Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

SR Genda Phool... Oh Ess

shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
hi all
its  my second OS and again purely for fun...and can i request only adults to read it??? well underage people read my OS at your own risk.... Approve

Scene Starts:

Time: 11Pm

Maan takes geet to their bed room.....Adi and Co. teasing them....dadi comes with a BIGGG glass of Milk,,,,,and tell, its for Maan... geet blushes.Blushing.. Maan wonders Why???Confused..... boys tease Maan like good luck Sir.....Thumbs Up.. and Girls like..Have a Good night Geet...Wink,,, geet blushes again ...Maan:Confused?

maan locks the door, and comes to geet who is sitting at the bed...takes the glass of milk and asks geet to drink...
geet: its for you Maan.... its shagun ka doodh...Blushing

Maan: shagun???? no.. humare ghar sirf Gaye (cow) ka doodh aata ha....Embarrassed

Geet: Shocked...

Maan:*takes the jewelery off*

Geet: *closes her eyes*..waiting for his next move..

Maan: its very precious jewelery geet.... yeh meri dadi maa ki did maa ki dadi maa ki dadi maa ko unki saas ne diye tha....*keeps the jewelery in the drawer *

Geet:  *stares* Shocked

Time:12 am

Maan:comes back to her, *grins* and says.. Geet close your eyes...i have a surprise for you..

Geet: closes her eyes as if she was waiting for this moment only...

Maan: takes something out from a chest of drawers and comes to geet saying.. look at this,,

Geet: yeh kya ha???

maan: Bills..


Maan: yes... see this its the bill of catering ...11,55,554 rupees.... as i wanted the best cuisines to be served on our wedding... just for you happiness..

Geet: *artificial smile*
Time:1 am

Maan: look at this... bill of our wedding costumes.8,65,774...

Geet: Ok...Ouch

Maan: look at this

Geet: interrupts ..enough maan. i know you love me loads...

Maan: ok leave it....and moves towards the window..

Geet (self thought ): Nooo,,, Moon talks?? baba jee aaj moon talks nahi... plss kuch karo baba jee.. and leaves the bed approaching to maan.

Maan : looks out of the window and says.."yeh kya??

geet: sneaks out... *grins* *thanx to baba jee*

Maan: whats wrong with the clouds??? no moon tonight...Unhappy

Time: 2 am
Geet (self thought): thank you baba jee aap ne bacha liya...ROFLROFLROFL

Maan: i wanted to say so much about moon tonight.... i'v planned so much.. even i wanted to declare that you are more beautiful than moon(ROFL)

Geet: leave it maan.. there are several other things which we can do...Blushing

Maan: no geet. i want to make this night memorable for you... i'll wait for moon to appear.(ROFL)

Geet: Disapprove... no maan its ok... leave it... we'll try it tomorrow..

Maan: ok.. as you say...

Geet: *sigh*
Maan: we'll talk about moon tomorrow but as of now we can talk about clouds..right???Embarrassed

ShockedBroken Heart

Maan: you know geet whenever i see these dark clouds... the first thing comes into my mind is you beautiful black "HAIR"

Geet: Sleepy

Maan: do u know how these clouds form???

Geet :NO...Ouch

Maan: Smile... koi baat nahi i tell you,, the cloud formation is a part of hydro cycle on earth (4th standard scienceEmbarrassed) the water of water reserves evaporates to form clouds..when they become dense, they make rains... and the water again gets back to those reserves.... that is called as water cycle...(ROFL)

Geet: brilliant maan... do you know something about BIOLOGY as well??ROFL

Maan: *smiles* yes Gith.Cool.. i used to top in biology...ok *clearing throat*  the cell is the structural and functional unit of living beings....Approve yeh toh kuch bhi nahi.. if there were no clouds i would tell you about stars and Galaxies as well...

Geet: hum honey moon ke liye kahan jaein gay???

Maan: out house.... *grins* agar iss ghar mein snow fall ho sakti ha toh out house mein Switzerland ban sakta  ha GITH...Embarrassed
Geet:Broken Heart

Time: 3 am

Maan: holds her face and says.. how beautiful you are??? i'v never seen a gal more beautiful than you...

Geet: it means i am not the first gal in your life...

Maan: *hesitates*  but says,, off course not.. i've met few gals before you...

Geet: you had girl friends???

Maan: no we were just friends

Geet: i dont mind if you had any.. how noone had felt for a guy like my maan??

Maan: *blushes* and gets excited to reveal his love secrets..."yes geet.. girls were like fida over me... you know my first GF used to call me cutie pie..

Geet: cutie pie??

Maan: yes because i was only 14 years old and she was 13... Blushing  her name was Ayesha,,her nick name was fast gal..(because MSK likes fast gals)...
ROFLROFLROFLROFLwe used share lunch and comics .. she used to help me in my home work..

Geet: hmmm...

Maan: but then she changed the school...

geet: Sleepy..y??

maan: because we both got caught in bathroom together...Cry

geet: in bathroom?? what you were doing in the bathroom with her??

Maan: i was showing her...

geet: Shocked.. showing WHAT maan??

maan: my lighting wrist  WATCH ..Heart.. teacher caught us.. and called our parents.. later her parents changed her school...Cry

Geet: *takes a sigh*thanks to baba jee.. bas ek hi thi na??
Time: 4am

Maan: no.. i had one in my college too..her name was Jyoti...(ROFL)
she was very beautiful....Heart.. and HOT...
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL... was very intelligent ( i hope you can understand the reason for this taareef,, i dont wanna get a warningROFLROFLROFL ) then we went for a college trip together .and lost the way,, and end up in a TABELA.... ROFL  it was raining out side..

Geet: worried expressions... phir kya hua maan??

Maan:  her clothes were wet...she was sneezing .. i took my shirt off my shirt and offered her to wear...

Geet: (RTM, 1???)how could you offer your shirt...??Angry

Maan: dont worry geet. she didnt accept  my offer..and said.. "main bina KAPRON ke reh lon gi .. per kisi praye mard ke kapde nahi pehnon gi"(

Geet: wot???ShockedShockedShocked.. phir kya hua???

Maan: her decision was firm... she did what she had decided and preffered wearing nothing....ROFL

Geet:Angry... aapne usa roka nahi???

Maan: bohat roka ..bohat roka... per woh chali gayi....she left me alone in that tabela.. because i started chanting a bhajan  to see her....Cry

Geet: Shocked

Maan: then i met a very Hot gal in a  night Kalub (club)..Day Dreaming

Geet: ek aur???Geek

Maan: her name was Caco..... my friend introduced me to her.we had a chit chat..and found she was like a soulmate of mine....

Geet: soulmate??
Maan : yes,,, we both loved dancing,, we got infected with  "Dengue"... we both were OMGish HAWT...Day Dreaming

 then she dragged me on the dance floor...i avoided... then she offered me a drink , she was very naughty... ... Blushing... she was seducing me like anything and wanted to take advantage of a drunk MSK,,,

Geet: Phir??

Maan: phir kya??? i was drunk.. i didnt know what happened next.. but when i got up in the next day.. i got to know that she is in hospital...

Geet: kya??? aapne kya kiya uss ke sath???

Maan:  i made her do salsa with me all the night.. and she fainted eventually... CryDead

Geet: ahhh

Maan: and when i went to hospital to apologize... she said: I HAAAT You....

Time: 5 am

Maan:but the next gal was very smart..

Geet: next????

maan: yes, her name was Mano (parsa)... i met her accidentally... in ladies toilet....

Geet: wot?? what the hell you were doing in ladies toilet.???

Maan: main majboor tha geet...Ouch

Geet: oh.. gents toilet mein jaga nahi thi???

Maan: no.. me along with my friends went to write,, dirty jokes in ladies toilet of  gals hostel...(ROFL

Geet: kya???

Maan: but i did write anything..

Geet: *takes a sigh*

Maan: because before i could write anything.. a gal in only towel.. came in and locked the bathroom from inside..Geek

Geet: then??

Maan: when she saw me.. she burst into shouting... and her towel fell off...Evil Smile...

Geet: off??Shocked
Maan: and then to see her i burst into shouting...
ROFLROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLbut she was very despo... she jumped to me and said who are you hottie???i said. m.. ma... Maan... she smiled and i am mano...ROFLROFLROFL i said okay... she said,,,come to me.. bhool jaien saara jahan...Blushing

i said: Maaaaaaa

she said come to me or else i'll shout that you tried to rape me...vROFL

Geet: phir??? did you rape her?? i mean did you get closer to her??

Maan: no... i splashed some water on the bulb..and there was no light.. i opened the door and ran away..ROFLbut later on i found her dating DEV..Evil Smile

Geet: i am proud of you maan...Big smile

Maan: yeh toh kuch bhi nahi....there were three even more wilder gals, whom i met in a jungle...

Geet:Sleepy.. okay

Time: 6am

Maan: i was camping in a jungle... i heard some noise.. came out of the tent... there were  three  gals.named,, Pallo, Parm, and Javeria.... they first ask me for a help ... their jeep was out of order .. i got their jeep fixed... and turned back..they had occupied my camp only.....

Geet: ok..Sleepy

Maan: when i told them that they can try their jeep now... they laughed and said.. y dont we try this chikna first?? i got scared ..and said ..wot do you mean??? they said.. you'll have to do DING DONG with us ...

Geet: ding dong??

Maan: i asked the same..Confused... they were trying to be physical with me... i screamed  for help,,and they said if you didnt do anything with us... then look at this Danda.... we'll hit you on the most Important part of yours... and you'll never forget pallo, javeria and parm...ever in your life...(

Geet: clutched on her mangalsutra and said..."did they hit you on???

maan: no... i pushed them and ran away from there in their  jeep only..ROFL.. they ran after me.. and said..Maa ka dhoodh piya ah toh..RUK.... but i didnt as i never fed on maa ka doodh i fed on Laali ka doodh...

Geet: Laali???Shocked

Maan: our cow...Big smile

thank God..

Maan: for my safe escape???

Geet: no.. i am thanking God that they didnt hit you...ROFL

Time:7 am

Maan: Gith... dekho chand nikal aya...

Geet: nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Maan: *all happy* mera pya sacha ha... chand ko nikalna hi pada.... let me take my notes geet..

Geet: (self thought) inko pata bhi ha... ke aaj ki raat kya kerte hain??? dadi maa should have told him everything... but how could dadi maa tell him.... but dev ne toh btaya hi hoga ??

Maan: (with a file of ten pages in it) geet.. dekho maine yeh sab tumhare liye likha ha.. ab main tumhein chand se compare karon ga...(

Geet: looks up ..and tell says.. Maan.... its not MOON its SUN...ROFLROFLROFLGood morning Maan..

Maan:Broken Heart

geet: i am going to sleep..
dadi knocks at the door... maan opens... dadi sees geet in the same clothes.. and wonders...MSK leaves ...

Dadi: kya baat ha beta?? aap ne change ne kiya??

Geet: dadi maa... today i wanna forgive dev..

dadi: lts really nice..but y??

geet: because he knew ,, Kab kya Kerna Chahiye..

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im sorry im literally laughing my head of on the last line

my parents have just shouted at me for laughing so hard...for no reason
they have no idea what im reading ROFLROFLROFL

im sorry but

and im still laughinggg


oh btw
first to comment yyyyaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

(5 mins later still laughing)

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That was hilarious
I hope ke sach mein aisa kuch na ho
Lekin jaise shararte Maan karta hai usse to lagta hai ke usse saaaabbbbb pata hai

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@Shonuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu   ROFL
let me finish reading will come back to comment

ok finish reading
Kanjoose ki bhi hatd hotti hai yaar MSK ROFL

Thank god Chand nehi nikal aaya ROFL 

Ayesha fast girl, Jyo would be so happy that she and MSK is in Tabela togherher but afsoos kuch hoa nehi ROFL, Manal will kill u for making her despo  and pallu, jav and parm  must be so sad could not hit MSK ROFL

10 pages of chand tare lecture sukar ki that was sun ROFLROFLROFL

Dev should have teach Maan what to do ROFL

bechara MSK slept during s*** education at schoolROFL



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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
I-F let me log in especially to read ur OH-AhsROFLROFL
Even tho I cracked up like so abdly reading this I am so damn khafa wid u shonnu..I was supposed to be one of the ladies too u forgotAngry..Moi iz katti  wid you Forever..Ouch

Edited by Cute_Ash - 23 January 2011 at 1:52pm

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riyaanu87 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
enjoyed a lot...LOL

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Nikhi. Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

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