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FF: A new journey of Angini (Pt 7 on pg 13) 11/Apr (Page 7)

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:46pm | IP Logged hurry ...first your study is the priority..
so all the best for your midterm papers...Thumbs Up
 the hint given is already interesting so will wait for the loooooong update .Smile

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rehana86

*sigh*.....i swear 3rd year of Chem Eng sucks big time with all those labs/reports/midterms/tut/quizzes/meetings ...... so thanks a lot for keeping up with my FF with patience guys ROCK big timeHug....
anyway, I have a midterm on wednesday and a lab on thursday, so can't really promise if i will be able to put up an update before that but if you guys want i can give a short update by tomorrow or LOOONG update on friday.......choice is yours...... you will get to read an interesting twist within the characters and an union of a couple in an unexpected manner......hope, I keep up with your expectations and don't let you down Embarrassed.....
now choice is yours, a short update by tomorrow or a LOOONG one on fridayWink

Rehana, I thought you would disappear with the knowledge of Parul doing a show but you are here giving us interesting twistsClapEmbarrassed. Waiting for it , take all the time in the world.Big smileBig smileHug

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bhondu2010 Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Rehana plzz update when you can we are waiting for your update.. Take it easy Good luck for your exam

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Rehna jo be ho zaroor update karna.Embarrassed

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Waiting for your beautiful update Rehana,Big smile

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
*sigh*....yes i did read abt B2 and my vote goes to continuation of Angini .... period! ..... now extremely sorry for the late update, i was not feeling well, and this reading week already turning into a hell for me, don't know when to do the next update....if get time, then may be in this week, thanks to all for your lovely feedbacks and being patient with my leave ur comments and as usual criticisms are most welcome Hug
Part 4
"... I missed you ...." Sonam confessed as she dropped her head on his left shoulder after sitting in the car....... patting her head with his left hand while closing the side door with his right, Anmol left a peck on top of her head..... "...missed you too, baby..".... after a moment, they pulled back to their respective spots and fastened their seat belt.....
It's been 10 mins they were on the ride as Anmol listened to Sonam's update on the past 9 years of her life, while driving..... "...Mamu ....Mamu... ice-cream..." she screamed in the middle of her conversation making him park the car adjacent to an ice-cream parlour...... "..God Sonam.." before he could put any restriction, considering her tonsils from childhood, the girl pouted like a 2 years old kid "...Mamu please... I removed my tonsils, 3 years back and now I can have ice-cream.... mamu please.." seemed like the kid hasn't grown up yet as he thought and shook his head with a smile "..chal aaja.." ....
".... she is very sweet .... perfect for you... " Sonam confessed as she settled herself beside the driver seat and filled her mouth with a spoon of vanilla caramel ..... he immediately knew who she was referring to and the usual smile curved his lips as he looked at her.... and she caught the sincerity in those intense yet twinkling eyes..... she still had the power to read his eyes.... the transition of his eyes confirmed the depth of his love..... just the mention of her name, and his eyes would lighten up...... "...You are truly in love with her..." that was a statement picked out right from his eyes as she emphasized her point in a low and quiet tone...... and he did not bother to blink as his smile broadend, confirming her statement...
"..I am genuinly happy for you, mamu... You surely deserve her... love ..." the last word came out after a short pause as Sonam knew what she was talking about and pulled the trigger, "..and I am sure, you will win that too, just like you won others'..." the girl smartly winked before stuffing her mouth with another spoon of the flavor..... he was indeed surprised at her sensing power.... " Darling, you are with a future psychiatrist " she reminded..... "...My bad!... then, lemme tell you this, you are indeed gonna be one heck of that profession .." Anmol was already proud of his little kid..... "..Thank You.." she grinned....
"... Take care ..." he left another peck on her forehead..... "...It was nice meeting you..." Guni said with a smile before sharing a warm embrace with Sonam.... thanks to Anmol chachu that he decided to pick her up before dropping Sonam to her destination.... she admired the girl at the first sight...... her twinkling eyes when she smiled were the first thing caught Guni's attention..... their 20 mins meeting seemed as if they were buddies since ages ..... she was glad to find a sweet and close friend in the girl.....
".. Same here... I wish we could spend some more time but no choice.." Sonam admitted ..... "...I know but hey, Chachu said you are gonna be staying with us after couple of days, so yeah....I am looking forward to it...we will have lots of fun discussing about Damon and Elena..." Guni winked at Sonam while sharing a high five with the girl.."... yeap ...can't wait man..." Sonam agreed..... leaning against the door of the driving seat while checking through the inbox on his cell, Anmol shook his head and sighed ".. Kids .." ..... while both the girls decided to ignore his reaction to their topic of entertainment .....
"She is lovely" Guni shared ..... ".. hmm ... just like her parents..." Anmol accompanied with the statement..... "... so tell me about the progress of your promise..." the girl asked while fastening her seat belt..... "...haven't got a chance yet..." he told the truth and reversed the car from parallel park.....
"... she isn't feeling well ... still worn out of all the work from the past few busy days ..." he turned the wheel, " know how she is... she takes care of everyone and everything excluding herself" Anmol complained . "... That's why I am telling you to take her for a break ..." she smartly adviced with a smile ..... " and don't worry about Tammy and Khushi .... we all are here.. why don't you two go for a break??... and please, you too are no less than her... both of you have all the time in the world for others except for each other..." Guni finished with her complaint..... "...and I refuse to give up..." she folded her arms like a kid when he just shook his head with a short laugh....
Opening her eyes, she was a long peaceful sleep Ragini had after such a decade as she thought..... the pill worked tremendously last night and she didn't realize when those eyes became heavy that took her into deep sleep ...... rubbing her eyes, she turned to her right and noticed her right hand placed on his left arm and she instantly removed it without interrupting his sleep ......
Her eyes softend at the sight of him and she quietly decided to examine his face.... never in her life she thought she could ever let anyone else take a place in her heart after Ranveer, but she did..... in fact it was the act of her heart, which was out of her control.... and her heart did fall for him.... for his sincerity, for his dedication, for his care, for his respect ... for his love..... she could observe the slight fade smile on his face, and she felt content....
He looked so innocent in his sleep, just like a new born baby with no stress of life, only surrounded by dreams and happiness..... to her surprise, she slowly moved to his side and left a light kiss on his forehead then moved back to her spot without waking him .... he was still in his deep peaceful dream ..... she did not know what made her do such act but she did not regret it a bit neither did she feel guilty..... the fact remained there all straight and clear - 'she was in love with him' ... she could feel the heat rising on her cheeks as her eyes lowered .... she blushed..... the love was in the air for her...... she had fallen in the pure warmth of love yet again......
Ragini saw him open his eyes gradually and she smiled...... "... Good morning..." came out from her soft voice and he was in paradise as he smiled back.... the morning smile incremented her beauty to the core...... there was no better way to start a day than witnessing a beautiful smile on her face ..... "... Good morning.." he greeted back with a smile... "... how are you feeling now??..." he inquired..... after coming home last night, he decided not to disturb her when he saw her sleeping peacefully...... "..much better ... thanks ..." ... 'for everything' ... she cut the sentence in short and decided to head for the washroom to freshen up ........
He did not fail to notice the new glow on her face but was unaware of the reason behind it.... but for whatever reason it was, he was glad to see that on her face and wished to God to keep blessing that glow on her for ...... ever....
The next couple of days were passed with the same schedule of their lives and Anmol somehow managed to pacify Guni about his promise ..... however, little did he know what his darling niece had been cooking up in her sharp mind.....
"..Good Morning Papa..." Tamanna ran downstair in her school uniform.... " Good Morning darling " bending down to her level, Anmol greeted back one of his angels with a warm hug ..... "..Good Morning partner.." Khushi came from behind him to share a group hug while giving him a sounded kiss ... the two kids almost decided to squish him in the middle as they laughed but the father had no complaints at all as he too enjoyed the squishy group hugs from two of his angels .... he was in safe hands.....
"...Khushi, Tamanna, hurry up.... finish your breakfast...getting late for school..." Ragini reminded as she shook her head watching the scene..... these three never got tired of their interactions ..... all of a sudden she felt a hand coming from behind to hold her left hand against her stomach and before she could react another hand came from her right side to cover both her eyes..... "Hey Hottie" after leaving a soft peck on her left cheek Pratham greeted his chachi......
Wow! someone has got the guts to tag his wife in such compliment ..... Impressive!.... he smiled at the charming boy standing behind his 'hottie' wife ...... glad to see him back after a long time..... although he always kept in touch with him but he was genuinly happy to see the son of this house to be back.... this time hoping to glue the broken pieces into the right shape ......
"..Pratham.." she guessed it right as she felt his fingers with hers.... " lady.. " he left another kiss on her cheek before turning her to face him for a warm hug..... " did you get it right??.." he asked, all impressed, while pulling back from the hug to wrap his left hand around her shoulder to face his chachu and lovely sisters ..... "..hmm let me guess... well, I came to this house when you were at their age, my love... I still hold the strong sense of feeling, you see" she winked and placed a peck on his left cheek .....
"..yeah! no need to get jealous... you know, she loves 'me' more than 'you'.." walking towards the trio, Pratham brushed off at his chachu, who shook his head in disbelief and laughed before sharing a warm hug with the young boy...... "..heyllo! my dear two little babies.." he dropped on his knees to share a group hug with Khushi and Tamanna "..bought an entire candy shop for you .... keep it a secret.." he whispered in their ears during the hug.... "..done!....Love you, bhaia..." both the girls confessed and left a kiss on his cheeks before heading towards the breakfast table....
"..Sakshi chachi, right?.." he smiled at the lady, who appeared with her husband... "..right...Pratham.." Sakshi smiled back as she lovingly patted his cheek...."...Hey Chachu..." Pratham hugged Alekh, who was equally happy to see him back.....
"..Bhaia!!.." it was Guni's turn to throw herself at her brother.... after sharing a tight yet warm embrace, she rested her head against his chest and admitted "..I missed you.." ..... "..missed you too.." his voice got alerted when Mr. and Mrs. Rajvansh appeared in the picture as he saw them coming downstairs..... giving a half smile he joined his palms and slightly bowed down before them..... then noticing Ragini and Anmol then Alekh, he reluctantly bent down to touch their feet as he could not afford to upset the only people he considered his own ...... Indrajeet pulled him for a genuine hug while Vasundhra patted his cheek ..... "... I need to fresh up ..." the boy headed towards his room, leaving the rest in a silent space......
He was not angry with his life but rather with those people, who were supposed to be his 'badi maa and bade papa' ...... who kept him and his sister away from their parents ..... even today they were unaware of the reason behind this separation and the worst part was Mrs. Rajvansh's strict warning of not to mention their names in the house whenever they wanted to know about their parents..... Damnit! they had the rights to know about their parents for crying out loud...... but it was unheard by everyone, including chachus and chachi..... and neither could he blame them, knowing the nature of this house rules..... he hated the heads of the family.....
Tracing the photo frame, Pratham placed it back into the drawer, hiding it, just like the question he hid inside his heart...... why didn't they ever try to contact their kids, why?..... no one could stop any parents from meeting their kids, then why they abandoned him and his sister?..... did they ever care for them?.... did he or his sister even mean anything to them??? .... he also hated his parents ....... and he walked towards the window dejected ..... decided to watch the shiny stars with the large beautiful moon, his only companion since his boarding school days.....
"..So, how is your study going?.." Ragini asked from behind ..... "..Great!... come here, I need to tell you something..." he held her right hand and took her to the queen size bed... "..May I join too??.." Anmol asked for the permission.... "..sure!.. waise bhi I wonder if you would ever leave your wife alone with a handsome young man like me.... what if I steal her, no?..." Pratham joked and received a light punch on his shoulder from his dearest chachi..... "..Correction!... handsome young 'Kid', like you..." Anmol stated taking the spot on the bed beside his wife.....
"..Huh! Jealousy.." Pratham handed over an envelop to the lady in his right while folding his hands, he placed his head on her lap and rested his right ankle on his left bended knee.... "..well Chachu, in a way, it is possible for you to feel jealous, after all she is my very first love..." his this statement made her forget about the envolop to look down at him..... "..oh c'mon chachi .... don't lie, you did fall for my charms at our first meeting ....well, although, I was only around 10 at that time, anyway, that's a different story.... but you did fall for me just like I did.... no? " he smiled up at her.... "..aww ... of course I did, my adorable first love..." Ragini wrapped her left hand around his neck to pat his right cheek and dropped a kiss on his forehead before opening the envelop.... while sitting at her right, Anmol just ruffled his hair, giggling.....
"... See! ... she confessed..." the kid had a victorious smile as he played with a corner of her pallu..... "... should I jump off a cliff now??.." Anmol giggled..... ".. Naah! ... I mercy on you..." Pratham declared... "..oh.. thank you..." the man laughed..... "..Best Intern of the Month, Dr. Pratham Rajvansh??.." she read the title and could not figure out whether to be happy or sad??...... " switched??..." it was Anmol who was shocked plus surprised..... "..Surprise.." poor kid noticed the quietness in the room when he got up from Ragini's lap to sit beside her and examined both her and Anmol's faces......
"... Aren't you guys happy??..." he was confused then..... both Anmol and Ragini knew how Indrajeet was so excited to know about his graduation as he thought his grandson will accompany him in his business along with his two sons....... but here Pratham did not even bother to inform them about his change in mind..... "...Of course, yes! we are happy beta..." Anmol was the first one to catch up and she followed him with a smile, "...But you should have informed us naa, that you are changing your mind .... we thought you were to join our business..." said Ragini..... "... Is that you or the heads of this family thought that?? .... well, I am sure, they didn't think that, in fact, they must have decided it for me about what I wanted to do in my life.... as they have the authority to rule others' lives..." he was losing his temper.....
"...Pratham... beta, no one can force you to do something that you don't wish to do, ok?..." Anmol assured him with a smile and before the scenario could change into an unexpected direction, he quickly cheered up, "...and Congratulations! Dr. Pratham Rajvansh.... we are proud of you..." he got up to stand before his nephew and extended his hand for a formal compliment when Pratham grinned and shook his hand before giving a tight hug..... he knew, he could always count on these two people if not anyone......
"...So, when are you gonna drop the shell??..." Ragini got up and asked as she knew the initial reactions would not be something to watch out for...... "..what?... It's upto you whether you want to scream out your lungs to the world or not..." Pratham dismissed his point...... "..Pratham, don't say like that.... if you inform about this to your bade papa and badi maa, then they will be happy...." Ragini advised.... he got her point, but they were the last people he would ever want to make them happy but he did not want to dishearten his Chachi, who had always been more than a 'mother' to him ...... "..alright, fine... but I will tell them when I want to emotional blackmail ok?..." Pratham made sure and both Anmol and Ragini agreed ..... then wishing him good night, they left from there.....
Mr. and Mrs. Rajvansh along with Alekh, Sakshi, Khushi and Tamanna had left for the special puja in the mandir when Ragini, Anmol, Guni and Pratham were left to join them later as Pratham woke up late in the morning and strictly refused to join them ..... "..Pratham... you are coming and I am not listening to you on this matter..." Ragini scolded him, as she was not ready to do any compromise with God..... "...Chachu please!.." he tried his luck on Anmol, who was going through the emails on his cell when Pratham found his chance...... "...Chachu, are you going to office? ..." he asked.... "..hmm, have a meeting.." the man nodded thinking that he would go there after the puja but the kid took it the other way around..... "..well, I am going with chachu, then..." he informed......
"Oh! Glad to know that I do exist for you...." observing the blank look on his nephew's face he further described, "..Actually, whenever 'my wife' is around, the entire world seems to be ceased for you..." Anmol quoted the two words with an emphasis.... "...and I can smell jealousy..." the young boy carried on with the teasing..... "...any doubt??..." that was a bold answer coming out of his dashing chachu..... ".... See!! ...You are my hero, dude!!..." gesturing his chachi, he pretended to worship his friend like chachu.....
"..So, when are you guys planning to give us the good news??? I mean my new brother?.." Pratham took a bite from his apple and shared a secret wink with Guni, leaving both Anmol and Ragini to stare at him with a blank look .....
"...Yeh lo...yeh dono toh aasmaan se tapkey!!" Pratham sighed and rolled his eyes.." ... Pratham!!, aapne phirse aapna muh khola?!..." Ragini was surprised at the young boy's sudden weird interest..... "...Haye! lo ji, if you want I can seal my mouth with superglue .." resting his chin on his right palm, he sighed with a smile .... "..that's it...come again!!" Ragini twisted his left ear..... "..ouch! Maa-ah..." despite hating the word, it slipped out of his mouth and she sensed his state of mind then made an attempt to lighten the scenario .... "...awww my bachcha, apology accepted..." Ragini pulled him for a waist hug as she left a peck on his head and ruffled his hair as the boy returned the affection with a smile.....
Anmol was admiring the bond between the two.... he wished he too could find a mother in someone when he needed the love, care and warmth of a mother..... Pratham was indeed very lucky.....
After pulling back she was happy to see the smile on his face "...Ignore him, he is just jealous..." without looking at his chachu, Pratham again passed his comment only to get a light slap on his left cheek from his chachi ..." Shut up!! " she turned her face away after the quick action to hide her red face.... "..serves you right.." Anmol grinned at the boy, who pretended to rub his cheek..... "...and you know what? one master piece son like you is enough for us!!...So, we don't want to introduce a second risk" Anmol gently dismissed Pratham's by day, the boy had been surprising him with his amazing sense of love for his Chachi....
"..How selfish!!..." Pratham stated when Anmol looked confused...." see, I am the only boy of our generation, and I feel so lonely, on top of it, Sakshi chachi is giving me another sister, well, not that I am complaining but think about me too....when all my sisters will go away to their in-laws, I will be left all alone..." he pouted, trying to bring out his reasonings with examples..... "Nobody cares for me" Pratham failed to pretend to be upset....
"..Nice try, bud!!.." Anmol patted his shoulder with consolation before getting up from his seat...... "..oh! wait a second!!...I am not done yet...I'm coming with you too" the young man got up to follow his chachu....
"..well, we all are going together.." Guni notified getting up from her seat followed by Ragini when Pratham had a confused look ".... Why? You don't know, he is going to the puja? ...." Ragini asked, surprised at her nephew's look....
"....What?!?!?!..." the boy was in total confusion by then......" How am I supposed to know that? he said he had a meeting and.... Oh-la-la..Sheela ki Jawani.." Pratham lost his track of words when he whistled scanning through the figure coming down the main hall but the face was hidden behind a folder as the girl was busy fixing her high heel, which happened to break into two pieces making her curse the piece of shoe...... on the other hand, raising their eyebrows both Ragini and Guni looked at Anmol, who was busy checking the meeting schedule on his touchscreen and vaguely paid attention to the conversation "..Yeah! I told him about Sheela ki....WHAT?? " Anmol looked up at his nephew who was busy checking out the new arrival in their living room ....
Ignoring the looks from the people around him, Pratham rested his left elbow on his chachu's right shoulder while kept his eyes on the girl in a bow flare knee length baby green dress...... "... uoh .... Chachu, who is that hot -- Shit!!!..." the boy lost his words again and turned his face away from the guest when he got to see a glimpse of her face......
"...What the flip??.." Sonam was shocked to see the face in the living room..... "...what the heck are you doing here??..." she demanded to know forgetting about the rest of the audience presented there..... "..uoh! manners lady... you are standing in my house..." Pratham turned around to face her ..... "..huh!?!?.." she refused to buy that ..... " are talking to Pratham Rajvansh .... so, better watch out..." he warned her..... 'Shit, so he is the one, Mamu mentioned once in our conversation?' Sonam thought and immediately shrugged off as she decided not to let any relationship come in her everlasting enemity with him .....
"Oh Please! I am not willing to talk to such besharam, baddimaag and baattamiz fellow like You" Sonam folded her arms and turned her face away.... "..Thanks! .... and I refuse to interact with such bullheaded, braindead, beautyqueen like You.." Pratahm pretended to puke..... "If you guys are done hitting on each other, can I go for the introduction?" Guni decided to step in although she was thoroughly enjoying the act between Sonam and her brother .... "I doubt, they need it now" Anmol shook his head while Ragini smiled at his statement, as she agreed with him ......

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 12:21am | IP Logged was great part... why cant they bring out ur FF as bdaai2..waw... and i like the new member in rajvash family... pratham.... just same as guni.. it was a very happy part..

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Wow Rehanu enjoyed thorough sweety !!Clap
Such interesting twists !!

I loved Sonam and Anmol' s interaction!
then Pratham his un happiness with bade papa and badi ma abt his parents and then anmol and ragini wondering that he is becoming a doc!!

and above all that he knows Sonam

and well they ned a jr rajvansh what say !!
Ao Anmol and Ragini should seriously think abt it !!
Its in demand !!Wink
Aww I wish all this in season twoDay Dreaming
everything is so vivid and beautiful
the whole scene comes up infront of you

The wait was good ..continue when u are done with studies and tests and all the chemical theories

I need to continue my FF but my right hand has a lot of inflamtion so takeinga few dasy rest !

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