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Kool's Commentary : Jan 24 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Dharmu FOUND OUT in PR
Yes guys . Our dear old sinful Batatawada has finally been caught redhanded ........his innumerable sins have finally caught up with him . All that lurking around in Dombivli in the SAME AREA was too risky and daring , even for a chaalu like him and his luck ran out . But first things first . Lets start with Holy Archu , our dear heroine .
She was roaming in costly malls with Bhags and window shopping to stoke his male ego . Her purposes were strictly holy , of course , she really didn't desire anything for herself as such . A most detached female , with no desires whatsoever . But purely for the sake of Bhags she stopped before a costly display sari and cooed
Ooh what a lovely sari ! DEKHIYE NA MANAV .
It is indeed beautiful said Bhags brainlessly , imagining Holy Archu in it at once . Whats the price ?
SEVEN THOUSAND SOMETHING SOMETHING said the shop attendant who came out to see what the MAAJRA was and immediately walked back in after flashing a fake polite smile without wasting a moment more as her experienced nose told her they cudn't afford it .
OMG thought Bhags . EVEN MY AAMDANI is only 8000 RS . { Then my dear twit why r u roaming in costly malls with your airhead wife ?}
NEVER MIND said Holy Archu , drawing herself up and looking supremely self sacrificing . I DON"T NEED THAT SARI . I HAVE U . THAT IS BAS , ENOUGH .
But Holy Archu u liked it ! cried Bhags like all the silly males who fall for this all the time and start jumping like jackrabbits to spend their credit cards whether they have money in their account or not . ADMIt it u LIKED it ! Ur only saying this coz I cannot afford it !
And Holy Archu walked off , her head held high , ensuring that Bhags male ego has been totally emasculated .
But it matters to ME said Bhags with fire in his eyes , taut jaw and flared nostrils looking after her . Its my mission in life now to fulfil ur ZAROORAT and ur CHAHAT . Just u wait and see Holy Archu . Just u wait and see how i do Ur SAPNE POORE .
My comments : His old parents have no SAPNE , not even about their daily dal chawal . U see they have Archnas gold necklace to tide them over .
Btw , what was the twit Holy Archu doing purposefully cooing over saris that r way out of her league ? Huh ? Don't tell me she is THAT insensitive and tactless to her husband's male pride ! Archna Manav ko KHUD SE ZYAADA PEHCCHAANTI HAI is her motto , so what was all this insensitivity about ?
The Kudi phoned Batatawada yet again when he was in the parking lot and APOLOGISED . She wanted him in OPERATIVE MODE again , and she knew how to handle unrelenting males like him who were THIS HOT . She played the CHILD CARD , of course .
He is very very SAD she pouted to a harassed Batatawada . Its his BIRTHDAY and he is not gonna eat cake till u feed him with your own chubby hand . He is SHOCKED u didn't show him recognition as a PAPA .
Ok Ok I'll be there said Batatawada . Drat the child , he thought . Just like his mom . Can't Do without me for a SINGLE NIGHT . I do hope Vaishus child will take after ME .
Just then Vaishu came there and informed him that she was spending the night with Whimsical Varsha . The Kudi heard it of course and urged Batatawada to come straight to the hotel after Vaishu had gone .
Now u can come na ? She asked with a gleam in her eyes . Now u have no excuse .
Yea Yea said Batatawada , trapped .LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
The Kudi hung up , pleased . I'll lace his drinks with the MIRACLE PILL , she thought to herself . And I will dust his turban personally .Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
My comment : Madhuri is a good woman . On a serious note , I feel more sorry for her than Vaishu even .
But alas ! Poor Vaishu found it stifling to be in Whimsical Varsha's bedroom . She was not interested in any two way conversation and went on recounting one whim of hers after another . TOPIC : WHAT I WILL DO AFTER I BECOME MAA .
I will put the crib in this corner she told Vaishu her whim no 1
I will name the boy MAYANK she declared whim no 2 , not even wondering what poor Decent Satish's choice in the matter may be
OMG ! It can be a Girl too ....Hey , I will call her MRINALINI  . Whim no 3 .
OMG OMG ! It can be TWINS ! Whimsical Varsha's imaginations ran quite quite wild . What if I get twins Vaishu ? Ha ?
And I will sing lots of LORIS to them of course while Bhavna cooks , she declared .  Mohanrao can cradle one while I put the other to sleep . He is useless anyways , That will be a fine job for him , it will put him to good use . Infact Vaishu , how about that corner for Mohanrao's wheelchair ? I will move him in right today , permanently . Thats settled . From today Mohanrao stays in my bedroom with me and Decent Satish .
And she giggled , immensely pleased at her planning BEFORE even conceiving the child .
Unnerved , poor Vaishu ran out of the house .Who wouldn't ? !
My comments : I feel sad for Varsha .Unhappy
Meanwhile , fired by the thought of doing Holy Archu's SAPNE POORE , Bhags caught Wise Ajit on the road where Ajit had come with his family to buy groceries .
 I wanna open a business , a garage , SOMETHING of my own just like u suggested Ajit he told Wise Ajit like a fire breathing dragon . Wise Ajit , u gotta use ur contacts from ur shady days and gimme some money from the market.
But Bhags u don't have any SECURITY said Wise Ajit , worried and alarmed at his ROOP .
It doesn't matter said Bhags , thinking of Holy Archu's face . Plzzz Wise Ajit , do something na . SOMETHING . Plzzz . For Holy Archu's sake . For her SAPNE . Plzz Plzz Plzz .
Ok Ok said Wise Ajit hastily , afraid he wud start tugging at his shirt on the road with his plzz plzz plzz . Yea , I know some people , I'll do something . But Bhags what can u do with just 25000 Rs ? Still , I will TRY .
Evil Rassi cudn't resist . She had been listening to all this with a sour face from inside the shop . Really , she thought , this WAITER is too much . Now he is bothering my baby for his contacts . Why doesn't he just go back to his FATICHAR CHAWL .
You know what ur problem is ? She asked Bhags , butting in . You are a CROW , a KAUVA .
Bhags looked pained . But he didn't mind so long as Wise Ajit gave him his contacts . Its ok , thought Bhags , to each his own . Its a FREE country . Why , only the other day Vaishu called me MANHOOS . Maybe the old lady saw a crow in my side profile , who knows !
KAUVA CHALE HANS KI CHAAL said Evil Rassi , elaborating . THE CROW WHO IS TRYING TO BE A SWAN . Do u sincerely think business is your cup of tea , Bhags ? Huh ?
She was right of course .Looking at the mental make up of Holy Archu and Bhags , one wud safely say they r meant to give up all and become bhikaaris but no one in the right mind wud say they were meant to become BUSINESSMEN . I mean guys , just look at their past FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND ACUMEN .
After Bhags went away , Wise Ajit scolded his mom . Why do u keep insulting him ha , whats ur bloody problem , he asked with irritation .
I don't like his face , Evil Rassi told frankly after a thought . She had never really thought deeply about this .
Oh yeah ? asked Wise Ajit . Well thats not good enough . If u wont show him the basic respect , I will live seperately , u live alone , coz i fully intend helping him .
And he walked away with his wife while evil Rassi's eyes blazed . So much for HONESTY , thought Evil Rassi .HUh !
Holy Archu and Bhags were roaming on the unsafe Dombivli roads at night , enjoying themselves when they spotted Vaishu sitting goofily alone and weeping , not bothered about the fact that cars may stop by and solicit her services for being a call girl , thinking mistakenly so about her shimmering sari and alone status . Holy Archu ran to her sister to hug her and ask her what the matter was while Bhags stood respectfully at a distance as he didnt wanna hurt his pregnant saali's feelings by thrusting his MANHOOS face from very close quarters as she had been very very vocal about his MANHOOSIYAT .
Just then they noticed some gundas carrying a girl off in Hotel Diamond . Maybe she was a call girl . But Bhags wanted to SAVE her .
Leave the girl ! he told a gunda .
None of ur business ! shot back the gunda smartly , showing him a shiny knife . He really didnt have time to do faaltu chit chat .
Bhags retreated . Holy Archu advised him to call the police to this hotel .
Well guess what . The police RAIDED the hotel and poor Batatawada was pulled downstairs by a havaldar along with the Kudi who had just cuddled in his arms after the cake cutting . Varun had slept and she had removed her earrings so that she could make Batatawada nibble her ear lobes later . He did it so well , the nibbling .
Poor Poor Batatawada . Such harassment ! It was too much for any man to bear , he thought unhappily . Way too much . Two women who constantly wanted IT and a dratted child who had , inspite of the chocolate cake and Airplane that he had gifted him asked him most annoyingly PAPA PAPA BUT WHO WAS THAT AUNTY iN THE MALL WITH U . And the Kudi looking on meaningfully , laying guilt trips on him all the time . Then being hauled down with common men like this in a RAID ! As if if he was a MALE PROSTITUTE . Batatawada shook with emotion at his humiliation .
He somehow convinced the Inspector that he was a good man from a business family and loudly and clearly gave his name and address only to turn and find Bhags , Holy Archu and his wife Vaishu staring at him wide eyed in shock .
Her dilated brown eyes said it all . Holy Archu looked self righteously on with a I TOLD U SO expression on her face while Bhags looked on stolidly and supportively , ever ready to lend a shoulder in case his saali fainted .
The Kudi observed Vaishu's facial expressions with interest as a woman .
Needless to say , the Batatawada peed . We needn't urge the CVS to zoom in the camera on that area AT ALL . Its perfectly ASSUMABLE .
Kools signing off for the day .All contrary opinions welcome .There were many yesterday in my thread and all debates were amicable . Love u my friends , muvaa .Ciao .

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Spartacus IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Thumbs UpBatatawada finally been caught!!!!!!!!

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sherma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
finally dhArmu caught,feeling bad for vaishu she is a nice girl. i dint like wat ajit tld to her mom,tta he will leave seperately,i felt he is following manav step.

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-monica- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
wooohooo! superb episode. At last, motu dharmesh ka sach vaishali ko maalum pad gaya.
Ajit was also good today.
Great commentary Kool di.

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lunza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
kool , awesome commentary as usual .. cheered me up .. esp after anki's elimination..
koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lunza

kool , awesome commentary as usual .. cheered me up .. esp after anki's elimination..
Did she get eliminated ? Forget it , immerse urself in the ordeals of Batatawada .Big smile

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harpkaur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
hai di thank you so much...gettin 2 read ur commentary aftr few dayz..itz nyce...batatawada finally caught....DancingDancing balle balle DancingDancing...itz party time.
ps..luved ajit 2dai

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pallai Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
kools the saree bit was Cvs way of answering ur question.. what is archana's sapne...
see all she wanted was 8000/- rs saree.. bas..  Tongue

is manav that dumb?? 25 grand is not at all a big amount for satish who has time and again told him to come to him for money.. now the holy man and wise ajit will try to get money from some seedy guy and get into trouble. thats for sure!! i agree with rasika ..even i wld be surprised to know manav has a business man!.. LOL

why would vaishu sit alone late night? instead of the girl it be vaishu who was taken by gundas!
why wld dharmesh choose such a seedy place to do it! first of all the very fact that he choose to do it in mumbai beats me.. when he knows armaan stalk him most of the places...Ouch

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