her eyes a picture flashed infront of her. Now she knew her decision. She had to make everything better between all her relations with her loved ones, or else 3 lives would suffer for ever, & it wouldn't be fair. 

Dinner Time
Riddhima was in the kitchen cooking dinner with Ananya. Just as Ananya goes out because Billy was calling her, Armaan sneaks into the kitchen and holds her tightly from her waist. Riddhima gasps knowing who it was. "Yeh, aap kya kar rahe hain?",asked Riddhima. "Riddhima, mein tumse pyaar kar raha hoon", said Armaan. "Uff ho, dekhiye koi...koi aajaye ga, please chodiya na", said Riddhima scared of her mother-in-law would come in the kitchen and tease them. "Shhhhh, koi nahi aayega", said Armaan in a husky voice to make her calm down. Riddhima was having shivers down her spine when Armaan kept on leaving feather light kisses on her neck. Riddhima came back to her senses and pushed Armaan lightly as she heard Ananya's voice coming. Armaan was cursing his fate and looked mad. Ananya came in the kitchen seeing them, she asked "Arre, Armaan beta, tu yaha kya kar raha hain?", she asked. "Maa, mein paani lene aaya tha", he answered with hesitation. Ananya knew why he was here for and she just laughed and busied herself in work. Armaan left the kitchen after Ananya laughed. After dinner was cooked, everyone ate happily. 

Armaan & Ridhimma Room
Ridhimma came into their room and looked at Armaan just coming from the washroom wiping his wet hair with his towel. Riddhima rushed to the washroom before Armaan could catch her. Armaan fell on the bed and smiled at her cute antics. Riddhima came out of the washroom wearing a purple long night gown that reaches upto her ankles, with a robe over it. Armaan was working on his laptop for an important patient. After 10 minutes Armaan closes his laptop as he is tired and finished with his work. He sees Riddhima sitting on the bed and arranging some things on the side table. After she is done, she sees Armaan laying down on the bed. Riddhima smiles and lays down with him. They both sleep peacefully hugging each other.. Until Riddhima dreams of a harsh lie. 
Riddhima's Dream:
Riddhima was shocked! Armaan still loved her sister?! what about all the moments they spent?!
She was pregnant and Armaan was leaving her. 

Armaan: Riddhima I'm sorry but I can't love you anymore. Since Shilpa entered this house, all I think of is her. Not YOU. But all the moments we spent I would love to cherish them. 

Riddhima: NO! you can't leave me. Armaan humne aapko bohut pyaar kiya, par aapne humare saara bharosa thod diya!

Armaan: Riddhima I'm sorry but I realized that I love Shilpa and will always love her. I'm sorry but I can't love you. 

Armaan left after saying that and Riddhima fell to the ground while crying and she fainted once again.
Riddhima woke up screaming Armaan's name. Armaan woke up instantly hearing his name. He saw Riddhima panting heavily and tears streaming down her face. He switched on the side table lights and the clock read 3:30am. Riddhima realized that she was in her room with Armaan beside her. She hugged Armaan tightly and he managed to give her water. She drank the water in 3 gulps. Armaan put the glass on the bed side table. She still hugged him tightly. "Riddhima, jaana bhool jao bura sapna tha, baby bhool jao", said Armaan soothing her. " toh....nahi....jayenga na?", she asked him fearing he would leave her. "Nahi Riddhima jaana nahi jaunga tumhe chod kar kabhi bhi, said Armaan while soothing her. He strokes her hair. Both of them slowly laid down on the bed and Armaan whispered soothing words and kisses her ear and earlobe softly. He kisses her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, nose. Then passion and desire took over them and they spent a blissful and passionate night.

Armaan woke up by the sunlight rays hitting his face. Armaan saw Riddhima's cute sleeping face. Armaan smiled and but then his smile faded when he wondered about Riddhima's dream. But he just shrugged it off and kissed Riddhima's forehead. Riddhima woke up after feeling lips on her skin. Riddhima just hugged Armaan. He was taken aback but still he hugged her. "Kya hua?", asked Armaan with concern written all over his face. "Kuch nahi bas hume dar lag raha tha, aur ab vo dar nikal gaya",said Riddhima while smiling. Armaan scooted a little closer to Riddhima and hugged from side ways. Riddhima shakes her head and smiles. "Ab chodiye hume", said Riddhima trying to get out of his grip. Armaan left her and smiled as she rushed into the washroom with the sheet around her. After she came out, they both went to Sanjeevani hand in hand happily. 

In Sanjeevani 
Shilpa saw Armaan & Riddhima walking and laughing hand in hand. Shilpa turned around after seeing that. She couldn't help but be jealous and unhappy. But she had to get a grip on herself. She had to control herself because she has to stay away from Armaan. When Shilpa turned around again, she saw Armaan holding Riddhima's waist from behind and whispering sweet nothings into her ear while she laughed and they were still walking slowly. Sanjeevani nurses and wardboy were admiring and adoring the adorable couple. Shilpa knew her decision and she had to support herself for now. 

In Locker Room
 Finally, Armaan & Riddhima were finished with their duties and were in the locker room with the gang. After they were finished with their 1 hour talk, the gang left leaving Shilpa-Siddhant and Armaan-Riddhima alone. Riddhima was fixing her locker when Armaan tapped her shoulder and told her that he was waiting for her in his car. Riddhima nodded and Armaan left. 5 minutes later, Riddhima was about to leave when she heard her name being called, so she stopped walking. Siddhant was in the changing room. So Shilpa decided to talk to Riddhima and clear out all the misunderstandings between them and become sisters or atleast friends. Riddhima turned around and saw Shilpa infront of her. Riddhima gulped seeing her because then she would have to hear Shilpa's taunts, which made her feel bad. 
Shilpa proceeded to talk to her. ""Ummm, Riddhima kya hum coffee shop mein mil sak the hain parso 6 baje, shaam ko?", asked Shilpa hoping for a yes. "Okay di, jaise aap chahe.", said Riddhima. Shilpa nodded and Siddhant came in the locker room after changing his wet clothes. "Ab hum chalte hain, Armaan hamara inteezar kar rahe honge.", said Riddhima. Shilpa and Siddhant nodded and Riddhima finally left. 

In Shilpa-Siddhant's House
Shilpa and Siddhant went home too. Siddhant was working on a file for a patient, when Shilpa was thinking of telling Riddhima that she has moved on. Shilpa's decsion was that she had to forget Armaan. With all the memories, Shilpa had to forget him forever and start a clean slate with Siddhant. When Siddhant finished his work, he saw Shilpa looking lost in her thoughts. Siddhant sneaked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. "Kya soch rahi ho?, asked Siddhant. "Kuch nahi, bas vo Riddhima aur Armaan ke baare mein soch rahi thi", said Shilpa. Siddhant didn't answer but just nodded. Few minutes later, Shilpa & Siddhant fell into deep slumber.

In Armaan-Riddhima's Home(Room)
Everyone ate dinner peacefully and happily. Armaan went into the washroom to take a shower. While Armaan was taking a shower, Riddhima was lost in her thoughts too. Riddhima was wondering why would Shilpa call her to the coffee house. But nevertheless, she would somehow talk to her sister even though her sister gave her a lot of problems in her life. Riddhima was too busy being lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Armaan coming out of the washroom. Armaan was confused as to what she was wondering about. Armaan tapped her on the shoulder. Riddhima came out of her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Tum khoyi khoyi si kyun lag rahi ho?", asked Armaan wondering what were her thoughts. "Woh, mein....uh...kuch nahi. Woh hum ek patient ke baare mein soch rahe the", said Riddhima. Armaan nodded even though he knew she was lying. Somehow, he will get to know what is bothering Riddhima soon enough. Armaan & Riddhima got into bed and fell asleep.

Next Morning At Sanjeevani
Everyone reached early and everyone had a great time in the locker room. Riddhima was still nervous about her talk with Shilpa. But, nevertheless, Riddhima still continued with her duties. Armaan was still observing Riddhima. But, from now on Armaan will follow every where she would go. Armaan wanted Riddhima to be safe and sound. Riddhima was too naive and fragile. He couldn't even bear a little scratch on Riddhima. He was very possessive about her. Shilpa was getting restless hour by hour. She couldn't make Riddhima suffer all her life. Now Shilpa had realized her mistakes. She was feeling disgusted of herself for throwing herself at Armaan even though he was a MARRIED man. Shilpa really needed to talk to Riddhima. But, she would have to wait till tommorow to talk to her. 

Siddhant had duties with Tamanna. She still looked beautiful just like old times, Siddhant thought to himself. Tamanna felt uneasy having duties with Siddhant. She was heart-broken about everything. She didn't believe in love or the word "Love" itself either. It felt like she had no interest in anything but just "WORK". Tamanna hated Siddhant for causing her so much pain in her life. Siddhant felt disgusted to what he did to Tamanna. But he had to accept the reality that he was married to Shilpa, and nobody could ever change that. If only he had a time machine, then he could rewind time and get back with Tamanna. But, it was just a wish, it wasn't really gonna come true. Tamanna had kept herself away from him because then she would fall into his trap, of which she doesn't want to.

Riddhima couldn't wait to talk to Shilpa. Because, she knew something was bothering her. But, one part of her was saying that she should go meet her, and the other part of her was saying that she shouldn't because of what Shilpa did to her. Riddhima was confused. But, she made it through the whole tiring day atleast. Armaan was observing her from all this time, and he never seen her so lost in her thoughts ever in his life before. But, he knew he had to support her in every way that he could. Armaan was confused, but he had to make it through with her.  Every hour Armaan saw Riddhima lost in her thoughts. Armaan wanted to ask her badly, but he just left the topic in his mind and resumed in his pending work in the hospital. 

In Armaan-Riddhima's House
Since Billy & Ananya were out of the house for 3 months because of profit and business stuff, Armaan took advantage of it. Riddhima was in the kitchen cooking dinner when Armaan came in the kitchen and stood behind Riddhima.  When Riddhima turned around to get something, she turned around and bumped into a hard chest. Riddhima looked up and gasped when Armaan encircled her bare waist with his cold fingers. Armaan pulled her closer and she bumped into him again. Armaan smiled when he saw Riddhima's trembling lips. Armaan picked Riddhima up in his arms and started walking slowly up to their room. Both of them totally forgot what happened today and were drowning in love land. Armaan finally reached their room after 10 minutes of walking slowly. Armaan laid her on the bed and got on top of her. They were both drowning in eachother's eyes that they didn't have any clue to their surroundings. Armaan buries his face in the crook of her neck. Riddhima feels really shy so she tries to get out of his grip but can't since he's too strong. "Aap yeh kya", before she could say anything Armaan puts his finger on her lips. "Shhhh", Armaan spoke in a husky voice. Riddhima looks into his eyes and sees so much passion and desire. Armaan & Riddhima were totally in the moment. They were extremely engrossed in eachother that they didn't even hear the servant calling them. Armaan switched off the lights and they both made love all night. 

Next Morning
Armaan woke up first to see the most adorable and cutest sight ever. Riddhima had a smile playing on her lips and hugging Armaan's waist to bring him closer to herself and no one else. Armaan smiled when Riddhima hugged him. Since Armaan moved a little, the duvet moved a little and it showed Riddhima's bare arms and chest. Armaan covered her with the duvet properly. He tried to move but, it was too late, Riddhima already woke up with the slightest movement. Riddhima gets up and removes her hand from his waist and looks away being shy. Armaan understood that she was shy so he decided to tease her a little bit. "Toh kal raat, kaisa tha?", he said while winking at her. Riddhima gasped when Armaan said that, but she smiled and shook her head at his naughty antics. Armaan smiled after finally seeing her smile. Riddhima was hugging Armaan when she suddenly remembered she had to meet Shilpa. Riddhima stiffened when she thought about that. Armaan felt her stiffen, "Kya hua?, sab kuch theek toh hai na?", Armaan asked. Riddhima nodded and parted from the hug. Armaan was still shocked, but now he knew she must be thinking of something and, her mind went to that thought that she was thinking of yesterday, and behaving weird.  Riddhima got out of the bed with the sheet and left to go to the bathroom.  Armaan was left thinking of what the hell just happend. But nevertheless, they both went to Sanjeevani.

In Sanjeevani
Everybody was having s great time in the locker room. But Riddhima kept on thinking about if she should meet Shilpa because then, Armaan would be mad if she was caught talking to Shilpa. She was such in a dilemma that she didn't have know what she was doing. 
........To be continued.
Wow!, this part was just stupid and crappy. But there's more to it, so yeah. Hope you like it, please do comment and press the like button when you have time! :D If you want a PM, you know the policy LOL, add me as your friend.

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
cont soon

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Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Hey Aahana!  Nice to see you back after a long time.  I was actually wondering when you were gonna update, when I saw the title.  I loved the part a lot.  Thank God that was just a dream!  I was thinking wayy too hard over that!  Hehe.  I'm glad that Shilpa realized her mistake and wants to rectify it.  Wonder what will happen next.  Please update soon, and thanks for the PM.

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-Aahana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
great part!
i hope shila doesnt cum in between AR
i wonder wot wud happns if sid goes wiv tammana.. how shilpa wud feel..
cant wait for riddhima n shilpa to tlk.. i wonder wot armaans reaction wud be if he saw them two..
continue soon x
ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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anushkajain Goldie

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superb part ClapStar
loved it Big smile
continue soonSmile

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