Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Let me do a writeup on the promo first

When I first watched promo, yes I was peeved...later I realised Maan must be teasing Geet, he wants to make their SR special and no way he's gonna do it in the room with her!  Yes, he will take her  in a tent!LOLMSK style!  He will get her peeved and worried, but only for a little bit! Im sure he will do somthing hatke and call Geet there!  Tune in to Geet at 9:30pm on Star one to find out!Embarrassed

On to the episode shall we!

I loved the first part, how symbolic was that, Maan wants to be with his Geet, her every step,  her happiness is the world to him!  Loved how he stepped in kumkum water!  Laxmi ghar mein ayi hai, lekin Vishnu bhi unka saath hai!  That brought tears to my eyes! Dadi, is in naughty mood too, she just loves to egg on MSK, lift Geet up, its a rivaas, yah right Dadi, u just wanted him to fulfill ur dreams of Maan lifting Geet and bringing her in as ur bahu!  (fake mangetar scene fulfilment) Geet making her hand print on the wall and that too while in MSK's arms, priceless!

Honeymoon...madhumaas!LOLbechara romeo, that was tooooooooo cute!

My take on apple scene, it was awesome! Both kissed the apple with their lips, so when the apple was touching their lips after, both were indirectly kissing each other! Maan allowing Geet to rest apple on his cheeks and let Geet bite and win!  Dammit why didnt she just bite the cheeks and make them red just like the apple!  Maan will always let Geet win, har kadam par, woh jeete gi!  OH man some great hits and misses on direct kissing, now where the hell was SBB and SBS when they did this scene, would love to see the off screen moments!  Loved how she fell on his shoulders and resting there and breathing heavy, man she wants action!  Foreplay was awesome, u could just see the naughtiness in their eyes! Embarrassed

Loved Geet and Dadi's scene very emotional, she hands over KM to Geet, Maan's Geet!  Geet will never let her down, kabhi nahin!  Dadi is so right, she is not bahu but her daughter!  Every bahu should be considered as ur daughter!

Now coming to precap, I dont think its a dream, maybe MSK is there, but he gets important call and leaves and doesn't return!  Geet questioning him, that's ok she has every right to, but I believe MSK is just playing naughty!  NO WAY WILL HE EVER HURT GEET INTENTIONALLY! If anyone knows, he knows how fragile she is, so that is out of question!

Foreplay, did someone say foreplay...hmmmmmm I wont touch that with my xray vision, I might just get warned my mod ji! LOL

Creatives this is what I would love to see!

We all know MSK will hestitate then this is how it should be:

We so want to see Geet seduce Maan Priyanka Chopra style from Aitraaz, that was one hot scene!

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My Place...For the FIrst time Approve

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Today's Episode was romantic,sensuous and very well executed oneClapClapClap...
Apple scene was fab..It was perfect foreplay at its best using the forbidden fruit as the perfect medium to show the sexual tension between the twoThumbs UpEmbarrassed...had lots of symbolisms as wellTongue...Once again its the first time I hv seen it on any will hv to give it to the CVs hereClapClapClap...GC-DD rocked in this sceneStarStarStarStarStar
The starting Grihapravesh scene was very well capturedStarStarStarStar...loved the way MSK wanted to take Geet's foot-prints and keep it with him foreverEmbarrassed;These small gestures of MSK makes him a perfect husband materialBlushing;Loved those overwhelmed expression on Geet's face..DD was brilliant againClapClap...
MSK lifting Geet in his arms and taking her upstairs to do the other rasam of hand ka chaap was a awwww scene...again I don't remember any TV Show where a hubby lifts his wife while she is giving her haath ka chaapEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;So credit to the CVs for thinking out of the box scenes hereClapClap...
Now some dialogues to ponderErmm;Geet prays to God that let death come in MSK's arms and MSK prays to God that let all her prayers come trueOuch;This could b a future indication of how CVs can play this death scare game during her delivery timeErmm;But  All will b well in the end becuase Babaji will always listen to the positive prayers coming from a person's heart and here Babaji knows very well what MSK actually wished forEmbarrassed..So the dialogue might b played out in the future track for trps but nothing to worry aboutBig smile
Honeymoon=Madhumaas is the new discovery of our showROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL;Loved the whole leg-pulling scene of MSK by Romeo regarding Madhumaas as one of the rasamLOLLOLLOL;Adi-Pinky ka eyelock again took the cake was very cuteThumbs Up...
Now comes the best scene of today..the apple gameEmbarrassed..for once let me thank Annie for coming out with this silly but interesting gameROFLTongue;The scene was well executed no doubt..camerawork was fantastic in this scene capturing the exact moments of foreplay between the two when both were trying to take the biteThumbs Up but what made the scene brillaint was the superlative expressions coming from GC and DD depicting the sexual tension,passionplay and a fighter spirit to outshine each other in the game flawlesslyStarStarStarStarStar;If the same scene would hv been applied on mayb Arjun and Annie ,then we would hv hated the whole scene calling it silly but GC-DD doing this scene made a huge difference hereSmile;Thats why I keep saying that no matter how strong is the story,direction or execution,if the actors r wooden and expressionless and r not able to bring out that chemistry,then viewers will never get attached to that show for longEmbarrassed;The whole apple game was innovate but could hv looked very silly if actors had failed to I will give credit to both GC-DD here for wonderfully performing this whole sceneClapClapClap
Ok now I m not good with symbolisms but will try to do some funny symbolism on this whole Apple gameWinkLOL.. I feel there is a hidden meaning behind the game and its to do with the much awaited CONLOL...We see Geet takes the apple bite with MSK's help but MSK is not interested to take the apple bite,.he was interested to take some other bite this means Geet will b ready for the CON with MSK's help but MSK will back off as per the promo seeing Geet not comfortable with it for some reasonErmm(mayb her past related to her first night with Dev is still haunting herOuch).....also throughout the game Geet was struggling to get the apple bite but MSK was only admiring her with naughty bedroom eyesEmbarrassed which means Geet  will struggle later to instigate MSK for the CON in the future once she is comfortable with the whole idea ROFLROFLROFLbut MSK will wait for her to give the green signal first and till then he will only continue to admire her with those bedroom eyesLOLBig smile...Sorry me too bad with symbolismsLOL..but one thing is clear Geet took a bite of the forbidden fruitEvil Smile..matlab Geet will hv the upper hand in physical proximityEvil Smile...and if Geet is on a mission to seduce MSK,how long can he resist itLOLLOLLOL
But the whole Apple game was captured very well with some excellent direction thereThumbs Up;Best scenes were when both touch the apple together with their lips and try to take the biteEmbarrassed,Then when Geet alomst pounce on MSK thus ending up almost biting his cheeks and leaving a lip mark on his cheeksBlushing,then when Geet falls back a bit thus resting her back on MSK's chest when he gives her that intense passionate look and looks at her red lipsEmbarrassed and last but not the least when Geet finally takes a bite of the apple which is rested on MSK's looked as if she was taking a bite of MSK's cheeks there the way MSK looked at her with such extreme desire in his eyesBlushing;Wonderful execution and cameraworkClapClapClap..
Dadima giving the house keys to Geet could mean MSK's attic past coming out in front of Geet soon maybErmm..
Felt bad for Annie todaySmile;She is still dreaming of hving a dream marriage with Arjun without hving any idea that soon Arjun will b trashing her dreamsOuch;Nikunj still can't act or convey the proper emotionsLOL but u feel bad for the character todaySmile
Episode Rating:10/10...It was a  perfect well executed episode and the whole apple scene rockedClapClap

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The episode was Interesting Embarrassed

Word of the day: Madhumaas ROFLROFLROFL Who would have thought that TongueROFLROFLROFL

Apple scene was definitely pre-heating the oven, whether they bake or not is still up in the air. But a little bit preparation never hurts. EmbarrassedROFLROFLROFLROFL

The pre-cap: was it a dream? Ermm who cares it was passionate Blushing

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Hello everyone!

1. The episode begins with Maan entering with his new bride. The way they look at each other with so much love is beautiful. Drashti and Gurmeet depict emotions brilliantly through their eyes. I loved that he made an imprint of their first step in to the house. Somehow there was always an impression that it was Geet who sort of worshiped him. But after watching all the rituals in the wedding, it seems that Maan worships her. He bows his head and lets her put on the garland. When Daarji puts the flower in her hand, he touches it to his head out of respect, he would do anything for her. Maan's world revolves only around her, if she is finished so is he. He defends her honor above his, he see's to it that she is always happy, he tells her that her dreams are his reality (I think I"llstop here, else I can go on forever). It makes Maan all the more lovable and shows that he is indeed not a man put on a pedestal, but a man enamored by his lover.

2. "Jaan nikle to bas inke [Maan] bahoon mein" - What a dialogue? Should I be worried? Geet happily says she wants to die in his arms, that is Maan's worst nightmare. Maan, unknowingly, prayed for exactly what she wanted. Talk about digging your own grave. This dialogue, I think, may have some indication to the future. Hope I am not scaring anyone, but Geet's life is already at risk with the baby. The doctor did say she needs to abort or else her life is in danger.The dialogues said by both in the scene, was meaningful. It either means, she wants to grow old with him and die as only his, or that she might get her wish granted and die in his arms. I'm hoping it's the first scenario. One thing that this scene indicated is the blind faith they both have in each other. She makes a wish to be with him always, not knowing for sure about his past and what the future holds. He wishes for what she wants, without knowing what it is she wished for. Blind faith in a person, no matter who it is, can prove to be wrong depending on the situation.

3. I loved Adi staring at Pinky. Lets move this love story forward with a comic element. :D The office staff scenes are always something i enjoy.

4. Mhadhumaas = Honeymoon! ROFL Maan doesn't know this ritual. What does he know? Nothing! He comes from Pandey Ji's Bhamachari gang!

5. Baba Adam and Eve play games with the forbidden fruit. How dreamy! As usual Eve gets the bite of the apple. She gets the apple and Maan gives a smug smile. He is so whipped by her. rofl Symbolism of an apple: temptation, sexuality, fertility, happiness,  love, and is an aphrodisiac. Need I say more of why it was used? It was perfect symbolism for the occasion. and  It was an innovative idea and unique, at least I have not seen it on Indian Television. To be honest, I did think to my self, they are going to show the ring hunting scene and I'm sick of seeing it in every serial. And here I was, pleasantly surprised. What made this scene more awesome was the falling on each other and the constant bedroom eyes.

6. Daadima gives Geet the keys to Khurana Mansion - Let's hope Geet HSP never turns in to a saas bahu drama. *Fingers crossed*

7. For once, I felt very sorry for Anwesha. Like all other girls, she is dreaming of her wedding day and instead she will get betrayal from Arjun. Arjun is no different then Dev. He married her under false pretenses and hope. Then took advantage of her trust in him only to leave her. I do not want Anwesha to be another Geet. If she does become pregnant, she should give Arjun a smack, not a literal one but a symbolic one, by aborting his baby. A modern woman like her would do something like that and lets face it she is not as dignified as Geet. Her getting an abortion would give Arjun a well deserved jhatka. I do not think Arjun really knows what he got himself into, especially because he really is in love with Anwesha. Will he really want to see her suffer?

8. I am not sure what Arjun's "evil plan" is, but whatever I have seen so far does not appeal to me. They have chosen the cliche and most predictable track. I was under the impression that Arjun was a suave and intelligent villain, but he has proved to be foolish and dense. To hit Maan the hardest way possible is getting to Geet not his sister. Yes, Maan loves his sister and her turmoil would hurt him, but not as much as it would if it was Geet. What about taking MSK down financially? Taking Khurana Construction from Maan is another option. At the end of it all Geet helps Arjun find the correct path. Sometimes I feel that Arjun and Annie scenes are just thrown in the episode for the sake of taking up time. That symbolic wedding and SR between them came at the wrong time. It was a matter of proper execution, which I think, they failed on.

9. Precap: I don't actually want to talk much about this since it was not apart of the epi, but it was dreamy and misleading. We all know nothing is going to happen. Hahahaha But, I believe in patience, therefore, I will just wait and watch. Also, that recent promo, has me in fits! Lage raho CV's!

I loved the entire episode! Keep at it!

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I am going to take Ash's place for some time..LOL
Continued love story
I was confused not about the leaflet but about the breakfast plate. The leaflet said I had to leave that evening itself. I had no problems with that because that was my job..I was staring at the plate again and again while finishing my design templates and in no time it was already 3 pm and I had to go home pack everything and leave for my flight at 6:30 pm..I collected everything I needed from the office and rushed out of my cabin..I was passing through his cabin and just saw that no one was there..I had to just ask for advance wages for a week since I was going to be away and I didn't want Mom to struggle with money matter but since no one was there I couldn't do anything about it..Stood there for a second with some thoughts and then I rushed home to pack my bags..
I informed Mom about it and Mom already knew I was worried about the money and she said that she will be fine since her wages are increased too..I was content so I gave her a tight hug and left..It was 5:00 pm and I had to reach the airport soon but as usual the traffic issues..I was so worried becuase the flight was at 6:30 pm..I reached at 5:45 pm and I knew I missed the flight I called my colleagues and narrated the incident to them..They said that don't worry as Boss is stuck in traffic too so both of you will be coming together in the next flight and they cut off the phone..I was not happy because I will have to bear his moody behaviour again for so many hours..The next flight was at 10:15 pm at night so I decided to go back home since there was no point waiting there..
I went office first to check whether Ishaan SIR was there and he still wasn't there..I inquired about the same with the receptionist but she had no idea about his whereabouts..I was totally pissed so went back home and had my dinner..Then I left home early incase traffic butts in and reached at 8 pm..I just realised I don't have his number either how am I going to meet up with him..I took a seat but kept my eyes in every corner for him huh..I looked at the watch it was 8:30 and I was already fed up..I didn't have any patience and one of my earrings came off and fell on the floor while I was setting my hair properly...I bent down to pick it up and Maharaja was there when I looked up..I got up turned my face around to the side, he didn't say anything either just said "Can we leave now" I was angry he didn't even apologise for making me wait so much and just walked off..
I walked behind without uttering a word for half an hour..We were at the check-in and I was peeping into his boarding pass to hope we are not together..I wouldn't be able to bear him..when the the staff member there said "Here is the boarding pass for your wife" and my ears were in shock..Before I could correct him, Ishaan SIR went to him and said "Excusme She ain't my wife and she never will be" I got more angry and I pushed him out of my way slightly and screamed at the guy in check point: "How could you even call me his wife, do you see any sort of connection on anything between us..are you blind?" (Poor Him I was just pissed)The staff member apologised politely..(I shouldn't have done that)..
I walked off and sat on my seat occupying most of the space..He came to me then turned his face away and sat opposite me..So I was like kind of stuck because most of the flight was booked so I just sat there with closed eyes and the flight took off..I was just putting my fingers crossed that this doesn't have to be my nightmare..But on the other hand I was bored and just wanted to talk..But he wasn't uttering a sound and I was stubborn too I kept shut..After some pin drop silence I just wanted to ask a question so I did: "Did you send the breakfast plate?" He looked up to me and said:"Yes I did and don't take any wrong meaning of that gesture,I cannot afford to admit you in the hospital again"
Huh That's It I couldn't believe what he said and we fought like kids there..Ofcourse we kind of gave up then and I got up to go to the loo..When I came out of the loo some random drunk perv caught my hand and fell on my shoulder..Ughh I was disgusted and I did the famous gesture that most women do..I slapped him Tight and the air hostess and everyone came running..I walked off without replying and I don't know what happened to that perv I think he went into the loo and peuked (I swear I am innocent, I didn't make him peuk lol)
I went back to my seat and Ishaan wasn't there so I grabbed a wine glass there and gulped it down my throat and sat back on my seat..He came back and he started laughing I wasn't drunk even though I am not experienced with drinking but I can never get drunk so easily..I asked him why are you laughing and he said "I love your Guts woman..You just slapped him wow I am impressed..I said "Impressed huh you hate girls and how can you even be impressed"..He replied "Why do women take the wrong meaning of every sentence?" and I said "because Men are Complicated"and he replied "Women provoke us to be like that" and I asked him "Why do you hate women?" and the rapid fire stopped there..he said "No comments go to sleep we got to get back to work the very next day"

I didn't want to interfere more so there was this eyelock asking loads of questions to each other and then we were lost in ourselves among all the questions and we slept in no time..Next moment when I opened my eyes was when I felt two fingers on my shoulder..I opened my eyes and he said "Go brush your teeth the flight is landing in 45 minutes" I said "I am not a kid I know what to do" He gave a grin and I walked away..

I came out all fresh and he gave me a look and was doing some hand gestures I was so confused I said "Speak up" He said ermm and started finding something ..I just stood there baffled..He took his phone out and put it in front of my face. I saw a stand of hair was stuck on my face I placed it behind my ear again and got a bit shy but he got more shy..He coughed and said "Put your seat belt on again".And here we go again I was being treated like a kid again, I said "Why don't you go and announce it for everyone else?".And he replied "I don't get paid for doing that, just instructing you"..I said"This is not the first time I am travelling in a flight" I shrugged and put my seat belt on as instructed by Ishaan SIR..

The Flight was landing & It wasn't the first time I was travelling in a flight but I don't know what happened maybe they were my pregnancy side effects I wanted to peuk..I was looking around for a bag which are usually around but couldn't find one..I asked him for one with hand gestures but he gave me confusing looks and he didn't understand it..I got up from my seat quickly to rush to the loo but the air hostess came in my way and he pulled my hand at the same time so I fell in his lap and that's it i couldn't control I peuked on his trousers.. Ewwww but that incident was out of my control it just happened..(And I still remember his expressions They were Priceless)

The flight had landed till then and I got up quickly and said I am so sorry I'll clean it and he was so damn Angry,he held my hand said "NO NO Just Don't touch me". He was trying to get up but there were people passing by to get out of the flight. After struggling with the crowd he ran to the loo and I stood there giggling..I did find it amusing lol..He came out in his Vest again giving me all types of looks and I apologised again and he ignored carried his hand bag and walked off..I followed him with a grin..

We sat in the car and there was Pin Drop Silence until I apologised again and he gave me his Royal Look which says "You are Dead"..I turned around quietly yh he could do that to me..But I spoke up again and said: "I am sure you have extra clothes You can put a T-shirt on you know" He replied "No Thankyou for your suggestion, I already feel so weird I don't want to stain my T-shirt again,I am going to stink"..I replied "I said sorry I didn't meant it You couldn't understand when I was asking for a bag to vomit" He said "Well I am sorry I am not experienced in Dum Sharads"..And I thought What was the point of arguing so I kept shut..

We entered the Venue and everyone was staring because Ishan Sir was in Vest and I was standing next to him..We continued walking and I moved away to start my work since the venue couldn't be set out without my designs..And he left somewhere too..So the whole team worked and worked and I guess it was atleast 4 hours we left for break..I had stepped into New York for the first time and knew nothing so I did make some friends there ofcourse all of them were men..I asked them where they are going to have a break they said they were going to go out but since you have never been here and you have no idea where to go we've ordered food..I thanked them and I am a hugger I hug everyone hehe I hugged Ryan tht was his name..

The Food was there and all of us had our share..Just then one of them announced "Here is for Anwesha as she has managed to make sir take his vest off" Well ofcourse that guy was being sarcastic..I replied "Thanks a lot why a celebration did you give it a try and you failed eh?"..He got embarassed somehow and he stammered "err ofcourse not"..Everyone else gave me a smile and Ryan was really sweet..We were having a chat and he then started doing some gestures too..I just remembered the dum sharads line then and I smiled and Ryan took a tissue and wiped the glitter that was on my face because of those decorations..And Ishaan came there and glared at Ryan...The Tissue dropped from his hand immediately and he asked Ishaan:"Err Sir Would You like to Join Us" He Grudged and Ryan left..
He said "Miss Anwesha Bhatt You can Go back,Thankyou for the design Templates , the design for the venue and You are not needed here anymore..Your ailrline ticket is ready you can go back to Canada"..I Protested and he said "I am the boss you had to come here and your work is done"..I said "But The leaflet said I had to complete my job here for a week".He Just glared and he wanted me to just leave and I wasn't going to let him win..I carried my purse and walked out of the venue..

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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reserved...Mera dil apple apple ho gaya....EmbarrassedTongueLOL

Ok I loved the epi today...and have to say the CVs have again excelled themselves by giving us an unique form of foreplay...."No Hands-Bite an Apple" Rasm.... Never before seen on TV (I think)..SO for their innovativeness I'd like to give them...StarStarStarStarStar

1) Geet's Grihapravesh- I loved this scene....the happiness on Geet's face when she came near the door and was looking at the house from the door was amazing....All the things that she had dreamed of in her first marriage and never got...the man standing next to her had given her in this marriage...It was kind of poetic justice...Dev and NT who had brought darkness into Geet's life just for one piece of land were out on the streets and Geet who had lost everything...her family, her land, her it rightfully back...and how...Smile!!! And all with the help of Maan and that's when she looks at him with all the love in her eyes....I really love this look that DD gives...she has become an expert in it...Thumbs Up...And Maan at first gives her a look like "Ab Tum Meri ho...Bhaag ke Kahaan Jaogi" But seeing the blissful expression on Geet's face he melts and is as usual is elated and proud to have given Geet the happiness that she deserves....I loved the change of expressions on GC's face here.... Then Daadi does traditional Aarti...Aarti is usually done to ward off any evil influences that cud hurt the couple...I hope it makes NES disappear....I know Wishful Thinking...Par Kya Karein...Control Nahi Hota....LOL....On a serious note I hope it wards of the evilness created by NT in the form of Arjun....Then Geet is about to kick the vessel filled with Rice and Coins but Maan stops her...It was kind of a K-Serial Moment...But then our Munda had a surprise up his sleeve for his Geet....He had arranged for a slab of wet cement on which Geet and his footprints would be embedded for time immemorial...Although a copy from the movie Ghajini...I still loved this scene...Here Maan's promise to himself that he will capture all the moments of his life with Geet like this when they look back on their life together it will be filled with these memories...It was a really nice sceneAgain seen for the first time on TV (I think)...Then Geet kicks the vessel of rice which symbolizes the arrival of wealth and prosperity in her marital home. So, all those who were thinking Arjun and Bankruptcy forget about it...coz it ain't happening....LOL....Then Daadi...and I love her for this asks Maan to pick Geet up and take her for the next Rasm which was the Hand Imprint on the wall with kumkum water ....When Geet asks Maan to set her down Daadi tells her that this rasm has to be done while in your hubby's arms....and Geet gets all shy and Maan is like Mazaa time...TongueLOLLOL....This scene was also very different from the ones seen on TV....coz till date I have never seen a groom carry his bride to do this rasm...Leave it to the CVs to come up with ideas which are traditional but with a hint of modern in them.....After the Hand Imprint Rasm....Daadi unties he Gathbandhan marking the end of all the wedding rituals and beginning of the Post-wedding rituals and fun....I liked Pinky's teasing and Manisha's Haan ab Geet hamari hui dialogues LOLLOLLOL

2) Geet's Thanksgiving-Well, this scene can be interpreted in two positive and one negative...I would prefer to go with the positive one....Geet thanks her Babaji by saying that after so many trials and tribulations in my life I have found happiness and that too in the arms of this man I love till the day I die I want to live with Maan and if I have to die then let it be in his arms....Here I felt the word Maan can be interpreted in two ways...One is of course MSK's name and the other being Self-respect...And again Maan wishes for Geet's happiness and also her wishes coming true...So, whatever happens..... for Maan, Geet's happiness will always be foremost....this might be tested in the baby abortion scenario....

3) Madhumaas Scene-Loved the way Maan and Geet are sitting cosily on the sofa and Geet showing Maan her was a very sweet moment...Loved Adi-Pinky was so...TongueTongue...The office staff trying to query MSK about his honeymoon plan using a shudh hindi interpretation of the same was hilarious and Daadi coming and fenkoying paani on their ploy was funny...The CVs not going for the ring-finding ritual was a welcome change coz this scene has been done to death on both the small screen and the big screen....And I also liked the fact that the Daadi retired to rest instead of sticking around to see what the young ones were upto ...Tongue...If she had stayed then she wud have run in search of Daarji....LOLLOL

4) Now comes the high-point of the episode...The "No Hands-Bite an Apple" Rasm....WOW!!! Let me say that again WOW!!! This scene was excellent both acting-wise and also execution-wise...And for once I didn't mind NES...LOL...I'm no gonna analyze this sequence coz this scene just has to be watched and visually enjoyed.... The sizzling chemistry between DD and GC is a sight to see....No other couple cud make such a silly-looking game(its there on a program my six-year old son watches called Takeshi's its sillyLOLLOLLOL) look OH! So Sexy!!! When Geet almost kissed Maan while trying to take a bite off the apple...I was....BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing...And then when Maan just supports the apple to let her take a bite...BlushingBlushingBlushing... Mar Jawaan...Mar Jawaan ...Tere Ishq Mein....Mar Jawaan....Embarrassed....The way he was looking at her when she was happy after winning....felt like he almost wanted to take a bite off....aage aap log hi samajhdaar hain....LOLLOLLOL....DD and GC for this scene.... all the words of praise will seem less coz you guys made this scene look so wrong move or look would have made the whole scene tacky but you brought class to it...So for that....ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

5)Handing Over of Ghar ki Chaabi Rasm- I loved the Daadi-Geet convo here where Daadi told Geet that now she has the status of the eldest bahu of the Khurana Khandaan and she has to take up all the responsibilities that come with it...and hands her the keys to the house....Here Geet is overwhelmed with joy and also a bit scared...But our SHerni never fears to take up a challenge...So she accepts the responsibility by saying that Daadi's words are like a command to her but in turn she gets a promise from Daadi that if for whatever reason she falters Daadi will always be there to show her the right path...So this might be a hint to the arrival of Sameera.

6)NES ke Sapne-She looked like a female version of Mungerilaal....Dreaming about all the Maan and Geet scenes on her and Arjun....Bechari what does she know that she is cursed...Arjun Shaaadi to kya Shaadi ka S bhi nahi karne waala...Ouch

And the Precap....well even if its a dream looked I would be tuning in to watch it tomorrow surely....LOLLOLLOLLOL

Overall the episode was a cute and funny one with a bit of passion foreplay added in to spice it up....
1) GC, DD were absolutely fantastic as usual...StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
Star2) The office staff Adi, Pinky, Romeo and Manishaa were excellent...Hope they are used more from now on....StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
3) Adi and Pinky Jodi Rocks.....Their scenes are much preferable over NES-NEB scenes.StarStarStarStarStar
4) Daadi was good in whatever little we saw of herStarStarStarStarStar

Edited by panchjun5 - 24 January 2011 at 2:35pm

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