Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
@karan angel warm welcome to u. feeling happy to see u here. 

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged

Brilliant  once again  ClapClap damn!! i missed using dis word in my take.. but it was brilliant!!!ClapClap

Arjun one more time proved that his life revolves around her,  no matter what he cannot stop being his amazing self when she is around.   when he started talking drunk I thought he will confess his love to her again,  but what happened was brilliant ,  I will be using this word a lot today Embarrassed.    from the way he got up from his seat till the end Karan nailed it,  amazing diction and action  delivery ClapClap.   this is the real arjun,  the extremes that he can go was again proved .  Even when drunk he did not loose his focus on what he had to do,  sarcasm, venom, slight touch of love,  attitude  , perfect Thumbs Up.   not that he rocks only in intense scenes but  these kind of scenes brings out the best in him , whatever might have happened it turns the table around Thumbs Up.   Okay will focus on episode LOL.   that was brilliantly put true!!!
l miss torturing her but  his voice and eyes  didnot lie ,  dont u think?   true!! his eyes never lie :D

edited : completely forgot about rajveer gauri scene ROFL  i also forgotD'ohROFLROFL .   woh abhi bhi inke ghar mein hai ki apna gaun chale gaye? iss mama ko isi kaam ke liye laya gaya hai shayadROFLROFL

@Amna:Arjun's converstaion with Arohi today.. was was a perfect example of Nafrat main lipta pyar...Just Beautiful..really touched my heart   trulyClap

@Aparna: yahi tho love hai..Tongue KMH way of loveWink

@Akshaya: micky has a problem with her yoga.. thats his biggest issue?? W*H? seriously mann!! Silly

jignes-bhai all u care is abt saving ur ghar-jamai seat in the singhania household.. shame on u..Angry how can u even expect that from him? ROFLROFL

talking of rajvir, what is going on his he feeling more secure abt gauri now that arjun is married!?!?LOL ha ha seems so...LOLLOL

and wait a minute .. if rudr-kumud have been married for 24yrs.. then micky is max 23.. then arjun is wht max 22?? yahi tho!! main bhi socha rahi thiLOLLOL but the last scene made me forget all thisLOLLOL BT has always been bizzarre with their age counts and timelines..Embarrassed Thumbs Down
Rudr understands that arjun's hatred is all based on misunderstanding and circumstances.. and he has to endlessly keep all of those obstacles alive in arjun's mind..
 he is the only one in the singhanias who is truly thinking evil.. baaki sab toh bekar ke gharelu mamlon mein uljhe hue hain..LOL Thumbs Upits interesting how kumud did not invite arjun to the arohi-bhagao meeting.. after arohi is hiz wife.. and so cute.. arjun chath pe baithe, haath mein botal liye... taare gin raha hai.. Thumbs Up


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surpatel Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanu111a

Reserved but need tym to get the epi fully n feel it.
hey all lovely take by everyone. sorry i m late to giv mine but perhaps daily i will b able to giv my take at d same tym. hope u will not mind.
    abt epi i hav to agree now i superluved it. before going toward epi i wan to share my view abt arjun characteriation. 
 arjun is really a strong character. it is not very simple to understand n i really annot justify his character but an attempt splly for those who r saying arjun is doing wrong. arjun is a person who never got luv frm anyone in his life except rashi n daadi. a person always see god in his parents. parents r d one who not only giv shelter n fullfill our needs but also make us to feel there is someone in d world who luv us d most. this feelings help us in every field of life. when none in d world bcomes against u mother is d one who stands with u. poor arjun never got this feelings.when he was of 4 years someone left him in forest. can u imagine how a 4 years old child can make his life? how he can face all d hurdles of life? arjun in his childhood always searched n wished for mother lap but he never got. in this pain none can live but he lived n faced everything.rudra pratap singhania gave him home n a name arjun singhania. he know very well none luved him in d family except rashi but he dedicated his life for them bcoz the things which he got frm family was enough for him.for an orphan it really maters a lot that someone say him his son , his bro n all. he never expected anything frm life. he never took dreams in his life before jungle track.he never luved himself. the thought of his death didnt affect him even a little.he used to bear everything with a smile as he is saying them u r nothing i hav strength to bear more than all he was living life only due to rudra n for rudra  n of d rudra but in very deep of heart there was a wish to live normal life lyk others,enjoy life, getting luv frm someone but this wish always used to giv him pain bcoz he had trust nothing can happen lyk this.  
      now arohi came in his life. arohi made him to feel that she is d gal who can giv him d happiness of whole world.she gave him the luv for which he also wished in his life. it was not less than a treasure for him. this luv matters for him more than any other person bcoz perhaps it was d first tym in life he is  getting luv in his life. the guilt of cheating her was not less than killing the most beloved person in d world. he did every possible effort to make her believe. he left his home for arohi . the home which was not less than a heaven for him. arohi changed him a lot. he started to take dreams of luv n happiness. how many tym he tried to tell arohi he luv her but arohi hurted him in return but he faced it with smile bcoz he had trust that god will giv him the luv frm which he was deprived frm birth. he know arohi very well. in d rashi miscarriage incident he bcame more than angry bcoz now arohi had crossed her limits. he was ok when arohi hurted him but arohi hurted rashi by saying her was unbearable for him. rashi is d only one who supported im in his whole life. rashi importance for him is not less than arohi importance for him.he has  very very spl corner for rashi n arohi commited a very big mistake by hurting her. his anger his revenge everything is justified if we try to feel his side.
    in d yesterday epi it was quite clear that arjun luv arohi lyk crazy till now. he dont wan to see her in home now bcoz he know arohi presence make him very weak. his luv for her is his weakness. he took pheras of hatred bcoz he was forgeting his anger n revenge in his 7th pheras he said he will never all pheras only to make sure that he will not forget what arohi did with him n rashi? perhaps in just 2-3 days in arohi presence he was forgetting everything.
   in d accounts scenes when he said abt 4th account arjun proved by holding the bottle that arohi was d one who forgot luv but it was d arjun who held it. it was d arohi who became weak but arjun was d one who never left hope. 
   in d yesterday epi i cried bitterly not bcoz of dialogues n all but bcoz of d pain hiding behind all d dialogues. i got d feelings which i used to feel in kmh season 1. when i got up in morning the very first thought came in my mind was arjun pain n it made my eyes wet. perhaps it is unique feeling of kitani mohabat hai.this is d feeling due to which we came to know abt selfless luv. this is d feeling due to which kmh bcame our part.before kmh2 n after kmh2 i was very doubt that will kmh2 b able to justify d title of kitani mohabat hai n yesterday all my doubts cleared. it will giv more depth to kitani mohabat hai.
     luv kitani mohabat hai. it is d bestest.  
ur post is just wowwwwwwwwwwwww u potrayed arjun's feeling very beautifully ClapClapClapClap

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:34am | IP Logged
@Jannat:every good writer has teh same thing to say bout their takesWinkROFLTongue
(line credit goes to sanjuLOL)
did you see how arjun's beautiful smile turned into a frown? LOL ha ha..he was cute... 

...they thought that today woh dono arohi ka band baja diya...dishkyaooo...dishkyaooo..arohi and daadi shot their plan downLOL...then arjun's lame attempt at putting arohi down in daadi's eyes by commenting on her physical appearance...woh toh paani mai gaya!! after being impressed by arohi's act daadi decides she will book the whole hotel for their honeymoon LOL...yes those two need alot of of course Tongue....daadi aapne bohot changa kiya!!...she is the best cupid StarStar yeah!! daddi rocks!!Dancing

so starting off arohi goes on the roof and finds arjun drinking...why does he always resort to alcohol???D'oharjun and his drinking habits..tut tut tut...still love him though EmbarrassedTongue.. same hereAngryEmbarrassedTongue

@Anita dii: Some of the moments that I can remember..yaar my memory is gone to ghass charofy.. same with me...D'oh i guess its the power of the epi...n writing a take watching the epi once is not my bas ki baat...fir bhi i do dis lagataar koshishLOLLOL

Arohi dropping the botlle when he says pyaar ka account..the botlle only to be caught by him..How it dint break because he caught it on time...a sort of sign there to tell.. for a relationship to be not broken, or be complete you need 2 people with the understanding on this timing aspect...WinkHug hugs toHug for putting it soo beautifully...

Arohi having that tear in her eyes which she dint let flow...her expressions awesome portraying the pain from within at each and every mantra that he was saying touching and piercing her was just beautiful to watch how these 2 people in love felt so much for each other be it hatred ..but such an intense and passionate performance by Karan and Kritika here!!!ClapStar totally !!!Thumbs Up

Its not just superficial here, I am glad they are portraying this aspect of love , a more realistic portrayal of a husband and wife together but yet have not found each their journey of finding each other!Gosh now this is my perspective not the creatives..before i do some nonsense bak bak I betta scoot. Wink we love it...:D

@Mansi:again u summed it up briefly...Thumbs Up

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aksh4IF

i have a feeling that it will be Arohi to give her due love to Arjun now & hopefully heel his wounds before he goes out of control. it is time for her to turn all the bitterness..hatred to Love.  (maybe i am expecting too much but will we get to see Arohi take pyar ke saath vachan in the future? ) Akshaya:wow!! dats a great idea...dunno if its on the plans so far but if the ppl concerned are readin dis den we can surely expect..:D

keeps the daaru bottle on the ground as a witness to his pheras of hatred? or is it the moon that is witnessing the love deep inside? (i was wondering why he mentioned just the moon.. then i thought, the daru symbolises evil and moon symbolises love and hence everything good...and so he stands at the threshold of both worlds - good and evil, and makes his promises (which in turn are about both love and hate)) xactly!!

i will protect you from the world, wont let anybody hurt you coz only i have the right to hurt u (nafrat mein aur pyar mein, donon hi suraton mein arjun ne apna hak jataya hai..ab arohi ki baari hai)  .u know later i had another thought bout this line... like, the ones i love..i feel the right to hurt them but i wont let others do dat or wont b able to tolerate if others did it..kinda Arjun "means" plain "love"...Hate is just an excuseWink...

Originally posted by Aanchi

Hey guys......LOL.... hiee.....Anchii.......big big hugs to uHugHugHug ye lo tumhare aate hi, meri bhi over acting shuruLOLLOLLOL
here after so long...ShockedOuchLOL...feeling nostalgic...CryCry meri overacting phir shuru....ROFL
Hope I don need to reintroduce myself...Evil SmileSleepy....what's my name..?what's my name..?what's my name..?...ROFL
ROFLROFLROFL... xam ki pressure mein bhul gayi kya?ROFLROFL............. KMH ki wo episode yaad diladun? jahan karan ne tumhara naam liya tha...TongueTongue
Shibz jee.....HugI was dhamkaing u to edit ur spot.....TongueLOL...but Anjali just told me u edited ur take..ClapLOL

Gona read ur takes now..Embarrassed

Loving KMH2 to the  core.Embarrassed.its getting funnier dat by day...LOL...its getting funnier day by day?ShockedConfusedD'ohLOL Gosh!! kal ka itna serious tha that i forgot that the epi had humor tooROFLROFL his scenes with Munda Mom Kumud too...gr8 chemistry..TongueLOL....ha ha ha...hmmm...Evil SmileROFL

I need to watch d epi again to write sumthn bout it...D'oh lolz dats y i usually dun write teh dialogues n wen i do thoda gad bad karti hunLOLLOL..n btw guys Karan is wearing d  same black kurta which we once thought to be his arabian look. for season 2.ROFL
ROFL i think its just the pant that is in Arabian styleROFLROFL n the same slippersROFLROFLWinkTongue but he luks soo handsomeDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Originally posted by Anjalii...xXx

Thanx Anjali...Embarrassed


n yh that scene where arohi drops the bottle n arjun catches it was deff the moment of the was like arjun was indirectly trying to say he will always b catch arohi wen she falls...he will never let her fall...Day the same time it cud mean wat u said that arjun will save himself....Tongue no Anjali..i meant her!! taht he will save her from the revenge/hatred she has for him..


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Love14 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
All your posts & analysis are super guys..loved them allTongue

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aanchi

Miss bak bak PoojaROFL..hello...ROFLer...missed ya too..

wil come moro ...ok today.LOL...its sleeping time in India...actually waking time..bye...!!LOL


wow look who we have here LOL
woah blast from the past ROFL

lol well actually i am pretty busy this don't expect any analysis from me
ErmmStern SmileDisapprove

I will be back once I am free...hopefully that day does arrive when i can surely say i'm free LOL

good to have u back Aanchi Hug
missed having u here at the Lounge...and reading ur ROFL posts ROFL
i think i have stopped entertaining people with my was there cuz i was always fresh and free and mentally active...right now i am like the complete opposite ROFL

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aksharaaa Groupbie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 3:59am | IP Logged
yesterdays episode waz awesome ..kritikaa n karan were to gud............ i speciallt like d last part dat acc of lun n 7 phere it waz vry cute
arjuhi roch again........<3 <3 <3

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