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#Devil's Den Shubh mangal Savadhan#2 (Page 18)

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Originally posted by mchopra

]He held out his hand to reach out
And at that very moment I fell for him no doubt
i thought she wrote that i literally wnet and checked the post again..babes diff when u write a comment and when its hers..


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wait...  here u go polly...


#2 - The Love Story

Well I specially left my love story for today bcoz today is my Wedding Anniversary hehe..So Maaneet got married yesterday and I got married today all these Coincidences are shocking lol and hubby is bak from india todya itself..loving today already hehe

Ok so I left for Canada and I actually was not over everything..It is not that easy but I didn't want let Mom know anything about it..She wasn't over Dad's loss either but she didn't show it on her face so jus lyk that both of us hid our pain for each other's happiness..

weeks had passed and I knew it was coming when the doctor told my Mom I am pregnant..Now I had to go back to college to finish my education..I had a chat with my mother and her friend who was a doctor about my situation ..My Mom was really worried about me as she said how will I face people's questions abt the father..I reassured her I can face them..I knew the biological creature was at fault and for my sake I cannot punish the innocent foetus..

She asked the doc friend what to do and she suggested to me that I should abort the baby..I stopped her right there and I told them my decision is firm..I am not punishing the baby becuase of someone else's Crime..My Mom tried to convince me that it is for my own good and I confronted her that for the 10 million people's questions I am not going to take a life who has not even developed yet..She was reluctant for some time but since she saw my determination she decided to help me out..

I had several responisibilities to complete since I was pregnant, then my college fees and to take care of my Mom..I didn't want to place a huge load on Mom so I was thinking of doing a full time job rather than doing a part time Job..I went searching for a job but I couldn't find one becuase there was alck of qualifications..I don't know what I was thinking..Its not easy to just walk into an office and get any job I like..

I was walking through the traffic light and just in deep thoughts that how could anyone be so weird that he didn't appoint any woman as his staff..And I am too clumsy I bashed into someone and the coffee he was holding spoilt my whole dress..He said Sorry I said its ok because it is my fault but he insisited me to come and clean it in the office nearby..After a moment I relaised he was the same watchamn..I didn't want to go in but I couldn't go for my next interview if my whole dress was messed up..

I went into his office and started having a convo with the watchman..He told me that his boss's name is Mr.Ishan Patel..and people are really scared of him..I tried to enquire why doesn't he appoint any woman but he said we don't know that is in his nature..He directed me to the washroom and I went there..I didn't look at the door because I was hiding my dress it was badly stained..And I was cleaning my dress..IT was getting worse..I called my friend who was working nearby to come and give me a dress..and she said she will come in an hour's time..

I couldn't wait there in that wet dress since I could catch cold and if I get sick its not good for my baby either....I didn't know what to do and I turned around and saw a cupboard and there was a shirt hanging there and some trousers and stuff..I put those formal clothes on for some time with an intention to change them as soon as my friend arrives..and I came out of the bathroom and was just buttoning the last button when someone entered the rooom and I was taken aback to see the boss there..

He came towards me and I was really shocked I still remember my eyes were popping out..I was really uncomfortable so I was trying to walk away but he pulled my hand and pushed me back on the wall lightly and he told me to take my clothes off..I realised I entered his personal washroom where no one was allowed..I told him I will fall sick if he has a problem I will dryclean them for him.. And I tried to walk away but he was really rude..He pulled one of the buttons of the shirt which broke and my belly was visible..I got really embarassed I turned away and was too pissed as well so I cluthed it tight and covered it..

He turned his face and said "I am not sorry it is your fault for wearing any and anyone's face without permission" I was angry at his response and I replied back that He is very rude and I already said I will dryclean it..Someone knocked on the door and he said come in without realising that I was standing there next to him..One of his employee was there..I hid behind his back as I was embarassed about the broken button..

The employee was staring at us as if he saw the 8th wonder of the world.he called Ishan that there is a meeting  in 10 minutes...and he left grinning. After he left Ishan turned around and said "I am giving you 15 minutes to get out of my office. when I am back here I don;t want to see you back here again" and he left.. I couldn't even go out from there until my friend was there so I had to just wait there..

My friend called me and said tht she wasn't allowed to enter the office..I told her to wait for a moment..I walked out in search for the conference room where I could request Ishaan to let my friend enter so that I could leave as he wanted..Everyone was staring at me but I just had to go and find the conference room..I knocked hesitatingly and when I opened everyone was staring at me again and murmuring who is she, why is she in Ishaan sir's clothes? I didn't know how to call him..If I call him by his name I was feeling weird so I just did a hand gesture and called him out..

He came rushing to door and clutched the door handle where my hand was and said "Why haven't you left yet and what the heck are you doing in my clothes outside like this" I said Its hurting..he removed his hand and I said "I am sorry I didn't want to come out but the watchman is not going to let my Friend in who has brought my dress without your permission"

 He called the watchman and ordered him to let my friend in..I said "Thankyou" and he said "I don't need those clothes again, you can take that as a gift"..I said "No I don't need to wear any man's clothes again" He said then gift it to your husband but don't ever enter this office again..he closed the door quickly and my little finger was an inch away from being crushed..I took it away but it was a bit too late it was bleeding..The door was a glass one so he could see my finger was bleeding..I walked away but just out of curiosity I went and hid behind the wall and was sneaking to see whether he has the audacity to come back and apologise..he didn't open the door but he was just standing there staring at the door and he looked down for a moment i guess he was sorry but too much attitude to say it..and in a second he turned around and continued with his meeting..
I changed my clothes and left the office never to look back again..

Now I had given atleast 7 interviews and 5 of the companies already denied.. I went back home and Mom gave me some news that one of the companies wanted to do a trial interview..I was really happy and was praying to god that if I get this job it will be great..My future will be settled and my baby will have a good sope for a better future..
I had to go for the trial interview the next day so I did and they were really impressed with my designs for the position and they said I have to perform one last task which was to cmpany the people for a meeting to a different office whereI had to display my designs and ideas and if the other company is impressed with the designs they will appoint me for the job..I gave a nod for it and started working on the designs I was really eager as well..
So next day I headed out to the other office where the meeting was going to take place and I think you guys might have already guessed who that company belonged to..As soon as I came out of the car I wanted to sit back in but I couldn't run away..what is he going to do..I walked forward with full confidence and a bit of nervousness too like a normal human being..I walked into the conference room first and everyone was surprised how did I know where the conference room was? I said I guessed loland when I walked in the room everyone had a seat with their names on it except for me..I was the last minute addition that is why..I had to stand next to the Main Boss's seat which was His seat huh..He entered and gave me cuts and started asking me questions as to why did I enter the office again when I said I don't want those clothes back again..I said I am Sorry I didn't dryclean them do you want them back again, will do that later because right now I am not here to discuss clothes..I am here to give a presentation..He looked puzzled and Mr.tashiko asked him do you know her? and he said "no"
Mr.T asked him then do you talk to strangers randomly..He got angry and said, " She is an accident I met" I got angry and stamped my foot hard on the floor without realising his foot was there too..and he screamed "Ouch becuase I had worn sharp heels that do just becuase it was my first day of meeting to place an impression on everyone lol but someone else had to pay the price for it..

So Someone was screaming in pain and everyone gave me looks saying "You are Fired"..I got a bit scared and I was quick to apologise and I offered to nurse it..He stopped my hand and said "NO Mam anything more, I bet you have some other weapon to kill me and I am scared now, Just Stay away I backed off and he said "Continue the meeting" with full confidence..I was a bit worried but later on I decided to focus on my presentation..So I gave the first half of the presentation and everyone was really impressed with my work and ideas for the architectural designs..I was smiling..Lunch break was announced and he rushed out first to his washroom..I wanted to follow since he was hurt because of me but I thought he would start raging with anger again so who is going to risk to place hand in the lion's mouth..I stood there thinking for some time but after fighting with my conscious I followed him..I knocked on the door but no one responded so I peeped in slowly and no one was around...I entered with hesistance but I didn't even know how to call him.. so I just said Excuseme and he got so angry he rushed out from his green room without realising his shirt was unbuttoned so ofcourse like any girl I got embarassed and he realised too so he quickly buttoned his shirts and said "Get the hell out of here can you stop stalking me..I have my personal areas too where no one allowed" I turned around and said "I just came to say Sorry and I have done some nursing course I can help you out" He came to my face and said "Ms. Anwesha Bhatt I don't need your asistance for the last time just get out"..I was trying to help but it is useless with some people so I walked out bashing the door on his face..

There was a servant passing by and he said since you stomped on boss's fooT you should go and give him some coffee..He will be impressed I told him i don't want to impress anyone and I walked away..And when I was walking I heard Ishaan screaming at someone..I went back becuase you can say I was curious or maybe inquisitive..and I could hear him screaming that the servant spilled the coffee on him..I was talking to myself and saYing Every dog has his day and was laughing when the servant opened the door and he saw me standing theree..

So We continued with the meeting and my presentation.. it was time for my Final result..and drums were rolling in my mind..and he got up to announce it and he said "Ms.Anwesha Bhatt Welcome To my Comapny" I was Flooored because I didn't apply for his company becuase there were no women then why did he say his company..I was really Confused when Mr.Toshiko revealed to me that the company that I applied for is a merger with Ishan's company and they were looking for a designing planner but didn't find one and you have got the nod so consider yourself lucky..
He came up to me and said "You got the position with your skills and talent and if you mess up even once I won't hesitate to fire you"
Everyone left and I was acting like a baby I was jumping when I recall that moment I start laughing because I was acually jumping like a kid and I slipped becuase of my heels and there was a huge thud and my butt was killing lol
I heard the door screech and I put my eyeballs up and saw him standing there..He held his hand out and said "Ms.Clumsy I have a rule if you want to work with me ..don't wear these heels next time they are euqally dangerous for me and you" i reached out for his hand and I got up..
I agreed to his conditon and he was leaving and I stopped him and said what do I call you and he turned aroudn with Tashan and said "Ishaan SIR"

Next day I skipped breakfast that day because I was late..I came to the office and I was given a pile of files to collect from the store room and 
(Ok I will try to fast forward it lol..I keep on syaing that But I end up giving out details)
I was storing all the old designs away because I was told to replace them with mine..I was already tired so I sat down on the desk and I didn't realise when I fell asleep..I woke up to find out that it was 7 pm and I ran to the door but it was locked..I didn't know what to do..I didn't even know the telephone number so I saw a vase there and a glass block which I could break and jump out..I broke it and there were alarms ringing everywhere..In a split second the police watchman everyone was tthere..they opened the door and the police handcuffed me..I said I am a staff member and I was stuck here..They wouldn;t believe anyone until Ishaan SIR spoke..
He came to office in his trousers and Shameless Man didn't even put his t-shirt on..Vest Mein hi Aaa Gaya..He told the police that I was a staff member..Everyone left and he took teh vase off my hand and blasted me for what I did..He started screaming I stopped him and was walking away when he was truning his hand to the other side and the base hit me on the same place where I was hit when that a** was molesting me before..It started bleeding and I was in tears not becuase it was hurting but bcoz the whole incident snapped in front of me again..
He consoled me and said Sorry and he had a tissue in his pocket so he tried to stop the blood using that but it was bleeding continuously he took me to the hospital since I was feeling unconscious there was the double effect becuase I skipped breakfast as well so I was weak..The doctor told him to take extra care of me and he was puzzled..He found out some details of mine from my application form by calling the office and called my Mom to the hospital..

I woke up to find Ishaan SIR was standing in front of my eyes and ofcourse with Vest On..Bina Sharam ke

Before Mom could say anything he rushed to my bed and said how sorry he was, it was an accident..I reassured him that he was at not fault..I already had a wound there that is why it was bleeding a lot..
He looked a bit satisfied when my Mom said"This is all because you skipped your breakfast, you knw you have to take care of yourself"
He said how I should listen to mum and bid us Goodbye and left from there..
Mom and me had a chat of how I should be more careful..I went to the office next day with mixed feelings..and I entered my cabin to see a breakfast plate there..I was confused so I asked my colleague about it but he had no Idea and I went to check on Ishaan because I thought he sent it..I was confused ..
I went in his cabin and I forgot to knock and he blasted me for that and sent me out..I got really angry becuase he was making me even more confused huh...and I went back to my cabin to find a letter there which was the first assignement for me where I was going to create the designs and I had to go to US for that..It was in international contract..and below my name and some other important staff members and Ishaan SIR's name was written...
Ok I am going to leave it here guys..I am sorry I thought I woudl complete it but I ended up giving out so many details that it has already been so many hours and I need to leave in half an hour as we have some special plans for tontight and I know what is going on right now in every devil's mindLOL
Bye Everyone Will continue soon..Big smile

- for Anwesha Embarrassed

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Let's stick to Anwesha, and it's not about age or anything else. Each one of us love our name and the unique identity that comes with it and we just bond them in weird name calling.

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I am sure one of the CV entities  wore an invisibility cloak and followed you and took pointers from your real life............ There is no other explanation for this eerie parallel.

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Originally posted by temorocks

@Anwesha: When did u stop calling him sir? Blushing

Maybe She too Got a warning from Mr.Ishaann Like Geet ....agar dobarra tumne mujhe Sir bolaya tu..ShockedBlushingLOL

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@Maansa...Get your mind out of the gutter....haanLOL

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resssss thanks for that hon Hug

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@Anwesha: We are not bored and we all are here waiting patiently and in awe to read your real-life story Day Dreaming

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