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AR FF-llSecond Lovell Part 6 Updated Incomplete! (Page 12)

Crazyy_Fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Nyc pm me:)

-Aahana- Groupbie

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Hey!, finally updated! 


Armaan is shocked seeing Riddhima in a nightie. She was looking absolutely gorgeous. Armaan remembers how hotter she was looking naked, while giving her body heat. Riddhima feels shy, so she wears her nightie robe around herself. Armaan jerked from his thoughts, and became rude and arrogant towards Riddhima. He didn't want to fall in love again. Armaan put a pillow between them and slept on his side, with his back towards her. Riddhima was taken aback with sudden reaction of Armaan. Riddhima came on the bed and slept on her side,

Next Morning
Armaan woke because of the sunlight rays hitting him. Armaan got up and yawned. Armaan smiled looking at Riddhima frowning to hide from the sun. "She just looks so cute when she frowns", Armaan thought. After many attempts to escape the sun, Riddhima woke up and Armaan staring at her. Armaan looks away and walks into the bathroom taking all his stuff. After he went into the bathroom, Maasi knocked on the door. "Beta please open the door", said Maasi while knocking. Riddhima gets up and ties the robe around herself. She opens the door and sees Maasi. "Woh, uh..., mein tum dono ko breakfast pe bulana chahti hoon", said Maasi. "Ji hum dono abhi aate hain", said Riddhima. Maasi nodded and left. Armaan came out of the bathroom. "Woh, Maasi hum dono ko breakfast pe bulaya hain", said Riddhima. Armaan nodded and left the room. " Stop acting like his wife Riddhima, he will never accept you, he just loves Shilpa and will always love her. He won't love a girl like me", Riddhima thought. She went to the bathroom with tears in her eyes. 

At the Breakfast Table
Riddhima came out in a hot pink saree, which shows her bare waist and stomach. Armaan kept staring at her. "Armaan dude stop staring!, Remember you can't fall in love! It just gives you pain. Gosh Riddhima just looks adorable. Your doing it again! DUDE STOP IT!!!!!!, you might lose your control!", Armaan thought. Riddhima helped Maasi set the table. Shilpa came out with attitude. Shilpa looked at Riddhima and rolled her eyes. "She's such a show off. She's ugly and now she wearing this saree is becoming more ugly. Armaan won't like her because she just too ugly. I HATE YOU RIDDHIMA!", Shilpa thought.

 Riddhima was in the kitchen cutting vegetables and her hair was coming on her face. Armaan went into the kitchen to get some water for himself. Armaan saw Riddhima struggling with her hair. Armaan went behind Riddhima and put his hands on her bare waist. Riddhima gasps and turns around and she trembles when she sees him. Armaan buries his face in the crook of her neck. He placed feather light kisses on her neck. Riddhima lets out a moan that is barely audible. Armaan was enjoying the effect he had on Riddhima. Armaan's fervent kisses was driving her crazy. Armaan caresses her waist. He bites her shoulder. Riddhima lets out a gasp. Riddhima hugs him and he buries his face in her neck, inhaling her sweet fragrance.

Shilpa was getting worried for Armaan. Shilpa excused herself and went to the kitchen to get some water for herself. When Shilpa enters the kitchen, she sees Armaan & Riddhima having a private moment. Shilpa's dupatta accidently broke the glass which made Armaan & Riddhima come out of the hug. Armaan looks at Riddhima and she does the same. Tears were building up in Riddhima's eyes. Tears stream down her face. Riddhima runs away to her room. Armaan couldn't believe he did that. "Armaan", Shilpa called out. Armaan looked at her with anger and rage and hatred in his eyes. "Armaan, dekho, Riddhima sirf tumhe paane ki koshish kar rahi hain. She just wants you to not be close to me and she wants all your attention", said Shilpa. "SHUTUP!, First of all, dont you ever tell me what to do. It's my life. Second of all, dont ever say anything about MY WIFE!. Aur waise bhi, we BROKE UP!. SO GET OVER ME, AND LEAVE ME ALONE!", yelled Armaan. Shilpa was on the verge of tears. She just walked away to the table and sat down. 

Armaan ran upto "their" room. He saw Riddhima crying bitterly, which somehow pierced his heart. "Riddhima", Armaan called out softly. Riddhima looked up at Him. Riddhima wiped her tears and tried to walk past him but couldn't since he held her wrist. "Riddhima please, im extremely sorry for what i did. I seriously didn't mean to. I don't know what had happened to me. Please Riddhima forgive me", Armaan said apologizing. Riddhima had tears in her eyes. Riddhima struggled get out of his hold but couldn't. Armaan made Riddhima face him. Riddhima looks in his eyes and Armaan looks in her eyes. They both see longing and love for eachother. Armaan sees love for him in her eyes. "Kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho?", asked Armaan hoping she would say yes. "Haan, bahut pyaar, par aap to kisi se bhi pyaar nahi karte", said Riddhima. "Haan mein karta hoon, tumse RIDDHIMA!, I Love You", said Armaan. "Jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayi hoon, tab se mujhe tumne apna saath diya. Tumne mujhe kabhi yeh mehsoos nahi kiya ke mein ek akela insaan hoon. Riddhima, you were there for me when my friends weren't. You were there for me when i felt lonely and alone. YOU were there for me whenever i felt like i couldn't live. Whenever I used to yell at you, you always made me feel complete. YOU were the pillar of my support", said Armaan. Riddhima was shocked. He really did love her. Riddhima ran upto him and hugged him tight, and cried tears of joy.

Siddhant looks at AR and thinks how lucky they are to have their love even though they are not confessing to eachother. Siddhant wanted to plan the perfect date with Shilpa. But when he got there, everything got ruined by the winds and storm. Nothing was going right for them in their marriage. Everything was flopping. Shilpa wasn't feeling right about her marriage with Sid. She hated it when she saw Riddhima & Armaan together. It pierced her heart. It felt like her heart has been stabbed with a knife!. Shilpa hated the way Armaan looked at Riddhima. Siddhant is thinking how to make Shilpa his again. 

While that was happening, Armaan & Riddhima were so happy with each other. They never felt so complete yet happy than before. Their happiness knew no bounds. Little did they know, Shilpa was standing near the door listening to their conversation. What she feared came true. "Armaan loves another girl, NO! It can't happen! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, I shouldn't have left him!", thought Shilpa. Shilpa just plopped on the bed and cried all she can. She couldn't think right this time. Everytime it felt like she lost him forever and she did. She couldn't do anything but cry all she can. When Shilpa pretended to love him, she was slowly starting to fall in love with him. And now, she's in love with her ex. She couldn't believe it. But this time, she determined to get Armaan back to herself again. "I want Armaan, & I will get him. I don't care how many obstacles i have to overcome, but i will get him asap", thought Shilpa. She smiled evily after thinking that.

Armaan & Riddhima were extremely happy that they love each other. Everything was going right between them. There was no-one that could break this special bond in between the two. Maasi came in their room but stopped when she saw the two lovers hugging, feeling complete in their arms. Maasi admired them. She coughed loudly which made them break their 20 minute hug. Riddhima feels shy that she turns around. Maasi tells them that the kids are ready for their cure. Armaan nods and says he will be down in a minute. Maasi leaves to go to the kids. Armaan placed his hands around her waist. "Toh hum bhi chale, ya phir hum yehi rahe akele?", said Armaan teasing Riddhima. Riddhima blushes and turns around to face him. "Mujhe jaana hain, aap jaldi se ajaye neeche", said Riddhima not meeting his intense gaze on her. Armaan kisses her cheek and leaves her waist. Riddhima runs downstairs so he couldn't tease her anymore. Armaan smiles at her little gesture.

10 minutes later, when Armaan goes downstairs he sees the cutest sight ever. Armaan saw Riddhima playing so innocently with the kids. Riddhima loved kids and hoped to have one someday. Armaan went and stood behind her and made a plan to scare her. When he went behind her, the kids looked at him and he told them to shush with his index finger on his lips. The kids nodded and went along with the plan. When Riddhima told them to go inside because it was getting cold. Armaan suddenly put his hand over Riddhima's mouth and put his hand over her eyes. Armaan took her to the beach where there was a beach house too. Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at everything. Riddhima turns around and bumps into a hard rock chest. Riddhima looks up and sees Armaan. Riddhima gets scared to see him. "Aap yaha kyun-", said Riddhima uncompleting her sentence. "Mein tumhe dara ne ke liye aaya tha!, looks like my work is done, bye!, said Armaan smirking following his plan. Armaan leaves to go but stops when he heard Riddhima scream. "KYAAAAAAAA!!, aap hume yaha laye aur phir jaa rahe hain?! how dare you!, said a furious Riddhima. Riddhima was furious and had her arms folded on her chest. She looked adorable. Her nostrils flared in anger, her forehead creased in lines in anger. Armaan had a long night to manofy Riddhima. "Oye! LADKI, im ur husband that means i could do anything with you", said Armaan enjoying his plan and smirking. "Hawww! iska matlab yeh to nahi ke apni patni ko beach par akela chod de!, said Riddhima feeling scared. Armaan saw that she was feeling scared. Armaan hugged her and pacified her that he was playing around with her. Riddhima hugged him back feeling complete in his arms.

30 minutes later, it starts to rain heavily. Riddhima smiles and plays in the rain. Armaan watches this sight and looks at Riddhima. Armaan starts to walk towards her and turns her around. Riddhima & Armaan look at eachother. Armaan looks at her with passion and desire and love burning in his eyes. Riddhima looks him with love in her eyes for him. Armaan cups her face gently and kisses her passionately. He kissed her with so much passion and she kissed back too. After 10 minutes, they broke the kiss for some air. It was still raining and it was raining really heavily. Armaan picks her up and takes her into the beach house. Armaan puts her on the bed and gets on top of her. He looks into her eyes and she does the same. Armaan kisses her forehead, nose, cheeks, and lastly the lips. Armaan goes down to her neck and Riddhima puts her hands in his hair arousing him more. Armaan kissed her shoulder and then bit it. Riddhima moans in pleasure. Armaan closes the curtains and and gets on top of her. They both stare into eachother's eyes. Them Armaan kisses her neck. Then he starts to take off his shirt. Armaan took out the aanchal of saree. He kissed her throat, biting it gently. Riddhima was in a daze, she was losing her senses. Armaan kissed her bare waist and stomach. He kissed her all over the face,he kissed her earlobes. Then he started to take out all their clothes. Armaan kissed her bare body. He intertwined his hands with hers. As they merged into one, she felt a sweet pain, but then they became one. They both made love all night. They were now 2 bodies but 1 soul.

Next Morning, Armaan woke up and adored the cutest sight ever. She was now HIS completely and no-one can ever change that. He slowly kissed her forehead gently but ever-so-lightly. Riddhima woke up with his slightest touch. She looked around and saw that she was with Armaan naked. Flashes of last night were coming into her mind. Riddhima turns to Armaan's side and saw him staring at her. "Aap uth gaye?", said Riddhima. "Haan mein uth gaya hoon", said Armaan lovingly. "By the way, you look extremely  sexy  when your naked", he whispered seductively in her ear. Riddhima blushed at his comment. She just wished they would stay like this forever. Then both of them got up and changed. When they reached Lonalva house, they were shocked to see Shilpa pacing around the room being worried. Maasi welcomed Armaan & Riddhima, she asked them why didn't they come back. With a lot of hestitation, they replied that it was raining heavily so they stayed back in the beach house. Maasi teased them and Riddhima ran upto their room. 

In their room, Riddhima was looking out the window thinking how her life changed so much. Armaan comes in the room and sees Riddhima standing near the window. Armaan slowly crept up behind her and put his hands on her waist."Kya soch rahi ho?", asked Armaan while kissing her cheek. "Woh..kuch nahi", said Riddhima while blushing. Just then Shilpa barges in their room and jest jealous seeing them. Shilpa told them it's time to cure the kids. Riddhima nodded and left quickly. When Armaan-Riddhima,& Shilpa-Siddhant reached there, they were shocked to see......!!!


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Great gng Aahana :)

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Yay, they are in love. Oh damn, i am so eager to know what is cooking in Shilpa's mind. Please continue soon <3

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Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Yayyy!  Armaan and Riddhima are finally one!  I'm so happy for them.  I loved the kitchen scene and their confession.  I wonder what Shilpa will do now?  Hate her here.  Please update super soon, and thanks for the PM.

-Medzi <33

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thanx 4 the pm

update soon


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Awesum part!
m sooo happy dat AR got together
cont. plz

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