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FF: A new journey of Angini (Pt 7 on pg 13) 11/Apr (Page 10)

anizor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
really nice update,enjoyed it a lot. thankyou please continue soon

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
WOW,What can I say?Question It 's so Beautiful and Mindblowing.Clap

Angini part was Fantastic and Out of the world.Wink

I was just imaginig the whole Angini rain sequence and was blushing.Blushing

Please give us more especially on Angini.EmbarrassedClapStar

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anmol2 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged
rehana hie i was free today so i read your whole topic and really it was mind blowing as it took my half of the day to read itEmbarrassed

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rekha02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the latest two updates, Rehana. Clap
The last one was rather interesting and had some censored stuff which we can only imagine but the look which Apurva gives through his expressive eyes is enough to guess his thoughts or attitude. Day Dreaming
Sorry for the late reply Smileyour ffs always rock hope we get to see AnGini again as their life after marriage is incomplete Tammy's parents need to be seen first then Tammy can grow and Tammy also needs a brother.Wink.Big smile

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bhondu2010 Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
Please continue soon !! We need an updateSmile

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Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
A heartfelt thank you to all for appreciating the track of Sonam and Pratham.... I was kind of reluctant in introducing this track knowing the main focus of my fiction, that is Angini but you guys are truly amazing when it comes to encouragement ..... LOVE YOU ALL Hug
Part 6
"..Watch it..." Anmol was quick enough to catch Sakshi on time before she could slip off the single stair when the rest of the members took a sigh of relief..... "...Thanks bhaia..." holding onto his jacket for support she was taking deep breaths ...... later, making herself comfortable on the couch with the help of her husband, she smiled to the people around her who looked so concerned for her..... She was indeed lucky to have a caring family ....
"...Beta, you don't have to go anywhere now.... Alekh and you are staying here for the night.... you already look sleepy...." Mrs. Sharma sweetly instructed the lady in her 6th months..... "...agreed... you should not exhaust yourself during this period.... I will get Ragini's room ready ..." Malti informed before leaving the living room.... "...Can we stay too??'s a long weekend..." Tamanna requested her mommy, who did not look convinced..... "...Can we please, Papa?..." she hit the right button with her pout.... "..Of course you can sweeties.." Anmol permitted without any consent from his wife, who raised her eyebrows at him.....
In her exhaustion, Sakshi could not miss the scene and broke into a laugh noticing her poor brother-in-laws' innocent face, and grabbed the rest of the attentions towards her .... "Awww Ragini, don't give him that look.... it's ok... let them stay..." holding her tummy, she managed to say those words in between her laugh.... Anmol was already embarrassed and his wife looked down with a flushed face.... Alekh too was giggling as he knew what his wife meant....
"...Be my good girls... ok ..." Anmol bent down to place pecks on his two little daughters' foreheads and received good night kisses from them ... "...Don't worry Anmol, I'll give you update..." Alekh assured with a wink....
"...God, this candle would not just stand still..." Sonam cursed under her breath, ready to break it into pieces..... "..that's because you are forcing it on a slanted surface, Miss Dumbo.." Pratham rolled his eyes..... '... Gosh! why does he have to be so arrogant??.... whenever my opinion takes a turn towards positivity, he has to pull it back to square one.... jerk...' making a face, Sonam told herself...... "...if you keep pushing the poor candle on the wrong place, we will never get it done before they show up..." Pratham warned the girl while tying a dozen of colorful ballons on the ceiling fan in the middle of the room......
"... Oh Really!!... I am doing it the wrong way??...." she knew he was right but just would not admit it at any cost.... "...Jerk!.." Sonam jerked off before going back to her task..... "...Junglee.." he replied back.... "Can you two just save the fight for later??" carefully placing the cake on the small table in the middle of the room, Guni decided to step in......
".. I do--.." Sonam stopped when she heard footsteps ... "...shit, they are here... hurry up guys, get out..." she alerted her team while lightening up the candle when Pratham quickly got off the stool giving a last touch to the ballons and Guni finished off with the decoration of the cake..... ".. Crap ... not there, idiot..." Pratham absentmindedly grabbed Sonam's wrist as she was heading towards the door and pulled her towards the coach where Guni ushered them to hide.....
Entering the room both Anmol and Ragini stood still while observing the room carefully ..... the entire room was decorated with candles, flowers and balloons, when Ragini's eyes fell on the table containing a chocolate cake and a bunch of wrapped giftboxes ....... gradually walking towards the table both looked at the note with raised eyebrows, 'Happy Wedding Anniversary to the Hottest couple on earth' ..... Anmol smiled while thinking about the brains behind the surprise.....
"...What the bloody -- ??..." Pratham screamed out at Sonam in a low tone when the girl noticed her right knee was balanced on his left hand, almost crushing his fingers ..... "..ops.. sorry..." she quickly removed her knee..... "... right ... kill me.." he massaged his fingers... "...I wish..." she smiled ...... "..Shut up..." he warned her making sure it was not loud.... "..Guys FOCUS!!..if none of you stop right now, I will murder you both and surrender myself.." Guni dropped the ultimatum in a whisper while trying to get a glimpse of the reaction from the couple just showed up ..... "..He is the one pissing me off..." Sonam complained in a low tone ......
"..If you were not her brother, I would have buried you by now.." turning back to the boy, Sonam stated.... "..You are lucky you are a girl, or else you would have forgotten the geography of your plastic face.." he lied......of course he wouldn't even think of causing a tiny harm to that beautiful piece of art created by God.... "Excuse me!!..." she stood up with her hands on hips, grabbing the attention of the two recent arrivals.... ".. what do you mean by plastic face?...huh!!.." she demanded to know..... "..with this tonnes of chemicals all over it, what else do you expect me to call it?....." supporting himself on his feet, Pratham pointed at her face......
"...Spare me.." Guni finally got up and joined the pair..... "... How mean!!... Maami, he just called me a plastic face..." walking towards Ragini, Sonam whined ... ".. awww, come here.." the lady gave the girl a warm hug... "..whatever ... Happy Wedding anniversary.." Pratham decided to focus on the couple...... "..Happy Wedding Anniversary..." both Guni and Sonam chorused ..... "...Thank you..." like a gentleman, Anmol bowed while Ragini simply smiled..... It was the first time they celebrated this day..... the kids made it a memorable moment for them ..... for the first time, thinking about their wedding 8 years back, she found those moments beautiful.....
"...Happy Wedding Anniversary..." turning to his wife Anmol wished Ragini with a smile ..... "... Awww ... " the girls were in awe when Pratham slapped his forehead "... Good grief !! ... It's your 8th Wedding Anniversary, NOT 800th... is this how you are planning to wish your beautiful wife?? ..." he yawned and wrapped his left hand around Ragini's shoulder when the lady looked at her cunning nephew with suspicion... " Dude! Be practical, You should wish her with a this.." before anyone could react to his suggestion he placed a quick peck on Ragini's right cheek leaving his dear chachu with raised eyebrows and Chachi with a blend of shocked, surprise and blushed face......
Leaning against the large wardrobe while slipping both hands into his pockets, Anmol giggled as he shook his head..... "... anything else ?? ..." he asked his smart nephew..... "...well, for now, cutting the cake would be enough...I'm hungry.." Pratham suggested like a gentleman.....
"...Not a word.... you are taking Ragini with you..." Mrs. Rajvansh ordered her son, no way she would let this chance get away like that and she shared a secret thumbs up with the youngsters behind Anmol....... "...But Tamanna will ---..." Ragini tried to interrupt when she was cut off by her mother-in-law..... "... Ragini, we all are here.... and I already talked to her, she is fine with it....don't worry about anything here.... you two are going for three days, and don't you dare come back before that..." she patted her cheek and left place......
"... Haye!!... so the date is final ..." sitting on the handle of one of the couches, Guni stated before taking a bite from her apple... Anmol turned around with his hands on hips "...I am going for official work and she will be my company..." he tried to justify... "...come your date.." Pratham included taking a sip from the can of coke.... "... I rest my case..." Anmol took a deep sigh as he shook his head and giggled at the siblings for having the strong spirits to tease them at every single chance...... "...and I give up.." Ragini shook her head all blushed as she left for her room.......
It was a magnificent piece of art she saw as she amazingly stared at the exterior design of the Sareen Mansion ... It was the first time, she found herself in her second home... taking a good picture of the heavenly beautiful surroundings in her heart, Ragini lightly touched one of the white grooved Roman pillars, when her husband escorted her towards the main entrance of the house and she stood there looking at the older lady in her early 50s with all the preparations of Graha Pravesh....
She stared at him, surprised and touched..... "Welcome to your home Ma'am" the lady greeted and received a smile for appreciation....... folding hands against his chest, he slightly leaned on the door frame and gestured her to make the first entry to her house.....and she quietly obeyed him..... after the aarthi she carefully dropped the vessel containing rice and coins with the tip of her right toe......then placing her right foot onto a plate full of vermilion powder mixed with milk, she finished the ritual......
The bedroom was painted in pale sky blue color and furnished in white..... the floor was sparkling like stars..... the walls were smiling with its' pale touch of blue and white..... the contrast and dimension of the room easily portrayed his personality was peaceful... "...It's a beautiful house..." she confessed as she looked out of the window from their bedroom located at the fifth level of the mansion .....and it was the top view...... there was a classic fountain made of ceramics and behind that was the large golf area sharing the blue sky....... 'it is a snap shot of a wonderful small paradise' she thought.....
He loved it...... he loved observing her little reactions on each part of the house...... he loved the transformation of her eyes as they twinkled with amazement, appreciation and thrill...... and those lips would sometimes curve up or slightly bite each other to express her response..... settling himself on the comfortable white couch, he leaned his head back in a relaxed position while resting the right hand on the couch hand rest and decided to watch her moves......
"... It just turned 98 years old last month..." he revealed and received the same reaction he expected, she looked at him astouned... "..No !?! .." she spoke her mind ......when he smiled, simply loving this new side of his wife .... her reactions were of a stranger, fairy, who landed in a different wonderland ... "... wow ... unbelievable..." Ragini was indeed in a fairyland......
"... Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Sareen... the manager is here to discuss some points for the party tonight...." the caretaker kindly informed.... "... Thanks Ms. Mary..." he gently smiled to his one of the most loyal employees before exiting the room.....
"... Do you need anything, dear ?..." Mary asked, she loved the lady of this house at the first sight..... and knew only she was the perfect one for her master...... soft and sweet, and very pretty..... "...No thank you, I am fine Ms. Mary..." she gently declined the lady as she settled herself at the corner of the bed, struggling with her earrings..... "..So, how are you liking it here??.." the older lady asked while helping her master's wife with the earring..... "... It's like a beautiful paradise.... this is my first time in Shimla... thanks...." she revealed and received the earring from the lady with an appreciation......
"...Really? ...then you should thank your beloved husband for that..." Mary stated with a grin and did not miss the glow on the face of the lady of this house.... ".. I will ask Dayal to get your bag here.... and by the time you freshen up, I will get the lunch ready ..." she informed Ragini with a pat on her head before heading towards the exit.... ".. By the way, you know there will be a semi-official party downstair, tonight, right?..." she stopped at the doorstep and turned around to clear her doubt...... "... Yes..." Ragini smiled.... "...Ok, and if you need anything, just intercom me..." the caretaker left the room.......
After drapping the faux georgette saree with red and beige panels and floral pattern done in sequence, stone and beads along with sequins buttis, Ragini came out of the changing room while struggling with the strings of the top......she cursed herself for not trying it out the first time she got it from the designer...... it fitted her but she did not know the new zigzag pattern would give her a tough time with the string as it got entangled half way where her hands were unable to figure out the spot of trouble..... throwing all the hair to her right front in frustration, she looked at her back through the mirror on her right and again decided to make a last attempt with the top....
He thought he forgot to breathe while the heart also took a break from beating when his eyes caught her in that ravishing piece of material covering her slender figure..... the bangle sleeves of the top just fitted her perfectly..... as if the saree was proud to be a part of her...... how he wanted to touch those silky hair that were parted unevenly with a front bang..... how he wanted to feel them against his skin....... living in his own world, he did not get to realize when his steps gradually approached her......
Ragini forgot her task when she felt him close to her left..... releasing the strings from hands, she turned to his side and was caught by his intense and passionate gaze..... his proximity made her take a step back when he closed the gap created by her........
Before she could move away, he already took another step forward to bend down on her left shoulder and wrapped his both hands around her......she could feel his breath against the curve of her neck then barely taking a step backward she found the dressing table behind to support herself as both her hands grabbed onto the side of the table top when his passionate closeness was not doing any good to her either......on top of that the smell of his cologne from his black suit was pulling her soul towards him ...... heartbeats refused to slow down and she closed her eyes as the brain also decided to betray her by malfunctioning.....
Very carefully he disentangled the strings of her top and tied the knot gently to fit her figure..... then his eyes caught the vermilion container on the table.... resting the left hand around her waist to support her in his arm, he took a pinch of the red powder in between the fingers of his right hand and moved his head back to face her...... she did not dare to meet his eyes when he gently applied a little portion of the symbol of their relationship on her hair before placing a soft kiss on her forehead...... and she finally looked up to meet his gaze.... "..perfect.." pushing the loose silky locks behind her left ear, he moved closer to whisper ......
She could feel heat rising within her cheeks...... and she bit her lower lip ..... then gently pushing him back, she quickly entered the changing room...... he leaned on the dressing table and smiled to himself..... he felt her emotion..... he saw a glimpse of love in her eyes in that one moment of eye contact they had...... slipping his left hand into the pocket, he brushed his hair with the right one as he smiled to himself...... how heavenly he loved the feeling......
"... It's nice to see you after a long gap, dude! ...." obviously, his voice did not contain any real concern like usual..... Anmol forced a smile as he took a sip from his soft drink "... Same here..." neither was he happy to see Vikram's face ...... they never got along since their college days due to Vikram's nature of dealing with women ...... it's because of his business client, Mr. Sharma, who is a partner with Vikram, Anmol had to tolerate him for the sake of 'Sareen Corporation' .....
"...You still have the same charm my boy..." a lady in her early 40s greeted the man in all black ..... he grinned before giving her a warm hug to return the compliment "... and You are still pretty as before..." Anmol genuinly felt respect for Mrs. Mehra ever since they met in a meeting with her husband and he was happy to meet all those people after 8 years in the same manner they used to meet once in a month or so......
"...She must be the one..." Mrs. Mehra gestured him to look behind and he caught the figure slowly making her way down the stairs..... she looked as if she was lost in a new world where none of the faces looked familiar and her eyes looked for him.... walking through the light crowd, he showed up to bring a smile on her lips..... seeing her smiling face, his eyes sparkled and he escorted her to where Mrs. Mehra was......
"... Yes! You guessed it right..." Anmol confirmed .... "...Ragini, meet Mrs. Mehra, one of our best clients..." he introduced her to the lady..... "..Excuse me, Sir.." his manager, Mr. Sinha called out ..... excusing himself from the ladies, Anmol left to join the other group...... "... Anmol is lucky to have a beautiful lady in his life..." the older lady patted Ragini's cheek.... "... Even you too are very lucky to have a gentleman like him, Mrs. Sareen..." she further added..... for the first time, she heard someone calling her by that name, and surprisingly, her eyes had a glint of delight hearing it ......
Standing at a corner with a glass of cold drink, she watched him talking and laughing with the guests ...... she smiled to herself, she was glad to see him enjoying..... for the first time, she got to see a glimpse of his 'true' life... "...So, how is life with second husband?..." the smile disappeared as soon as the words hit her ears and she turned around to see a tall man in his early 30s standing with a glass of beer ....... and she already sensed the man was not in a stable state as he was drunk......
"... Hmm, lets see, what is so special about you that Anmol chose a widow for his life partner? ..." his eyes scanned through her figure when she just played with the tip of her pallu, all nervous....... then gulping down the beer, he smiled at her..... "...well, you are not that bad... in fact, not bad at all... so what say??.." Vikram winked as he finally lost his track of mind when Ragini just left the place in disgust but little did she know the evil shadow was to follow her every single step......
"... Is everything ok? ..." Anmol caught her on time as she failed to pay attention to her steps and he did not miss the discomfort on her face...... "... yeah... everything is fine... it's just that I am feeling tired and need some rest...." she lied, like hell she would ruin his party and decided to disappear from the picture to avoid any more trouble for her husband ...... "...Ok, I will ask Mary--...".... "...NO, it's ok... I will be fine..." Ragini cut him off, she was not in the sense to show anyone her state of mind and quickly headed towards the elevator.......
He did feel something was not going right ..... although he was giving his guests company, his eyes did not miss the spot of his wife as he constantly kept an eye on her to make sure she was comfortable until a while ago when he went to escort one of his guests to the door ..... and in these few minutes, he felt he missed something..... then he looked at the direction where Ragini was looking while talking to him...... and he figured out the equation when his eyes caught Vikram sitting with a glass of beer.....
It was almost the time to wrap up the party as everyone left except Mr. Sharma and his partner...... "..then I call it a deal..." the man formally shook hand with Anmol..... "..The rest of the formalities will be taken care by Mr. Sinha..." Anmol informed..... "... Hmm, Vikram seems to be missing for a while now..." taking a glance around the place, Mr. Sharma notified..... when the manager confirmed "...I saw him entering the elevator..." .... "... when? ..." inquired his boss..... "..It's been about 10 - 15 mins, I saw him.." Mr. Sinha replied.... "... are you hosting any party up there too??.." Mr. Sharma asked ...... ".. Of course not..." Anmol confided......
"..Then what was he doing there? the last time I saw him, he was already wrecked.." said Mr. Sharma when he observed a rather tensed Anmol..... although he had known Mr. Sareen for a long time but never got to catch the cold vibes between Anmol and Vikram......
"..Shit..." Anmol rushed for his wife all the way to the top floor without waiting for the elevator followed by Mr. Sharma and Sinha ...... he then broke the lock of his room to find Vikram in a loathing position with Ragini and before it could go out of hands, he pulled him back away from her and threw him towards Mr. Sharma, who dragged him outside.... "..throw him away before I murder him.." Anmol instructed before closing the door of the room...... more than killing the maniac he was concerned about her...... and his heart went out for his wife who had her back facing him ....
Sitting at the corner of the bed, she hugged her knees and wept silently ......feeling disgusting to face him.... how she hated herself for not informing him about Vikram's behaviour earlier .... how she wanted to kill herself badly ......
As if a sharp knife just passed through his heart when his eyes fell on the small scratches at her back all the way up to the back of her neck .....although they were not deep but his heart wrenched seeing those spots.... he could see the small red swallen spots at her left hand too..... both the strings and a part of the left sleeve of her top were torn and that was enough he could take under his observation when Anmol grabbed the pale satin shawl from his nearby couch and walked towards her......
Her heart felt heavy when Ragini sensed him behind her and she tightened her eyes closed before hiding her face in her knees...... not ready to show her face.... and finally broke down into a silent sob..... this was the height Anmol could bear as he instantly sat beside her, then wrapped the shawl and tightened his hold around her while pulling her back to collect her in his protective arms from behind ...... her face was then in her palms when suddenly her heart felt a shadow of angel giving her its protection...... his left hand was tightened around her front waist holding a corner of the shawl while his right hand along with the other end of the fabric came over her front to hold her upper left arm .....
Then resting his forehead just above her left jawline, he held her close to him "..Shh! ... please calm down....." he left a soft kiss near her ear ... "..I am sorry, I promise I'll never ever leave you alone..." he tightened his grip around her before placing another kiss down her ear on the neck..... he could feel her state of heart which broke him inside, " you..." he then pressed his lips on her shoulder while collecting her more securely into his arms before hiding his face in the curve of her neck ...... his state of heart was miserable than hers ....... how he hated himself for her pain......
The sense of security enveloped around her heart the moment she felt his little healing treatments ...... with tears freely flowing down her cheeks, she watched him removing those bitterness of pain from her arm with his little touch of love ...... as if HE was her real medication......
He was in the extreme verge of giving her soul a shower of his pure love to wash away all the worse moments she had to go through because of that piece of git ....... he wanted to shower his love on her to make her forget about every bitter part of her life..... he wanted to love her till eternity to make her realize what she meant to him .... to make her realize that no matter what he would never stop loving her......

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 5:53pm | IP Logged
mind blowing rehana,just loved it please continue soon.

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
Rehan... superb part.... and well written.. i just love ponam, pratham..hehehehe... and next angini sepnding 3 days in shimla... waw... great.... i just pictuer the whole part..
i just image when tammy say she want to stay at sharma house. and Anmol say 'yes'.. and then Ragini's reaction.. i just love it..
continue it sooooon yaar.

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