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Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

Written Update- 24th Jan

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So I'm doing this on behalf of Teech.

Sorry It took me a while but you know me na...I'm an analysis so I gotta do it in details!LOL

It's not the best and I tried to add my tad bit too! lol



So Khanak is sitting in front of the fire and YM is mind-blowing in her expressions. Sunny comes and watches her from outside and thinks about Rahul's plan again and says "you plotted well but sadly it flopped."

Khanak is worried about Shaan, "I wonder how is Shaantanu, his phone is switched off, he must've called. If he came to know im not home, he will look for me everywhere. Let me tell him that I'm ok."

Sunny comes inside and looks at Khanak and apologizes. Khanak gives him uneasy look. He then tells her that they will leave as soon as the rain stops a bit. Then he reassures her that don't worry about Shaan, he will take care of everything and with someone's lift they will reach there. Khanak is worried when he says "bharosa rakho." Then she immediately gets up and he comes close to her. She is crying and he says that whenever a girl cries, even he starts crying. He attempts to crack a joke by saying that if you don't want this 6' ft tall person to cry then please stop. Khanak is feeling uneasy at this point and is constantly crying (yaar yeh itna kabhi nahi roi'kya problem hai isski aaj, making us all uneasy in the process. chalo acha hai, woh bura make-up toh uttaraLOL).

He then promises that he won't talk to her or even look at her and then does as he says. He is telling her that he made a lot of mistakes but he won't do it anymore. He then says that he didn't know he was an actual duplicate, where he thought he was only a stunt-double. He tells her how he knows that when she looks at him, it reminds her of suraj (Nahi, nahi'woh toh Bandar ko dekh kar Suraj ko yaad karti hai. Tum toh bas awein aye ho.LOL) Khanak is uneasy at the mistake part and throughout the whole convo. He assures that he will try not to come in front of her. He tells her that he didn't know it was this serious matter otherwise he would've left when she gave him the money. Khanak is thinking, meanwhile. Then he says that if she is thinking what Shaan will do if he found out about them then he will talk to Shaan. This wakes Khanak up.

Sunny: Usse bata dunga ke hamarey beech'

Khanak: Hmarey beech? Ghalati? Aur Shantanu kyu ghalat socheinge humarey barey mein. Tum Shaantanu ko nahi jantey. Shantanu aise nahi hein ke choti choti baat per apne patni par shaq karne legein. Unhein mujh par aur mujhe unpar pura bharosa hai. Agar Bhagwan bhi aake keh dein toh bhi who unki baat nahi maaneinge kyu ke who jantein hain ke mein unse kitna pyaar karti hoon. (Between us? A Mistake? Why will Shaan think wrongly of us? You don't know him; he doesn't point fingers at his wife for such small things. He trusts me and I trust him. If even God told him, he wouldn't believe Him because he knows how much I love him).

Khanak is all confident and proud of Shaan. Btw to me this spelled that she has finally let go of her fear, she is facing it while talking to Sunny. I like this scene'but it foreshadows the brief future events'

Scene switch to Shaan driving and thinking about their last rain scene.

Shaan: Mein janta hoon ke pichle kuch dinoon maine tumhe zyada waqt nahi diya. But my singing and my, my career, even you showed me those ways. You are my inspiration, Khanak. You have changed Shaantanu Khandelwal (I see a future track of Shaan believing her from this) and only you could do it. Khanak I love you. (The blind fool in love!LOL)

Back to Sunny and Khanak scene.

Khanak is warming herself and looks at Sunny standing in cold and tells him that even he can come and warm himself (this is really significant that Khanak is moving on'guy finally our Khanak is getting past her fears, Thank God.)

Sunny warms himself. Khanak apologizes and states that how is it his fault that he is duplicate of Suraj but she was scarred. She also tells him that he is not bad at all. (Finally she has moved on! Next track: telling Shaan!) her expressions are uneasy but still they are getting there. It is hard to do that'

Sunny is delighted to hear that and tells her how much he is happy to hear that and if she had said that earlier then he wouldn't worry like that. He comes close to her and she moves a bit and he states that he didn't know Suraj and that he made mistake unintentionally. He didn't mean to hurt her and Shaan.

Sunny: because of me you and Shaan were hurt right?

Khanak: yea we were in pain but our love is not that weak. But I was a bit uneasy because of your talk and those behaviors reminded me of Suraj but even then Shaantanu didn't leave me. He gave me support (what support? CVs you made Shaan looked like an idiot I tell you!) he loves me so much.

Sunny feels uneasy at that last part and he self-thinks that how Rahul knew everything. He is like I was saying all that without knowing anything. He then tells Khanak that Shanak are lucky to have each other. He says that how some people are not that lucky to receive such real love. Khanak looks at him a bit worriedly (was that guilt?)

Rahul and Sam scene:

Rahul is congratulating himself for going with such a good plan. Sam comes and asks him to come look for Khanak and sunny.

Rahul taunts her on the bf thing and Sam tells him shut up I'm worried about Khanak. Rahul tells her to leave that with Shaan. Sam is a bit disgusted. She asks him if he is coming and he said no and she tells him forget it and is about to leave but he pulls her back in. he is close and well intimate scene, he wants to kiss her (it looks more like something elseLOL).

Sunny and Khanak scene:

Sunny is trying to call but it is not working. So he comes and asks for her phone. He breaks it apart and fixes the battery or sim card or something. She is worried (so am I coz it seems Khanak will get the MMS and not Shaan. LolLOL) It is working she takes it and looks at the sms form shaan and tries calling him but it is not working. I like the happy BG music but with a bit of jhatkas (btw the music is very good because it says that we might get cute Shanak nok jhok in the future).

Rahul and Sam scene:

She tells him that sunny is her bf and Rahul tells her that he knows the he knows the truth. She is shocked and moves back in embarrassment. (I hate the BG. I swear, too loud! Or maybe it is my head phonesLOL).

Sunny and Khanak:

Sunny comes, Khanak is still standing in front of fire and worried. He tells her that he forgot she must be hungry and he is about to go get the food from car when he hits the pillar and falls on Khanak. Video made (I swear it looks bad the way it was shown) the guys is recording it all. Khanak is uneasy when he falls on her. She looks after him like a sister. She doesn't want to touch him but she makes him move the hand and she is trying to search for something to stop the bleeding. She doesn't touch him or doesn't want to but she has to and she is blowing on his head and the MMS looks like it's more than that. She ties the dupatta. (I wanna kill the mms guy! May can we have the Chaako icon? Like someone doing that action of chaako?ROFL Mere ko Rahul ka khooon karna haiROFL)

Sunny tells her he did so much wrong and she is mother india. Sunny gets up to go outside and she tells him he won't go anywhere.

Shaan's scene:

Still thinking about their past scene.

Sunny and Khanak scene:

Someone clicks their pic from such bad angle that it looks like they are making out or they are intimate.

They are sitting and talking. She asks him about his life. He tells her he is from a gaon. Then Khanak talks about her gaon and Sunny looks at her as in he is smitten.

She feels sorry for him that his home doesn't know that he is a stunts-man. He tells her yea what he could tell them that he lives 7 other people and lives on Vadda pav. To his parents he is a super star and he doesn't want to break their hearts.

Khanak gives him hope by saying that Shaan and Ada will help him after she talks to them. (Khanak has moved on people!)

Khanak and Shaan scene:

Khanak finally comes home in taxi and she is thinking about how Sunny is a good person. She is contemplating on it. She is relieved but yet uneasy since she has to tell Shaan. She is thinking who can do such a horrible act between Shanak. (finally she is thinking that it was only an act). She hopes that Shaan won't shak her.

Shaan comes and comes out in all romantic moods, while she is a bit uneasy. He looks at her in love and then says that how she is in so much in love that she didn't hear the honk.

He comes to her and is all romantic.

Shaan: puri raat mera intazaar karti rahi, hain? Your love is just as stubborn as you. He apologizes that he was caught up with work because he thinks she is mad at him. He switched off his phone. He said he knew she would be mad so he is sorry.

Khanak is feeling uneasy about how to tell him and she wants to tell him but she stops and then epi ends.

Pre-cap: Rahul sends the MMS and then Shaan receives it. Btw both KT and YM look amazing. I like what she is wearing'Khanak is all happy and Shaan looks at getting an MMS and is wondering who sent it. Shaan is about to check and Khanak looks at him.

Rahul realizes his mistake and tells Sam reluctantly.

Montage: It doesn't look bad'btw there is a significant  meaning'if the Odhani completely flied off her head then it would mean separation but this only means that Sunny is coming there and his presence is going to bother them.

Prediction :

So we are def. going to get Rahul-redemption track'which at least he started to do now after sending the MMS (What an idiot tho! But better than not thinking at all).

I have a feeling that Shaan will become insecure if he finds out about Sunny and Khanak and then once he comes to know the truth, he will start feeling that Khanak might be going back or something once Khanak starts helping Sunny in his career. They won't separate but insecurities are sure to come'

The Highlight of the Show:

YM was fantab! ClapClapClap

Manish was good too but Pri didn't do well with her shock expressions...maybe the rain was the problem!

Again Harpreet was going up and down...don't know why but he is better as a good happy person (I understand that because Sweet people have a heard time doing that)

KT...he was good today as a lost Smitten Puppy (no comment on characterization)

I loved the Scene between Sunny and Khanak! It was good (not so much on Sunny's dialogue delivery but the dialogues were good)

Idea to Montage:

We all feel a bit jealousy, insecurities, and whatever other feelings we have associated with. We feel them especially if we are newly married and still discovering our feelings. 

Remember Shanak are still discovering their love and this part of Shaan hasn't been really explored yet. Girls always are the first one to trust but guys have a hard time, unless you know the person too well.

As years go buy, you develop that trust in your partner and then you don't fear it. Even in marriages this is common. I mean yes you can marry the person but are you sure if that person is going to stay with you in the beginning and not feel something about the other? so This is a very common deal...

Guys'.Chill! this is not ektaish type!

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thnx rooj


lovely update

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Thanks Rooj!Superbly done,with ur analysis a s a bonus!

Why should Khanak help Sunny lol.Send him on his way!But Hindi drama heroine hain na so expected.Like what you said abt the odhani.That's what I felt,it will just bother them.Good you gave up on Shantanu's characterisation lol.BTW,KT is being stagnated here,same expressions and that too recap's of Saturday lol.

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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No problem Teech! Thought you all need a break!Hug

I gotta give it to you all! it's not an easy task...bohat time consuming hai
sweetsute Goldie

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nice update rooj, yeah she was indeed taking care like a sister................good point...........btw wat do u think , is rahul really gonna change?

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Thanks Rooj.. really appreciate it!
I know it is really a time consuming and tedious.. But DT and the forum members really appreciate all the updaters....Thanks so much.. what would we do without you!! Hug

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thanks rooj :) i just reached home and read this! i guess i'll watch the episode today even though i need to sleep :s but i havent seen the last two episodes and i miss watching yashu's acting :( thank you! Great update! :)

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Thank you Rooj!

Loved your  update with analysis

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