Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

FF: A new journey of Angini (Pt 7 on pg 13) 11/Apr (Page 4)

krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Loved it so much Rehana.Clap

The morning was so perfectly written for our shy Angini.Clap Embarrassed

Loved the way Anmol moved Ragini and she was totally lost by his touch and was expecting some other thing .Blushing

Badi ma and Guni's plan for a Angini date was also another good move.Clap

Waiting for your next update on Angini date.Embarrassed

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Tonks611 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
This is awesome!!! ClapClapClap
Why couldn't you have been on the Bidaai writing team? Seriously, this is a travesty of justice, LOL.

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rekha02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rehana86

First of all, thanks to all my lovely you all....and Shanti di, I hope I met your expectation in the morning scene....sorry if i failed to do so, the only excuse i can come up with is that my brain is malfunctioning LOL....all the criticisms are welcomedHug
Part 2
Coming out of the washroom while drying her long wet hair over her right front with the towel, Ragini failed to notice the figure on the bed as the morning shower did manage to make her suffer from a short term memory loss for a moment, and she threw back the locks to switch them over her left front, unknowingly causing some of the droplets to fly on his face, arousing her husband, who was sleeping on the bed behind her......

hota hai , if a husband only in name sleeps on a couch for six long years, adjusting to him sleeping on the king size bed takes time to register, LOL. I think this reaction is natural.Smile
It was indeed a "good" morning for Anmol as her beautiful hair got to wake him up...... the sleep had flew away as soon as his eyes fell on her..... she was still in the process of drying her hair when Ragini's mind got alerted and she instantly turned back to see him looking at her while wiping off the water droplets from his face ..... "...I'm sorry! ...I forgot... you... were ...." she stopped thinking that she had already embarrassed herself by admitting that she forgot about him sleeping on the bed .....

Iam sure a time will come when she is never given a chance to forget such major happenings.Wink
"...Relax ... it's ok..." he assured her with a genuin smile and got off the bed to go freshen up...... he waited for her to let him go as she was rooted to her spot holding the towel, feeling nervous all of a sudden for God knows what ...... Anmol would have passed her through that narrow space on her right but he was more concerned about what struck her mind all of a sudden as she seemed to be lost in some other world..... "...Ragini..." his soothing yet warm voice brought her back to reality and she managed to give him a half smile.....
Sweet Anmol , always a darling.ClapBig smileEmbarrassed

Returning the smile, he took a step to his right only to be blocked by her as Ragini too stepped back to her left simultaneously..... both repeated their steps one more time to their respective opposite sides and blocking each other....and Ragini stopped to close her eyes "..Sorry.." she quietly apologized again...... more than her apology he was interested in that beautiful face with water droplets all over it..... some of the dribs were still swinging around those short locks that were covering the left side of her face ......

She looked beautiful in that cottage scene with her wet hair and Anmol with his intense gaze.Day Dreaming
And finally he dared to fulfill his wish as his right hand moved up to touch the left side of her forehead to collect those locks ...... Ragini's quick and short jerk alerted him about the effect he was causing her by his touch ...... then very tenderly he removed those locks behind her ear and lightly traced his thumb down her cheek, getting the feel of her soft skin after her shower ....... after that he gently held her by shoulders and carefully moved her to his left ..... as soon as his hands touched her shoulders, Ragini's grip on the towel tightened while eyes still remained shut and Lord! he was thoroughly enjoying her nervousness ..... then settling her down on the bed he quietly left to freshen up, leaving his wife with her closed eyes .......

All it takes for Anmol is something positive from Ragini's side to take immediate action.
LOLEmbarrassedBig smile. Anmol keep it up, what amazing self control.Clap
God, she again made a joke out of herself, Ragini thought, as she opened her eyes hearing the washroom door shut..... "... Why on earth, am I feeling so nervous around him all of a sudden like a 'new' bride?..." .... she wanted to slap herself..... " am I going to face him now??.... Good job, Ragini, you just screwed yourself..." she told herself and hid her face in her palms....... after a moment, she quickly got up to finish up with her face before Anmol showed up from the washroom and Ragini was not ready to make it worse for her even further ..... and before he could come out, she managed to get ready on time and sneak out of the room .......
"... Good Morning Papa/Partner..." both Khushi and Tamanna greeted Anmol together to receive a peck on each one's forehead..... "...Good Morning my two little angels ..." he too greeted before taking the pecks on his both cheeks from his beloved daughters ..... "! you guys are all ready for school?..." he was surprised as this was the first time he seemed to be late to show up in the breakfast table in Rajvansh Mansion...... ".. Yeap and Badi mommy and Bade papa are going to drop us school... they are waiting outside... Bye..." Tamanna informed, then along with Khushi she gave a quick hug to her papa and both the girls left from there....
"...Good Morning, my dear handsome hunk..." Guni took a pause in between her words but the smirk behind that full grin was caught by her smart chachu..... "... Good Morning, my dear shrewd shweetie... what am I missing here? " he raised an eyebrow while taking the seat right beside her, already giving a hint to the girl to be careful with her steps ...... "...Darn it, chachu... you are a genius..." she laughed for getting caught as Anmol winked at her, appreciating the compliment......
"...Where is Alekh bhaia and Sakshi??..." Anmol asked normally while placing a paratha on his plate ..... "... they are done with breakfast and since Sakshi chachi got hit by the morning sickness, Alekh chachu took her for rest..." she smiled and immediately it turned into a full grin yet again.... "...and Ragini chachi is in the kitchen..." her eyes didn't blink from him to notice the effect of hearing his beloved wife's name.... "... thanks for 'all' the info..." he stopped to quote the word before filling his mouth with a tiny piece from the paratha .... "...welcome! and please don't give me that look, as if you wouldn't want to know about her..." Guni rolled her eyes while taking the last bite from her green apple leaving Anmol with no choice but to shake his head, smiling.....
Anmol and Guni's conversations are always a treat and you have kept up the temp with this one more cupid of Anmol.WinkBig smile

"...Anyway, forget it... let's get to the exciting point..." Guni changed her voice as she looked so anxious ..."...So, where are you taking Chachi for honeymoon??..." ... "WHAT??" he almost choked on his juice..... both were shocked and surprised at each other's take on the topic.... ".... Come on Chachu, don't tell me that you don't even know the spelling..." the poor girl seemed to be kicked out of the sky as she blankly stared at the species sitting beside her in the name of her dear chachu ....

Species ROFL
"... I see!... so, that's what I was missing... and may I know why your brain is too occupied working on 'our' honeymoon?..." he truly didn't expect such inquiry from his darling niece..... "... it wasn't even close to my answer..." she felt dejected..... "... I am a father of 3 big daughters and one of them will be getting married in a year or so..." Guni rolled her eyes when he pointed at her..."... doesn't it sound weird??... " Anmol confessed..."..But.." she tried to interrupt... "...end of the discussion, darling..." finishing up the juice, he got up and left a quick peck on Guni's forehead, hoping to be successful in disrupting her mind.....
"...Fine ...then...." she quickly ran behind him and jumped to stand on the soft couch beside which Anmol was standing and checking a file.... "..take her for a date.." she advised resting her left elbow on his shoulder while the right hand was on her waist..... "...hmm, isn't it too late??..." he again tried to avoid when he noticed her frowning with both her hands now rested on her waist..... "..Ok, done..." he laughed, successful in bringing back the smile on her face..... " here!...ask her...ask her...." noticing Ragini heading towards the stairs, Guni anxiously whispered to Anmol, who was busy with the figures on the paper ......
"Guni, why are you standing on the couch??" sensing some whispering she turned back to catch the two.... "...I am preparing for a speech...forget it chachi...come here, Chachu has to say something important to you..." she managed to convice her..... and her heart started to pound all over again.... hoping not to make a joke out of herself in front of Guni this time..... then reluctantly she walked towards them looking down ....
Let alone the file, Anmol forgot about the world around him, when he looked up to see her figure.... looking extremely ravishing in that green-black contrast sari, she was glowing like a new bride..... he felt a jerk on his right shoulder and turned to see Guni gesturing him towards his lovely wife, who was standing a couple of feet away from him, as usual looking down..... "...ask her..." she reminded in mute and he was blank...... "... what ??..." he too replied in mute.... "...the date...duh!! " she again conveyed in mute while showing her impatience..... "..oh ok.." he unsurely nodded....
"Darn it..... she seriously expects me to ask her for a date??" he thought ...... he felt as if he was in the verge of going through a heart attack.... all of a sudden, he felt so nervous..... he was surprised at his own condition, the guy who had got the guts to confess his love in front of the entire world is now feeling nervous to ask his love for a date, that too in front of a kid...... the pigs are definitely flying .....

Shy Anmol but daring at unexpected places.Big smile
Finally, he decided to initiate hoping to get it done with as soon as possible, "...umm, Ragini.. I ... umm..." Anmol kept on looking at Guni then Ragini in cycle .... "... the date I was... I mean.." he recovered his words when his niece stared at him with an open mouth while Ragini was busy trying to figure out the puzzle..... "..I mean to say, I wanted to ask youforadate... " he finished off ..... "..what??.." both Guni and Ragini blurted out at the same time ...... taking a deep breath he gave up..... "..Never mind... I will ask you later..." he dismissed, making his sweet wife even more confused as she left from there after a quick nod.....
"...Hopeless!!..." shaking head in disbelief, Guni sighed while slapping her forhead with her left hand as the elbow rested on Anmol's right shoulder..... "...first of all, you, come down to the earth...." holding the file in his left hand, he wrapped his right hand around her waist and carefully put her down from the couch while her hands were around his neck....... "...Thank you..." she gently appreciated her chachu for the safe landing on the ground..... then folding her arms, she demanded "...and what was that??..."..... filling in the leather handbag with his laptop and file, he answered, "...I don't know, I was feeling..." he paused to choose the correct word, "..nervous??.." he admitted hesitantly only to receive a blank stare from his cute niece.....
"... wait a second..." she pretended to check on his temperature..... "... are you alright, Chachu?... you are giving me shocks, that too one after another..." now it was his turn to roll eyes..... "... Hogaye meri maa ??.... I am getting late for office, so may I now??.." he pretended to be tired of the game ...... "...of course, beta... but not till you promise me that you will ask her by tonight..." she cleverly threw her condition with a smile...... "...I promise..." he smiled and left before giving her a tight side hug and peck on her forehead.... she watched him leaving and smiled to herself for almost being successful in completing the job that she was in charge of by her dearest badi maa....

So the surprise comes at last, Its Vasu with her amazing brain at work hereBig smile


Despite Starplus surging , Iam in a good mood today and your FF was so amazingly delightful to read, I cherised each line written. You are totally mindblowing with your imagination in this part.Hug 

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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GAWD Rehana Let me land on earth then I will right
"phew" fantastic  so beautiful!!

Seriously I was grinning cheek to cheek

Aww my baby Anmol so so daam cute
Daam you !!
It was awesome !!

Phew  pigs are truly flying Day Dreaming

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
@rehana...thumbs up to you..Thumbs Up
sounds repeated but i'm loving the flow of the the continuation of the story on angini..Clap
first bedroom scene..superbbbbbbbbb.good take as you have kept it close to reality for a couple who still has to cross that next step in their relationship to be more such cute moment of little shyness..nervousness esp for ragini is bound to happen..
as usual her smart husband is there for her rescue ...
"And finally he dared to fulfill his wish as his right hand moved up to touch the left side of her forehead to collect those locks ...... Ragini's quick and short jerk alerted him about the effect he was causing her by his touch ...... then very tenderly he removed those locks behind her ear and lightly traced his thumb down her cheek, getting the feel of her soft skin after her shower ....... after that he gently held her by shoulders and carefully moved her to his left ..... as soon as his hands touched her shoulders, Ragini's grip on the towel tightened while eyes still remained shut and Lord! he was thoroughly enjoying her nervousness ..... then settling her down on the bed he quietly left to freshen up, leaving his wife with her closed eyes ".......
ok this was one naughty anmol..his wife was so nervous and he has all the time in the world to touch her wet hair which was having an effect on him and poor ragini her nervousness was reaching its peak by the touch of her husband..well described scene and enjoy raeding it and daydreaming it too..could visualise anmol being a bit naughty..Day Dreaming
next the best part..gunni/anmol convo..
wat a cute and light moment of the duo..gunni as usual playing cupid for her handsome chachu/ it anmol almost choking hearing the word "honeymoon"...gosh this couple anyways this is the beauty of this relationship..nothing rush rush slowly and steadily the romance will blossom and it will a treat right..Wink
chao abhi ke liye date hi sahi..oh lala anmol the nervous one this time and goof it up all ..gunni's expression at that moment could watch it for real...LOLwat a blunder her chachu has made but she got the promise of him asking it tonite to ragini..ok he definitely need privacy to ask her for a date..Smile
love the suspense disclosed in the end it was vasu's idea..going great so many cupids for this magical jodi for their love journey..Smile
awesome rehana and love the intro of the members in this part and above all the one of gunni/anmol..
thank you as in serial just in beginning we got some cute moment of this chachu/niece bond...later it was out of focus so its a real treat to read it in your FF...
so keep rocking and give us such fantastic part .ClapClapClap.
this for creatives of DKP .this is wat is needed to start bidaai 2..the main usp angini story ahead and blended well with other  twist/turn in  the story and the rajvansh family will be back with a bang....
so hoping they are reading all the ffs and getting  the ideas for potential tracks for a season 2..



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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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rehan i love you...( don't misundestand me yaar) i don't know what to say yaar.. guni and anmol's part was great dear. i like it very very very very much... you have written it well.. keep going... wondereul continuetion for bidaai2...waw.. continue it sooon yaar....

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Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Spellbound rehna ji Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
kya kamal ke likkthe hai yaar. It is really cool.  Plz continue fast.

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luv_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
@ Rehana:

Firstly Thank You so much for starting this FF!Smile Just read both the updates n believe me, I simply Loved it!!ClapClapClapClap You are so good at this stuffThumbs Up...your writing actually brings the scenes to life n i end up feeling.."Arre yaar, yeh saare scenes agar CTs bhi Bidaai mein dikhate toh Angini ki story ko kitni achchi tarah se dikha sakte the"Confused...Love AnmolDay Dreaming...he's so understanding n patient!Embarrassed He knows what mixed emotions Ragini must be going thru' n that's why he doesn't want to rush up o their new Love the same time, his Love n Passion for Ragini is at its peak n its already begun to have an effect on her!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I Love the way she gets nervous when he's around, n the way he just can't stop gazing at her!Blushing The bit where Anmol tells Ragini "I'll Wait For Your Love" was really niceEmbarrassedSmile...n that also means we'll get to read more of your least till they find Love in each other, n Anmol's wait for his Ragini is finally over!EmbarrassedSmile Now isn't that Gr8 news?Wink

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