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FF: A new journey of Angini (Pt 7 on pg 13) 11/Apr (Page 13)

shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Rehana dear take your time ..
We are missing you here but studies are very important ..
Finish your presentation and everything and continue with your FF !

Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Go ahead! kill me.... sorry for being late guys.... had been working late nights with bhaia and got less sleep *pouts*....ok enough of coming to the point....admitted, it is a short update but HEY! something is better than nothingTongue..... the next update would be on 2nd/3rd May means after my final exams.... love you all for your constant love and support guysHug....
WARNING: *cough*....I hope I kept it under decent levelErmm.... however, if you feel it was overboard and should be censored then feel free to bash me and I will take the appropriate action against my own work's thatWink??
Part 7
"..Sonu ko hojayega pyaar bandar se, bandar se.." walking into the living room with a can of C-plus, Pratham manipulated the lyrics of the title track of some hindi drama serial telecasting on Star Plus..... the last thing he ever wanted to watch at that moment but women ruled and he had tough luck getting a hold onto the remote ..... so, all his boredom landed upon the poor girl sitting on the couch accompanying by his 3 dear little sisters and badi chachi......
Sakshi almost sniggered in her juice as her right hand held onto the 6 months' tummy..... Khushi and Tammy giggled while Guni bit her lips to keep herself under control...... for a moment, Sonam genuinly thought to try her hands on murder....she was missing her mamu..... "..Ignore him, Sonam.." taking the place next to the girl, Alekh wrapped his left hand around her shoulder to give it a light squish in the meaning of support.. ".. nahin sudhrega .." he giggled, glad to see a bright smile back on her face as she comfortably leaned against her new mamu ....
"..Oh by the way, how was the V-day party??.." Alekh asked with curiosity.... "..Fabulous mamu..." Sonam replied..... "..yeah, right!.." Pratham rolled his eyes as he yawned and carefully leaned against Sakshi's left arm to rest his head over her shoulder... "... Don't help ..." Sonam stated, causing the pregnant woman to giggle as she knew the conversation was going to turn into another interesting direction ......
"..whatever!! thankful to God Chachu that I was home alive.... I can't believe I survived through that torture..." the boy added ignoring the comment and finally switched the channel of the TV to discovery as soon as his hand felt the remote beside Sakshi....
"...Feeling ok now?..." he concerned before taking the glass from her hold as she took the afternoon medicine prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the minor pain.... she needed support more than chemicals..... the pain of bruises had diminished, it was the mark of that pain that she needed to get rid off and no scientific inventions could help her other than herself as the doctor mentioned .....
She was sitting by the large window to divert her mind from last night as she looked out at the green golf field and the heart automatically seemed to be turning to a bright direction.... she silently watched him taking the glass from her and resting it on the adjacent table..... he avoided eye contact with her..... she noticed him doing it since the morning..... and she could sense, he was feeling guilty.....he was blaming himself for something that he could never think of committing.... that was to hurt her...... the silence remained rooted since last night after his approach of taking away the pain from her heart.... but little did he know 'he was succeeded'....
None of them did not know how to initiate the topic as both of them hated talking about it but was concerned for the other...... he wanted to apologize for not being able to take care of her in the true meaning ..... she wanted to ensure him that she could not count on anyone but him for support .....
" ..No!!.. then let it go!!... I don't give a damn!!.." he was more mad with himself than the person on the other line..... it was his frustration that took over the conversation ..... and he hung up the phone before the other person could finish his words..... " can go... I am fine.." she knew the reason behind his mood, therefore made an attempt of encouragement, hoping to get his mind diverted from everything ..... those were the first words from her after the last night's terrible incidence and he instantly turned back to notice her facing him .... "... I don't want to go..." walking upto her he stated, like hell he would leave her alone again, not in this life time nor in any other life time......
Now she was confirmed about his state of mind ...... 'he was scared to leave her alone' and her heart melted away..... how she wanted to hide him into her embrace just like he did last night and let him know that she was not scared anymore since he was there to take care of her...... "..I'm Fine!!.." this time it was a reassurance from heart as it flashed in her half smile.... right after that, his right palm held her left jawline as thumb lightly caressed her warm cheekbone when he brought her face close to drop a gentle kiss on her forehead before whispering "...I'll make it soon.." .. it was not intended for her but him.... he assured himself to be with her..... and she watched him leaving the room when a drop of silent tear of bliss made its' way down her cheek.....
"...You are lucky that you have 'him' to take care of you ..." Ms. Mary stated as she ran the sharp knife right through the watermellon placed on the kichen counter..... Ragini watched the red fruit being sliced into even shapes while listenning to the older lady.... "... you know sometimes, at one point of our lives, we happen to experience such situation that is beyond our imagination.... and at that moment, if at least one of your owns steps forward to show some concern, you tend to feel less lonely... " the lady took out a salad bowl from the kitchen cabinet when Ragini picked up a small knife from its' set and started cutting an apple to include in the salad.....
"there was no one for him" Mary blurted out absentmindedly causing her master's lady to freeze for a moment ..... "... how lonely the child was when that girl left him heart-broken.." she knew Ragini was aware of the woman she was referring to "...the girl he considered his only family turned out to be ignorant towards him .... I say, she was never worth of his love...."...this time she was glad that Shivani was permanantly out of his life....he deserved better than her..... "... He deserves You ..." the old lady confessed when her lady remained quiet .....
"I witnessed him fighting with destiny .... But there was nothing for him...eyes used to look for love and care..... and the world seemed to be diminished around him until Mr. Ranveer entered like an angel..." the lady smiled at the mention of his name..... she simply adored the boy..... "..As if he found a new source of life... how they used to spend time together talking about their happy moments of life... Mr. Sareen got so attached to him in that short period of time... he even gifted Mr. Ranveer this 'Anmol Mansion' of his heritage..." Mary stopped as she failed to read her expression..... " didn't know?..." she inquired only to receive a negative node from Ragini......
"...Mr. Sareen never mentioned it??..." she further added and again got a negative answer..... forget about Anmol, even Ranveer had never mentioned it to her..... but he said something about Anmol planning for a surprise gift for him and before it could have revealed, everything seemed to turn upside down in their lives...... "...then I assume he also did not inform about this mantion still being under the name of Mr. Ranveer...." Mary made a guess as she put the slices of apple into the bowl..... Ragini noded non-affirmatively.....
"..Yet the poor child blames himself for his friend's unfortunate death..." she took a deep sigh while started slicing off the pears when the sharp knife in Ragini's right hand decided to pierce through the apple into her left palm.... but both of the ladies were too busy into their own respective world to notice the flow of blood.... "..He was in terrible state ... only I know, how he would never stop holding himself responsible for Mr. Ranveer's death... " in her absent-mind Ms. Mary blurted out the entire incidence before her lady, who just sat there with the apple, knife and blood in her lap..... "..I mean, it was not his fault nor Mr. Ranveer's fault....that brave soul wanted to save his friend but had to let go of his life... first his sacrifice for Mr. Sareen and then his promise to not to reveal th--...." she stopped realizing what she has just done....
Mary instantly looked up to face Ragini, who just sat there motionless and non stop tears were rolling down her face...... "..I'm so sorry Mrs. Sareen...please forgive me... Mr. Ranveer had given this promise to Mr. Sareen to not to reveal the cause of his death to any of his family members.... It just blurted out of my mouth... I was so into his depression and did not realize what I was saying .... whenever Mr. Sareen would come here for business purpose, I've seen him going through the pain of living with such secret guilt in his heart.... I saw him cursing himself every single moment of his life as he thought he ruined 'Your life'... your every single tear would make him feel that he was not worth of you but could've never left you either, because he already fell in love with you.... he did not have the courage to lose his love 'again'.... yet did not have the heart to see you in pain...." the tears finally escaped from her eyes as Mary wiped them off when she caught the sight of Ragini's hand and fell into panic attack .....
She did not know whom to hate the most? her destiny for playing cruel games with her? Anmol for hiding such truth that she had all the rights to know? Or herself for always being ignorant towards him when he has been battling with his heart till now only to keep his promise given by her deceased husband ?...... she realized why he had been kept quiet all these years ..... leaning against the head-board of the bed she sat there in the dark with bent knees and bandaged hand on her lap.... how could she ignore his pain when he has always been there to share hers??
Closing the door behind him, he did not bother to turn on the light as the moon was enough to spread its glow through the large window...... after listening to the short description of the incident from Ms. Mary, Anmol did not waste any time as he knew it was the time for some talk of the past.... He again blamed himself for hiding the truth..... after all, she had all the rights to know about it..... He could sense tears streaming down her face and he hated himself yet again.... placing the coat on the couch, he quietly walked towards her and settled himself before her..... gathering all his courage, he cupped her face into his palms and made her look into his eyes then resting his forehead against hers, he apologized in a whisper "..I'm sorry.." his voice broke.....
She grabbed onto his shirt, just wanted to bury herself in the ground right there, whereas, he kicked himself mentally for making her go through this unbearable pain .... "..why did you do this to me, Anmol?.." she broke down against him ..... "... I can live without your love but not without you..." he confessed..... "..I was afraid to lose you, Ragini..." tears rolled down his cheeks when his thumbs chose to wipe off hers while their foreheads remained against each other...... "... I'm sorry..." she chose the moment to apologize.... "... you had to go through so much because of me... I'm so bad..." she sobbed like a child .... "..I'm.." before she could curse herself any further, he sealed her mouth with his..... sucking in all the pain to himself when her grip on his shirt tightend and she pulled himself closer to deepen the passion ..... this was all he needed to shower her with his love....
Catching on their breath after a moment, he carefully brought her left hand close to his lips ...... she kept her gaze lowered when he placed a soft kiss on her wounded if his one droplet of passion had washed away all the pain from her soul..... she was blessed ..... indeed blessed to have him in her life as she threw herself into his arms of bliss and tightened her grip, giving him all the authority to take over her heart and soul ..... to love her till eternity....
Holding her close to his heart, he placed a soft kiss in the crook of her neck before making its' way up to her lips again.... " you.." he confessed.... in return, she gradually brought his face to close the distance between was her confession .... her confession of committment, respect, trust and love.... without any words, without any clarification, without any explanation ..... and he felt it... he felt every bit of her confession right from her heart.... her slow response to his confession answered everything that he captured in his heart....
He did not want to know how, when or why she loved him....all he cared about was she loved him and that was the biggest truth of his life ..... the biggest beautiful truth of his life.....he did not want any sort of clarification, he finally got her in the true meaning and that explains and clarifies everything that he needed..... there goes another journey to heaven....
Every single part of his touch had a meaning of its own..... when she fell weak before his sweet passion and let him take over her heart as for the first time her soul felt the purity of his divine love ......

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Day Dreaming Right  now  I am so lost in it !! I was just  lost reading it ..
Wow Wow Wow !! Nothing else  to say ..
Love Pratham he is my second fav !!
Anmol  pain passion romance first fav !!

Love the way he  took over the situation and melted Ragini away....Day Dreaming

Indeed she was shaken knowing what happened when Ranveer came to meet Anmol..

They so needed this to let go let free let themselves explore each other finally..
7 years it had been  since they never realized the  different emotions which were captivated in their hearts mind and soul !!!

Wow beautiful Rehana... Everything seemed just perfect... It was clear clean and pure !!!ClapClapClap

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 3:32am | IP Logged
rehana this part was just wow i loved the way u described everything it was mind blowing cont soon

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
awww.....wonderful... As usual it fantastic rehan., enjoyed a lot.... Keep going...

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged its so gripping this chapter..Clap
a worth waiting part of the journey of angini..
pratham on his usual self not missing a sec to harass sonam with his pun intended dialogues..awww sonam missing her mamu but her another one alekh is there to support her..but watever their differences they do make a cute pair..Smile
angini scene after the horrible incident and anmol on a guilt trip to have left  ragini alone..ragini after that incident with the love and care of anmol has completely made her a changed woman..a wife aware of the turmoil her husband going through due to that incident but also a feeling of joy as he has succeeded to erase those pain in her heart..
ragini finally convinced him to go for his meeting ... well that was an unexpected twist in the story you have penned down..
a truth long kept a secret but revealed by mary so absorbed to relate to ragini about anmol loneliness and pain..a truth revealed so absentmindly by mary but it did made an effect on many unanswered questions in her mind and feeling the guilt too why she could not feel his pain when he was always there for her..
the most captivating last the "sorry "and the confession from both..the meeting of two hearts to become one was the right moment to let go of the past and begin a new journey of their life filled with love..
a beautiful and perfect  scene you have written.nothing overboard or vulgur..thank you rehana to have kept the beauty of this relationship.the purity in it..Clap
its was awesome as you  kept the flow  of the story so brilliantly and it got the interest of the reader..Thumbs Up
this for you  and do keep it up...ClapClapClap...

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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wow rehana,spellbounding, enjoyed it please cont. soon . thanks

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
Awesome update RehanaClap.It was quite emotionalCry.You are so good in writingClapClap.Loved it.Thumbs Up

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