Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

FF: A new journey of Angini (Pt 7 on pg 13) 11/Apr (Page 8)

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
As usual Rehana ji a very beatifullllll and tremedously touching one.awww i just loved the way pratham and ragini's interaction.Mera anmol is soooooo cute and chochweeeeeet. How i miss my angini. Kash ye sab bidaai 2 mai aaya hota. Rehna you are the coolest one.

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged
wow rehana,awsome enjoyed it very much,like the new twist please continue soon.

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@rehana.the update was worth waiting..Thumbs Up
was smiling all through reading the update..Smile
light /sweet moments but also a bit emotional with the intro of the new member in the he is a bit angry with his grand parents..anyways love how you  have described  anmol/ragini are always  there for him...
sonam/anmol scenes so entertaining must say.grown up but  still a bit of childishness in her but smart too the way she told him you will gain her love too.. well written scene...
coming to pratham love his interaction with ragini..the way he keeps telling anmol is jealous cos ragini loves him  more etc..all these anmol/ragini/pratham moment in his bedroom could visualise so that part pratham still teasing anmol about ragini being his first love and anmol saying "should i jump from a cliff"..aww could watch his expression here with that cuteeeee smile of his...Day Dreaming
wat a twist in the story..sonam/pratham..the sheila ki jawaani  bit it was just too good..LOL.
so a couple in the making right and its already a love/hate relationship..poor anmol/ragini have to tackle these two sturbborn kids of theirs now..seems anmol was right having you as a son its enough.Smile
but we do want a JR..anmol soon..Embarrassed
very very well penned down keeping the flow of the story..intro of new characters in the lives of angini..absolute treat rehana..ClapClapClap..
of course first priority your will wait for next update as i know it will more interesting now..Smile
how will vasu/inder react to the news of pratham being a doc not in business?..sonam/pratham story..of course our jodi love story too..
keep the good job and really appreciate the effort done to give us such beautiful story of angini..Clap
hope all this is realisable in bidaai2..the creatives definitely should read this..

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very nice!!!ClapClapClapClap

new twist Pratham introduced!! loved it!!! Felt saad for him a little when he thinks abt his parentsCryCry

Sonam knows Pratham!!

Jr. Anmol on the way Awww sio sweet all teasing ANMOL & RaginiDay Dreaming

I hope season two we get all those!!

Please continue soonSmile

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Wonderfullife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
Loved your update Rehana.Clap

The flow of the story is so beautiful.Clap

Pratham's character is so well sketched.Clap

Not only Pratham we are also Waiting for Anmol Jr's arrival.Embarrassed Day Dreaming

Loved Ragini and Pratham's interaction.Clap Big smile

Please continue your update Rehana,Big smilebut not at  behest of your studies.Big smile

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
thanks for all the lovely feedbackHug.....i shall be back with the next update sometime this week Wink

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rehana86

thanks for all the lovely feedbackHug.....i shall be back with the next update sometime this week Wink

yipi yipi... it's a good news yaar...

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enough you allHug.....feel free to bash meBig smile..... don't know when the next part will show up Ouch...however, I have used a bangla song so recommend you to listen to the song before you read the part then you can easily relate to the scene (the lyric is also written in the part, so you know where this song is used) is the song if anyone wants to listen to it.....such a soothing and lovely song.... 
Part 5 
"..wait a second, folks..." Anmol interruped his two hot-tempered kids.... "..In case, you two haven't noticed, we are still here..." he reminded while pointing at himself and his wife ..... "..Sorry!.." surprisingly, both Pratham and Sonam apologized simultaneously..... "..Anyway, mamu, I could not get my stuff as the cabs are on strike, my friend just dropped me here..." she notified .... "..Mamu???.." it was Pratham's turn to be surprised.... "...apart from the bullheaded, braindead, beautyqueen, meet my niece, Sonam..." Anmol introduced biting his lips from the laugh .....
Pratham forced a grin feeling a bit embarrassed, ".. Hi ..." he greeted.... ".. Hello .." Sonam too forced a smile.... "...Anyway, are you guys going anywhere??... Can you drop me too? I have an appointment with a senior doctor .." Sonam requested..... "...see!... I knew, she is a mental..." Pratham laughed followed by Guni, who immediately controlled herself.... "..Ha Ha Ha, very funny... in case, you don't know, I am studying psychology...and trust me, the day I get out with my degree, my first experiment will be on YOU...." she winked at him with a smirk.....
"..Well, in that case, all the very best... I'm sure, we'll have fun together..." Pratham extended his hand and she took it as a challenge "..although I don't need that from you but thanks.." ....... ", can we head for the mandir?..." finally Ragini decided to step in..... "...yeap, lets go.." Sonam smiled at her lovely mami.... "... wait a second, girl..." Anmol grabbed Sonam's left wrist as she was about to leave..... " are NOT going to the puja with this.." he pointed at her dress..... "...It's not your Chicago.." he further added...... "..Oh please, mamu... not you too now..." she rolled her eyes..... "..aur waise bhi, I am getting late for my appointment, so please drop me to my hospital and then you guys can head for the puja..." Sonam suggested......
"..Jee Badi maa, we are leaving in a moment...bye.." Guni hanged up her phone.... "..Badi maa is waiting, mahurat nikalta jaa rahe hain, chachi..." she informed the group... "Well, you guys go ahead...I will drop her to the hospital and join you later" Pratham offered leaving the rest in surprise..... "..Great!... you will be the last person in the world I would ever wanna go with..." Sonam rejected like a stubborn kid....."..Fine, then get late.." Pratham played with his cell while leaning against a couch.....
"..lets --.." the words forgot to come out of his mouth when her right hand grabbed his left arm with a light squeez and Anmol turned to look at her...... Ragini decided to deal with it first before making an eye contact with him.... "..Sonam, please go with him, then he can take you to the hotel to bring your stuff..." Ragini requested in a low tone..... the girl did not look convinced until the idea of making her enemy the 'driver' of her for a day hit her, and she would not miss this golden chance at any cost.... "..Ok!.." she agreed.....
"...oh oh oh....wait a second..." this time Pratham decided to protest.... "... what the heck do you think of me as --??.." he pointed at the girl...".. my driver .." Sonam finished the sentence with a wink..... "... That's it... I'm NOT going..." he dismissed.... "... Pratham please.. we are getting late..." Ragini requested with a smile ..... "..Only for you, Chachi... lets go bhootni..." Pratham agreed and walked out to leave the girl follow him.... "..Shut up, you clown..." Sonam answered before following him.....
"...I just hope they don't kill each other on the way..." Guni laughed before following her brother ...... both Ragini and Anmol smiled when she realized her hand still around his arm and she immediately withdrew it and looked down ..... he just smiled looking down at her "...why did you do that??.." he asked, curious to know what was going on in his beautiful wife's mind.... "...they both need to spend some time together to grow up... after all, they will have to live under the same roof..." she explained her point...... "..hmm... let's go..." he agreed with a smile......
"..Don't you dare give me that look.." Pratham warned her as he remembered how she treated him like a slave in the early afternoon, then taking a magazine from the living room, he headed towards the dinner table ..... Sonam giggled remembering the best moments of her life and decided to cherish this day for the rest of her life..... "... well deserved..." she too followed him holding a thin book in her hand.....
"..hello beautiful babies.." ignoring the girl behind him, he kissed the heads of Khushi and Tamanna before taking the seat adjacent to Khushi, when Anmol appeared from behind to take the place beside Tamanna..... the opposide side of the table was occupied by Mr and Mrs. Rajvansh, Alekh and Sakshi, who was facing Pratham..... since Guni was on the other end of the table in between Indrajeet and Anmol, Sonam had no choice but to seat in between Sakshi and Pratham....
"...So, are you feeling comfortable here, Sonam??.." Mrs. Rajvansh inquired.... "..Oh, yes, badi maa... hope you don't mind me calling you badi maa..." Sonam clarified to receive an approval by a smile...... " was your appointment with the senior??.." Anmol asked before placing a napkin on Tamanna's lap...... "..Great, mamu... aced it...I am definitely getting in..." she confided when Pratham just grinned to himself .....
"...What's so funny about it??..." she didn't miss the grin..... "..Good grief.." Ragini sighed while shaking her head, hoping the kids wouldn't start their fight again ..... "... anyway, you see, to get into a reputed medical school, you need a brain, which obviously lacks in better not act smart with me, ok..." Sonam took a bite from a piece of cucumber....
"..Excuse me!! are talking to Pratham, alright!!.." he put an emphasis on his personality..... "..oh yeah, I forgot I am talking to a tell me Mr. Albert Eienstein, how do you control the drug delivery rate in a patient?..." she asked while rolling her eyes knowing that he would not know the answer....... the two decided to ignore the rest of the people presented in picture......
".. huh! ... that depends on the therapeutic proteins in the capsule... if the protein strongly interacts with the polymer network then polymer needs to be degrading itself to let the drug out of the capsule, in this case, the drug delivery rate will be controlled by the degradation rate of the polymer, which generally provides slow rates ....or if the protein doesn't interact much then the drug can deliver in a faster rate depending on the crosslinking of the polymer and the pore size of the capsule..." Pratham finished the explanation and took a bite from his roti ignoring all the eyes, leaving the rest in awe except Anmol and Ragini, who were feeling proud of the boy.......
" do have do you know all that??.." Sonam asked in confusion..... "..well, because you are talking to a senior intern?!?..." Pratham raised a brow at her, when she just stared at him shocked 'shit', she already kicked herself mentally ..... when silence fell in the entire area....
" switched to Medical and did not even bother to inform us??..." Indrajeet was hurt..... "...wait a second, let me guess...should I care?? ...give me a break.." Pratham retroted back.... that was enough Mrs. Rajvansh could take, "...enough Pratham ...behave yourself... you are forgetting who you are talking to.." she warned... "..I wish, I could.." his grip on the fork tightend.. "..Pratham.." Anmol interrupted.... ".. Chachu please... they might forgot about my parents but I haven't .... they never cared for my so called parents then why should they care for us?? " he demanded to know ...
"..please stop it, Pratham..." Mrs. Vasundhra could feel the pain in his voice "..ops! my bad... I forgot I was living in a half army camp..." he got up from his seat.... "..and please don't pretend to care.." finally, his voice broke and he left from there, leaving the room in a cold vibe.... when Guni followed him outside, hoping to calm her brother......
All the bitter past surfaced in his mind, when Alekh decided to leave the table as well..... the past of Avni and Naveen's plan to kill his Sadhna came to refresh those terrible part of his life..... how he still could not forget that day..... how they always schemed to keep him away from his family...... everything, everything seemed so clear in front of his eyes.....
"... Excuse me..." Anmol too got up from his seat to leave after Alekh as he believed it was the time to reveal the bitter truth of past...... soon after Mr. and Mrs. Rajvansh also left the place when Ragini helplessly squeezed Sakshi's hand, who was left clueless of the sudden turn of the event....
For the first time, she felt she missed something in the person, she thought she hated the most in the world..... keeping her eyes fixed on the plate, she wondered what could be the worse part of this beautiful family.... then collecting herself she decided to divert the attention of the kids..... "...hurry up girls, I need to show you something cool, finish your dinner first, ok..." Sonam succeeded in cheering up Khushi and Tamanna..... bringing a content smile on Sakshi and Ragini's faces....
The entire world of the two siblings seemed to be shattered into zillion pieces as they quietly sat on the swing in their backyard and listened to everything that Alekh narrated about their respected parents ..... how he was proven to be mental due to their grandmother, his beloved choti maa, whom he trusted the most in his life....... and then finally the worst part, their attempt in killing his Sadhna and put the blame on Vasundhra......
Pratham could not take it anymore as he got up and left for his room, whereas, Guni could not move from her spot and the tears decided to flow down continuously as she stared at the ground...... his heart went out for the poor girl as Anmol walked towards the swing to sit beside her..... as soon as he wrapped his left hand around her shoulder, she dropped her head on his chest and silently weeped when he brought her closer into his embrace to let the child cry...... Alekh too felt sorry for Guni as he took her left place and patted her head "..I'm sorry Guni... I did not intend to hurt you or Pratham..." he apologized, genuinly feeling bad for the girl as he helplessly watched her weeping into Anmol's arms....
Her heart went out for the boy sitting on the floor with the torn pieces of his parents' all photos but not a single tear was visible in his eyes ...... on the other hand, Sakshi had tears in her eyes noticing his condition ..... the two ladies quietly entered his room... Sakshi slightly supported herself on the bed right behind him considering her 5th months when Ragini gradually positioned herself on the floor...... she did not know what to tell him and just placed her left hand on his right shoulder when the next moment she witnessed the first drop making it's way down his cheek as he looked at her......
"..They tried to kill my Sadhna, Pratham.." her voice broke down when the kid hid his face into her arms and she held him close to her heart, just like a mother to shelter her heartbroken child...... she totally lost her words and allowed him to get that unbearable pain out of his heart as he silently wept into her arms.... Ragini dropped her head against Sakshi's knees as she too broke down into a silent weep, whereas, Sakshi found herself stroking her sister-in-law's hair ..... it was all about connections of hearts......
She never thought of witnessing 'him' crying like a baby and to her surprise, her heart did feel something weird for a change..... after putting the girls into sleep, she decided to head for her room when Sonam got to witness the scene.....
She flung the curtains aside to let the beautiful sunshine bless the room and smiled..... life was indeed beautiful as she thought about last week when all the pain and grudges were washed out of her kids..... she looked down at the garden through the window and remembered the union moment of her family, how Pratham's apology had softened Mr. and Mrs. Rajvansh' hearts and they happily congratulated him on his ambition in medical  ....
"..Good Morning.." Ragini greeted her husband, who rubbed his eyes as the sunshine hit them, all thanks to his lovely wife..... "...Good Morning.." he replied with a smile before stretching out and then left to freshen up ......
While placing the folded saris inside the wardrobe closet, something caught her attention through the mirror and she turned back to see a big bouquet of roses with baby-breaths neatly lied at the corner of the couch..... she then reluctantly walked towards it, all confused about this mysterious arrival of such beautiful flowers..... then lightly brushing her fingers over the flowers, she opened the little note inside the bouquet ...'Thanks for being a part of my life.... Happy Valentine's Day.... Anmol'.....she found herself smiling then examining the roses, she smelt the exquisite aura of his love......
"...Happy Valentines day, my lovely lady..." standing behind his wonderful chachi, who was setting up the breakfast table, Pratham held a long stem red rose infront of her while leaving a sounded kiss on her left cheek..... "...thank you my first love .." Ragini pulled his cheek before reciprocating the kiss...... "Happy Valentine's day, chachi" he then offered one to Sakshi, who happily accepted it and patted his cheek, "..thank you, honey.." ....
"...these are for my two wonderful babies..." holding one rose for each, he bent down in between Khushi and Tamanna, who settled themselves on the chairs for breakfast and accepted their respective rose when Pratham received kisses on his cheeks from both side, simultaneosly.....
"...This one is for my new girl-friend..." he handed one to Mrs. Rajvansh and received blessings through a kiss on his forehead...... "..Ahh! there, my sweet beautiful sister..." noticing Guni coming down while chatting with Sonam, he smiled, "...Happy Valentine's day to my cute little sister..." he left a peck on her forehead.... " sweet... thank you.." Guni happily grinned before giving him a tight hug and a kiss on his cheek ......
"...Now, may I ??..." coming from behind, Anmol held a rose for the girl.... "..Thank you, chachu..." she shared a warm hug with her beloved chachu, who would never miss this single day to wish her...... and left a kiss on his cheek..... then walking towards Sonam, he rested his right hand on her right shoulder before taking out a single red rose from his coat to hold it before her with a smile..... he needed no words for this child..... she grinned at the flower, then accepting it, she replied "... Love you, too..." and placed a kiss on his right cheek, when both the siblings witnessed the sweet gesture between Anmol and Sonam.....
"...Chachu, you know we have a valentine's party, tonight..." Guni notified as they walked towards the breakfast table when Pratham took the chance and blocked his sweet lifetime enemy, who was about to follow her mamu, "..last one... please, accept my bitter love for you..." Pratham held a rose before her with a forced smile... "..accepted as I don't want to insult this beautiful day..." Sonam took the flower while rolled her eyes and walked pass him when he made a face after her.....
"... Bhaiaaaa!!!...." almost pushing him out of the couch, the girl in a long red dress whined ..... "...Get ready naa... you are gonna make us late..." she complained ..... "... what?!..." Pratham lazily stretched out before throwing the TV remote to his left.. "..why do you want me to join that boring Valentine's party??.." he looked least interested ..... "...because I want to go there but Chachu can't drop me due to his board meeting... now if you are not interested then we are going alone...." she frowned like a kid...... "..No wait!... give me 10 mins.." like hell he would let his sister go to such party without security......
"...Chachi, why don't you join us too?... Khushi and Tammy are gone with badi maa and bade papa.... Alekh chachu is also out with Sakshi will be all alone...." Pratham offered, feeling sad for the woman sitting on the couch with magazine.... "...No, it's ok... I don't feel comfortable in such environment ..." she sweetly declined with a confession...... "...Chachu, too bad... you should not do this to her, atleast not today..." Guni accompanied her brother...... "... Kill me... but no choice darling.... It's a board meeting, can't miss it..." Anmol admitted, genuinly feeling bad for his wife........
Carefully walking down in a ravishing red toe-length dress with a large black bow around her waist, Sonam appeared in the living room to stand like a model, "...How do I look ??..." she asked ....
"ssss ...shit " Pratham took the first chance leaving the rest with open mouths .... " can you do me a favor? " the unexpected comment managed to take away the girl's excitement ..... " I'm sorry, I don't sell compliments " his confession was innocent ..... " and you thought I was gonna bribe you to shower your two cents words on me??...." Sonam tried to be patient .... " finally!! smartness is filling up .... good improvement " he smirked while sharing a secret wink with Anmol ..... "argh! I HATE YOU" Sonam greeted her teeth ...." I LOVE YOU TOO" he stated in a high voice while walking towards his room ..... " Don't make me fire your tail, you dirty-minded donkey" her anger already reached its height ..... after entering the room he took a step back to peep his head out to look at her direction and answered her back before closing the door of his room ....."Too bad! I don't own any unlike you, desperate woman" ...
"..YOU!!..." before she could head towards the war zone with her hands balled up into tight fists, Anmol was quick to wrap his right arm around her waist from behind and pulled her back .... "... O-K .. Time out, girl !! ..." he requested, unable to believe these two creatures in the name of Pratham and Sonam..." leave me, I will kill him ..." the girl exclaimed ...... ".... Not today ..." he giggled..... "... please do it some other day, honey.... you are getting late now...." he reminded...... "... How rude, mamu... you are laughing??..." folding her arms like a kid, she pretended to be upset.....
"...And you are looking absolutely stunning..." his statement did manage to bring a smile on her face..... "...Yes, you are looking gorgeous..." Ragini too accompanied her as she left a peck on her head then turning to her right, she placed another peck on Guni's head..... "... tonight, seems like the boys are gonna some have tough time ...." she stated grinning at the girls when Anmol joined his wife, "...Starting with me ... God bless all the boys out there..." ...
".. Bullshit ..." sitting at the drink counter, he cursed under his breath before taking a sip from his soft drink..... all the loud music and those plastic faces all over the place was making him nostalgic...... the only two ladies who looked decent and apt for the USP of this party were Sonam and Guni.... "...Are you sure, it's a valentine's party??.." he asked a counterman.... "..yes sir..why?.." the man was curious..... "...No, I thought it's a halloween party as I can see only Bhootnis roaming around the place..." he whispered and pretended to puke, while sharing a quiet giggle with the guy .....
"...Agreed, those two are the hottest one in the party..." commented one of the customers sitting by the counter, two seats away from him ..... "... wanna try them?? ... " his company almost threw a challenge..... "... tough luck...." the previous one replied..... "... 10,000 bet ... I will earn a kiss too..." the company confided before both left the place to walk towards their target .....
Leaning against the pillar a couple of feet behind the girls, he supported himself on his left foot while resting the right foot on its' toe, then slipping his left hand into his pocket, he took a sip from the drink in his right hand as he watched the two guys walking towards the girls to stand behind them.... and they failed to notice their observer standing right behind them against the pillar ..... and before they could make the girls feel their presence, a sound came from the back, grabbing the attention of both the girls and the guys......".. Trust me dudes! ... You touch one of them ...You are dead.." Pratham gently warned them as he took another sip from his drink ..... ".. then your bodies wouldn't be even worth of 10,000 cents.." scanning through the guys from top to bottom he stated...... and they realized, the boy must had heard their conversation, so without a single word, they left the area, leaving the two girls confused .......
"..What was that bhaia??.." Guni asked...... "...Nothing.... enjoy the party..." he brushed off the situation, when Sonam read his eyes and got a hint before turning towards the DJ area ...... the minute she turned around, his eyes caught her back and he forgot to finish his drink as he left the glass on the table beside him.....
"..I will get a drink..." Guni excused herself, leaving Sonam alone, when she felt a sudden strong force pulling her back behind a pillar without anyone's notice and she looked down to see the hand around her abdomen "..what the??...." .... "Listen, not your crap right now....just trying to help you out, so shut up and don't move an inch or you'll regret" his husky voice so close to her left ear came as a warning for her heart when she closed her eyes and obeyed him silently......for the first time she was so close to him and surprisingly her heart did not take it normally..... placing her left hand over his left arm that was holding her, she rested her right hand over her heart, hoping to stop it from pounding......
Pratham cursed under his breath as the closeness between them was driving him nuts..... the aroma of roses from her body was proving to be dangerous for him..... how his heart wanted to feel her soothing skin against his, touch those lucious lips, hide his face into those silky thick hair ...... he snapped out of it and started to finish his task before his heart decided to disobey his mind ...... still holding her close with his left hand, he gently brought his right hand to her back and pull the zipper of her dress up to close it ......
She slowly opened her eyes to realize what he had done for her and kept quiet..... as soon as he finished his task, he reluctantly yet gently released her and walked away, leaving the girl to stare after him....... resting hands in their previous respective places, with a small glint of smile, she leaned back against the pillar and watched him disappear in the crowd when two fresh drops of tear made their way down her cheeks .....
For the first time she felt bored at home, no one was there to talk to and she looked out through the window...... suddenly, the beautiful night and the cool breeze along with the droplets of unexpected rain brought a smile on her face..... how she wanted to feel those cold bliss of rain against her skin and she made up her mind .....
After finishing the board meeting, he decided to call it a day as he picked up the black coat from the back of his leather chair when his eyes fell on the corner of his desk.... observing the single red rose with a blue ribbon, he picked it up and read the little message '..My pleasure.... Thank You.... Ragini..' his smile broadened as for the first time, he got a reply from her for his flowers on this day ..... and he placed a soft kiss on its' aromatic petal.....
The uninvited rain in February came as a beautiful treat for her loneliness as she filled her both hands with the droplets of nature and splashed them on her face to feel them before spinning herself in the air...... opening her both arms, she broadly smiled, absolutely loving the feeling...... and a bengali song came into her mind as she danced to it while singing in her soothing voice.....
Jao pakhi bolo haowa chholo chholo
[Go bird, fly and sing as the breezes blowing]
Abchhaya janalar kaanch
[Misty the window's glass]
Ami ki amake hariyechhi baanke
[Have I lost myself Or could it be]
Roopkotha anach-kanach
[A fairy tale at last?]
Anguler kole jole jonaki
[The fireflies sparkle at the tip of fingers]
Jole hariyechhi kaan-shona ki?
[Golden moon lost in waters dark?]
Janalaye golpera kotha megh
[In the window piled clouds above]
Jao megh chokhe rekho e aabeg
[Go cloud go, keep an eye on my love]
The last spin ended her up in his arms as he grabbed her by waist..... and the entire world ceased to exist for her as she stood there numb and out of her breathes with both hands resting against his chest ..... whereas, his eyes refused to blink as they held hers......
Brushing off his hair to remove the droplets of rain, he entered the house only to notice a cold dark atmosphere..... not having to see a glimpse of his wife, Anmol searched through the entire house and stood in the back side of the living room when the sound of anklets and her voice grabbed his attention..... then following the sound, his eyes caught a drenched figure in a light golden sari at the backyard ...... she was in her own happy world...... so carefree, so full of life, so beautiful.....
The pallu was tucked in to the left side of her waist and the long hair, sidely parted from front, was loosely braided but some of the locks got escaped from the front, giving her an extremely ravishing look...... if only she had an idea of what she was doing to her poor husband, who had to control his heart that was overflooding with love and passion ...... then gradually he walked towards her, completely forgetting about the rain sprinkling its' share of bliss on him too and the next moment he found her in his arms ......
Keeping his left hand around her waist, his right hand removed the wet locks from her face as they came as a disturbance to his sight and she closed her eyes ..... falling weak in his passion ..... his fingers traced down her face to slip through the curve of her neck and he gently pulled her face towards him, just his way to appreciate her sweet voice and the flawless moves she did to entertain this beautiful nature .....
His proximity along with this tremendously passionate nature was not doing any good for her as her heart refused to stop from pounding...... neither did she have the energy to break apart from him since he was the one supporting her on her feet....... yet, with a small attempt she tried to support herself when he chose that moment to close the distance......
It was a sweet touch of his lips as they played with hers..... she grabbed onto his shirt for further support when he pulled her face closer and tightened his grip around her waist...... as if the nature had decided to bless the two with intense love at that very moment..... nothing existed for them..... although there was no response from her, but that did not stop him from showering his part of the love on her ...... the intensity of his kiss explained his sincere love and undying passion for her..... after a moment, he broke to catch breathe when still gripping on his shirt, she rested her head against his heart, listenning to its' beats......
Surprisingly, she could feel the heat rising her cheeks as she remembered what just happened and almost hid her face into his chest, blushing....... holding her close to him, he pushed the braided hair back from her left shoulder before pressing a soft kiss there, causing her to close her eyes in sweet pain of love ...... his lips travelled all the way up from the shoulder to the curve of her neck to stop at her forehead and he placed another kiss there when the lightening decided to make its presence ...... and she quickly broke off from him to run inside......
He felt her nervousness and the feelings behind it..... the impact of his touch did knock her soul through her heart and he smiled.... well, it was a good start from her ....... he realized, her love was not so far away from him....... then running his fingers through his drenched hair he opened his arms to the air, enjoying the bless of nature and the earliar delighted moment of feeling her close to him .....

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2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 35 36

Author: KinSanj   Replies: 286   Views: 23677

KinSanj 286 23677 10 November 2010 at 3:25pm by sukni85
|AnGini ~A New Beginning~|Ishq Ke Imtehaan

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 149 150

Author: KinSanj   Replies: 1194   Views: 45644

KinSanj 1194 45644 05 September 2010 at 6:28am by pratsy
AnGini OS - My Ragini

2 3 4

Author: KinSanj   Replies: 26   Views: 3974

KinSanj 26 3974 25 August 2010 at 11:15pm by KinSanj

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